Jul 29

Fabregas “I want to continue to fight for every title possible”

Arsenal skipper Cesc Fabregas has openly revealed to Spanish magazine DIR Emotions that he is a Barcelona supporter, but also said that he wants to continue to “fight for every title possible” whilst at the Emirates.

The 23-year-old, who has been linked with a move back to former club Barca all summer, admitted that the last conversation he had with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was one of the “most difficult” he’d ever had.

Fabregas told the popular magazine:

“He [Wenger] doesn’t want me to leave. My last chat with him, in London, was one of the most difficult moments in my life. It was very hard.

“Wenger is a second father for me, the most important person in my life after my dad. He treated me like a son, I’m part of his family.”

“I’m Catalan, from Arenys, I grew up at the Masia, Barcelona’s youth academy…”

“I’m a Barça fan. I’m a club member, my grandfather too, my uncle, my cousin… I feel those colours since I was little.”

Cesc finished by telling everyone what we already know. The Spaniard’s aim is to continue to win trophies with Arsenal – most importantly the Champions League.

“I want to continue to fight for every title possible, because I am a winner.”


57 Responses to “Fabregas “I want to continue to fight for every title possible””

  1. David says:

    surprised he has time to comment these days what with Pique and Xavi’s cock in his mouth

  2. Ben Watson says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, come on the gunners, we can do it this year!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. David says:

    Bored of Cesc, any Marchetti,Mertesacker,Tasci,Zapata news ? or is it all paper talk bollocks and Djourou will be like a new signing ?..

  4. abc says:

    where to find the videos? or any original source?

  5. dan says:

    it isn’t relevant what he wants anymore. barca can’t afford him end of. he would be an idiot if he kept on going on about it, he should just shut up and get on with it. barca screwed him.

  6. BigL says:

    @David LOL

  7. David says:

    “I’m Catalan, from Arenys, I grew up at the Masia, Barcelona’s youth academy…”

    “I’m a Barça fan. I’m a club member,I used to gobble on Piques Man Fat, my grandfather too, my uncle, my cousin… I feel those colours since I was little.”

  8. The dude says:

    Now he can’t get his move he’ll be kissin ass again in no time

  9. Afc kings says:

    Xavi still lives at home with mamma so he’s gotta be an arse bandit. And he is rather taken with cesc it’s almost an obsession, he’s keeping his side of the bed warm by the sound of things!

  10. dan says:

    he should be kissing ass, because anymore from him and he will lose the fans. personally i wish barca had the money and he would leave, no interest in players who don’t want to be there, irrespective of how good they are. don’t see how he can remain captain although he obviously will do.

  11. igeneskywalker says:

    i believe that he was being honest with his opinion. it is not a secret that he has born and bred a Barcelona player and whether we like or not, one day he will return to the club whether we win the premiership or not. Since Barcelona cannot afford him now or rather they do not actually value him the way they valued zlatan, then it will be best for him to remain in Arsenal. Booing will not help anyways and we all know that one day he will return to Barcelona but when he leaves it must be at the right price and in good terms.

  12. David says:

    @Dan – yeah who needs the best young midfielder in the world ?..dickhead

  13. Noel says:

    Sounds very familiar, aren’t these rehashed comments from a few months ago? this is exactly what barca want, c’mon guys let’s not be suckers here..

  14. Afc kings says:

    My thoughts entirely Dan! No uncomitted player should ever be a captain

  15. dan says:

    of course we need him i never said we didn’t and football wise it will be nightmare if he leaves, but he doesn’t want to play for us anymore, most fans are so disillusioned with footballers already, it will be just another kick in the fans teeth to see players who simply don’t to play for us anymore and being club captain.

    i have no bad feelings for him and totally understand why he wants to leave, i would just rather see players playing for OUR beloved club who actually want to be there, especially the bloody captain, who is supposed to be the leader of the club

  16. Afc kings says:

    David if he don’t wanna be at our club fuck him. And any other player who wants to go can fuck right off with him! Get real and wake up I don’t care how good he is

  17. Armourist says:

    Build me a championship winning team is basically what he is saying to Wenger, which is fair enough I think. As the club he loves are already one, so if you want me to stay then build a team of such stature.

  18. eve says:

    can people stop slagging off our captain, because he will stay our captain for as long as he is here, talk about him not going to be commited to us, just watch him on the pitch this season you will see how commited he is. he gave his all in the past and he will give his all for us now so lay off him.

  19. dan says:

    i don’t think any arsenal fans don’t understand where he is coming from. as i said at the beginning, barca have screwed him and it is doesn’t matter what he wants as we are not going to give away the best young midfielder in the world who has five years on his contract for 30 million because barca are skint. they are scum and fabregas and us are the losers in this whole crappy affair.

  20. Erichero says:

    I’d still like to know what Wenger told him… a fascinating psychological battle that must have been.

  21. Dickto says:

    Finally. I think these of Pique, puyol,Xavi, Villa should go and hang.I remember telling that theirs is playing and should leave the rest to the people concern to sort it out.AW should convince Fab that Arsenal is champion material by bringing in good players so that Barca Doesnt come again next time for him.

  22. xyz says:

    Just a few days with arsenal fans at Emirates and he will again feel the love we have for him, and he will forget barca until transfer window opens again!!

  23. Afc kings says:

    Eve commuted players don’t tell their manager they want to leave are you fucking dopey? Get outta the clouds

  24. Afc kings says:

    Commited I meant

  25. A small advise to you Cesc. Stay put at the Emmirates to write your own history man, this is a club which values, you, and cherishes you so very much. Some people made history when you were still young to make Barcelona one of the great clubs in the world, now you have your own history to make, “the youngest captain ever to lead a great club to greater hights in the world”. Don’t loose this chance man.

  26. dickson oge says:

    yes this what i wat 2 hear.fuck porn ass barca.very gud our skipper he still a gunner.gunner till die.gudone

  27. Jaygooner says:

    Those comments from Cesc are a rehash of what he said prior to the World Cup, but magazines work on different deadlines to the daily’s, so that explains that. Nothing has changed, CESC STAYS!

  28. Alan says:

    Don’t think so Jay. He said in the interview, I did what Wenger asked and concentrated on winning the world cup with Spain. Therefore it appears it came after the WC. Regardless of whether he ends of up staying or not, he clearly is not 100% committed to Arsenal. It’s only a matter of time before he goes. What annoys me though is how people don’t respect his decision citing the fact that he has 5 years to go. So would fans like for him to see out all the five years and go for nothing? No. Therefore, appreciate the all a contract means is the selling club is entitled to a fee. If Cesc was a bad player, everyone, including those at the club, would be pushing him out the door. Loyalty and Football don’t go together.

  29. dan says:

    he aint going anywhere.

  30. biscuit says:

    Im glad he staying. All I want him to do when the season starts is keep his head down and show his commitment on the pitch. Thats how he will get the fans back on side (those who he has upset). But please Cesc do NOT kiss the badge, thats will just be an insult.

    Just like Reyes did

  31. Afc kings says:

    The one thing that’s pissed me and all my gooner mates off is the fact that he hasn’t had the balls to speak out in public his intentions. There’s no excuse for the disrespect to the fans who have worshipped him from day one. That to me is unforgiveable and he’s gonna kluge to regret staying silent I reckon! Honesty is the best policy in his case

  32. Merse-10 says:

    Good to see everyone being mature about this!

    Fab is not disloyal and had not gone looking for this transfer they have come looking for him.
    Every Arsenal fan knew that Fab would one day return to Barca we just didn’t when and for how much.

    I have nothing but admiration for Cesc, the way he is as a plyer and a person. He’s a great role model for kids in every sense and conducts himself in an manner befitting an Arsenal captain on and off the field.

    I don’t think his commitment is in question. I certainly do not doubt it for one minute. If he is with us at the start of the season i will sing his name as much as before and if he leaves i will wish him good luck and give him th reception he deserves should he play against us the same as Pires got, Vieira, Henry, Freddie, Seaman, Winterburn and all the other greats that left.

    There is no doubting Cescs love for our club either. He’s a born and bred Barcelona fan but he has become an Arsenal fan. The simple fact and there is nothing else to this is that Cesc loves Arsenal and he loves Barcelona. He’s at Arsenal and Barcelona want him. His family are Barcelona fans, he is a Barcelona fan, their manager is his hero but also he ovs Arsenal, loves the fans and loves Arsene Wenger.

    Lets not kill the man for being torn between 2 great clubs. One his childhood club and one that he has grown into.

    This is not a case of a player wanting to leave for more money or trying to whore himself to any club that will listen. The only club he will leave us for is Barcelona, nobody else.

    Cesc has genuine love for our club. It hurts that he is potentially going to go but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care – of course he does!

    If you weigh it up how you’d feel if you as an avid Arsenal fan from an Arsenal family were at a club that you loved but then Arsenal came in for you, how would you feel? Most of us would wan to play for our beloved Arsenal.

    This is not easy for Fab and if he stays and people boo then that is just pathetic.
    I do not want him to leave but i would 100% understand if he did. If it was to Man City or Chelsea or Inter Milan or anyone other than Barca i’d be disappointed with that but i cannot begrudge him moving back to Barca. I’d be gutted but he would not become a villan in my eyes.

    He’s always given 100%, i think he has earned respect and eveyone should try to understand this situation respect the decision he makes as much as that may hurt becuase if he does go i firmly believe his joy of signing with Barca will be almost out weighed by the sadness of leaving Arsenal.

  33. Afc kings says:

    he’d better perform well or he will get mullered . If he does play like he always done with his heart and soul for us, then il eat my words and be pleased to be wrong, but I’ve got a little doubt that he’s gonna be as commited! It’s all gone way too far and it’s sad the way ita all soured everything. He’s gotta be a man and say he wants to stay! He’s been a pussy hiding behind his mates in Barcelona if you ask me sitting on both sides of the fence to protect his own status with us the arsenal fans! He shouldve told em all to keep their fucking mouths shut if they wanted to remain his mates!

  34. igeneskywalker says:

    @Merse-10, you have spoken well and my sentiments exactly!!! It is very easy for us to judge him when we are not in his position, its only unfortunate that perhaps just perhaps because arsenal has not been able to win a trophy in the last few years that the prospects of going to Barcelona is all the more tempting. But i respect him as a player and while i hope he stays, if he does go i will still respect him. But while this is said, if Barcelona want him then they have to come up with a much better fee for him to even begin negotiations.

  35. john says:

    Anyone selling tickets for Arsenal vs ac milan would be intrested in 2 if anyone is selling?

  36. Seoirsemac says:

    Well said merse 10 brilliant post! Finally an intelligent analaysis! I would encourage anyone who hears people booing cesc to turn and tell them to shut it! That’s what barca want!

  37. Impeccable1 says:

    @Merse 10 – Kudos for that analysis of the situation. Nevertheless, the way Barca have gone about it has left nothing in me but contempt and hatred for the club and all it’s players. I seriously wish they never win another trophy ever again. They are utterly disrespectful and disgraceful.

  38. American Gooner says:

    quality stuff david.

  39. Filip says:

    Robin should be captain because he is the one who knows what is Arsenal all about. It is about respect to the fans, club, other players and Arsene Wenger who gave him a chance!

  40. Kibrom says:

    Give the capten to vamaling pliz pliz

  41. Kibrom says:

    We Love u arsenal and the fun 4 ever

  42. Al says:

    @Filip: yeah, Cesc is too much of a winner by now to know what is Arsenal all about.

  43. Ricky says:

    We’ll lets see you get stuck in this season cescy boy!! 😉

    Any truth in the tasci rumours anyone?

  44. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i cant see us making any more signings… if this does happen i hope u guys join me in revolt

  45. Nikon says:

    Chris do you know Martin from the goon blog? He says we bid 10.7 for mertasacker

  46. Gooner Chris says:

    @Nikon: Yeah, good mate of mine. There’s contrasting reports on the Mertesacker front. I think it’s very likely that we’ve made a bid for him, reports in Germany suggest otherwise.

  47. Jimbo says:

    Honestly, who wants us to sign Shwarzer?

    He’s dogshit.

    Typical Wenger – pennywise, pound-foolish.

  48. AK Gooner says:

    superior spurs – why are you coming on to our arsenal blogs and spreading your sh*t, face it spu*s are sh*t youre getting excited over the CL weve been there for the past 10 years, you wont even qualify. You just want cesc gone because you still havent overcome what he did at the emirates when he raped your defence or his screamer at shite hart lane. Go get sucked off by puyol,xavi,iniesta, busquets, laporta. sandra rosell and tomato harry redknapp you spud cu*t!

  49. REDgoon says:

    Ummm…yeah, any word on defensive signings?

  50. fraster says:

    Unfortunately for us, it seems to be that Cesc wants to leave really. And he is restrained for the contract with Arsenal….he wants to live in his homeland and I can imagine a very tough season for him with those thoughts in his mind every time….
    Surely this season will be the last for Cesc, and we will compete for the title once again, and nothing else. Next season, the Barca’s financial problems will be solved, and they will take our captain.

  51. MozArs says:

    ….and after all this it appears Wenger will be content putting out a mediocre squad for another year. I love arsenal but I don’t blame Cesc

  52. WillyG says:

    Cesc is a world class player..I know he wants to leave but he loves this club very much and he will not let us down,he is our captain and I hope he can win us a title before he goes…To be honest looking at our transfers(not just this year but year after year) at the moment you can`t blame the guy…While Barcelona are the best team in the world..I`m just glad that we are lucky to have him for one more season.Pls make sure that you support this player and he will deliever.

  53. WillyG says:

    Cesc knows he has unfinished busniess here “However, I am Arsenal’s captain. I am a Gunner and that is where I have made myself as a player and matured as a person. He [Arsene Wenger] is a second father to me, the most important person in my life after my father. He has been very supportive of me and has treated my like a son. I am part of his family.

    “He does not want me to leave. My last conversation with him in London was one of the most difficult moments I have had to live. I am left very touched.

    “I want to continue fighting for every title, especially the Champions League, because I am a winner.”

  54. alf15 says:

    These qoutes are all bullshit…the “magazine” who he gave the interview to is actually a spainish gym company. Google “DIR gyms” and you get the results. Google “DIR Magazine Spain” and nothing comes up!

  55. James H says:

    Looks like all three of our Joe average or below average goalkeepers have been told that the number one spot is up for grabs.

    Whether this means we’re getting a new goalkeeper or Wenger is going to give the No.1 spot to Flapianski or Mannone remains to be seen. But my money would be on Wenger not spending any money.

    If Wenger does decide to reward one of our current gk’s with he No.1 spot it should be Sczeczy regardless of his age. If walcott or denilson are good enough to start, why can’t he?

  56. wen_detta says:

    fabregas will not be the same person in the next season…it can become a problem in the dressing room soon or later…and he don’t make any statement yet.. i respect him but this is too much..if i was AW, i’ll sell him and make a firm stand that arsenal do not relying on an individual and we don’t want half hearted player…we got nasri, wilshere, rosicky,ramsey..if barca have financial problem, 60mil installment can be accepted..it is bad for arsenal if this issue keep dragging..fabregas is just a player..im sure arsenal is fine without him than keeping him next year if he continue to remain silent..what emotion do you want when you are a professional footballer and sign for a long contract..come on wenger..arsenal will not die if fabregas go..i don’t like arsenal mentality nowadays..too much excuse..too much relying..and too f!@#ing soft!!come on guys..

    i’m also kinda feel that arsenal is lack of luck nowadays..


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