Jul 25

Brady roasts Arsenal’s senior youngsters after heavy defeat

Fringe players Mark Randall and Gavin Hoyte were slammed by Liam Brady after their awful showing against Welling United, Gooner Talk can reveal.

Randall.. didn't want to be there

The attitude of some of the country’s most privileged and highest paid youngsters was brought into question as the likes of Nacer Barazite and Jay Simpson were thumped 4-1 by Blue Square South side Welling.

Arsenal’s young guns were even booed off by a small Gooner contingent inside Park View Road who hoped to see some of the Gunners’ future on show.

Shortly after the game, professionals Randall and Hoyte told fans that “they didn’t want to be there” and spoke about how “they wanted to let the game go on quick” so they could go home.

Brady, who is Arsenal’s Head of Youth Development and Academy Director, spoke specifically to Barazite, Simpson, Randall and Hoyte where unpleasantries were said to have been handed out by the Irishman.

Despite the defeat, several of the Arsenal Under 18’s players impressed with striker Benik Afobe showing his versatility with a superb shift on the right hand side of midfield.


52 Responses to “Brady roasts Arsenal’s senior youngsters after heavy defeat”

  1. Aaron says:

    And that’s just one of the many things wrong with English football. The attitude is all wrong. We’ve seen it time and again in Jay Bothroyd, Jermaine Pennant and David Bentley. They didn’t want to be there? What kind of ridiculousness is that? Maybe it’s time for the youth coaches to stop making life so cushy for these pampered prima donnas.

  2. Boy Better Know says:

    The only one that might be worth anything is barazite,the rest of them are shit and can fuck off.

  3. john says:

    You cant blame them hoyte, randall were in austria a few years ago.

    Simpson, barazite came on for 20mins i dont see how they can get the blame.

    Mark randall is the best out of all those lot hes got great ability but he seems to have issues and doesnt work hard enough

    Benik afobe sorry the kid isnt good enough.

    I have seen many times never been impressed. Yh he scores goals not suprising with the service we got.

    He just plays like darren bent. Great goal scorer and thats it. He can run with the ball, he doesnt have skills, tricks, no vision, hes not technically that greta.

  4. 1gun says:

    but in wanker we still trust. this youth policy is a joke. how much longer off wenger and hes money makein policy we have to take? 10mil on player we dont no and one on a free thats the best wenger can do for this club? what happen to the transfer money? sales dudu for 6mil so hes only spent 4mil.

  5. john says:

    1gun u numpty we spent 10 million on vermaelen he turned out ok.

    1gun u tell what centre backs are avaiable i dont see many world class experienced centre backs avaiable across Europe.

    By all accounts Laurent Koscielny has been impressive in training. Well according to NEWSOFTHEWORLD DAN KING ON TWITTER koscielny has been really good.

    !gun there isnt money available we dont have money at the club i just cant believe ppl dont realise this. They keep thinking wenger has got money but he wont spend it. Thats rubbish there is no money thats the problem hes covering up the board

  6. Zievad says:

    1gun, you my friend are an idiot. If you can’t see what an amazing job Wenger has done for this club, you’re a few IQ points away from needing watering twice a week. With practically zero spending this man has kept us there and there abouts for more than a decade now, with an amazing youth system, which could be akin to Barca’s system in the future.Stop being so short-sighted.

    The only problem is that the raw materials in this country are lazy, stupid english kids as opposed to the intelligent, hard-working spanish.

    If it’s reckless spending you’re looking for, there’s always Chelsea or Man City for your kind.

  7. ashgoon says:

    john, you really need to calm down regards afobe – you seem to make a point of going on any/every blog and telling all and sundry how crap you think he is. maybe, just maybe you haven’t got a clue about football. amazing how u seem to think randall “is the best” – this is a guy who as a midfielder has had countless opportunities both at arsenal and on loan and has singularly failed to impress every time, to the extent even the loan clubs don’t play him.

    my abiding memory of him is giving the ball away INSIDE the arsenal penalty area to an opposing player in a carling club match, and still not giving a crap to try and win the ball back – i remember turning to my mate in the crowd, and thinking how much of a prima donna this guy is, and i will be more than happy when this idiot no longer wears the arsenal shirt, something that afobe will be doing for many many yrs. get used to it john.

  8. Zed the Red says:

    @Zievad: Zievad – Great post…could not have summed it up better myself! Most true gooners acknowledge and are grateful for what Wenger has achieved for this club. We have THE best manager in the world!! 1gun….you’re a tw@t!!

  9. Kipmonster says:

    I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is …….. ArsenalFansHateBarcelonaFC@gmail.com

  10. weedz says:


    John`s a spud, Ash

  11. Damn_Gallas says:

    I think we should let randall leaves… he is kind of shit..

    A few years ago, he was in the first team, training with them during pre-season, and now where is he?? He is still in the reserves at the age of 21 y.o?? Even Lansbury, whom is younger by 1 year is now in austria training, and is tipped to make some first team games this season. Oh my god!!! Randall should just leave arsenal. Another one is Jay simpsons, at age of 22, is still in the reserves?? That says so much about him!! Barazite too, with so many opportunities in the past (but unlucky with so much injuries), this guy fails to make the first team this season as well. Well, maybe, just maybe give him another year. Gilbert is another one that really needs to leave arsenal at once!!!

    I would rather concentrate my attention on the up and coming talented ones like Frimpong, Eastmond, JET, Lansbury, Wilshere, Nordveit, Gibbs Afobe, Sachez, Bartley, Ozyakup, Miguel, Coquelin, Freeman, Aneke, Nordveit and Murphy to name a few…

    Those with the damn f**k up english attitudes that in the mould of Pennant and Bentley can jolly well leave arsenal!!!!

    One thing to say, if miguel (whom is damn tall) shines at arsenal in the future, are those f**king barca assholes coming again to say that we stole another one from them???

  12. Lady Arsenal says:

    Haha if only Wenger would do the same more often. Lord knows if we had any leaders THEY would.

  13. Jason says:

    A few plastic fans on here !!

    Our youngsters rarely lose and its a bit understandable. They are under strength because some are in Austria and the ones that are there want to be in Austria. Players like Randall and Simpson know they are surplus now, so it must be difficult for them.
    They and others have all worked hard in recent years and brought youth team success, but sadly as with any big club only the very few make it all the way.
    It really shows the difference between being good and great. Its the same at other clubs too !

  14. Tommo says:

    It was just one game. Yeah the attitude wasn’t there and brady was right to lampoon them, but I trust Brady to get it right in terms of who right to get promoted in the end.

  15. Arse&Nose© says:

    what a bunch of ungrateful big headed prats.
    Only goes to prove that Wenger was right to leave them behind.

    This sort of attitude wouldn’t be tolerated in a sunday league game and these boys are doing it at Arsenal!

  16. Chumber says:

    @john: All he does is score goals? surely that’s essentially the point of football? and isn’t that what we need?

  17. Harry Barracuda says:

    English football is embarrassing. You can bet your arse these players’ agents have told them that the UEFA rules mean they are almost guaranteed a bigger contract than they have now, by dint of being English.

    Which is why they will bugger off and play in the Championship for 20 grand a week when they’re 23, and will become good players but never GREAT players.

    And the English national team will continue to be SHIT.

  18. Passenal says:

    Some people need to calm down. It was only one game, sometimes these things happen. If it’s true that Brady had strong words to say to the older, more experienced players on the team, that’s fair enough under the circumstances. But, we do have to bear in mind that some players are late developers e.g. Ian Wright. Just because we’ve seen some very young players have success recently, they are the exception. 24/25 is when most players hit their peak.

  19. WW says:

    It was when Randall and Aneke went off that’s when the midfield became overrun. Which is a shame because our two best players, Meade and Oyzukup were there at the end, but Simpson and Barazite were poor even if the only played 30 mins. Plus all the goals were scored when Boateng was replaced by Miquel, excluding the penalty. Afobe was good, both strong and quick, but Martin Angha at right back was torn a new one all match. My Arsenal MOM jernaide Meade. He must only be 5 foot tall but was everywhere.

  20. Holohoax says:


    I don’t buy into the myth that we have no money,if that were the case surely Wenger would sell off some of our not needed assets that can be replaced from within the club ie Walcott who can easily be replaced by Wilshere,Landsbury and JET.

  21. Paulie says:


  22. GunnerMacedonia says:

    hey guys i just have one question: why did we let bischoff go? thought he was good. tnx 😀

  23. gunner17 says:

    barazite deserves better

  24. Lanesra says:

    Something is definately wrong at the club. Is anyone able to tell me why season tickets are so costly and we see so little investment on the playing side? £1300 for a season ticket and a net spend of £4 mill on new players. A reduction on wages by losing Senderos, Mikael Silvestre, Eduardo and an ex captain Billy Gallas. Something like about £200k per week. Wenger suggesting several weeks ago that he could now let the purse strings loose. I just dont get it. Will it affect the way i support the club, hell no but i’d still like to know what the hell is going on. I can see that things will improve in the long term as the club is being built on solid financial footings, but will the truely great players wish to ply their trade at a selling club. One with whom an ambitious player will achieve little save show themselves on the big stage and attract a bid from a winning or ambitious club.

  25. AD7 says:

    @GunnerMacedonia: He never impressed when given 1st team chances, even though they were limited. He also wanted to leave for more playing time.

  26. George says:

    1st team
    Sagna Vermalaen Mertesacker Clichy
    Fabregas Nasri
    Chamakh Arshavin
    Van Persie

    2nd Team
    Eboue Koscielny Djourou Gibbs
    Diaby Ramsey
    Wilshere Rosicky

    This is not my ideal squad as I would probably not have Fabianski and Denilson anywhere near an Arsenal Team. But i think we will realistically have the most regular rotations with the players in these 2 teams.

  27. cheeky munky says:

    Check out the young player behind Brady in the picture above.. He’s on his mobile texting…. Why are these young players allowed to bring their mobile phones to a game.. It at the very least shows no interest…. No wonder we were slammed 4-1

  28. Leon says:

    I believe there are some impressive young players but with young people comes immaturity and bad attitude – they needed their arses kicked and perhaps the threat of being moved on (inevitably to a lower league side) should be enough to motivate these players to want to do their best – if developing a lucrative and rewarding career at a huge club like Arsenal is not enough then they don’t deserve to be in the game….

  29. Impeccable1 says:

    Gooner Chris, have u heard thé rumours that we are now interested in The Dutch World Cup goalkeeper from Ajax? What are your thoughts if any? Personally I would rather him than Schwarzer as he is said to be valued at 4 million pounds and he is 27.Better value for money if u ask me.

  30. moe says:

    SIGN>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pass the message on>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/afcreportingbarca/

  31. American Gooner says:

    lol at john – not good enough all he does is score goals. okay, well let’s get a striker in here who sucks at scoring but impresses you, will that make you happy? afobe is one for the future. if you dont think so, go back and watch the nottingham forest youth cup final and his four goals, idiot.

    randall is poor, always said so. no desire, no heart, huge head. please sell him. barazite is a good player, not sure about hoyte.

  32. goonerjon says:

    wenger should have to buy akinfeev (or stekelenburg) and mertesacker – then we’re ready to new season 😉

  33. Seoirsemac says:

    I can’t stand mark Randall! His attitude is worse that bentleys! Really needs a slap!

  34. Tony says:

    1Gun- would imagine you are only young and you should support someone else as the likes of you are not welcome. How dare you refer to our manager in those terms, even if you don’t like him respect what he has done for the Club and refrain in future from using that terminology. You my friend is the wanker

  35. My Name Is Earl says:


    top quality signing if true!!

  36. john says:

    Gooners i have seen plenty of young strikers and i am telling you afobe is not good enough for arsenal.

    He scores goals but what do you exect when you see the service arsenal have got.

    Nicklas Bendtner was miles ahead of afobe at 15,16 he could get the ball go past 3 or 4 players, pick a pass out or have a shot on goal.

    He scored goals but also created alot of goals and showed some unbelievable technique and skills. He was alot more faster and skillfull than afobe.

    Bendtner is finding it hard to difficult to break in what chance does afobe have?

    Hes not an Arsenal player hes technically awful those who have watched the under 18s will tell you luke freeman is a much better footballer than afobe.

  37. john says:

    I am giving my opinion we come on here to debate if you dont agree dont cry about it.

    Weedz how dare you say i am spud. I am Arsenal till i die.

    Gooner chris put that numpty straight.

    Its good to know ppl read my input on young guns, bbc, goonertalk.

  38. M says:

    Hey, obviously Arsene Wenger made Arsenal great and so on but we have to wonder if getting a new manager wouldn’ t give us a better chance to succeed. I am fed up with Wenger and his experiments, year by year having not good enough squad and year by year listeing to the same excuses. Now I’ m afraid we won’ t buy a new keeper and the defensive problems won’ t be solved.

    Wenger is perfect if we want to stay in the first 3, 4 in England but can we get more?

  39. john says:

    Are ppl stupid or what.



    The signing of Laurent Koscielny says it all. But i have to say i have been impressed with him looks a class player.

    Wengers problem is he hasnt solved the defence. We need to build a defensive structure you cant win the premiership with 2 centre backs and 1 holding midfielders and 7 attackers

  40. arsenalman says:

    i agree with john. we have no money, im very happy for us to be in the top 4. its already an amazing achievement considering our resources. look at city.

  41. john says:

    If you are going to have a go at wenger have a go at his defensive tactics not transfers

  42. fan says:

    Wenger need to adopt Morihno’s 4-2-1-3

  43. john says:

    I dont think 2 holding midfielders will work.

    We need to defend deeper.

    We defend too high up the pitch and you always notice when arsenal are under no pressure we always look more vulnerable than any other team.

    We constantly allow 1 ball to beat 4 defenders time and time again.

    Stewart robson is right arsenal need to drop back and stop playing high up on the pitch when we are winning and comfortable

    We are the only team that when we play well we still lose games, when man utd, chelsea play well they kill teams off.

    We always give teams chances.

    I also think our full backs have to perform better especially stopping crosses coming into the boxes and not going gung ho too much

  44. arsenal4ever says:

    no money?? John explain me then why we after Jags for 15 mill?? Thats a lie!! WE have a lot money and wenger will spend for a GK and CB!!!

  45. john says:

    Arsenal 4 ever there is no money

    ITS PAPER TALK u numpty my gosh.

    PPl believe everything in the papers these days.

    I personally think sol campbell will come back and maybe a new goalkeeper.

    If we did get jagielka he would be a great squad player can play anywhere across the back 4 and defensive midfield

  46. American Gooner says:


    john get a clue. we could have schwarzer for 4 million – you are telling me wenger doesnt have 4 mill? lol. please. he needs to wake up, smell the coffee, and realize that almunia and fabianski are not number 1 goalkeepers.

  47. arseneman says:

    thats all we are getting, 4mil for schwarzer is 4mil too much. Im happy with our team, we are not chelsea or city. im proud to be a arsenal supporter.

  48. WillyG says:

    Any Truth in Maarten Stekelenburg`s rumours?

  49. M says:

    He thinks Schwarzer isn’ t worth 4 million which is true but points lost because of average goalkeepers cost us much more than paying extra 1, 2 million for Schwarzer (4 not 2 which is his worth)

    some people say-if you know better than Wenger then why aren’ t you a manager and I will ask-everybody knows we need a keeper why Wenger doesn’ t?

  50. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    @ M…… Also we could have won the fa cup 2yrs ago when ballack and lampard bullied denilson, cesc and diaby in midfield but for the sake of an extra £1m (which brings it up to £17m) for alonso, then everton were there for the taking!


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