Jul 28

Wenger looking to bring in experienced Mertesacker

Germany defender Per Mertesacker is the player Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants to bring in to solve the club’s defensive crisis, according to Mirror Football.

Wenger wants to make at least two defensive signings, with both William Gallas and Mikael Silvestre departing. Sol Campbell’s imminent medical at Newcastle also means that Arsenal are left with just two senior defenders, Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou.

The latter sustained an injury in last night’s pre-season friendly win against SC Neusiedl 1919, which leaves Wenger itching to bolster his weak back line before the Gunners’ first game of the season at Liverpool next month.

Mertesacker, 25, has been on the Arsenal’s radar for some time with German scout Thomas Kost – who spotted Lukasz Fabianski and Philippe Senderos – regularly making personal checks on him in action for club side Werder Bremen.

Wenger has been linked with several defenders this summer and recent reports suggest that he’s made a paltry £6million offer for Everton’s Phil Jagielka.


80 Responses to “Wenger looking to bring in experienced Mertesacker”

  1. Irish_gunner says:

    The sun are also reporting that he refused to rule out a bid for mertersacker when questioned..

  2. ninjababy says:

    If this is true and might happen, Im a happy panda!

  3. The Wise One says:

    Please Please Please let this be true…

  4. Jon says:

    Have you got a link to the story in the sun?


  5. Irish_gunner says:

    hopefully we here if there’s any substance to this after the post match interview with wenger tomorrow…

  6. jdo says:

    really really really hope this is true. Not too keen on marchetti for goalkeeper though, he’s not much better than almunia and seems like a waste of a signing to me

  7. john says:

    Would be a good deal especially with the guys experience and height.

    We could really do with him especially against the stokes, blackburn hes good at defending against big target men

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks for that Chris. :)

  9. Phatrick says:

    “who spotted Lukasz Fabianski and Philippe Senderos ”

    Talk about a touch of death….

  10. Gooner Chris says:

    @Phatrick: Haha. He obviously knows a good player when he sees one, eh? 😉

  11. an arse worth having says:

    I reckon having someone like Mertesacker in front of him would help Fabianski no end. Makes away games at places like Ewood Park a tad easier when there’s a behemoth in front of you. Corners and free kicks could have Sagna at the near post, Mertesacker in the middle and TV at the back. Knowing Arsenal punctuality we’ll probably sign him on the last evening of the window..

  12. john says:

    Fabianski ppl are a bit harsh on him hes a young guy who doesnt play regularly.

    Senderos injuries have ruined him.

    I always remeber the man city game as a 19 senderos looked awesome ppl were saying new tony adams etc the fact is hes had too many injuries lost his confidence and compsure.

  13. Irish_gunner says:

    the fact is you don’t need a scout to identify merte. Anyone who watches the german league will be able to tell you this guy is immense on his day. Just look at his disciplinary record to see the quality of his defending, it really is something to behold…

  14. gazgooner says:

    yeah, this would make me a happy chappie – let’s hope it actually transpires and is not yet another piece of media hype. My fingers are crossed.

  15. Gorkhaligunner says:

    Gud News guys barcashitolona’s debts has been increased it’s more than 350£ million.. :)))

  16. decko says:

    john how can u stick up 4 sendeasourous hes a goat i was at anfield the nite he let torres turn in the box and score i will never 4give him 4 that and to make it worse i was sittin amoungst the scousers i feel like cryin thinkin bout it. awel at least i can say i witnesd that amazin run from theo that wil never be rememberd but i did go and get his name on the back of my top the next day. AND YES IT WAS THE WORST NITE OF MY LIFE!!!! then i had to get on a bus ful of scousers and travel home 2 ireland

  17. greg says:

    i really hope we get mertesacker he will surely strenghten the back, along with vermaelen, sagna, djourou & the rest of guys the gunners can surely win tropies this season!

  18. LeProf says:

    And how Bust-celona gonna buy Cesc when they are erm, Bust-celona?

  19. suhel says:

    no wonder the cunts were so fcking desperate to sign fabrgas bcoz they know that they wont be able buy hime nxt season lmafo

  20. BigMartyp says:

    After the injury today to Johan, Arsene will have to pay for not acting sooner at this position. He needs not only this dude but another. Lets get rel two signings!!! That ain’t gonna do it. No wonder the Capitan wants to leave. where is the committment, to making the squad stronger? This type of unwarranted inaction will demoralize the squad after the first of the year when it is cold, and people get start to get hurt as the games mount up. We need more depth.

  21. Jimmy says:

    Marty… if he signs then we’ll have six centre backs with first team experience, Alex Song who can play there (Vermaelen, Djourou, Nordtveit, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Bartley)…. How many CB’s do you think we need???

  22. arCHer says:

    @Jimmy: As many as we can, it can’t hurt to have 6 CB, considering we should be challenging for 4 titles as an ambitious team!

  23. shem says:

    pilz sign him Mr. Wenger

  24. WillyG says:

    If we sign Per Mertesacker and a solid GK I belive we can win something this year…Mertesacker is like Haangeland but younger…We need to spend 10m on this guy and 4-6m on Maarten Stekelenburg.

  25. Isaac Nyuon says:

    That is very good idea to bring Germany center defensive to Arsenal, otherwise it will be interestful to all Arsenal whehter we miss Ozil for midfiel there is no problem since Captain Fabregas is not going any where.
    Arsenal fan.
    Isaac Nyuon
    Terekeka, South Sudan

  26. ktexs says:

    great pleyer 4 arsenal

  27. sid says:

    So a baseless transfer rumour in a tabloid is worthy of repeating on a blog now? Oh dear, time to click the hide button on newsnow.

  28. Passenal says:

    It’s no wonder so many clubs are in financial trouble if £6m for Jagielka is considered ‘paltry’. Everyone knows you start the bidding low if you want to get the best price. It’s not monopoly money.

  29. josh says:

    WillyG, I verily agree with you! These two would strengthen Arsenal at the back at no ends. They will be assets. Hopefully A.Wenger quickly sign them up.

  30. goonerjon says:

    Come on AW, bring Mertesacker at the Emirates. We only got three CB’s and JD have injured now. AW, you must wake up this world and you have to understand that we don’t win anything a next season if we don’t buy 1-3 new players for f***** sake!

  31. Fabo[4] says:

    While you’re at Bremen see if you can bring Ozil in as well.

  32. king gooner says:

    what concerns me is that it appears if sol had signed he would not have gone out to get another experienced c/h which is a joke!& to thnk he-joined the barcodes for just £35,000 per annum thankgod for injuries-wengers hand has been forced-he’s got no choice this time-we need two but he’ll only buy one whichis still a risk-but thank heaven for small mercies!!

  33. Gun-Ho says:

    Peoples; if we buy this guy, who are we going to play regularly? Vermaalen and the german? What if the new french guy is really good? Put him on the bench then? What we really need is a world class keeper, and maybe a Djourou type without the injury problems.

  34. Fabo[4] says:

    As things stand, considering what I’ve seen from the young midfielders in pre-season I will be happy with our squad’s ability to challenge on all fronts this season providing we sign a quality GK and CB and not lose anyone significant (GKs not included).

  35. chebon says:


  36. Daymee says:

    Hi GoonerChris,
    Over the last few days there were some smoke billowing about Maarten Stekelenberg coming to Arsenal, even on some associated press pieces.

    Could you please research and feedback on what’s up on that? Is it really true that Arsenal are looking at Maarten or this is just a ruse.


  37. Fabo[4] says:

    @Daymee: I’m sorry but didn’t this dutch keeper look dodgy at the world cup as well as having a bit of a rep for the making the odd gaff?

    Why is everyone getting so exited about this? I know we hunger for signings but lets have some quality pls.

  38. pete says:

    stekelenburg is toilet…

  39. gooner james says:

    i saw the most amazing thing ever yesterday we are actually gonna get sum money for almunia. apparentlly atletico madrid and espanyol are gonna offer between 1 and 1.5 mil.

    are they idiots or what hes shit. id i was wenger i would say for 1.5 mil i will oack his bags and drive him to his medical personally.

  40. arsenal1234 says:

    Anyone have an ATVO account, go check out what Wenger has said in his post-match interview on keepers, i want to find out PLEASEEEEEEE

  41. gooner james says:




  42. WillyG says:

    Pls tell you are joking…..

  43. gooner james says:

    dont worry after his comments about not having a number 1 we are definately getting a new keeper he might as well have said that day almunia is shit and im goin to buy a new keeper 2 replace him

  44. Iceman76za says:

    Sometimes I wonder where these papers get their info from, I live in Germany and a month ago there was an actual rumour with the player also asked about all this. But now it seems the British papers are just trying to sell papers and making up stuff cause believe me, had there been any truth to the rumour, it would have been in all sports papers.

  45. WillyG says:

    I`m not confident that Wenger will buy a new GK

  46. Mayor of Arsenal says:

    Am tired of hearing rumours all the time, Wenger is only after selling. This spree is in continuation of his previous announcement that Arsenal is a “selling club”. Maybe he will buy one more 2.5M defender and the ball will get rolling. Let me let the Board and everybody know that le professeur’s philosphy is not working and could kill the club if not mindful. Regard the level of players outflows as compare to inflows.

  47. goonerjay says:

    @Jimmy: Nordveit and Bartley?????? please tell me yu are on a wind up… these 2 are far from ready!!! If JD and TV both get injured we would have a CB pairing of Koscielny (who i am not confident is up to the physical side of the premiere league) and Nordveit who has never played a league game and is very inexperienced. Jesus christ… we are one of the top 8 clubs in Europe and one of the richest and our fans are happy going into a season with only 3 CB’s that are experienced, 1 of which is a crock and another is untested in the EPL. Some gooners complain about the lack of ambition in regards to bolstering the squad but it makes sense when you see how little ambition some of our fans have. If we are going to compete for the EPL we are going to need another top notch CB who won’t be bullied by Drogba… Koscielny certainly will be and Bartley and Nordveit would be trampled by him. Don’t get me wrong i am a season ticket holder and will support Arsenal to the max come game day but if our fans seriously think we have enough quality CB’s now they either have no ambition or no understanding of football…. or have Arsene tinted glasses on

  48. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    no new goalkeeper = no new contract for arsene wenger as arsenal manager… I think it runs out next year

  49. American Gooner says:

    want metesacker very much – he was a wall against argentina and he can single handedly end our defensive corner kick deficiencies. however, knowing arsene and the press, that it is rumored undoubtedly means it wont happen.

  50. Afc kings says:

    I’ve heard on good authority that the centre half we Will sign is martin caceres! Remember where you heard it wink wink! And the goalie could well be muslera of lazio! Two uruguayans are in discussions with gazidis!

  51. arsenal4ever says:

    @ afc: hope you arent right about the keeper. Muslera is sh…!! Cant command his box!!!! For the CB Caceres wouldnt be bad but still would prefer Mertesacker!!

  52. damstar says:

    i was thinking why arsene never think of signing scott parker at all…he is still far better than dat shit denilson dat we got..

  53. damstar says:

    one more player i want his exit so bad at the emirate this season is denilson…i dnt want to see the guy in an arsenal shirt this coming season for real…i want wenger to sell his shit ass off and replace him with a better squad player…

  54. M says:

    he annoys me, too, like no other player of our club, him and Fabianski

  55. Larrypeace says:

    Arsene Wenger need to buy a reliable player at the right time, Am tired of hearing this linking stuffs. make hay while the sunshine, I remain Gunners, Please Arsene Wenger dont break our hearth this season, use the right player at a particular match, no sentiments. we need cup, players need it as well. tanx

  56. Rick says:

    Hell yes. Then we can look like this:

    New Keeper
    Sagna, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs
    Song and Melo (swapp for Clichy with Juventus)
    Cesc and Nasri
    RVP and Arshavin

    Sounds like a good team to me !!!

  57. godalmighty says:

    Rick, are you serious? swap clichy for melo….!? i wouldn’t swap a rubber duck for melo. he is a total liability (or weren’t you watching the WC?) and by the way – clichy is probably the most important player we have outside of fabregas. so please shove your bright ‘idea’ where the sun don’t shine!

  58. damstar says:

    @M.. i believe fabianski can still turn out to be the real deal for us…but as for dat stupid ass denilson, he will continue to be shit in our squad mark my word unless he is transfered out of that team…
    @rick… I dont want melo either cos that will even make the matter worse..i prefer someone like scott parker, gokhan inler, blaise matuidi or jan vertonghen…

  59. Gunningooner says:

    gr8, now newcastle will use campbell against us

  60. Kofi says:

    hahahaha…i said the same thing..

  61. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    @ Gunningooner
    lol we won hardly any of games with sol last season, he is a liability:
    lost to stoke
    lost to porto
    beat wolves (he was under no pressure)
    beat porto
    beat stoke (he couldnt handle the long balls and the adrenilin got us through it)
    drew against birmingham
    lost against spurs
    lost to wigan (he was captain and we defended too deep, it was his responsebility to move up the back four)
    lost to blackburn (once again he didnt stop the other centre halves from blocking our keeper)
    beat fulham

  62. Passenal says:

    All you Denilson haters are just showing your ignorance and lack of understanding of the modern game. A couple of bad games during an injury-ravaged season does not mean he is a bad player. You can vent as much as you like, but Arsene is not going to get rid of a player of his quality to put in one of your unproven favourites.

  63. AmeriGoon says:

    There are a number of rumors now out there that Arsenal is trying to beat Genoa to signing Veloso as their deal had long seemed ‘just about complete.’ There are a lot of people here and on the youth blogs pumping up the chances of Frimpong and Eastmond, but they’re just not ready. If Song went down with an injury, the team would suffer if Denilson came in to replace him. And while it might be good for the youngsters to get some work with the first-team at this point in their careers, it wouldn’t be good for Arsenal. They might “do well considering” their age/experience, can anyone honestly say that Eastmond came anywhere near “marshaling” the midfield like Song does? Not a huge fan of Veloso, same with Melo, but they’d provide a good backup for Song, as well as pushing him, but also push Diaby/Denilson/Ramsey for the box-to-box CM role.

  64. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    all denilson has to do to be better is play the simple pass more instead of trying to be ambitious… all flamini did was win it and give it to cesc.
    Any way what is with this love of melo, he cannot play football and isnt iterested in playing football all he wants to do is tackle.
    i would rather get a midfielder who can play football like
    diara (tolouse)
    these players cover the back 4 and can also spot a pass

  65. AmeriGoon says:

    I’d love Khedira to come to Arsenal and don’t know why he’d consider going to Real Madrid. Why? So they can stifle another promising young career? Unless you’re a superstar, you’re probably not going to play regularly. Real is for the likes of C. Ronaldo and Kaka. If you take a little bit to adjust, then you’re going to be sitting on the bench next to the uber-talented Benzema.

  66. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    @ amerigoon
    good, let him rot for a year then get him for half the price. like robben, hunterlaar, snjeider etc

  67. Ehsan says:

    Lol carrick he was the worst player in united’s team… I think diaby is a much better player

  68. AmeriGoon says:

    Its a bit win/lose for incoming young players to Real Madrid. Mourinho isn’t an idiot and won’t be pressured into playing someone. On the other hand, he isn’t a fan off blooding youngsters.

  69. WillyG says:

    Maarten Stekelenburg played today in the champions league for Ajax so that means we will not get him

  70. Mistaken says:

    Need to concede less goals. This is whats killing us. Top priority – quality CB and goalie.

  71. Boy Better Know says:

    more like need to to change the way we play to stop conceding goals,wenger also needs to sign the correct players to carry this out.

  72. damstar says:

    @passenal…what fucking quality denilson got???pls tell me..i prefer frimpong to denilson all day…and are u telling me now that scott parker, gokhan inler are unproven??? yoo u have to think well bro before putting a comment here cos u will look stupid..am sure that 80% of arsenal fans worldwide will also want denilson out of that team…you may be right that wenger might not sell him but am telling you again that denilson is shit and he will continue to be shit for arsenal…he got no quality at all….period

  73. Impeccable1 says:

    Denilson is not as bad as a lot of you claim. The problem is that, he’s not a defensive midfielder but he’s constantly being played there when Song isn’t available. Denilson is a solid squad player. As far as qualities, he does offer a quality that a lot of our players don’t often exhibit and that is, long range shooting. He’s our only player who consistently shoots outside of the box and he scored a few beautiful long range goals last season if you think about it. He needs to be more consistent but should be retained in the squad.

  74. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    yeah, and he usually hits the target… look at hull away, the keeper had to make a save a nikkie b tapped in the winning goal

  75. Ricky says:


    Well said.. Couldnt agree more!

  76. damstar says:

    @impeccable1 & the left hand of henry; whatever u said i dont care..but am reaffirming again that Denilson will continue to be shit for arsenal unless he is sold out of the team…you right that he is not a DM but i guess that is where arsene like him to be playing..and as long as he keeps playing at the DM position for us, he will never flourish and produce for arsenal in that position mark my word..Right now he has got many players in front of him fighting for his position in that team like ramsey,frimpong,eastmond,coquelin…And in the next 1 year or two Denilson will be driven out of that team by the likes of frimpong and ramsey am sure about that..also rite now he wont find it easy to get into the first team anymore cos we now have diaby looking good, we have song of course, we got nasri, rosicky, wilshere, and i wont be surprise if arsene promote frimpong into the first team this season…Denilson is turning out to be useless in that team mehn and am sure if he cant produce well enough for us in this coming season, Arsene will most definitely sell him off and that is it…This is probably his last chance to prove to wenger and the fans what he can do and if he fails to deliver, GOODBYE TO DENILSON forever!!!
    @Ricky; thanks mehn..

  77. Hammad says:

    @Impeccable1: dont make a fuss of denilson’s shooting. So what if he can shoot from long range, almost all brazilians can do dat, nthing new!!!!!!!!!

  78. jason says:

    He’s finally ours!


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