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Fabregas sets up Spain's World Cup winning goal

Written by Chris Wheatley


Cesc Fabregas helped his Spain beat Holland 1-0 in the 2010 World Cup final to win the tournament for the first time in their history.

Both teams had chances to win the game in normal time but an extra half hour was needed to separate them and Andres Iniesta crowned a magnificent performance with the winning goal only four minutes from the end.

Substitute Fabregas played a superb ball which split the Dutch defence and Iniesta made no mistake from six yards out to send the Spanish fans into raptures.

Fabregas, who has been the subject of intense transfer speculation this summer, entered the fray with four minutes remaining, the Arsenal star coming on for Alonso but he could not unlock the Dutch defence in normal time.

Despite that, the Gunners skipper had a glorious chance four minutes into extra time. Iniesta played a wonderful through ball to the 23-year-old but Stekelenburg stuck out a leg to keep the scores level.

The Spaniards withheld the overly physical Dutch approach and managed to come out victorious for the first time in their history.

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cheating barca divers and a crap ref


Wishful thinking, but….now that Cesc has won the biggest prize of all, perhaps that will help him to decide to stay at Arsenal to help us win things too.

Oh, wait. It’s not his choice is it? He’s not for sale!

Hurrah! Bring on the new season.


Cesc was the difference both in the semi and in the final. RVP was fed scraps all tournament..the dutch players hardly passed to him!!


Congrats CESC … he was the one who changed everything for Spain and after he came on he outplayed xavi and showed him who is the best midfeild in the world 😀 Now that the world cup is out of the way, hopefully wenger signs the players we want. Cesc is staying becuase he just won the greatest tournemnt in football … theres nothing bigger than the World Cup.


The joy of winning – it’s a high every footballer dreams of. You will never get that feeling under Wenger in Arsenal. Who can blame Fab for leaving. I can’t believe the Arsenal fans though, quietly accepting empty promises year after year.


do you guys not think hes just going to think ‘wow this is what winning things is like!, i must go to barca and win even more with iniesta etc.


Oh my, Barcelona are going 2 have 2 pay double the money.Cesc is much more of a worldcup,worldclass playmaker now.And the silverwear around his neck wil surely add to our team experience. Arsenal 4 life!


Rvp is still not over his injury


Alan Hansen typically was a two faced CUNT ! ………. Spouting the justice for the team who consistently get it down & play football whilst labelling the over physical opponent a disgrace.
When it’s been Arsenal kicked around in similar fashion by the likes of Blackburn & Bolton he has different attitude in keeping with always being anti Arsenal. He drooled on & on about Iniesta whilst neglecting to mention Fabregas’s part which was only mentioned by Lee Dixon.

The Left Hand Of HENRY
The Left Hand Of HENRY

if cesc goes to barca he’d be going to a two team league which is full of cheats and the only real competition is the european cup… But in england one in 8 could win the league (arsenal, chelski, man ure, citeh, spuds, villa, and the two scouse clubs) and dont forget how many tricky away games there are (stoke, blackburn, bolton, birmingham, wes tam etc) also there is the most famous domestic cup in the world (FA Cup) and you can still compete in europe… To me it has to be england


I’m totally in agreement with jake, RVP was totally left in the middle of d pack with no passes. Robean twice had d chance to burry d game 4 holland & he messed up. Now barca must pay through their nose if they want FABREGAS. GUNNERS 4LIFE.


PIQUE is sh*t … i hate seeing his face with Cesc. leave cesc alone and stop fulling his mind with crap!


laughing at muppets who say cesc must move to win cups,mourhino will win title in spain next year so what will he win there.


Alan Hansen was indeed a typical pric*. Every week on motd he spouts that you must get tight and get stuck into arsenal, but with Spain he was ‘desperate’ for them to win. He must supporting arsenal next season then! two faced cretin


If the Dutch would have used common sense and used rvp more often they would have probably won
the game… But no them selfish buggers like snijder n robben only want to
score for themselves n b the hero…
Wat I’m interested in is how many shots rvp had in the whole tournament… He hardly got the ball… didn’t
even see him hit a shot on target the whole match…

Happy for Cesc, hopefully that appetiser will have settled his trophy stomach for a while … as in 2 months. Then he can start the main course with a treble winning season with the only team that matters. RVP played the unselfish role for the Dutch. In a team of egos, one player needed to help link it all together, and he did that admirably. Personally, in hindsight I would have liked him to have been a bit more selfish in this game, and perhaps take on the defenders and get some shots away, which Fab did so well. In… Read more »

Great News ! ……..
‘Speaking on TF1, the national French Television Station, Wenger told viewers he has spoken to the Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, and told him in no uncertain terms that Cesc is not for sale.

Wenger was speaking as a match summariser following the World Cup Final, won by an Iniesta goal set up to perfection by the Arsenal Captain.

This news follows the report in this morning’s Sunday Times, which detailed news of a 2 Million pound property that has just been purchased by Cesc in the leafy Hertfordshire town of St Albans ‘.


Been Reading the british press and they all seem to be demonizing Holland for their style of play….
Mind you This is the same british press that regulary slates arsenal for being soft and can’t handle the rough games…


De Jong should have planted his studs on Busquets instead.

Bafana gunner

Cesc didnt start 1 game for spain coz barca players occupied his place….hope he realises he will rot on the bench if he moves to barca…xavi,iniesta,busquets,pedro

Stop hating

Cesc should leave if he want. No need for disloyal players. Disgrace.
Spain dive to win. It’s a huge shame.


Happy for Cesc, and appy for Arsenal. He has proven that he is worth our price, and he is NOT for sale at the paltry sum offerred by Barsa. What has happened to La Liga, it is a two team league!


Have you seen this?

This is Iker’s girlfriend Sara who is the main TV channel anchor girl

french gooner

according to sky sport news fabregas dedicated the world cup win to arsenal supporters also said that he was proud to play for one of the best teams in the world and that hes proud to be an aesenal player.