Sep 11

Carlos Vela finishes off a 24-pass move (Video)

Mexico striker Carlos Vela’s goal for Arsenal against Bolton today ended a sequence of 24 passes, the most for a Premier League goal this season.

Vela scored Arsenal’s fourth and final striker after being on the pitch for just 3 minutes.

It was the Gunners’ 1001st Premier League goal under Arsene Wenger, one which is typically Arsenal-like.

Click here to view the superb team goal.


14 Responses to “Carlos Vela finishes off a 24-pass move (Video)”

  1. VanDaManPersie says:

    What a moment

  2. irish gooner says:

    weres d shaging vid

  3. Leonard says:

    That was fantastic,total football.very lvly to watch.

  4. musher says:


  5. NNAMDI says:

    that was fantastic i love that Gunners 4life?

  6. H says:

    nice 2 see both manu and the spuds throw away their leads i will certinaly be watchin match of the day tonight. Chamakh man of the match for me today

  7. Dan says:

    Let’s all laugh at Barca! Losing 2-0 to Hercules at home! Sh*t, bankrupt club!

  8. Dhaval says:

    well,we always talk about young kids to learn from old pros but i thnk all our old pros need to learn Vela chip..the best way to finish off those through balls is vela chip cause goal keepers always rush in and make themselves big and the chip can definitely work..wt say?

  9. Gunningooner says:

    an option for fabregas is to give him a loan at barca for 1/2 year, then he can c where he likes it

  10. Gunner38 says:

    yeah take tht barca i enjoyed every second of tht game vs hercules. and i think it was more than 24 passes so even better goal


  11. pastaface says:

    Barca- Oh my daze, stupid club!!

    I’m moving to Barcelona soon, remind me to buy an Arsenal shirt with Fabregas on it!!

  12. Lil Sean says:

    I love the way Arsenal play, I’ve noticed a lot of times when Arsenal play many touches uninterrupted the end is a goal, we did that against Manure when Nasri scored twice, Arsenal are the most wicked attacking English football team of our time, their patience build ups always end up in goals, oh I love being a gooner. What a football club we have, debt free, believing in youth, I tell you pound to pound in the transfers we are rated as stock city and Sunderland though we are a mile richer than then we always contest for the honors of winning the league, we have riched the quarter and the semis in the last 4 yrs on small budgets far less than the spuds, Aston villa, Liverpool and Man City, viva le Gunners. I was impressed by Kos though he made a mistake to the Bolton goal, I was impressed by his aerial ability he won most of the aerial balls. Big up to all the gooners out there.

  13. soccergirl says:

    Watched this video a few times now it was as though they were on a training gound. Superb play by Arsenal.

  14. Pollhater says:

    It was a very good goal but the Nasri won against Man U (18 passes) was amazing!!!!!


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