Jul 18

GPS tracking system makes its debut against Barnet

Arsenal’s medical team have finally introduced a new state-of-the-art GPS tracking system which is expected to ease the club’s injury problems in the long term future.

Chief executive Ivan Gazidis announced the idea at a Q & A with Arsenal shareholders in May, after many of them questioned ways Arsene Wenger could reduce the club’s injury list.

The tracking system made its debut against Barnet yesterday. Samir Nasri (above) was one of the first team players pictured wearing one and Gazidis explains how it works.

“If there are things we can do [to prevent injuries] we will do them,” he said. “For example, we’ve introduced a GPS system this year for the first time. This is tracking literally from satellites in space, the training movements on the training field of every player.

“It gives you a lot of information. It tells you not just how far the players are running and how fast they are running and what levels of intense activity they have in training. It also measures something called ‘the load’ – and this is literally the amount of time a player’s foot is on the ground while he is running.

“You can see if you have a player coming up to a risk of injury in a subsequent game because you can see two things in general: one is that their work-rate comes down in training and secondly their ‘load’ increases. In other words, their foot stays on the ground for longer when they run. When you are feeling good and feeling active you are more on your toes. When you’re not, you’re more on your heels. That can help you to predict when players are in a dangerous situation.”

Leave your thoughts on the GPS tracking system and what you think of it in the comments section below.

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28 Responses to “GPS tracking system makes its debut against Barnet”

  1. Mo says:

    their load, haha. I’m an immature fuck.

  2. josh says:

    dont worry mo i laughed as well LMAO. couldnt pass it up hahah. but anyways, this sounds cool, ill take ANYTHING that will possibly help reduce injuries.

  3. Irish_gunner says:

    I seen all the players wearing them yesterday but wasn’t sure what they actually wear. Will this technology be used during official match play, and give you information that can be used to give suggested substitutions for example? Because lets face it, we need all the help we can get when it comes to injuries…

  4. chris says:

    Saw the 2 gingers from united wearing these gps vest type things too, lets hope it works for us

  5. Gooner Chris says:

    @Irish_gunner: I’m not sure if it will be used during live play, but I can look into it for you.

    Gazidis also said this:

    “Unfortunately to get the full benefits of that and fully understand it you need to have a long record of any individual player so it takes a while to build up because every player is different.”

  6. Phil says:

    You’d have thought it would have been smaller than that. It could be a packet of Marlboro lights though.

  7. Gooner Chris says:

    @Phil: Hahaha 😉

  8. Irish_gunner says:

    Thats what i was also thinking. Surely before you can even start using it as an accurate source, you may need around 15-20 games, because even things like the quality of the surface will affect the results, a sticker pitch or a harder pitch for example. But it sounds like the club are finally trying address our biggest nemesis… injuries

  9. Tommo says:

    I’m sure it could be used for live games but I wouldn’t be supprised if FIFA banned it during matched for some stupid reason

  10. Irish_gunner says:

    God forbid FIFA ever allow technology that will benefit the game 😉

  11. wumpatrol says:

    So who had the biggest load? Are we going to get the results? I have a feeling that Vermaelen will have the biggest load.

  12. Baldy says:

    I reckon it’s a small box that sends out a severe electric shock everytime one of our strikers is in a goal scoring position but decides to pass it to a mate.

  13. Nommosi says:

    So what are the odds that this instrument designed to avoid injuries will actually cause an injury at some point during the season? Would that be ironic and just bloody typical of our luck. I dont think placing it over their spine is a great idea. Players do occasionally fall heavily on their backs.

  14. Arsha says:

    This is a definitely good, progressive step forward.

    However, what we also need is to invest in the top medical and sports science experts in the world. We are a huge club with massive turnover and should be going for the best.I heard about Liverpool recently getting a renowned Australian sports science specialist who has rehabilitated numerous players who had been written off by other experts using the most innovative and speacialist technique. We need people of that calibre because Injuries are costing us time and time again.

    Anyway, fingers crossed we see the fruits of this new system with more of our 1st team players available at the back end of the season.

  15. My Name Is Earl says:

    looks well uncomfortable

  16. highberries says:

    I agree with previous posts relating to the device causing an injury…perhaps try this out on barcalona players till we get device down to micro chip size please!

  17. E15Swiss says:

    Christ, you lot don’t remember much do you :)

    Ivan the Terrible said at the Q&A that they’d be used in Training
    because obviously, as Irish_gunner said, there are other factors involved (pitch surface, sticky grass). But as we all know London Colney (a.k.a the creche a.k.a the training ground) has about 20(?) pitches that all put Wembley to shame, i’d say the Wigan’s of this world would give an arm and a leg (preferrably the broken leg of an Arsenal lad, of course) to play at Colney every week.

    But yes, i digress, GPS will be used at Colney, so all extraneous factors are negated, that’s why Ivan Grozny (Russian for great/terrible :D) said we’d only reap the benefits after January, because it will take time to see patterns and trends.

  18. Gorazd says:

    Allah to that, if Arsenal get through the next season with at least 30 percent less injuries, there will be silverware.

  19. moman says:

    now that the players have gps devices fitted on to their t-shirts… does that mean they cant swap t-shirts at the end??? i thinking this because i doubt the gps devices are cheap… i think it would be much more better and convenient putting on on the players shorts or vest…

  20. James says:

    No need for this techno mumbo-jumbo, just fill the post match bathtub with horse placenta, that’ll see them right.

  21. Ifti says:

    I think this is excellent but I jus reali hope it pays of for us and then needless to say man city will then get it next season for a £100m!!!!! Come on u gooners!!!!

  22. Arsenalisto says:

    So, let’s say Bendtner just finished having sexi time before coming to training, of course his feet will stay longer on ground when running coz he’ll be tired as f… so they prolly need to add these factors to consideration :)

  23. weedz says:

    I can see the day coming when players are electronically chipped, like they chip dogs. Who can say that football is anti technology.

  24. E15Swiss says:

    read my comment mate

  25. WillyG says:

    I think today we should hear more on Eduardo and Almunia coz if they are not on that trip to Austria then something might be happening.We have to wait and see.I don`t mind seeing Dudu stay but I hope Almunia leaves..

  26. WillyG says:

    Joe Cole has sign for Liverpool.Not surprised never felt Wenger really needed him.

  27. Baafuor from Ghana says:

    Even though this GPS thing takes time to get the full benefits, I think the injuries we normally have start coming during the secind part of the season.So that will be the perfect time to have it in use.IMO i think it will really help us this season and i am really excited about it.

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