Aug 15

Jack Wilshere starts at Anfield

Arsene Wenger has handed a start in midfield to 19-year-old Jack Wilshere, as the youngster gets given a chance to show what he’s all about.

The other major team news is that goalkeeper Manuel Almunia starts and captains the side.

There is no place in the starting XI for either Robin van Persie or Cesc Fabregas, with the latter being ruled out altogether due to a chest infection.

Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Clichy
Wilshere – Diaby – Nasri
Eboue – Chamakh – Arshavin

Subs: Fabianski, Gibbs, Song, Walcott, Rosicky, Walcott, Vela, van Persie.


93 Responses to “Jack Wilshere starts at Anfield”

  1. ole says:

    This is a very weak team, we`ll get hammered today!!! Season start next week against Bl`pool. Maybe we have a team by then….

  2. M says:

    Almunia a captain, so no Schwarzer?

  3. arsenal fan says:

    its wrong to start him in the first game of a new season against a team like liverpool.
    But he has the talent to make a difference when he wants.

  4. thaigooner says:

    So we’ve got two subs named Walcott. Is that his sister – the body-builder – who has been lined up to rough things up if ‘pool don’t lie down and die gracefully like Everton did in the first game of last season?

  5. J@CK says:

    That line-up would fit 4-4-1-1 so well.

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaeln Clichy
    __Eboue Nasri Diaby Wilshere

  6. The Wise One says:

    Let’s go gunners!!

  7. Den15# says:

    the only thing wrong with the team is that chesny is not our number 1 :/

  8. The Wise One says:

    Gunner Chris – we have 2 Walcotts?

  9. clive says:

    i saw another line up aricle and fabregas is amongst the reservess where is he ?

  10. Alan says:

    Almunia and Fabianski – what a disgrace

  11. chris says:

    Spose almunia is the best we’ve got, but vermaelen should be captain… what a joke wenger is, so sick of his sh1t, still sticking with the clowns.. even if city wont sell, he should at least try to get shay, if not.. schwarzers still better than we have.

  12. clive says:

    guyss plss stop moaning and lets watch the game first and thenn we judge almuniaa .. just have faith in every player .. i just hope he have a great game and then everyone comes here and say what a goalkeeper we have

  13. Alan says:

    C’mon Clive, this isn’t August 2007. We’ve given him more than enough chances.

  14. chris says:

    thing is, ive been patient with the keeping situation for a few years now and every season the keepers make blunders and wenger pushes it under the carpet and says how good they are, theres only so many times you can forgive someone for continued mistakes… i fully support the rest of the team, just not the keepers.. they are just not good enough for the arsenal

  15. jose reyes says:

    happy that jack starts god help us with almunia in goal. 1 minutie till kick off whos nervous i am

  16. jo says:

    yhs red card to j.cole i hope kos is okay or well need 2-3 new defense

  17. gooner from tokyo says:

    oh no…
    our centre back has been damaged.
    what happens now? surely wenger has to bring someone in quickly.
    or do we go with nordveit or do we put song there?

  18. Gunningooner says:

    NOOOOOO!!!! KOSCIELNYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    almunia is still punching the ball 2 feet away from corners though:(

  19. arsenal fan says:

    Was just reading comments on arsenal interactive.
    all of them were like oh no we need a new cb
    do none of you and them care for the player themselves or are you just obbssed with a new cb
    hope kozzer is ok anyway its his debut

  20. montego gunner says:

    i hope koscieny i ok he realy looks good bu
    at least now wenger has no choice but to buy a center haft[may be 2:)]
    bring on the second haft
    arsenal for life

  21. My Name Is Earl says:

    f**ckinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg hell almunia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Alan says:

    Can we judge him now?

  23. The Wise One says:

    This is a sad performance…

  24. arsenal fan says:

    its sad to even watch
    what happened to our arsenal?

  25. The Wise One says:

    I should have expected this… This is how we play without Cesc

  26. The Wise One says:

    The only positive is Kos is playing well

  27. George says:

    Reina is a top keeper, still much better than us. Rosicky shows who he is today.

  28. The Wise One says:

    Rosicky should start ahead of Arshavin. Rubbish red card,

  29. John R says:

    I’ll take a draw. Many people thought we were going to get beaten. Arshavin was very poor though.

  30. Alan says:

    I think we’re seeing why nobody ever really went after Arshavin

  31. The Wise One says:

    Considering that cesc,song,good gk, and R.V.P disn’t start…good result

  32. chris says:

    i didnt see the game, i heard ngog goal was scored at the near post.. was almunia done at his near post again? … i’d take a point though..not too bad

  33. The Wise One says:

    The Ngog goal was unstoppable

  34. fan says:

    Is not Arshavin fault. Yes he was poor today but Liverpool had 3 guys always on him. The only weak link I saw today was Wilshere. Turn the ball over too many times, errand passes and the mistake that allowed the goal.

  35. Nicgooner says:

    Yeah arshavin was poor he seemed like he didn’t want to play. I hope this game will make wenger realize that we need a GK and one or two CB

  36. ole says:

    Kocielney was decent until Torres came on, after that he had a struggle. Wilshere is not ready for Anfield away and is to blame for the goal, not almunia. Happy with the result, decent game all in all. Rosicky showed himself today, and changed the game. We were lucky all in all……

  37. jason says:

    i think kozzer’s sendig off is the best result. wenger will have to purchase a new cb due to this. jd is too injury prone n norviedt is not ready. thank marin atkinson

  38. Arsenalisto says:

    Well, after once again seeing f-ing Alumnia cost us again and in the opening game of the season, if WENGER doesn’t get a new goalie this week, then he has truly became a MADMAN, and I’ve not criticized him once before. This is so irritating!

  39. an arse worth having says:

    Totally agree with ‘fan’ and ‘ole’. Wilshere isn’t ready for top games in the Premiership yet. I thought Almunia was alright. Disagree that Koscienly had problems with Torres though. How many CB’s can live with Torres when he’s on the run? Koscielny was probably our Man of the match.

  40. fraster says:

    Unfortunately Djourou & Frimpong don’t have the same level as Vermaelen, hardly Koscielny can reach that level of performance, so, that terrible red card will be an important worry for our defence at next game. L’pool was more consistent than us, specially at 2nd half. Our goal was a lucky one, because Reina had the only mistake of all his game today.
    I hope that our next game have Cesc, RvP & Song. They are our key players and finally a draw is better than a loss, we have 1 point and L’pool gifted 2 points.

  41. Me says:

    The point is Arsenal doesn’t look like the best team in the PL and I didn’t need this game to show me that, nor the Chelsea game, it’s bloody obvious.

    Given, Jagielka and we’re up for it big time…mr. Wenger bloody owes this to Cesc, van Persie and all the other players who give their best for the club.

  42. fan says:

    hearing alot of Shay Given news. In the USA, Warren Barton is saying on FSC Match Day program that Shay Given is on his way.

  43. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i dont know how anyone can say that sulky chops wasnt to blame for the goal. his passing, finishing and attitude has been terrible for a very long time.ever since fulham away when we won 1-0. he has not got us the game winning goal (on the left wing)since he joined our club and only seems up for it when we are winning 3-0. it is obvios he doesnt want to play in england.

    Or maybe he really did want to join spuds and not us

  44. clive says:

    ok now i admit we need a new goalkeeper give sczesny the chance or buy a new one .. almunia was coming out for insects he did 4 times :S

  45. @fan: Man City would never sell their better players [ala Bellamy Given] to their rivals [ala us, spuds, everton & fulham bcuz board dont like Hughes] thus they effective paying 90% of Bellamy wages to send him on loan to Cardiff

  46. My Name Is Earl says:

    Meanwhile, Arsenal have been linked with goalkeepers Mark Schwarzer of Fulham and Manchester City’s Shay Given, but Wenger refused to comment on the reports.

    “It is better for me not to talk about that because it doesn’t help the goalkeepers that play for us,” said Wenger.

    “It is better that we focus on the goalkeepers we have.

    “I believe (Manuel) Almunia had a good game today.”


  47. A.Wengers Scout says:

    wtf why was that lazy toerag Diaby playing! he did nothing all game – slow and wasteful. Arshavin was invisible all game only saw him like 3 times the whole 90 mins. And Clichy f**king hell got battered by kuyt and every other liverpool player. PLAY GIBBS!!

    Wilshere not eady for the big 4 games just yet. Midfield should ave been: Song, Nasri, Rosicky.

  48. pastaface says:

    Wilshere is over hyped, he is not ready yet for that kind of match!
    The ref was an idiot, why didn’t Gerrad get a 2nd yellow too!

  49. Gooner8 says:

    @ My Name is Earl:
    We have become complacent with crap goalkeeping. Basically, if 4+ goals are not shipped past Almunia, then he “had a good game.” If he didn’t boot a goal kick into his own net, he “had a good game.” If he didn’t kung-fu chop any of our own players, he “had a good game.”

    We are a quality team, we need quality players. Some of those fielded today do not deserve to play any longer. No faith in our GKs anymore…

  50. chris says:

    no good keeper should ever get done at his near post and i can think of 4 times almunias been done in a split second. him and fabianski are not good enough, it seems the more people say this the more wenger wants to stick with them to prove his point. his stubborness is extreme

  51. John R says:

    Anyone who says anything about diaby obviously didn’t watch the game. He put in a good performance and did exactly what he was suppose to in the dm role. Wilshire was in most part to blame for the goal with his clumsy pass.

  52. George says:

    Almunia is not a starting keeper for a top 4 side. His inability to handle long balls cost us in crosses and corners. Clichy is very weak physically, you do not need much fancy skills to go pass him, he needs to bulk up defensively. Koscielny looks very much a quality player, calm and composed throughout a game unlike Gallas who would show his frustration after the Ngog’s goal. Wilshere is decent not a stunning performance but that’s not his best position anyway just there as a stop gap solution. Diaby had a pretty good game for me, is discipline in his position, previously he would have wander off and leave our back four vulnerable. Arshavin needs to work on his strength too and his overall committment, no focus throughout the game. Chamakh is like a bendtner but just alot of times better, hope bendtner can reach his level one day. The man of the match for me is Rosicky. While some of you has been saying he should be sold, I kept saying he is one of the better players in our squad. Once he is on the pitch, we have a focal point of attack. He basically took over the duty from Nasri. He is calm, composed, can keep the ball well, can go pass player, should have a remarkable built up goal if not for Reina who I would love to have on our team even for that own goal. We were really playing better when we switched to a 4-4-2 with the introduction of Van Persie and Rosicky and we should stick with that. Van Persie and Chamakh up front, Nasri on the left, Rosicky on the left, Fabregas in the hole and Song as the shield, that will bring so much stability to our squad.

  53. mofaz says:

    Liverpool away as the opening match is a tough match esp with a new manager.. players wanna proof their worth to the new manager. Reina blunder proved that any goalkeeper can make comical mistake ..

  54. GunnerMacedonia says:

    any news on spahic? or anyone else?

  55. alf15 says:

    Does this mean we aint getting a new keeper??? GoonerChris any word on Given or mark Schwarzer? Or are we stuck with Almunia and Flappy?

  56. American Gooner says:

    Very tough match to watch. We dominated the match in the first half and yet Liverpool had the two best chances. We kept the ball the entire half and really did not move into dangerous situations. Wilshire and Nasri especially did a great job possessing but the former opted to pass laterally way too much instead of looking for a vertical pass or shot while the latter woefully wasted two free kicks in dangerous positions. Truthfully, our best chance by a longshot was Vermaelen’s free kick.

    In the second half, we were very poor. Chamakh ran hard but his touch was poor. Arshavin was a goat and mostly disinterested. Wilshire was off the pace and unaware. Nasri was poor. Clichy would just bomb crosses into no one. Diaby would dribble unnecessarily. TV5 played a strong match but was caught looking slightly on the goal, though of course it was more Jack’s fault. Still, a keeper should not be beaten near post, even it was a powerful shot.

    I felt Eboue was unlucky to be subbed. He was one of our better players up to that point, and only because Arshavin is capable of magic does he escape being yanked for his crap effort. Walcott and Rosicky made a difference, and the latter was the best player on the pitch in the second half.

    We learned AGAIN that Almunia is not a first choice keeper. Kos and TV5 looked good in partnership. Clichy is still lax defensively. Wilshire is not ready for a top 4 clash. Nasri still disappears on the road. Chamakh works hard but his touch is sometimes poor. Arshavin is still Russian.

    Against Blackpool, which will not be an easy match (especially with them buoyed by that smashing), we should see Rosicky, Song, and Cesc in the center, Arshavin and Nasri on the wings with RVP up top. If Kos’ appeal does not work, I expect Song in the back and Diaby in his place.

  57. WillyG says:

    I saw some of the comments and most of them are right but one should also note that Liverpool were solid at the back.Agger never made a forward run.They were compact and determined.I`m still happy with a point but the 3 points were still there for the taking.

  58. xainuddinx says:

    im really frustated with wenger. he can say all he wants but managers should and must be judged from what he does; the starting eleven, the strategy and substitutions. fine, we only had 1 game with many of our players still out and hanged from the world cup but yesterdays game was the exact copy of movements, facial impressions and passes of last season; lackluster, no believe in your teammates and no communication.

    ive been supporting arsenal only since wenger came, granted im a newbie but im not blind to see that as seasons pass by, wenger kept loosing strong, talented players without ever replacing them. he keeps his faith with players that mostly in the end, would let him down; young, egotistic, self-centered players that never had to endure learning football from lower clubs with low salaries and muddy pitches. he could have kept 1 or 2 senior players who would show the youngsters how to keep their focus high, fight for each other on the pitch and have the winning mentality. instead, he keeps choosing to carry players that could not even carry themselves.

    yes, wenger loves arsenal but the difference is, we love arsenal and no one else is above it, but to wenger, he loves arsenal so arsenal is his own toy to play with.

  59. ole says:

    @xainuddinx: I think you are a bit harsh. To be honest the game agaisnt lfc is the best we have played at anfiled for many years. Last year we were outplayed in 60 min, but we won 2-1. In the 4-4 game we were outplayed throught the game, but yesterday we were the best team and got 1-1.

  60. American Gooner says:

    Given is not coming. Barton said he may very well be coming. Hopefully we get Schwarzer.

  61. chris says:

    schwarzer will be a good addition for 1-2 years, hopefully by then one of chesney, mannone or god forbid fabianski will be ready to take over as number 1.. it doesnt look like almunia would want to stick around as number 2 to schwarzer and one of the others will go out on loan..

  62. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i think if we have no new keeper AND a new centre half we should boo wenger the next home match after the window closes. its not acceptable.

  63. chris says:

    @The Left Hand Of HENRY: i think we will get another cb, not as confident about a keeper…wenger likes to stick by his players, no matter how incompetent they are

  64. xainuddinx says:

    @ole: from my point of view, we were the best because it became 11 vs 10. had it been 11 vs 11, i dont think we would have pulled through like we did. that said, it was only when rosicky came on for jack that we really had our gear up. nothing to blame jack for since hes still learning the ropes, especially after he was partly at fault for the goal against us.

    to me, our goal was simply down to sheer luck, not our effort. reina had a moment when he became 10 times more feeble that fabianski. chamakh did good to came for the cross and put pressure on reina though, adding to that he had the sun right in his eyes. still, only the first game of the season against liverpool, we did quite OK and lets see how things go when RvP and el-capitan are match fit with song also in the mix of things.

  65. true gooner says:

    we need bak up in cb n a new keepa deffo

  66. arseneman says:

    I think for an opening game of the season playing liverpool at anfield we did very well to come home with a draw. come on you gunners!

  67. GoonerDareMKD says:

    18 min Young Boys Bern 2 – 0 Tottenham H. oooo yeahhhhhhhhh comeon young boys score just one more and keep clean shit and you are there in the group stage :)

  68. John R says:

    3-0 young boys hahaha

  69. AK Gooner says:

    any sign of superior spurs? hahahaha

  70. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    we have 9 days to buy schwarzer and a decent centre half.
    i hope we dont buy another premier league virgin. i think wenger could get

    roger johnson for around 8mil, with lansbury goin the otherway (loan).

    OR lescott on the cheap, we went in for him b4 so why not try it.

    OR cahill in my opinion is a gr8 defender and can play football too so could be the next o’leary

    it wouldnt be spending stupidly. unless we sort it out at the back we’ll prob hav to score at least 2 goals to win every match.

    also. in my eyes clichy needs to improve dramaticly this season coz he is soo weak. id rather gibbs there at the moment

  71. Adam_Gunner says:

    wow gr8 news nasri out for a month with a knee surgery

  72. Gunningooner says:

    wait…. what?

  73. M says:

    it seems to me that this season will be even worse than previous, one match played and we have denilson, song, diaby, djourou, arshavin, nasri, injured or injured recently, great :)

  74. WillyG says:

    Not only have we not signed the needed players we need but we lost Nasri for a month.The most inform player.

  75. Nasri83 says:

    Yeah sucks about Nasri although we still have Rosicky And Fabregas who can do the same job. Hope he’s back sooner than the 5 weeks being touted though.

  76. fan says:

    can’t catch a break

  77. mojo gooner says:

    Hey guys arsenal is set to sign sebastien squilacci from sevilla. it was reported on the guardian website as he was omitted from the champions league qualifier against braga. finally we are getting a quality defender!!!!

  78. arseneman says:

    hope it is true, we were ‘set to sign’ a number of other players too. I will believe it when its on

  79. alf15 says:

    Seville Offical website confirms we made a bid!

  80. damstar says:

    Am sick of this now. why french players all the time wenger? that is annoying and very irritating. this is not french league.

  81. WillyG says:

    Frimpong was the reason I was happy with our DM back up but now he is out for 9 months

  82. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    i agree… for the reported amount, which is 7.5mil i think we’d be better off going in for roger johnson. who gets the odd goal, has played in the prem, is tall and doesnt suffer fools (he could handle drogba).

  83. Tw says:

    I think this could be our worst season for years. Wengers become even worse than usual when it comes to transfers and sticking with average players.. He gives this huge club such a small club mentality.. By all accounts we have the money and he still chooses not to use it. With Simpson and Traore out and eduardo we’ve made a profit again. Hardly ambitious signing a 30 year old frenchie and an ancient keeper.. Should be going for better players with the money he has.. Never been into a season with less hope.

  84. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    and the dust on the trophie cabinet thickens………….

  85. Angry fan says:

    We will end up potless again!!! And I will be calling for wengers head. No wonder he signed the new contract so quickly. The bloke is taking us and the board for a ride. Joke. We are a second rate club and we will lose the our best player come the end of the season. Let’s see how many of u are so confident we will win something next year. We are an embarrassment. I can’t believe this is happening. I’m fuming

  86. tw says:

    i think the club has become stagnated with wenger in literal charge of everything, he has way to much protection and freedom… he wont win us anything, he doesnt count the carling cup or fa cup as proper trophies anymore, only the champs league and 3rd/4th place.. with this squad we wont win either and the two comps we could win he doesnt take seriously anymore

  87. M says:

    I think you are guys overreacting. I’ m no longer a fan of Wenger too but we are not that far from winning the title in England. Don’ t think we’ ll beat Barca, Chelsea or MU in CL but in the league we just need a keeper and back-up for our defenders. We can still buy them but i ll be pissed off if Wenger would behave like scrooge and wont’ t pay extra million for Schwarzer.

    And there’ s something else. We can play well when sometimes Nasri or sb like Walcott, Bendtner gets injured but if we have to play a few months without 2, 3 key players then the season is over for us.

    IMO if we add a keeper and a CB and we have reasonably less injuries than a year ago then we are going to win the title or we’ ll be not farther than 5 points away from it.

  88. WillyG says:

    I`m still very nervous about the signing of a GK….Hope i`m wrong but my feeling is that we will not sign anyone……On the other hand a CB will sign 100%……

  89. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    u know billy is now sulky scum

  90. GunnerMacedonia says:

    guys, i think we should all just cool off, i mean, it`s the beginning of the season and everyone is freaking out. just come down, he will sign schwarzer or given and one cb until the end of august and later, when may comes we will see how we`ll end up and then say ,, wenger this,, wenger that,,. i know it sounds like a cliche over these 5 years, but i think this is wenger`s final year to make it or break it(if he doesn`t match the expectations, he will be sacked next year, i guess). i think we should just see what happens game after game and in the end judge the man.

  91. Angry fan says:

    Y should we all wait and see? We all know what the problems are. We had known for the past 4 years what’s been wrong with our team. It needs fixing now. Not later now. No more talking. Get it done. I’m amazed wenger hasn’t gone out and spent millions, I know it’s not his style but we need help. If we purchased a world class keeper and world class defender we would be at the top and we would be able to compete. Until then we simply won’t and we will be saying the same thing in 12 months time (minus cesc) for gods sake wenger sort it out. We are so close to winning something if he put these things right we would win silverware. It’s so frustrating to see how close we are and we all can see how to fix it!!!!!

  92. tw says:

    this board will NEVER sack wenger, even if we were relegated (wont happen..)


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