Jul 29

Ronaldinho ruled out of the Emirates Cup

Arsenal fans who were hoping to see AC Milan star Ronaldinho at the Emirates Cup have been left disappointed by the news that the Brazilian is set for a month on the sidelines with a muscle injury.

The 30-year-old former World Player of the Year had to abandon training on Wednesday night after he complained of feeling a twitch in one of his flexor muscles, and it doesn’t look good.

Voices from Milan suggest he will have a scan later to determine the extent of the injury. The Rossoneri have stayed quiet over the damage, but their official website did confirm the player will have to undergo further medical tests.

Emirates Cup Fixtures

Day 1:

Celtic v Olympique Lyonnais
Arsenal v AC Milan

Day 2:

AC Milan v Olympique Lyonnais
Arsenal v Celtic

You can see the Celtic, Lyon and Milan squads for the Emirates Cup here.


13 Responses to “Ronaldinho ruled out of the Emirates Cup”

  1. Mo says:

    Couldn’t really give one to be fair. He’s well past his prime

  2. A TRue GOon says:

    It would have been good to see how Kos will fair with his trickery.

  3. ya says:

    hes rubissh though..

  4. Ali says:

    any news on any signings.getting peed off we still havent signed a defender or gk

  5. t says:

    which muscle his stomach?

  6. Gooner Chris says:

    @abc: He won’t be travelling with them now.

  7. Gooner Chris says:

    @t: Milan aren’t saying what kind of injury is.

  8. arseneman says:

    i do enjoy reading this forum, but with everyone asking for new signings its beginning to get old. i support our current squad. go support spuds if this team isnt good enough for you. im glad if we dont make anymore signings and develop our team slowly, we have some terrific youngsters that wont get a chance if we get new players..

  9. Gooner Chris says:

    @A TRue GOon: Definitely. A lot of supporters were looking forward to seeing him player, I was one of them.

  10. t says:

    he eat all the pies

  11. GunnerMacedonia says:

    will you guys boo flamini ?

  12. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    flamini is a whore so he should be booed. He proberly wouldve been made club captain instead of cesc if he had stayed but he chose to play in a shit league with a shit team so i will boo flamini with every touch he gets


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