Aug 22

Mini-Bio & Video: Sebastien Squillaci

Arsenal look set to announce the signing of Sebastien Squillaci tomorrow evening, making him Arsene Wenger’s third acquisition of the summer.

Experienced French international Squillaci will sign a 3-year deal after Sevilla accepted Arsenal’s £5.3 million offer for the defender.


Squillaci is a tough, old-fashioned centre back who has a whole host of experience under his belt for both club and country.

The 30-year-old is in the mould of Arsenal legend Martin Keown and isn’t known for being as comfortable on the ball as the Gunners other defenders’.

Renowned for being strong in the air, Squllaci’s natural position is at centre half while he is also right-footed which makes him an ideal replacement for William Gallas.


58 Responses to “Mini-Bio & Video: Sebastien Squillaci”

  1. Fabgooner says:

    He can or can’t play DM?

  2. kouky says:

    Is he Right-Footed? And how often is he injuried…

  3. Gooner Chris says:

    @kouky: He’s right footed.

  4. Crackle says:

    Is he comfortable on the ball?

  5. Gooner Chris says:

    @Crackle: Yep, but not how Vermaelen and Koscielny are. He’s more of a Keown type as I’ve stated above.

  6. Fabo[4] says:

    Read the post guys. All the questions are answered. Good aquisition btw.

  7. Geir says:

    I thought we were buying a defender, not a forward.

  8. john says:

    chris what do u think.will he be behind djourou in line up.if so will he be ready to sit on do you think wenger will manage his center backs

  9. john says:

    what about his he pacey?

  10. Fabo[4] says:

    He’s not particularly quick but far from a slouch. I think he will start alongside TV5 eventually. His experience will give him the edge over the other CBs.

  11. Thomas says:

    Good signing. I think that Squillaci will fight with Kos for the starting place, Djourou being the 4th choice.

    Does anyone know is there any substance to the story that Schwarzer failed a medical at Arsenal??

  12. diablo says:

    my prayers have been answer finally one more wenger the final peace of puzzle gk we do need one in case almunia fu**ed himself

  13. Geir says:

    My feeling is that from having the weakest central defence in the premier league now we have the strongest. Vermaelen is a giant, Koscielny and Djorou are better than the second strings at United and Chelsea, and Squilachi is the same level as Vermaelen. Just watch and see.

  14. Gooner Chris says:

    @Thomas: Mark Hughes says he just wasn’t fit for today’s game and suggested that the medical rumour is wrong – via Mirror journalist John Cross.

  15. lee says:

    lol surely there has to be more squillaci clips than that,a guy who has played for monaco,lyon and sevilla and has 20 caps for france and yet that compilation doesnt do the guy justice.Is there any more skee -larchi clips.

  16. john says:

    if squillassi is that good can we say that he is better than gallas.gallas was the main cb in french team.i think koscielny will still start.if he is inferior to gallas and he starts before kosc we will not be in a better condition than last year

  17. Fabo[4] says:

    A GK and possibly a DM away from being complete. We haven’t been this close squad wise for years.
    Come on Arsenal!!!

  18. gazzap says:

    he must be bought for first team. you dont buy a 30 year old for the bench. But I think its worth giving enough rest to our first team players. I would like to see Verm given rests now and again to prevent injuries later in the season.
    So wenger does give more than 1 year contracts to players over 30 if he is buying them but not if they are at the club. weird?

  19. Fabo[4] says:

    John I don’t agree, we went wrong with the GK errors and Gallas’s and RvP’s injuries last season. If we get a good keeper and Squillaci starts, given that he is good in the air, we will be better.

  20. Michael Bunde says:

    Sounds good,he is a good fighter of the ball he will at least fill william’s position,the price is also good but his age is my major concern

  21. fan says:

    I wonder why Wenger purchase him over all the other cbs. Particularly Mectsaker.

  22. American Gooner says:

    he will step right in and start. perfect fit.

  23. GoOner4life says:

    ahh man i was hoping we could have uped our bid for jagy or even tryd getting micha Richard,i think we are despraaate for english players and we all no English midfieldrz and attackers aren’t gonna work at arsenal so a keeper and cb was the obvious choice,anywyaz better than nothing,and hope he dose the job get rid of the 2 greatest gk arsenal have everrrr had!! and lets have a descent keeper,not great like the 1’s before and 1’s now which ONLY ARSENE think ther’re top,but a keeper that our df can actualy rely on.
    and bring MELO plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  24. Anders says:

    Why do these youtube clips of defenders always focus on their goal scoring ability and not their defensive attributes. Absolutely pointless vid. Anyway, it’s a fantastic addition and will bring the necessary competition to the CBs.

  25. John says:

    We only need a back up defender i think its a great deal.

    PPl stop being deluded we dont need a first choice centre half we just need a back up player.

    Johan Djorou for me could be our best defender hes get the whole package.

    But i must say i have been extremely impressed with koscielny he looks class.

    I am happy with our defenders i just think arsene wenger could change our defensive play and personel like replace clichy for gibbs, arshavin etc and i think we can do quite well this season

  26. arsenal4ever says:

    but he looks comfortable with the ball!! Not as stylish like Kos but good and far better option as this Spahic guy!!! Hope for MS and Ciani now. Whats about these Montolivo rumours? Usually Daily Star has inside infos from Arsenal. English players way to expensive so I understand Wenger didnt offer lot more for Jags!

  27. Anders says:

    @John: I think the point is this guy can be backup or first choice, meaning he is good enough to play for us (unlike silvestre [spit]), and step in at any time without us feeling nervous about his inabilities. He’s 30+ remember so won’t be around for long which gives JD this season to recover fully, only playing a bit part i imagine, and then step it up for next season. I really like JD too but he’s been out for a long time and like every other player who’s been sidelined for that amount of time he’ll probably need a year to get back on track.

  28. piken79 says:

    I have seen him play a couple of times, he is a decent defender but I am worry about his speed since we defend so high up the pitch. Why do they all have to be french?

  29. neil says:

    we need a lb cuz clichy aint good at defening he be better of playin as lm or lw

  30. Charlie says:

    Good signing. Now, hopefullywe get a goalkeeper. Then the team is complete.

  31. George says:

    Squalici is definitely not Wenger’s 1st choice. Cahill, Mertesacker, Jageilka were all ahead of him but they were either overpriced or didn’t want to come (Mertesacker). I do think we paid a little more for a player that is above average, on the wrong side of 30 and with just a year left on his contract, however he is the correct signing. We were short of a good, experienced CB and he fits the bill. We overpaid because we were desperate. The next signing and should be the last would be Schwarzer, that deal is almost done, I though 3m is a fair price to pay for a player of his calibre, he is top class and considering our situation with our keepers, we are desperate, so I think Wenger will go ahead and pay. As for those greedy fans who are calling for another DM or more outrageously another AMC, Wenger is not even going to try getting one because we don’t need one. Denilson and Eastmond would be the replacement for Song and although they are not world class yet, they can still do a job on their day. Moreover, Song seldom gets injured and with no African Nations Cup this year, I can see him playing 90% of our games. I know the feeling of wanting to get all those talented players that seems available out there but we should be rational and if we managed to get Schwarzer, this is our best transfer window yet!

  32. fan says:

    @George: Well said George

  33. jason says:


  34. Mark says:

    No nonsense CB at decent price with top level experience and nous, hopefully will rub-off. 30+ so will not interfere with progress of Norvedt who looks a super prospect. Good comms. along the back 4 (all French speaking !)but nobody will understand the Oz accent !!
    A footballing ‘thug’ of a DM would be the icing.

  35. goonerjon says:

    Squillaci, Schwartzer(?) and hopefully a new DM – then Arsenal win EPL for sure.

  36. petros says:

    what happened to our 1 year policy for players over 30? i am happy with signing squillaci but isn’t it contradictory to what we state as a club policy?

  37. WillyG says:

    @goonerjon: Arsenal will not sign a DM….Our main aim should be a new GK……I like Song alot,I do think we need a stronger back up but Denilson needs to play maybe one day he will prove himself…

  38. Me says:

    Why does Wenger keep saying we have the money to buy quality players when we clearly don’t have. If we did have we’d now enjoy Jagielka playing for us, and not Squilacci who’s definitely not good enough for Arsenal.

  39. dims says:

    @Me: Squilacci is a good defender and his price is reasonable. Jagielka is overpriced, not good as its price. Why you so pesimistic ???

  40. chris says:

    players like cahill and jagielka are so over hyped, yes they are good players but everyone speaks of them like they dont make mistakes.. neither has played champions league footie or have many caps for england (i think jag has 2 caps).. and we would have been quoted 15m+ on both players which is ridiculous.. i think squillaci will be a good addition, but we desperately need a keeper..

  41. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    yeah they are over priced. they ain if we won the league or if liverpool/ man u/chelsea got one of them and won the league.
    you cant put a price on success you idiot.
    (or buy roger johnson)

  42. IJustLoveArsenal says:

    What do you guys think about the latest article on about Wenger still looking for another defender to purchase even after he puchases squillaci?

  43. ilya says:

    it seems like its hard for some to grasp the fact that we have a budget and paying double just cause they’re english is bad buisness, they usually have 0 resale value over 27 years old. I doubt jag is much better then squillaci, pretty sure squid is ranked higher on Castrol ratings

  44. American Gooner says:

    george in all fairness you have no clue whether squillaci was wenger’s first or last choice. he is a french international, has cl experience and has played in some of the biggest leagues in europe. sounds like a top choice to me.

  45. Arsenalisto says:

    George: Denilson and Eastmond would be the replacement for Song.

    Dam it, just when I was saying we got a carbon-copy of Song in reserves, Frimpong did his cruciate and all of the sudden his season is over, why just why? when our players seem set for breakthroughs they break down (RVP last season and 07-08, Theo last 2 seasons, Ro Sicky 07-08, Bendtner last season…etc). I hope Diaby and Rosicky stay fit and keep up the good work, so that Denilson doesn’t smell the pitch grass, I didn’t used to hate him but Wenger kept giving him chance after chance last season and he kept f-ing up.

  46. George says:

    American Gooner:
    if you looked at the whole passage of my writing you would get the understanding that I same as you felt that Squillaci was a pretty good signing. There are a lot of clues that however he isn’t Wenger’s first choice, it was a fact that he submitted a bit for Jageilka but was rejected.
    Yes, Denilson performed below par last season, I was very critical of him too. But he is not going to start every game, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey are all ahead of him now. He is not going to be world class but has he the potential to be a reliable replacement, I believe there’s a good chance. And Eastmond last season for me was fantastic, he is an old fashioned DM. With Ramsey back, and looking at the options we have at that position, I really don’t think we have to add another DM. The priority now is to get Schwarzer and time is not on our side.

  47. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    at the moment eastmond is too weak to play that role in midfield. saying that he has better discipline than frimpong and just plays the barber (short back and sides) I think he should cover for right back at the moment coz if he rushes to putting on some beef he could end up like clichy and denilson, who both got bad backs from doing too much weights.
    he should just take his time and put on the muscle over a couple of years, like diaby did

  48. GunnerMacedonia says:

    wasn`t he supposed to sign yesterday? whate happened?

  49. jo says:

    on ssn they said he done a part of his medical on monday

  50. gooner says:

    wenger knows wat hes doin so everyone should just shut up and leave him to do his job he knows best how many trophies has he 13 trophise and many doubles. how may fa cups has he one most of us dont relly have a clue wat we have. we have one the best mangers in the world squaillici said he couldnt refuse the the chance to work with wenger that is how good of a manger he has players that want to play for him especially the french guys which not many mangers have the appeal of quailty payers viera, henry, pires, ljunberg.just to mention a few

  51. M says:

    Wenger’ s great but also stingy as hell, I ve read that Fulham wants 4 mln for Schwarzer and we give a little bit over two mln. I agree that they demand too much but hey, we will follow our rules, will not overpay for Schwarzer and will stay with Almunia? Come on! You can sometimes overpay this 2 mln, it’s not the same as overpaying 20 mln or more for some superstars. We won’t bankrupt if we pay too much for Schwarzer this only time.

    And Wenger makes his mistakes too, for example a year ago we had only one world class center forward and it would have been fine if not the fact that RvP is sooo injury prone. That was a real gamble, hopefully Chamakh and Theo will have a great season, score loads of goals and even van Persie’s injury will not be a big problem

  52. Afc kings says:

    We are very close to signing ben arfa Ive heard tonight. That’s why the squillaci deal has not been confirmed. This is a fact!

  53. AK Gooner says:

    Afc Kings- source please?

  54. arsenal4ever says:

    any links for this rumour? Would make sense as Marseille already bought Gignac and Remy!!

  55. M says:

    do we have place for ben arfa?

  56. My Name Is Earl says:

    Ben Arfa isn’t coming to us, we’re not the team they’re on about! FACT !

  57. Icegooner says:

    What is happening in the transfer for squillaci ? wasn’t he supposed to sign a few days ago or have I missed something?
    I’ve been to the official arsenal site and there is nothing about the transfer confirmed…


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