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Bendtner prepares for “big step forward” next week

Close to a return

Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has begun his well-awaited return from injury by taking part in running exercises at London Colney, and the Dane admitted that he faces “a huge step forward” next week as he trains with the ball for the first time in 3 months.

The 22-year-old feels that his troublesome groin problem has finally gone away, while his comments also rubbish reports from the Danish FA which suggested that Bendtner had aggravated the injury.

“My basic form is now fully in place, and I have started to sprint. Next week I’ll try to train with the ball and it will be a huge step forward,” Bendtner told

He started up front in all three of Denmark’s World Cup group games, scoring in the 2-1 win over Cameroon, as the 1992 European champions missed out on a place in the last 16.

However, the injury flared up again, meaning Bendtner is likely to be out until mid-October at the earliest.

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43 Responses to “Bendtner prepares for “big step forward” next week”

  1. dan says:

    bol****s,i thought he was out untill 2011

  2. Sam says:

    Yeah agree with Dan.

    I was hoping he was out for at least a few more months yet and chamakh could happily nail down that starting place. No doubt he’s scored some important goals, but Nicky B has never been for me. He may be young and have time to improve. But I’ve never seen him score anything near a “world class” goal. He’s a championship player and always will be. Everytime I voice an opinion like this I get stick from the “super nick” brigade. But it’s only my opinion I’d like to see chamakh and vela on the teamsheet before nicky b everytime. Plus chamakh is better in the air, better at hold up play and better at finding the net. Enough said.

  3. jay says:

    Guys…didn’t you see Bendtner’s form 2nd half of last season? He’s brilliant player for us.

    Chamakh is similar too. I can’t believe the the thinking of some people. I wonder what you lot of thought at Chamakhs open net miss the day.

  4. Daniel says:

    Sam, if your looking for a ‘world class’ nicky B goal, try his 25 yard pearler off the inside of the post, against everton first game of last season. or his first in the 3-2 turnaround against standard liege. i could give you more, but dont want to rub it in…

  5. pastaface says:

    @Jay, I thought Chamakh was Bendtner in disguise! LOL

    I Like Bendtner, and he done well for us last season, we may have a problem when all our strikers are injury free, but let’s hope for that problem!

  6. Thomas says:


    RvP is really struggling to stay fit. When he´s out, all we have is Chamakh. So Nicky´s return would be suberb – just to have some cover for Chamakh. They are both good players (not world-class, though) and if RvP is out, then we definitely need both of them.

    And talk about Bendtner being “a championship player” … Really … Come on.

    I´m just afraid that Nicky could be out longer. Groin injurys are the worst – sometimes they can last for 1-2 years, and it´s difficult to do anything for them (I´ve had some experience with long term groin injurys myself..) Let´s hope Nicky´s injury isn´t that bad.

  7. chris says:

    nicky B is a good player, will probably always be a 12-15 goals a season striker but he does have a good knack for scoring important ones

  8. ed says:

    bendtner was brilliant for us last season. 1 of the reasons we kept in the title race for so long and would of done better had he had some help.

    bendtner not score world class goals? watch blackburn last year when we beat them 6-2, standard liege 1st goal, his goal against hull was pretty good too.

    people forget so quickly clearly. and dan? you been reading? ha ha thats where you go wrong. this site is more credible than papers such as the sun as this site actually uses quotes.

    pastaface if arsenal actually get that kind of problem of too many players fit i will…… naked around england for 24 hours due to the happiness. hopefully that will happen.

    chamakh and bendtner together could be an interesting parntership for the last 20 mins of games. with van persie(when hes fit too) and arshavin/fabregas/rosicky/nasri and walcott

  9. irish gooner says:

    great news,we need him fit and playing,15 goals at least this season id say

  10. Sam says:

    Fair play on the everton goal, I didn’t remember that one. All my memories of bendtner have been of frustration and anger. I can honestly say in the 18 years I’ve followed The Arsenal I’ve never seen a worse striker in the red and white, harsh maybe, but again just my opinion. He may well come good and I will get behind any player prepared to put in that shirt. I just have far more belief in the other players we have. I think vela could be an amazing player. He has far more skill than nicky and with a good run of games I think he could have a great season. Our central striker options are not great. But with wallcott and vela chipping in either side of the central triangle VP and Chamakh will do well. If VP is injured I guess nicky will get games, but he’s 3rd choice for me in that position.

  11. Daniel says:

    again sam my man, you must be forgetting such greats as franny jeffers, julio baptista, and of course, the wonderful jeremy aliadiere. and i cant say he doesnt frustrate me at times, but come on, he is ours, and he is here to stay, so get behind him man,a bit of confidence would do players like him and almunia a hell of a lot of good! yeah vela has a great future ahead, if he had buried that goal against blackpool, we would be talking about it for years and years to come.

  12. Goonerpower says:

    Well I’m gonna sound like a complete c~&t now but here goes……….he’s sh*t, for me he would have to have a fantastic season and score lots of goals………….hmmmm I rest my case

    Hope I’m wrong but without sounding big headed I know I’m not!!

  13. Goonerpower says:

    And dan, that’s 1 goal in the first game dude, what about the 30000 misses.

    And I know about the hat-trick against Porto but how many misses

    Sorry just my opinion

  14. Sam says:

    @ Daniel

    Yeah cheers for reminding me if Ali-Ali-Oh-dear. It’s a good point. As I said before I will always get behind any player who turns out for this wonderful club. I’ve just never warmed to Bendtner. I hate arrogance and I always thought for someone so cock sure of himself he never produced the goods on the field. I would like to see him and chamakh in a 4-4-2 with cesc, song, arsh

  15. Daniel says:

    goonerpower. all strikers miss chances mate, its about burying em when they count, and if he hadnt got that goal right before half time, we would have lost that game, abd possibly failed to make the last 16. bendtner is one of those players, you get them in all team sports, that are never gunna be the best at what they do, but they always put in 100% effort, and they give you important performances when they count. take wolves at home to keep us in title race, i havent celebrated a goal like that in years, the liege goal, goal at the nou camp to give us the lead, list goes on. you cant take that away from the man. he is a great chap, he will prove himself like eboue and song did, i promise you that.

  16. Sam says:

    @ Daniel

    Yeah cheers for reminding me if Ali-Ali-Oh-dear. It’s a good point. As I said before I will always get behind any player who turns out for this wonderful club. I’ve just never warmed to Bendtner. I hate arrogance and I always thought for someone so cock sure of himself he never produced the goods on the field. I would like to see him and chamakh in a 4-4-2 with cesc, song, arsh and nasri in behind. I think our midfield is immense this year with Theo coming good, nasri showing his real potential and little Mozart rediscovering his old form. I think we have a great chance of a trophy and I think come the end of the season, it will be the goals from midfield that will make the difference.

  17. ruelando says:

    Bendtner is a decent enough player, but always seem to want to do too much with the ball and miss a lot chances (yes he does score some important ones also, but for me it should be a lot more)
    I definitely do not see him and Chamakh being of the same class in the link up play and presence in the box, Chamakh has that over him and is better suited for the Arsenal line up. Barring injury Chamakh will get over 15 goals.

    Also Vela should be given at least the next three matches to show is stuff

  18. Daniel says:

    good to hear mate. i can get behind support like that. its the people that say we CANT win the league with almunia in goal that get my balls in a twist. i dont care about what other people say, he is a GOOD keeper. his shot stopping is second to not mant keepers in the league, fair enough his command of the area and his coming for crosses are not the best, but alot of thats down to poor defence last season. alot of it is paper talk, like the goal at liverpool would have beaten 99% of keepers in the world. IMO he is no worse than keepers like cech and van der sar, the difference being that last season there defensive line was much better than ours. Almunia has played well this season, and i expect him to continue that form now he can concentrate on his own skills, and not having to try and do the jobs of the defenders. i will be there next saturday, and i will be giving him the biggest cheer of all the players, including the captain. and arrogance is the making of a world class player. look at players like ronaldo, cantona, overmars, henry, etc, most of these guys were so arrogant they thought at times they were bigger than there respective clubs. but they were bloody good! abit more time and nik will be class, he is only 22 remember! i have seen massive improvements from all our players this season, most of all as you say, mozart and theo, i still expect more from arshavin cesc and rvp, but the thought of them guys getting better just gives me a boner.

  19. Sam says:

    I don’t think we can’t win the league, but I think almunia makes it harder for us. He is a good shot stopper on his day, and more Barcelona type performances and not Birmingham ones will go a long way to silencing his critics, I have to disagree in the Liverpool goal though. It was hit with power but for a keeper in this league to be beaten at his near post is criminal. I think the difference this year will be the defence, spurs are welcome to that useless lazy gobshite gallas, and Kocienely looks quality. Lots of people giving him stick for the Blackburn goal at the weekend, but it was clichy that didn’t track his man. Kos obviously assumed he had and was caught covering. Add to the mix squallaci and I think we will see a much better goal difference come the end of the season. And that will lead to trophy. I think chelski will be too strong in the league. But I have a feeling the FA cup is ours this year and we will build on that to take a double or maybe even more come 2012. Give Al a shout for me on sat. Don’t go poking the poor unsuspecting fella in front of you with that boner mind. Up the Arsenal !!!

  20. Steveo says:

    Lummox !!!

  21. Ricky says:

    Sam says:
    September 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm
    Yeah agree with Dan.

    I was hoping he was out for at least a few more months yet and chamakh could happily nail down that starting place. No doubt he’s scored some important goals, but Nicky B has never been for me. He may be young and have time to improve. But I’ve never seen him score anything near a “world class” goal. He’s a championship player and always will be. Everytime I voice an opinion like this I get stick from the “super nick” brigade. But it’s only my opinion I’d like to see chamakh and vela on the teamsheet before nicky b everytime. Plus chamakh is better in the air, better at hold up play and better at finding the net. Enough said.

    Agree with this post.. He’s not missed now & won’t be missed when he’s gone.

  22. Daniel says:

    well we are certainly in a good position at the moment guys, i would certainly have taken 2nd place going into the first int’l break after the tough start we had. i’ve not seen much to suggest chelsea are any stronger than we are. i think squad wise, we edge them in numbers. they have no real back up for there 2 centre halfs, they just seem to get more luck with injuries than us. they have had such an easy start that i reckon any of last seasons top 8 would have 9 points from those first 3 games. and aye mate i will be giving Al enough of a shout for the entire stadium, a bit of faith is all the guy needs, and if the papers got off his back then he would be alot more consistent. but judging by all their bullshit stories about cesc all summer, i gather that they don’t really like us… especially the sun, they do my nut in the most haha. koscielny looks a very good ball reader, and squillaci is perfect replacement for gallas. imo we have got rid of 1 good defender, and signed 2. i dont count sylvestere and senderos as a loss cos they were never gunna be good enough for the cause anyway, so i belive we have improved in every area, all i would like to see now is fabianski to go out on loan to somewhere like dutch league, and to keep woj as our number 2, and vito as number 3… what do you guys think should be our keeper order now window is closed???

  23. Pangy says:

    Guys, goals aren’t the measure of everything. You have to watch his work rate and see the amount of assists Bendtner supplies which end up being goals. His hold up play has saved us on so many occasions. I honestly think he gets way too much stick. And where does this so-called arrogant attitude come from? Whenever I see him being interviewed, he’s always come across as being a decent enough chap willing to give his all. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. The Sun isn’t the font of all knowledge.

    So, stand up and support your players if you’re a real Gooner. Remember Eboue and what he had to come back from? It doesn’t help when you have idiotic fair-weathered fans booing you. Sorry, but I don’t believe in negative reactions. Sing and get behind your team! That’s what you’re there for.

  24. Pangy says:

    And all this talk about “world class goals”. WTF? Goals are goals. Besides, how many “world class teams” are in the Premiership? We need dirty goals more often than most. And that’s where he comes in with his strong hold up play and height.

    I’m not one of the Bendtner Brigade, but he certainly scored more important goals than Vela. Like someone else said earlier, he has saved our bacon and kept us in the race many times. Let’s not get too blinded by the headlines.


  25. matthew says:

    alot of u so called arsenal fans make me laugh most of you dont even know bendtners potential he is a super talent and just live on the misses and mistakes he hasdone in the past. People have to realise that werent the real side to him and his got real talent if you watch him for Denmark he is arguably their best player makes things happen for them and has a good goals ratio… his technique for a big guy is very good he has gd dribbling and vision and can mix it up with his aerial strengths etc but needs to score them importnt chances sometimes but i honestly think alot of the arsenal fans dont know bendtners potential ( coming from a guy thats watched him sincce 2006)

  26. aravindvr says:

    Brilliant Player….
    World Class Target Man…better thn Adebywhore of Shitty ,Zlatan of Milan and BowbowTov of Manure…
    An essential component in Arsenal Setup especially in European games….

  27. Impeccable1 says:

    Bendtner looks awkward sometimes but he has a knack of scoring important goals and is a very important squad player for us. The sooner he recovers from his injury the better it will be for us as we’ll have more options. I must say the squad is looking good. We just need to support Almunia now because he’s the NO.1. The window is closed and there is nothing else that can be done. I agree with Daniel’s suggestion regarding the Goalkeeping Order. Almunia #1, Szczesny should be promoted to No.2 and Mannone – 3 with Fabianski going on loan with an option to buy.

  28. Johnson says:

    Bentner is a great player who as all ARSENAL FANS know has scored very important goals for us..His presence is greatly needed now that RVP is out injured.I would like to see him team up with Chamark..All said and done he should also try to convert the chances he gets..Quick recovery

  29. jena says:

    Hey bendtner fans, its hard to swallow, but he is not a world class player. A player for the bench for our Arsenal squad. I do not fancy him to be our main striker coz he has nothing more to offer besides his physical presence.
    He is one of the many average players that Wenger has forced on us over the past few seasons

  30. Little Dutch says:

    Bendtner scored 9 goals and got 5 assists in the last 12 games of lasts eason. But apparently he’s a championship player because none of them were from 40 yards out, or scored courtesy of three stepovers. Jesus, did I miss something? Do goals count triple from outside the box? If yu want goals fit for a YouTube compilation, we have plenty of players to do that. If it’s the last mintue and you need a scrappy header or close range tap in, Bendtner is pretty much the only player in our squad that does it and his goals to games ratio is better than any striker of his age group in the league. Crivens!

  31. Moose Specialist says:

    whether you like Bentner or not we need cover and good competion for each position. currently we have niether and can’t be good.

  32. Migz says:

    Super, Super Nick, Super, Super Nick, Super , Super Nick, Super Nicklas Bendtner!

    Give the guy a break, he’s still young and is steadily improving. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, he needs to be played as a centre forward more often. A lot of the time he’s played out wide and one thing he hasn’t got is the ability to run past players. He is a decent aerial threat but it is wasted at Arsenal what with Sagna & Clichy’s non-existent crossing threat. He’s one for the future, many older top level strikers were doing nothing at his age but being a big club there is too much pressure to deliver instantly. Granted he seems to have an ego bigger than his misses at Burnley but that can be seen as a good thing as strikers need that emotion in times when things aren’t going their way. Let’s get behind him all the way!

  33. Goonerpower says:

    Pangy, we are behind the team, but the bottom line is nick is a striker and errm should be scoring goals, that’s the whole point. I don’t care if he scores 35 goals from 25 yards or from 6 yards, but he don’t! And what’s it’s about when your a striker.

  34. Goonerpower says:

    Little Dutch, look at how many chances he had seen as your into your stats? I don’t think he is a championship player, he’s just not good enough for us that’s all.

    I will continue to support him and pray that I’m totally wrong, but first let’s stop him being injured all the time.

  35. gt says:

    Bendtner is one of our top players at arsenal, just behind cesc and RVP. Regardless of what you think of him, we should support him.

  36. mark paul hooker says:

    what is all this about bendtner fans? i,m an arsenal fan and having everybody fit in our squad gives us options and thats what we need.
    the squad is god.who knows what world class is? we are in europe and play against european sides amongst which nik has scored against some of the top ones including a hat trick against porto.
    of coarse he should be confident.
    shrinking wallflowers may be fine at a cheese and wine party but on a football field i want to see 11 men in our shirt with self belief getting a 100 percent support from our fans.
    i will be keeping up my end of the bargain.thats my job
    clockend do your job

  37. Gunningooner says:

    this guy should be the ideal replacement for Eduardo

  38. Olaniran Emmanuel, Lagos, Nigeria says:

    Bendtner might not be a world class but he has been so wonderful for us scoring unexpected and great goals for us last season. He kept us going for so long. At this moment, Bendtner needs our prayers and support.

  39. blunted gooner says:

    any doubters take a look at this, he improved alot last season and had a good world cup. I can’t wait for him to come back!

  40. john jenson says:

    dont forget this man is in our team this year

  41. LOL says:

    You are out of your minds if you think he is good enough for a top 10 team. He’s one of the worst strikers we’ve ever had. His touch is beyond abismal and he doesn’t even win in the air as often as anyone would think. You can say he scored important goals…but the lack of contribution to build up play and the chances he’s missed means that if we had a world class striker playing where he plays we would of made at least 12 or so more goals. He drifts out wide too…so when crosses are put in, he’s nowhere.
    Chamakh can use his feet….I’m praying the big shit dane will get run over hobbling to the ground.

  42. true gooner says:

    people r forgettin bendtner iz still young he haz plenty of time 2 improve im sure he will b great 4 da future jus look at wat he did 2wards da end of lst season wen hez FULLY FIT we wudnt hve stayed in da title hunt 4 aslong as we did wiv out him n hiz crutial goals , yes hez missed a few but hez only young he will improve especially unda da best managa ARSENE WENGER!!!

  43. poppy says:

    Bendtner is one of our best strikers of all time. He’s not quite the standard of Drogba, but he will be. All you bendtner haters can go support the spuds. He is pure class. We are lucky to have a world class striker of his sort in our club, I enjoy watching him when im at the stadium, some of you guys are spoilt.


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