Aug 26

Champions League draw in full + Squillaci won’t play at Blackburn

Arsenal have arguably been handed a favourable Champions League group draw, after being paired with Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk, Portugal’s SC Braga, and FK Partizan of Belgrade.

The draw was made earlier this evening and many pundits are already suggesting that the Gunners will breeze through their group.

Shakhtar Donetsk boast a Uefa Cup win in 2009, the biggest problem with the Ukrainians from Arsene Wenger’s point of view will be the travelling distance. However, it will see former Arsenal striker Eduardo returning to the Emirates Stadium with his new side.

SC Braga have also done well in Europe’s second competition in recent years, they have not created waves in the Champions League. Nevertheless, the Portuguese side denied Celtic in the qualifiers for the group stage and will be ones to watch. Arsenal’s third and final opponents will be Partizan, who won the Serbian domestic league last season.

Squillaci signs

In other news, Sebastien Squillaci’s drawn out move to Arsenal has finally been completed but the French centre back won’t be registered in time for Saturday’s match with Blackburn.

“We needed a centre-back of quality and experience if possible, and at the right price – Sebastien was all of that,” Wenger said.

“He is a real defender and is good in the one against one, good in the air, and can score goals on set-pieces as well.

“I believe he will be suited to the English game.

“He will train with us tomorrow morning, but will not be involved on Saturday.”


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  1. Kevin says:

    Biggest worry of the draw is the travelling other than that we should get through the group fairly easy and also nice to see Eduardo come back to the Emirates. Also still can’t believe that Squillaci isn’t on

  2. athlon says:

    I’m afraid of Shakhtar Donetsk, but they’re one of my favourite teams and I was praying to get each other at the draw. Shakhtar is a relatively unknown outfit from Ukraine, but the overall level of Ukrainian Premier League is far below from their level. They’re purchasing a re-union with the Russian Premier League.
    I watched their final with Werder Bremen and their style is really attractive. Strong, reliable Ukrainan defense with creative Brazilian attackers. I’m astonised why Dunga hasn’t called one,two of them into the Brazilian squad for the WorldCup, but as far as I know two Brazilians will get their chance next time.
    Eduardo is another issue. Probably he won’t be playing, he would be too emotional. But he is a shy, humbled guy who deserve the appalud from the Arsenal-fans, and I hope, he will score a goal against as (if we’re 4-0 up.)
    His message after the confirmation his transfer is in my heart. Neither Hleb, Adebayor, Flamini did it. Eduardo, you’ll be a Gunner forever!!

  3. athlon says:

    @Kevin I’m 99% sure tomorrow he will be announced.

  4. Kevin says:

    Athlon yeah definitley should be as he is training tomorrow as well.

  5. jovision says:

    Hi, I`d like to say as SC Braga Supporter that we are called the Arsenal of Portugal and our colors are exactly as the Arsenal red and white, so for us it will be a pleasure to meet the Club that most infuenced our founders.

  6. bo khaled says:

    Congratulations to the arrival of the General (Squillaci) i think he`s good
    player .. i hope he will be like vermantor … pls boss we need given or shwarzer … with this squad i think this season we will won the EPL and FA Cup

  7. Tw says:

    We NEED a new keeper!!! Agghhhh this will cost us against Blackeye rovers

  8. Carmelo Pace malta. says:

    No we dont need no goalkeepers,we already have 2 to choose from,i said it for the umpteen time.SZSZSENCY AND MANNONE full stop

  9. Gunner addict says:

    Wenga is still given almunia chances to prove his critis wrong if he does that on saturday we will have to wait till january but if he fail once more wenger will have no option than to buy a new goal keeper. Cos wenger is taken this season very serious

  10. American Gooner says:

    just to point out on john cross’ twitter site (cross is usually very plugged in re arsenal) he said schwarzer is coming and to get 2 years.

    young guns also noted that arsenal put in an offer for ben arfa, which would be hard to imagine considering his spat with diaby and our glut of offensive players.

  11. josh says:

    I believe Arsene Wenger has no choice now but to play Almunia. It is a real concern especially when playing against teams like Blackburn. Is a new GK coming or not?

  12. RVP says:

    Wenger not expecting any more signings :( no keeper!

  13. WillyG says:

    @RVP: I can`t belive it too……

  14. arsenal4ever says:

    Wenger is a tight kunt!!! We are acting like a small club. Just offer 4 mill for MS and all is ok!!! FFS he has lost it since barcelona 2006

  15. John R says:

    You guys need to lighten up. He never said he was done with transfer. He didn’t rule out bringing someone in, he just said it was dead at the moment.

  16. freddy says:

    @Carmelo Pace malta

    we have keepers at arsenal, agreed. others should learn how to support our team. bunch of spoilt brats on this board.

  17. WillyG says:

    Any move for Mark Schwarzer will depend on him…He has to make pressure like Mascherano for example….otherwise he will not join us….I also think the future of Given and maybe Bergovic….We should wait and see but Mark Schwarzer has to make pressure otherwise Fulham will not persue a GK with real intent

  18. Kevin says:

    Yes Great win.

  19. My Name Is Earl says:

    brilliant win! showed a lot of fight for once! come on u gunners!!

  20. Kevin says:

    Spurs losing lol.

  21. WillyG says:

    Excellent win…Blackburn are very hard to beat at Ewood Park with direct football…

  22. American Gooner says:

    great to win an ugly game. theo was absolute class. have to say almunia did play well. vermaelen was massive. kos was fairly poor in my estimation. gave the ball and got beat time and time again. he needs to stop stepping forward so much, caught out of position way too much. need squillaci in there and to develop kos.

    men of the match: theo, vermaelen, sagna, diaby (in the first 75 minutes he was absolutely incredible, unbelievably). then he got back to his old dribbling and lazy self.

  23. WillyG says:

    @American Gooner: I agree with you about Almunia he did what is expected out of a GK….Vermaelen was 10/10 and Theo made the difference going forward,he gave Givet a hard time….Sagna played one of his best games for some time,hope he keeps it up…Fabregas is not match fit yet…As for Kos I thought he had good moments and bad.To be honest he was better at Liverpool but this was harder in terms of phyiscal strenght so I think all in all in deserve credit to coz he gave his 100%.I think Kos will turn out to be a very good defender for us.I remember Vidic`s first games and I belive Kos can be another excellent buy for us….I am proud of the players coz to win at Ewood Park it has to be a team effort

  24. 4 mistakes for the goal yesterday, 1st Diaby was the closest to Samba and should press the ball didnt then Cesc RVP Theo followed Samba but no tackle then Kos is trying to push a player on the run then criminaly Bloody Clichy and Verm were to square to see the ball and the man. I am struggling to see Clichy’s contribution attacking or defensive.

  25. WillyG says:

    @Supergunner07: Plus Sagna was also out of position at that point….The team position was poor….

  26. john davies says:

    who saw alex songs new haircut??

  27. @WillyG: It is understandable for him not to be in position as he was supporting the attacks as it was on his side. You cant have it 2 ways, do you want him to just defend and never leave his position or do you want him to combine both attack & defence which means sometimes he will not be in position and teammates have to cover [cover which they didnt do particularly well for the goal]

  28. @john davies: Got it from his uncle Rigobert, Rigo recently dyed his hair blonde.

  29. Gunningooner says:

    Jack Wilshere…….?????

    i still dont get y he was arrested

  30. Angie says:

    Not a bad champions league draw and a excellent start in the premiership even with a shaky defence. Sebastian Squillaci is another good signing from Wenger.


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