Aug 05

Members Day 2010 Gallery — Cesc is back

Cesc Fabregas returned to training with Arsenal on Thursday – and lined up for a team photo at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners captain has been at the centre of speculation linking him with a return to Barcelona all summer.

Barca, the club with whom Fabregas began his career, made a £30million bid for the midfielder earlier this summer, only to be told by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger that the player was not for sale at any price.

Several public statements by Barca’s most prominent players advocating a move for the World Cup winner has only served to increase speculation that Fabregas will leave the club.

Despite that, the Spain star was all smiles as he lined up alongside Wenger and the rest of the Arsenal squad for the team photo at the Emirates Stadium.

An Arsenal spokesman said:

“Fabregas spoke with his coach [Wenger] today, also in private. He will talk to the fans at the end of this or next week.”

Thanks to Shin Ryujin for some of the above images.


32 Responses to “Members Day 2010 Gallery — Cesc is back”

  1. Gooner says:

    Good to see him back :)

  2. VinGooner says:

    Finally!! Good to see the smile on his face. He is a Champion. Hope he soldiers on for one more year at the least.

    We need you Cesc.

  3. stonroy says:

    so nothing to say then.

  4. goonerjon says:

    yes, absolutely good to see him back to the emirates. come on cesc!

  5. rosicklam''24 malima says:

    Good 2 see u cecs i hop u’ll stay ths season

  6. Antonio says:

    I heard Clichy and Vermaelen slipped an Arsenal shirt over Cesc in practice today! They are such jokers! Oh… wait…

  7. Stone says:

    I can’t understand why Lansbury wasn’t called up for the U-21 since he is practicing with the first team. He was in the last squad, has had a good pre-season and few of the last crop have been excluded for A-team duties and he is left out. Still, it will be great to see three Arsenal players in the England team when Capello announces it. Here is for Jackie, Theo and Gibbsy boy.

  8. useroz says:

    well, till cesc speaks [to the fans] this or next week, anything still could happen… it’s just unpredictable world of football especially with barca and arsenal in it!

    so far so good… hopefilly, by the time cesc speaks publicly, we have made couple of new signing announcements!

  9. useroz says:

    since Stone mentioned U-21s, i’d also say that it’s awfully strange arsenal have no representation in it…

    despite JW and KG being ‘dropped’ as reported in the media, surely, other arsenal reserves and even U-XXs have (or have we?) some talented english players… thought wenger and ivan have been bragging about them quite regularly in 09?

  10. dickson oge says:

    Am really hppy 2 see our skipper back.Pls A/W keep on.his our skipper d barca shuld go n hide d face some where.cesc we all luv u.gunner till i die.

  11. RH says:

    He’ll talk to the fans this or next week? Why????? Having difficulty with his speech maybe? Not happy that we have not heard from him today. What is going on here?????

  12. paul says:

    Fabs looks good at Arsenal. We love you……..

  13. My Name Is Earl says:

    let me guess, now he loves the club again?!?!

  14. JOHN HARRISON says:

    I couldn’t express my joy when i saw my skipper in training at the emirates.He’s welcome to the home of football.

  15. Wes says:

    @earl – And you heard him say that he doesn’t love Arsenal?!?!?

  16. American Gooner says:

    nice pics, thanks. any actual news?

  17. Song is King says:

    it must be really something for the other players when they see the world champions is training together with them. it sure bring lots of inspiration to the team. dear cesc, this club loves u more than anything else. not even barca would love u as much as the arsenal. would they still want u if u were just an average player? would they say u have the barca dna in u? i doubt it but here, no matter who u are, how good or bad u r, we will always love u. this is the club of class not like your boyhood club. yes they are better than us yet, but they never be like the arsenal in term of class. they have no class whatsoever to give some respect to the others. they don’t know what respect is. i hope u stay cesc and not only for this season but for the rest of ur career because this is the club who made who u r today. u r destined to be in this club. u r the arsenal and u’ll forever be 1

  18. VinGooner says:

    The official website has been updated with the training pictures and Cesc is conspicuously absent in all of them. When Cesc’s participation was easily the biggest deal of the day, leaving him out of the 13 pictures is really queer to say the least. I wonder if something is going on behind the scenes.

  19. french gooner says:

    my gut feeling says hes going!!! if he was staying he would have said that already!!!

  20. osman says:

    vingooner , relax mate . van persie is also not included in the pics . maybe the special gallary with be out soon . that will include the players that are back for the first time this season . robin and cesc

  21. Abdus Samad says:

    the reception he got 2day will surely make him stay 😀

  22. VinGooner says:

    @osman: Yes, I hope so. I’m surprised because I kept refreshing the webpage to see some headline to the effect of Cesc and RVP back in training. Makes sense to have those two in the spotlight instead of Mannone, Lansbury et al. But what you say makes sense. Maybe they will have a special report on Cesc and RVP.

  23. Jaygooner says:

    Glad to see Cesc Gooner back in a shirt that isnt covered in Puyol’s slime. The story doing the rounds is Cesc will be short for the Liverpool game. Odd then to see that he been named in Spains squad for the friendly next Wednesday. One last throw of the dice by the despicable barca tap up meerchants? Wenger is too honourable a man to withdraw him from the squad in the way Lord Alex of Rednose does, so I hope Wenger sends Cesc to Spain with explicit instructions. Wear your i-pod at all times and you WILL be playing some part at Anfield if you get any playing time in the meaningless friendly.

  24. ADE+WALE says:


  25. VanDaManPersie says:

    Does his face look like somebody who wanted to leave Arsenal?

  26. Gooner says:

    @Jaygooner: i think that being selected for spain could be good for cesc. he would have some playing time before the liverpool game

  27. athlon says:

    Could someone post me the latest squad photo?? 😛

  28. Gooner Chris says:

    @athlon: It’s not been released yet mate!

  29. athlon says:

    Then we’ll have to wait so long…

  30. Charlie says:

    Xavi will be 32 next season. Those Banca..krupt waiters will be at our doors again next summer, begging for tips and handouts.

  31. kathir says:

    We must show him this time . how much we all him

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