Sep 06

Compilation of Arsenal new-boy Ryo Miyaichi

Arsenal’s newly-signed Japanese youngster Ryo Miyachi shows his technical ability in the video below.

The teenager, who was also said to be on the radars of European giants AC Milan and Ajax, will sign for the Gunners after his contract with Chukyo High School expires at the end of September.

However, he’ll would be eligible to move to England to continue his footballing education when he turns 18 in December.

Miyaichi, who played for Japan’s Under-17s at the World Cup in Nigeria in 2009, is currently out injured with a broken leg but is expected to return to fitness before signing for the Gunners at the turn of the year.


34 Responses to “Compilation of Arsenal new-boy Ryo Miyaichi”

  1. Boy Better Know says:

    they will coach him so all of his tricks will go and he will be taught how to pass it sideways like denilson.

  2. Hr says:

    It’s obvious to see who this guy bases his game on!

    Also boy better know has a point – although it’s important to develop passing and team play, a player should also be encouraged to use his flair and skills.
    Football is after all enertainment.

  3. Daymee says:

    His ball control, moves, penetration and technique are very similar to Wayne Rooney. That’s my opinion anyway. He seems to enjoy one-on-ones. Beats his man, well….at under-17 level that is. Just shows that he is well above his mates. He’ll have to be wrapped up in cotton wool over here. In England your legs gets snapped in 2 like a twig!

  4. denilson says:

    hey!!!! i do not pass sideways. arsene just told me to never show my skills as it makes opponents jealous and more willing to break my leg

  5. gav says:

    I would have to agree with Boy Better Know even befre we bough Nasri for Marseille he would do so much skill and take on players. As did Arshavin before he came to Arsenal now they just pass it.

  6. SG Gunner says:

    He looks too skillful to be an arsenal player..

  7. gun4 says:

    Reminds me a little of Figo’s style.

  8. REDgoon says:

    I hope as BBK says, they don’t coach him to stop dribbling and pass sideways. Nasri used to dribble and shoot from long range while he was at OM, now he holds the ball and turns around in circles. Abou has refused to pass the ball forward this season, only sideways. I hope Ryo continues to bomb forward after he signs for us!!! He certainly plays like a Cristiano!!!

  9. john says:

    thats so true about Nasri he was on fire before Arsenal bought him so was Arshavin but now we have players who go round in sircles. No point saying the PL is tougher because if CR7 can make the PL look stupid the Boi….

    Arsenal is my club i love them i hope we win something. That Ryo dude looks Exiting

  10. Goonerpower says:

    Oh my god listen to you all, this was supposed to be a positive post by the looks if it. Have you all been listening to the Smiths?? Jesus

  11. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    we should give him the number 13

  12. Ejike says:

    look like a good player to me. but still has a long way to go.

  13. Maguire23 says:

    Nasri has become a much better player at arsenal, he’s strong his passing has improved and he scores a lot more.
    if we improve Ryo and buid him up he could have a very good player on our hands.

  14. john jenson says:

    hes currently out injuried with a broken leg hes an arsenal player alright lol, looks like the new goerge best

  15. MistaKen says:

    Why are so many saying that Arsenal trains the skill out of players? Nasri, Diaby, Ramsey and Wilshire dribble with the ball. The thing is to know when to dribble and when to pass

  16. soccergirl says:

    Is he good or is his opposition not so good! I think he will come on well at Arsenal, he will have a great willing to learn, desparate for the experience and possibly a workaholic.

  17. ola ahmed dayo a.k.a naijafabregas says:

    Gr8 acquisition. Him and. Silva are gonna take the flanks and mesmerize opposing defenders. Can’t wait to see ’em dribble the hell outta Evra.

  18. What a cocky little lad he is.

  19. gee says:

    Boy better know as opposed to CR 7 who does a million step overs and then passes the ball sideways.

    Fake ronaldo flatters to decieve full of pony tricks but not really that effective – thats why messi makes him look like the show pony he is!

  20. Medlye says:

    just be handsome and be ready always to make us (fans) proud, thats all we need.Arsenal i am, Arsenal i’ll always be………..Ryo you hear…..

  21. Dale says:

    Still only 17, lets wait and see, maybe we don’t need Eden Hazard after all, maybe we do…But he is still far from first team. But looks really good now.

  22. ola ahmed dayo a.k.a naijafabregas says:

    Theo IS INJURED!!! So pissed off. Guess its high time Arsene withdraws d lads frm int’l games.

  23. fan says:

    Rvp 6 weeks.

    Walcott taken to hospital for xray.

  24. Ricky says:

    & We’re signing a already badly injured 17 yr old.

    LOL! Wengers making our beloved club more of a laughing stock everyday.

  25. American Gooner says:

    Another promising signing, hope he recovers from his injury. Watched the reserve game highlights:

    Squillaci looks the part.
    JET still awesome.
    Afobe and Aneke look promising.
    Djourou looks like he needs to be sold and Denilson should not be giving away passes in reserve team games.

  26. Gunningooner says:

    we should bring in pienaar in january transfer window – we never know when FAB4 is gonna take off to the graveyard of arsenal players aka Barcelona

  27. Really,gooners? says:

    Never seen such a bunch of Arsenal-haters who nonetheless have ‘Gooner / Gunner’ in their names! So strange.

  28. D Bugle says:

    Nasri was on fire before he came to Arsenal?
    He’s won two consecutive player of the month awards, and (will win) 2 consecutive goal of the month awards.
    Pretty sure he’s on fire now….

  29. Skillful u reacon he will be in the starting 11, bench or the reserve

    Read more:

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  31. gago says:

    he’s good

  32. nalnal says:

    we play football like a team and its beautiful and other teams envy our style and respect us for it… so take your stupid negative talk somewhere else…


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