Aug 31

VIDEO: The Spirit of Adams lives on

Tony Adams is probably the greatest captain Arsenal have ever had – not only for his outstanding leadership qualities, but also for the way he overcame adversity, both on and off the pitch.

In contrast, Arsenal’s players of today are often called spineless and cowardly. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

As this video shows, many of Arsenal’s current players, especially Emmanuel Eboue and Nicklas Bendtner, have overcome adversity themselves and have followed the example of Adams and many other Arsenal greats before him.

Thanks to B05Videos for the video and description.


24 Responses to “VIDEO: The Spirit of Adams lives on”

  1. Stone says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for the video, it reminds me of how much I miss Bendtner. What a run he was on last spring, he saved us on many occasions. Now we are in the same situation as last season with him and RvP out, thankfully we have Chamack.

  2. Asene's.round.the.corner says:

    Ive just read that Shay Given has decided to stay at Man City. If this is true, we can kiss any chance of silverware goodbye and goodnight.

    Wenger’s reluctancy to buy players early in the window looks to have backfired!!!!

  3. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Oh, I miss Eduardo. We can win something even without Schwarzer FFS!

  4. Jason says:

    I really dont get it?
    Almunia may not be a world class goalie but he is a good goalie and he has won us a lot of matches in the past
    I think we are defensively 10x times better than we were last season,
    we have an impressive array of players going forward and a very good back four but we still wont win silverware because we don’t have a world class goalie that is just stupid
    Almunia played out of his skin in the Blackburn game so give the guy some credit and stand behind him like any loyal Arsenal supporter would

    and we will win the league this summer schwarzer or no schwrazer

    P.S God I miss Adams imagine blackburn trying same tactics when he was around But I have high hopes that our youngster Bartley can emulate his success

  5. Gooner1 says:

    I Was At The Game Where Eboue Got Booo’d, I For One Dident Boo, He Has Great attitude To The Way He Played After It And Still Kept His Head Up High And Dident Let It Bother him…Well Done To him,!

  6. Kalum says:

    just gotta love eboue!

  7. dreddy says:

    This is a really inspirational video… I love it! I don’t think this article has space for negative thoughts or criticisms… only about the heart which Arsenal players come back with, the dedication these guys have to perform at their best. We sometimes are so quick to write them off, forgetting what some of these players have been through. No matter how much money they get paid.. they’re still human… and that says a lot. Winning isn’t only about skill… its very much about character and willing one’s self into the win. I believe this team we have put together this year have that mentality, they’re tired of being called the ‘young guns’, and they have a lot to prove. It showed in the blackburn game the way they stood up to the physical challenge. I’m proud of my boys. Arsenal forever!!

  8. ASNLthruNthru says:

    Eboue, Bendtner,Song, Eduardo, Diaby, Theo have all grown into the players that have hoped for.Lets get behind Almunia,Ramsey and Denilson so that they will achieve that goal.
    All signs point to a great season ahead !
    We tend to forget our ancient club motto “Victory through Harmony”, there is so much old time British spirit in this concept which can still be applied in the cutthroat world of the EPL and CL. Wenger clearly understands this, Big Tone understood it,Cesc, RvP, Verminator and Song realise it, some of our players are still just learning it.
    Hopefully some of our less patient fans will assimilate the idea of Victoria concordia Crescit too!!

  9. pat says:

    I’d be happy for Alumina to continue in goal the way he stood up to that orc Diouf shows he has a bit of fight in him. I think we are in for a special season from the gunners this time round… while we hung tough at blackburn, spuds go down to Wigan, and City went down to Sunderland. Gunners always had the ability and skills, now we can see the maturity, determination and fight coming through – its time boys.

    P.S. vid was great!

  10. jimmy says:

    i find it quite funny that after almunia played 1 good game against blackburn people are now happy with him in goal for us, yet before that game (esp at the end of last season) people were calling out for him to go! yes i agree almunia saved us a few times last year with good saves but he also costed us games at crucial times. i am interested to see peoples reactions the next time he messes up!

  11. jimmy says:

    PS: what an awesome video!!!!

  12. Arsenalgunner27 says:

    great video, I am slightly gutted Eduardo didn’t stay though. If he hadn’t been injured against Birmingham we would have won the Premier League in 2007/2008 and he was absolutely fantastic once he got going. *sigh*

    but I’ve always said Eboue deserves some recognition for what he has done, I remember the boo’s and his down times. Then, I remember one match, think it was in europe against a team in the group stages, where he was one Fire, dribbling through 4 players at a time, didnt score, but was obviously man of the match and I just thought, wow, he still is someone we need and I hope he finds some good form this season because having Walcott earning some promise and Eboue to his best will do us great for staying in the top 3 of the BPL.

    I hope Arshavin finds his form as well, he’s been doing great at the moment, not neccasirly with his dribbilng and sprinting but with his positioning and I hope he gets back to his best soon like against Liverpool last season at Ainfield and Old Trafford. I think Almunia might well be pulling himself back though, I mean, look how many keeper blunders we’ve had this season, Kirkland has been dropped to the bench for Wigan, Shay Given too. Almunia has only let in 2 goals so far this season and we’ve had to play against Blackburn at Ewood where Chelsea and Arsenal both lost last season and we had to play against Liverpool on the first day of the season at Ainfield. Statistically he ain’t doing bad for a keeper this season…but I won’t stick to those words because I do feel keepers are unpredictable. but he’s still got guts to be out there for us, I just hope he can perform in the big games

  13. Afc kings says:

    Schwarzer is at the emirates right this minute. Something must be sorted out with fulham

  14. chris says:

    fulham wont be letting schwarzer go until they find a replacement and thats highly unlikely now that given is staying and its less than 6 hours to the deadline

  15. pastaface says:

    Eboue is not only great on the pitch but also great off the pitch too. Even when he is not playing he is always encouraging his team mates and seems so happy for them when they do well.

    I hope he gets adequate playing time this season because he deserves it.

  16. Mr Arsenal says:

    wicked video lad.. but really… we have all seen eboue turn around his poor performances… (which were due to lack of confidence frm manager and fans)… HOWEVER NIKLAS BENDTNER?!?!?!?! are we serious here??? he scored A FEW important tp ins in the run in 2 last season, which may i point out, should he not have missed a hat trick of goals for the other 9 months of the season we would have been plain sailing… HE IS A ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB STRIKER!!! ARSENAL FANS PLZZZZ SHOW YOU HAVE MORE AMBITION THAN TO SHOW THIS GUY LOVE… HE DOESNT LACK IN CONFIDENCE ATAAALLLLL!!! HE BELIEVES HE IS ONE OF THE WORLDS BEST…!! THINK ABOUT IT! HES PAID MORE THAN 50’000 A WEEK TO MISS CHANCES ALL OF US ON HERE COULD MISS JUS AS EASILY

  17. Robbie MustoeMe says:

    What a great positive video, thanks! If Almunia and co can just follow in these footsteps now we haven’t signed a top keeper everything will happen. I so used to hate seeing Eboue in the team, but what a man he has proved to be and I’m more than pleased to say I was wrong about him, completely. If I can say the same about our keeper situation at the end of the season….. And here’s why I believe the Arsenal board (not Wenger) won’t part with the dosh for a top keeper. It’s clear from what we tried to buy that we were only shopping for the short term basis…until this guy steps into his own; one of the world’s best on his way Arsenal fans:

  18. jimmy says:

    anyone know what the name of this song is?

  19. Robbie MustoeMe says:

    @jimmy: It’s this, Jimmy (my real name’s Jimmy too, haha): The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize… Here’s a link to it on youtube (not my kinda music though, that, but each to their own).

  20. jimmy says:

    @Robbie MustoeMe:

    Hi jimmy, haha. thanx but dont think you sent the right link. the song on this video and the one on the link u sent are different?

  21. Robbie MustoeMe says:

    @jimmy: Cocked that right up didn’t I, haha! Sorry about that mate. Was tied up in other things at the time and did everything on automatic hurrying to get off the PC to do a job I had to do. Sorry also I can’t help you who the artist is.

  22. jimmy says:

    @Robbie MustoeMe:

    haha no prob. besides the song and the video work great together. y not listen to a good track whilst watching a great arsenal video. cant get tired of watching this video. thanx for the help anyway mate

  23. Bammers05 says:

    @jimmy: I can tell you that the name of the song is ‘Ali In The Jungle’ by The Hours :). And I should know – I made the video.

    Thanks for all the compliments btw.

  24. Robbie MustoeMe says:

    @Bammers05: Thanks for settling that Bammer, and thanks again for the great video! Think positive everybody and dont project negativity onto the team or Wenger etc, it will only lead to more neagtivity, which is an energy, rather, think positively and project positive energy. This will lead to great things. Try it and see…


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