Aug 30

Schwarzer: “I’m biding my time waiting for things to happen”

Fulham shot stopper Mark Schwarzer has spoken about his pending move to Arsenal, admitting that he’s “waiting for things to happen”.

Manager Arsene Wenger has been chasing the 37-year-old Australia keeper all summer but two separate offers have been rejected.

And despite Manuel Almunia’s comfortable performance in the 2-1 win at Blackburn, Wenger believes he needs a new goalkeeper to sustain a credible title challenge.

“I’m biding my time waiting for things to happen and then I’ll be on move – if you see what I mean,” Schwarzer was quoted as saying on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Cottagers boss Mark Hughes also seems to be softening his stance, saying after Saturday’s draw with Blackpool:

“Mark Schwarzer has made it clear that he would like to go to Arsenal so we are trying to look at other options.”

The fact that the Gunners have reportedly increased their offer from £2.5m to £3m might also have made Hughes sway towards letting Schwarzer go.

A busy transfer deadline day is expected tomorrow with coverage on both the blog and Twitter, so stay tuned.


54 Responses to “Schwarzer: “I’m biding my time waiting for things to happen””

  1. damstar says:

    shay given is the key.

  2. Safari says:

    I kinda feel sad for Al but hope he stays

  3. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Give up on Given and he isn’t the key anyway.

  4. damstar says:

    i mean he is the key if we gonna get MS. if fulham cant get any replacement, then we are stalk with almunia…i read that the fulham medical team was evaluating shay given shoulder yesterday. if he is cleared by the medical team, then we getting MS

  5. lexy says:

    Given is the key means, without the Shay Given deal accepted by Manc city with Fulham, there is no deal for schwarzer deal with arsenal.

  6. bo khaled says:

    Shwarzer or Given both is better than almunia … we have problem with almunai

    in long ball .. i hope we will sign any one

  7. arsenal4ever says:

    this guy is pretty sure about it!!!

  8. alf15 says:

    Yeah feel bad for Almunia, he seems like such a top bloke! Shame he cant catch a cross to save his life! Hopefully he will accept being no. 2 and flappyski can flap off somewhere into the sunset :)

  9. wayne says:

    Am I right in believing Stockdale has become injured? This had better not affect any potential deal with MS. Hopefully Hughes can get someone else so we can get MS…the saga continues!

  10. eoin says:

    john cross said this twitter

  11. Jason says:

    I think I said this two weeks ago
    and as for the situation it should be resolved today since Given is in London and twitter is buzzing with that and Schwarzer deal can be done as soon as that’s done

  12. lexy says:

    I am still suprise on WHY Wenger will value height more the quality. Shay Given (QUALITY) is way way better and solid than Schwarzer(HEIGHT), but Wenger will just not go for him (Given) cos of his “cheap deal stuff” and the fact that he rated Schwarzer highly cos of his price. Forget about Man city not selling to a club in top four. If Arsenal and Given pushed for it (Transfer), it will happen. There is nothing they can do about it! This is just my opinion.

  13. […] expectativa de que o cada vez mais improvável negócio com Mark Schwarzer se concretize. Novamente ele disse na noite desse domingo (segundo informação de John Cross, do The Mirror) que está esperando o tempo passar para ver o […]

  14. Jason says:

    why do we need to sell him
    why not have a competition for places as a GK
    if he’s good enough he can stay no.1 if not then move over and let schwarzer show you how to do it

  15. TC says:

    Almunia man of the match against Blackburn???? LOL What match were you watching? He had a pretty good game for a change admittedly. Can’t wait to get rid of the clown, and his buddy Flappy, together they are the worst keepers in the Premiership.

  16. Don says:

    We would sign Given but City wont sell to a rival.Would we sell TV to City of course not.Schwarzer is better than Almunia.Those talking about almunia playing well at Blackburn are forgetting the last 3 years of Almunia.When he has too many mistakes

  17. abdirashid says:

    waaaaaaaaw l cant wait to see mark at arsenal every body knows his quality to one can beat him any more and say almunia by

  18. lexy says:

    I will take Schwarzer any day instead of Almunia. With RESPECT to Almunia, I think he is suited for clubs like Stoke, Blackpool, Fulham, Tottenham etc and not Arsenal. Arsenal is a big big club with big players. You will have to be performing day in day out to be call Number 1… sorry mate u just have to go second or to another club..

  19. david says:

    I’m still surprised WHY people keep up about Wenger not wanting Shay Given, I for one do not thing Wenger doesn’t rate or that it has anything to do with cost. I think it’s more to do with Man City not willing to sell or loan to a team directly chasing and competing with them, they have unlimited wealth (Craig Bellamy not being allowed to go tiny tots or any other team challenging for top 4, – they are even paying 90% of his wages at Cardiff), Chelsea are the same about not improving your rivals, when have money on tap the club can decide where the player goes.

  20. micheal says:

    you say Arsenal is a club for big players and you want Schwarzer? That shows deperation my friend. On a good day Almunia is better than Schwarzer just he isn’t consistent enough, but I don’t mind Schrawzer coming in just hope Al doesn’t leave.

  21. maroof says:

    All you people are sad, mark schwarzer is good, but not good enough, £3million for a 37 year old? thats too much money, why dont we try for palop of sevilla or Helton of FC Porto, thier really good goalkeepers, theyve got a good hieght

  22. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Oh, sorry Damstar. Yeah, you are right it seems. Though we sold them two players, they don’t seem willing to let Given come to us (I thought they might before they came out with their statement of not selling to rivals). Anyone still pining for Given should let it go.

  23. My Name Is Earl says:

    any chance of anyone else other than a gk? or is that just wishful thinking lol

  24. lee says:

    iv read alot of articles on various blogs saying how everyone is backing almunia has our number 1.This after one good performance against blackburn.Come the next game if he makes an error everyone will be on his back again.

  25. chris says:

    it is clear wenger wants a premier league experienced keeper who is pretty consistent week in week out, has some presence, speaks english etc etc.. schwarzer ticks all these

  26. armagharsenal says:

    Really dont think Schwarzer is any better than what we have. We need to go and spend big money on an experienced world class keeper..

  27. silent stan says:


    he said given wages too high, plus city have said they will not sell to top 4 rival

  28. Afc kings says:

    Does anyone know about this Traore to juventus deal in player plus 11 million for melo?????

  29. Rock says:

    Given as much as i’d love it to happen, it won’t, let’s just get behind mark as we all know THAT’ll happen.

    Technically I don’t feel he’s better than almunia, but if there is to be a positive out of this move, it’s that he is a lot more vocal and much more of an organiser than any of our other shrinking violet keepers.

    Btw Armand Traore’s Juve move in the balance as Birmingham have come in for him.

  30. Arsenalisto says:

    As of now I feel bad for Almunia after his performance at Blackburn, it probably came a little too late. I always thought Almunia can be class if he pushes himself a little more & be more consistent and that’s probably why AW have waited on him so long. On Arsenal-mania, an article was saying Almunia is finally coming good coz now he has 2 smart, and good in the air CBs in-front of him. It’s confusing, but probably the best option right now and to be in the safe side is to get Schwarzer, make Almunia 2nd & loan out Fabianski IMO. It’s a pity we didn’t see a lot of the home to Barca performance from Almunia, might be coz of his asthma which according to him is the reason he didn’t become a striker. Don’t laugh I have asthma too :)

  31. My Name Is Earl says:

    11 mill plus traore for melo lol? where ya get that from lol

  32. Arsenalisto says:

    @Afc kings: That would be a dream having 3 strong CDM (Song, Melo, & Diaby) but at least one of them will be wasted on the bench, especially after it looks like Diaby is coming good this season.

  33. Rock says:

    no way will we get melo, wenger knows only way wilshere will get games is if we don’t sign another central midfielder.

    still think we need another striker, van persie’s news been confirmed. out for weeks, and bendtner is showing no signs of improvement. we can’t rely on not having injuries at crucial stages of the season.

  34. American Gooner says:

    were not getting a world class keeper, so if this is the best we can do, i am fine with it. better than almunia, frankly. still, not sure man city will allow given to leave. seems like it is all hanging in the balance still.

  35. fraster says:

    I’m very worry about our lack of CB’s for this season: if TV5 or Kos’ have injuries (quite possible in a “physical” league), whose are our replacements? we will have real worries during the season if we don’t sign experienced defenders, rather than a good GK.
    I still dream with a very talented and versatile GK for our beloved team, we deserve it, Chel$$$ki have gr8 Cech, ManU have master van der Sar, and us…5 years with “unpredictable” keepers….
    I would buy another MS (from Holland), but, if we will buy this MS (from Australia), surely we can have a stronger defensive line, and Schwarzer is more consistent that any of our 3 GK’s.

  36. My Name Is Earl says:

    van persie out for several weeks, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  37. Michael says:

    Mark rules, don’t worry! I prefer Fabianski to go instead of Almunia, I feel Manuel is loyal enough to be our second choice and he knows very well why he must be.

  38. Dan says:

    Great… I can hardly contain my excitement about seeing this soon to be 38-year-old with a dodgy knee and back between our sticks!!!


    I’d rather Wenger saved the £8m that this guy will cost us in fees and wages and kept Almunia in goal.

  39. Will says:

    I feel sorry for Almunia too but he should stay so we have 2 quality keepers ready to start right now.

  40. Gee says:

    It is silly to feel sorry for Almunia. The truth is he is just not good enough at this level and we’ve already seen that in the first 2 games of this season. There are few common threads which exist amongst all of the teams that have won the premiership, but the most obvious one is that there has always been a top drawer keeper giving the back 4 confidence. Think about how much confidence the defence had in the keeper when the Mighty Arsenal won the PL and its true for Chelski and Manure when those scumbags won. For me that is the key, a defence becomes extra jittery and make more mistakes when they know in their hearts that their keeper just isn’t at the right level. Time to move on, don’t be wasting emotions on Manuel he will have a great career with a great mid table team without a doubt.

  41. top gun says:

    Does”nt anybody keep up Given staying put, deal over

  42. Jimmy says:

    I’m a Fulham fan and i’m suprised. Mark is a good keeper and i’m sure most Fulham fans are sad to see him go, but that’s more because we haven’t got much chance of replacing him permanently. We definitely had his best years. I can only assume that you guys want him for some kind of coaching role in the future.

  43. damstar says:
    hope this is not true. cos that means we not getting any goalie :(

  44. Sean says:

    PLEEAASE! I really hope this happens! If it does I will give £5 to charity!!

  45. Frankie says:

    So here we are less than 24 hrs left of the transfer window and we still havent signed a keeper.No one else is to blame but stubborn Wenger.If we had offered £3m in May we would have got Schwarzer but no we offered £2m.So now we are stuck with Almunia who Wenger has no faith in.Wenger had 3 months to sign Schwarzer.If we dont sign a keeper our season is OVER

  46. jane green says:

    Surely Wenger hasnt waited till the day the transfer window expires to sort this out!! Every arsenal fan and his/her mother knows that the one thing we are crying out for is a good goalie! not a decent/average/ok goalie! One that commands balls,shouts at players and is brillant! Man city know this and will do anything to jeopardise our chances of winning the league so they are not gonna let given go to fulham and we get mark s. Hopefully i will be proved wrong but please wenger you should of pulled your finger out long ago and got this sorted out!

  47. chris says:

    emiliano viviano, the bologna keeper, looks like hes gonna be a top keeper, 6ft 5…we have been linked with him earlier in the summer.. inter wanted him back apparently but at 24 i cant see us signing him since that would ‘kill’ flappy and co

  48. dayo olutekunbi says:

    wenger should go for schwarzer cos almunia was pretending to be good meanwhile,he can cope with the way games are going.therefore,he should sign schwarzer before the transfer window close on Tuesday night.

  49. Arsenalgunner27 says:

    @damstar: mate, Manchester City won’t let any of their players leave to join any team in the Premier League as they consider it as competition. I think Shay Given would be a better catch, but City won’t let him join us.

    its pathetic, we sell our players to them and they won’t give theres to us, sod them. Dirty little…*@£*%?@!!!! I hate Manchester City, more than Tottenham, its the way they ruin teams by buying players on 5 year contracts and then not playing them when they go off form, and instead of keeping the player and letting him gain his form back, they instantly think “…ok, he isn’t as good as when we bought him, let buy another person in his position” its stupid, their players will never have heart if they treat them like machines.

    the Bellamy incedent was pathetic, Wenger said he would love to buy Bellamy in December when he was fantastic for City but admitted “I don’t think we can buy Players from Manchester City” and what happened this summer, the best club he could get to was Cardiff City, not even Wigan, or WBA. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic, I seriously don’t think it’ll be long before Manchester City have another player breakdown and then more follow and before you know it, players won’t join city because they know they will be stuck there till their contract runs out. you just watch, I’m often right about these things and I saw the Bellamy incedent coming, seriously, mark my words for about 2 years and see what happens

  50. Highbury4L says:

    @Arsenalgunner27: talk about a wall of text, but yes, I do agree and you to be honest…despite acting like a loser a while ago, you’ve actually changed my opinion of you, you’ve said some pretty creepy stuff and predictions

    like, when we were beaten by Chelsea last season on the second match against them in the premier league and all the fans were on this website going on and on about how Wenger should leave…but then what did you say? we were like…I can’t remeber, 8 points behind chelsea or something, miles behind them. But you said basically “this is seriously a down time, but were 8-12 points behind Chelsea and we still have 12 games to go and potentially, Chelsea could drop 10-15 points in those games based on the first few matches of the season and were still not out of it”…more or less, and what happened? that exact thing happened, but if it weren’t for the Tottenhama and Wigan Slip up, we would be Premier League Champions last year. incredible. I’m determined to find that comment, hang on.

  51. Highbury4L says:

    dam, can’t find it, I think they’ve removed all the articles from jan 2010. but it was so freaky, when I went back to read it in April, how exact it was…I bet you make tonnes of money at the bookies if you can predict things like that mate! xD. aint you like 18 or sumut? kinda makes me look like a granddad but if you go on like this you’ll be rich by the time your 30

  52. Arsenalgunner27 says:


    but ye, I just say what I feel buddy. and to be honest, I really do think Manchester City will have a massive internal problem with the squad sooner or later and the fact they are ripping players from the roots of their team of origin and ruining them will eventually get enough history to force players away, players are like flies, and city are like a venus fly trap. “Looks like a nice plants to land on, yer looks brilliant, wow, this is such a good plant, why has no other flies tried this before” then *SNAP!* the mouth closes, the door shuts and their stuck their until they come back out as poo…like Robinho and Bellamy…well actually, they came out of the club as good players but were rubbish for City. Anyway you get my point.

    oh, going back to what we originally said aside from all these venus fly traps (xD, I seriously don’t know how I got to that) but shay given will not be leaving city according to sky sports and neither will Emmanuel Adebayor,19528,11679_6349808,00.html
    so looks like Schwarzer is still the man, but I don’t think a keeper is the answer at the moment, its defenders, were running out.

    City are destroying football and thats it. OAH! ye, by the way, I do win on bets a bit but I did have a disaster last weekend, betted 50 quid on Tottenham to beat Wigan for the sake of 12 quid…thanks Tottenham

  53. Highbury4L says:

    @Highbury4L: I did post a reply, looks like it didnt show up.

    anyway, I more or less joked about the fact you remember everything I said and called you a pe- -do which I’m guessing is why it didnt submit.

    but anyway, ye, I do this freaky prediction thing a lot. But even though I had 10 betting winning streak on bet365, I did just lose all of my 50 quid this weekend.
    Betted Tottenham would beat wigan all for the sake of 12 pounds as I figured I’d muster 62 quid and it was likely to happen…thanks Tottenham

  54. GunnerMacedonia says:

    any possibilities of a cb or striker till the end of the day?


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