Aug 21

“There’s a little bit of a darker side in him” (Video proof to back up Wenger’s claims)

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted that he would have loved to see Paul Scholes in a Arsenal shirt, but revealed that he doesn’t admire the tackling side of the veteran midfielder.

The Manchester United star has started the season in brilliant form and, while Wenger is a massive fan, he does have issues with the little genius.

When asked about Scholes, Wenger said:

“Paul Scholes was, and still is, one of the greatest football players in England. His contribution to the success of Manchester United is huge.

“The regret I have personally is he was not always the fairest player. There is a darker side to him and that’s something I don’t like.”

Asked if there was a specific tackle he had in mind, such as Scholes’ reckless challenge on Jose Reyes in the 2004 FA Cup semi-final, Wenger told reporters,

“With Paul Scholes you have more than one. I can remember a few. Unfair? Of course.”

United fans seem to think that Wenger’s claims are exaggerated and untrue. So, to give an example of how Scholes has been “unfair” in recent seasons, check out the video below of Scholes’ off-the-ball tackle on Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets (no, we don’t like him either!) in the 2009 Champions League final.


11 Responses to ““There’s a little bit of a darker side in him” (Video proof to back up Wenger’s claims)”

  1. Dark Lord says:

    Its Busquets, so I don’t care..

  2. chris says:

    scholes is a dirty ginger bastard, but busquets is a true piece of sh1t so he deserved that

  3. Mike.from.around.da.way says:

    Scholes is an absolute ledge and there will never be another like him, but after all the years he’s been playing. He still cannot tackle for sh**!!

  4. Fran Merida says:

    haha, PRO TV is from Romania, my country

    and to be on topic…i have to agree with Dark Lord here

  5. LP says:

    Agree with Dark Lord and Chris. Scholes sometimes plays dirty but when he does it to Peakaboo Busquets it doesn’t seem so dirty. Ref should have given them both yellows: Scholes for the tackle and Busquets for acting like half his leg was missing. When it wasn’t.

  6. Andreu says:


  7. damstar says:

    i never doubt wengers words but not on transfer dealings. He is a genius.

  8. DeiseGooner says:

    who gives a f**k the world and his mother know Scholes was both a great player and had a nasty streak in him – so what – most top players have that little bite to them – especially playing in centre midfield – ist just the red tops jumping on 1 element of Wengers assessment of Scholes – why not run with the “story” that Wenger wanted Scholes in his team?? That could be taken from his comments too…….lazy sensationalist journalism

  9. nicky says:

    As a grandfather, I correspond by email with a Man Utd supporting grand-daughter.Over the past few years I’ve had cause to remark how many nasty sneaky fouls Scholes makes in a match. Most of them early on so tiredness is not the reason. On average, he seems to last an average of 6 to 7 minutes before being booked or at least spoken to by the ref. Even during the recent Charity Shield, he managed to deserve a yellow within 9 minutes but due to the occasion, got away with a warning. In our house, he is known as Sneaky Thug and I only hope that this season, refs will start to red card him a bit more.

  10. dito says:

    from the article and as an arsenal fan,yes i agree,he is a nasty tackler.from the video and as an arsenal fan…mmm naaah 😉

  11. Bob John says:

    Paul Scholes is the bastard son of Billy Bremner!


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