Jul 20

Team Predictions: SK Sturm Graz v Arsenal

Arsene Wenger’s side arrived for their annual pre-season tour of Austria on Monday night, and began training this morning in preparation for tomorrow’s game against SK Sturm Graz.

The Gunners’ traditionally come to Austria for the most intensive part of their pre-season; with barely any distractions and the sweltering heat and humidity being significant factors, this is where Arsenal’s pre-season training truly begins.

Arsenal welcome back 6 players who were involved in the World Cup. Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, Abou Diaby, Carlos Vela, Emmanuel Eboue and Alex Song all return.

World Cup finalists Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie have both been given extra time off to recover following their lengthy involvement at the tournament.

View the full 27-man squad here.

Gooner Talk’s Predicted Starting XI

Sagna – Djourou – Vermaelen – Clichy
Wilshere – Song – Diaby
Walcott – Chamakh – Arshavin

You’ll find the confirmed starting line-up on Gooner Talk when we get it tomorrow evening.

What side do you think will play? Let us know your team predictions in the comments section below!


57 Responses to “Team Predictions: SK Sturm Graz v Arsenal”

  1. ross says:


  2. mo says:

    what time’s the match?

  3. Irish_gunner says:

    Im taking it you weren’t overly too impressed with Kos then Chris?

  4. Dimitri says:

    I don’t know what more Almunia has to do to prove he is utter shyte. I know its only pre-season but for fucks sake wenger give us atleast some kind of hope!

  5. john says:

    Laurent Koscielny he didnt really do anything wrong.

    I think we need to give him 10-15 games its too early to judge.

    Koscielny reminds me of Alan Hansen. Elegant, composed, an interceptor clean tackler

  6. Richard says:

    The guys from the world cup won’t play they’ve only been in training for a day.

  7. GOONER says:

    I think the kosieclny could start. Wenger wants to see his 2 starting defenders and see how well they do together.I personally think that he will come good at the end!

  8. john says:

    I really like the look of Havard Nordvteit the kid has grown physically hes looks alot bigger and faster.

    Hes got a great attitude.

  9. Cris says:

    Wheres Barazite?

  10. Afc kings says:

    According to Italian press Huntelaar is yet again being linked yawn! How many more links to this geezer

  11. WillyG says:

    I don`t think that Sagna,Diaby,Clichy and Song will play they just started pre season yesterday.They need at least a week more.

  12. chris says:

    want to see a team of

    Would like to see nordtveit and gibbs another go, and definitely frimpong and wojciech

  13. J-Man says:

    Where is Denilson? no mention of him this pre season

  14. dB10 says:

    supposedly he got injured in training last week

  15. jonno says:

    nord..kos..the verm..gibbs

  16. goonerjon says:

    denilson is injury …





  17. josh says:

    @J-Man: im pretty sure hes out injured with the same back problem he had last season.

    id like to see:

  18. piken79 says:

    i doubt anyone that return today will be involve tomorrow, we are likely to see the same teams from saturday with a players changing teams. song, diaby and the rest will not be involve. How do I know? cus i am in arsene’s head.

  19. My Name Is Earl says:

    @Afc kings Huntelaar has arrived at manchester airport fella to sign for city or united so doubt we’ll get him dude

  20. Afc kings says:

    You might be right mate I dunno but with eddy leaving it might be a goer

  21. chris says:

    we are being linked with loic remy again..

  22. Donut says:

    I think wenger put out a half first team/half reserve line up v barnet to see which second string could play with first teamers.
    I think we will see this in the next few friendlies at least especially v Graz.
    I believe this is because he wants to see if any of them can save him money! Frimpong and Nordveit are two examples. Those two could save the club 15 million this summer.
    I believe Wilshire is the reason Joe Cole didn’t come too.

  23. My Name Is Earl says:

    Remy looks a class talent tho fella, i’d be well happy if we got him

  24. arsenal fan says:

    eboue nordveit kos gibbs
    nasri wilshere
    walcott chamakh vela

    trust me, im phychic :)

  25. Nick the Gooner says:

    Where is the new keeper, dominant centre back & van bommel type midfielder ?
    Weve signed a good striker, fair enough & an unproven CB who will be bullied by Drogba @ co!!
    This isn’t good enough! Unless Wenger moves soon I fear another battle for 4th at best

  26. American Gooner says:

    not sure how henderson makes the travelling squad and simpson doesnt.

    Eboue TV5 Kos Gibbs
    Nasri Wilshire
    Walcott Vela Mozart

    Sagna Djourou Kos Clichy
    Diaby Lansbury
    Arsh Chamakh JET

  27. My Name Is Earl says:

    u think that mystery club will be us goonerchris?

  28. Gooner Chris says:

    @My Name Is Earl: Sky Sports seem to think it’s us. There’s always been a level of interest/admiration for Remy, I just can’t see Wenger spending £12.5 million on him.

  29. Gooner Chris says:

    @Irish_gunner: It’s difficult to judge a player after 1 pre-season game, but I think he certainly has a lot of work to do. Definitely need one more centre back in + Sol.

  30. maturks says:

    Almunia, Denilson, Fabianski should not be playing for the club again but they’re still in.

  31. M says:

    Where do U wanna play Remy when we have RvP, Chamakh, Arshavin, Bendtner, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky and just 3 places upfront?

    If I was a manager would definitely sell Fabianski, Almunia would stay as a 2nd keeper (he’ s perfect for that role) and would buy some class for the nr 1 shirt.
    Mannone nr 3 and Szczesny 1 or 2 years loan. When he succeeds in some Premiership team, then we can consider him playing for the Arsenal.

    Wilshere must stay as a Fabregas back-up, we need some back-up for Song and Denilson’ s role be reduced to Diaby back-up. Also, sign Campbell or buy one more defender.

  32. josh says:

    @M: he’d play in the times that eduardo or vela would be playing in. he would slot into eduardo’s order on the pecking chart imo.

  33. josh says:

    @M: and i agree about selling fabianski as a possibility. by the time almunia is ready to leave, mannone could be a viable #2/3 if Szczeny is the #2/1 hopefully with a rock solid #1 keeper.

    (srry for double post)

  34. M says:

    I wouldn’ t buy a +10 mln player for a bench and I doubt Vela will play much this season but Remy coming is no problem for me. I want a keeper and defender and thats it. Well, Barcas and Reals buy very expensive players and me being an Arsenal fan cannot be sure Wenger will buy a fukin’ keeper 😉 Hard to be an Arsenal fan.

    I don’ t think that Szczesny should be a 2nd keeper. Being that young, I think he should be playing somewhere as a 1st keeper to develop as much as possible. Almunia is a perfect option for number 2. He was the 10th, maybe 15th keeper of Prem in previous season. What more can you expect from Arsenal’s number 2?

  35. REDgoon says:

    @Gooner chris Found this vid on youtube. “A night at the Emirates”, great stuff.


  36. ytgunner says:

    Probably Nasri will start, and perhaps we’ll see Frimpong too. Chamakh will have a good chance to impress, since Nicky and RVP aren’t in Austria.

  37. bear says:

    Ok guys lets start spamming barcelona saying “fuck off”. I hate this godamn comments. We can lose him its going to be shit!!! I wish arsenal just fucking throw them the finger and transfer cesc to real madrid.

  38. MikeTehGooner says:

    Nordviet Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs
    Wilshere Song Nasri
    Walcott Chamakh Vela

  39. arsenal4ever says:

    before we will go for remy we will probably bid for honda. sport.co.uk says we are ready preparing a bid for him once dudu left!!!

  40. kathir says:

    Hi ,
    Let Fabregas Go!!! We dont Need Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. kathir says:

    His Heart is not with us!!!!!!!!!

  42. kathir says:

    Even though if he stays with us he and us will no be happy !!!!
    But one thing 4 sure if i saw XAVI anywhere i will just split on him !!!!
    thats 4 sure!!!!

  43. kathir says:

    If we won Silverware , guess what will XAVI says..

    “Arsenal Won because of only Fabregas”.

  44. Snir Geuli says:

    @Gooner Chris… please write this on the front page of the website. It’s time for some action.


  45. kathir says:

    Listen xavi ,
    though u lure fabregas from Arsenal next summer ,
    One Big Atom bomb will be ready to blast u ..

    That is none other than JOSE MOURINHO……)))))))))))))))))))

  46. WillyG says:

    Gooner Chris do you know if Arsenal are really following Honda? or any other player at the moment

  47. American Gooner says:

    would love a swoop on suarez with the unrest on ajax, guy is pure striker class. def agree we need a gk. i’d take hart, given, frey, schwarzer, anyone over almunia.

  48. KoloLej says:



    “Handanovic will not be moving. Arsenal have decided not to spend money to buy a goalkeeper,” Pastorello told Tuttomercatoweb.com.

  49. chris says:

    if we really have decided not to spend money to buy a keeper i will be livid..

  50. Nikon says:

    How about we get Frey/Schwarzer Diakhate and Remy would prob cost 24 million for the 3. Even less if we go for Schwarzer

    Diakhate is avalible for 7 mill. Anynews on these players gooner Chris?

  51. Ricky says:

    Agree with american gooner!! Suarez would be a more then perfect replacement for eduardo.. Wenger should do all he can & try opening negotiations with ajax as they do seem to be an approachable club that we have good relations with so cant see them asking over the top with for him.

    @ M: For 10m nowadays al you get is a back-up player with potential so if you cant spend 10m on a squad player in this day & age you win nowt.

  52. Nikon says:

    Eduardo has been confirmed as a Shakhtar player


  53. gunner786 says:

    good luck dudu… all the best for you enough respect!!!I dont think wenger will replace dudu with the strikers available, but im really hoping for a gk and a defender we all know more after the match today! peace out

  54. alf15 says:

    @KoloLej: Handanovic was never gonna happen. that was just his agent trying to get his client a move to juve or florentina. So he used arsenals names to make them teams buy his client and bump up the price and it back fired now that they have new keepers.

    Something similar happend with Melo.

  55. Hiro says:

    This is the best Eduardo tribute video out there. Almost makes you cry :(


    Go check it out and let us remember Eduardo for the greatness that he was, is and remain forever!


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