Sep 28

Vermaelen ruled out of Chelsea game, Cesc has “a little chance”

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger told reporters after the 3-1 win over Partizan Belgrade that Thomas Vermaelen will not be fit for Sunday’s trip to Chelsea, while captain Cesc Fabregas has a “little chance.”

The Gunners duo weren’t expected to be involved in Sunday’s game, although Fabregas will have a late fitness test on his injured hamstring before the clash at Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal’s current injury list:

Manuel Almunia, Thomas Vermaelen, Cesc Fabregas, Nicklas Bendtner, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Frimpong, Abou Diaby (slight doubt for Sunday.)


30 Responses to “Vermaelen ruled out of Chelsea game, Cesc has “a little chance””

  1. MK says:

    this blogs standards have really declined in recent times =[ sorry chris……….it used to be the first place i go for arsenal news…………….

  2. Abi says:

    Wat!!! Omg am fearing the worst 4-0
    3 goals for drogba I hv got 0% confident in our defends.

  3. Gunnergetreal says:

    Ok so did wenger not say about 2 -3 weeks ago that Vermalens had a little achilles problem and would be fit for then Sunderland game. Itll be the same with RVP and Theo – Why do all our injuries drag on and on surley there are questions to be asked of the medical staff?

  4. lalasky says:

    with half fit cesc and a superb defence chesky ar goin down

  5. Duke says:

    What a blow ! There is no any sort of inspiration in dat defense. Dojorou & Kocielny are error prone. Let’s hope 4 miracle …

  6. Snoop says:

    I stil believe dt squilaci nd koscienly cn do bt realy somtin hv 2b done abt our medical staffs.

  7. Hanson says:

    I hav d filin dat vermalean wil feature in d game. Lets hope so!

  8. indgunner says:

    it says in the .com tat wenger 1st said tat vermaelen ‘s injury was for a matter of days..den he said he ll be out for the next 2 games which included spuds and wba!!..wat is going on!!

  9. Kennedy says:

    It looks like our medical team needs 2 b question why is that our players are always out 4 2 lng.

  10. Hyfun says:

    Despite winning the match today the performance was low and if the defence is not improved sure drogba , maluda and anelka will tear arsenal apart this sunday

  11. Captain says:

    is it to do with the medical staff?? then something must be wrong.. if a player gets injured we really know that he is gonna be sidelined for months..

    when should we expect to see RvP, Nicklas, Theo, etc???

    i watched Chelsea playing against man city & the pace of the game was very high..this calls for our defenders to be at their best.. i would have wanted to see Vermaleen in the line up..

    we hope for the best.

  12. Pollhater says:

    Can’t anyone write in proper English these days!!

  13. arsenal fan says:

    unlucky news. oh well i still love my arsenal oh and arshavin has scored 5 goals

  14. caligunna16 says:


    song and flapianski need to have an awesome game…and the entire team as a whole need to work extremely hard to beat chelsea…

  15. American Gooner says:

    Great. More injury problems. Need to start S and K in the back then, not Djourou. Would like to see Gibbs but think Clichy is likely. I predict we will see a midfield of Song, Wilshire, and Nasri, although there is always a chance for Diaby to be in there instead of Jack. Wings will likely be Arshavin and Rosicky (who unforunately has not made anything happen recently, sans one cross), though I wouldnt put it past Wenger to have Eboue in there. Chamakh up top. Hopefully a win for our cause.

  16. GunnerMacedonia says:

    wtf? everyone happy talking around about how good fabianski was last night. 1) he saved a weak penalty, then the reaction was like he saved the team from loss(quite pathetic at 3-1 in our favour) 2) he saves a shot in extra time, it goes straight at him, his reaction … AGAIN … is like he made a world class save. and now everyone hails him, talking about how he can be our long term no.1. imo, he does not have the build for a keeper(short and skinny) and we will see that at chelsea`s game(i`m optimistic about every match we play, optimistic about almunia, but this won`t turn out good). if i were wenger i would choose chesney or mannone, just to make everyone more competitive about that no.1 spot.

  17. caligunna16 says:

    @American Gooner:

    I agree with no Djourou…he hasnt hit top form yet, I would play Gibbs but as Clichy and Sagna know Malouda and Anelka well from French team, they should know their style of play fairly well, even though Gibbs is better going forward. I think that Jack needs to play, he has asked for the chance to be a part of the 1st team and so far has killed it. He deserves the start, Nasri has been in great form and filling in for Cesc nicely. Diaby, Vela and Eboue off the bench… I repeat SONG needs to have a huge game in order for us to win

  18. poppy says:

    we have to stand behind our players, you can see that fabianski is pure class after an outstanding performance last night. easily the man of the match. papers went on about his performance too much though. He’s great and we don’t need to buy a keeper, end of.

  19. caligunna16 says:


    eh, I would rather pick up shay given in January and have the entire team be way more comfortable with a solid goalie behind them, given can be the leader at the back we are looking for, we just have to stick it out until then with our couple of mediocre goalies who either play well or really poorly and are rarely consistent

  20. GunnerMacedonia says:

    @caligunna16: man, everyone would like to see shay on our goal, but the thing is … man city won`t let him go on loan to us, or they will ask for a lot of money, and we know how wenger feels about spending much money on a player. the basic problem is that none od our first two keepers is consistent. i.e. almunia: had a good first half against wba, then made a blunder in the second.
    btw, there is a story in my country`s blogs suggesting that wenger will have 70 millions to spend, and can choose between dzeko and suarez. had a great laugh about that hehee

  21. true gooner says:

    if cesc iz fit it will only b 4 da bench n b used 4 emergencies only, nas shud start n i hope diaby will ply coz we need sum power n height in da team

  22. caligunna16 says:


    you might be right he may not be allowed to leave just because we are a threat to man city, however there was talk that he would be allowed to leave due to joe harts great form and locking down the top spot, I am hoping that he will come and play for us, another top goalie i think we could lock down would be Frey…i think he would make for a great arsenal goalie

  23. Highbury4L says:

    well, I’m preparing for the worst.

    we should’nt use cesc at all to be honest. I’d rather lose to Chelsea, then lose to Chelsea and put cesc out for another month…or even half the season.

    Wenger, needed to realise that we blew our chance against West Brom, as we needed a safety net for this match. It’s probably going to be a drumming, I’d say if were lucky 2-0, but I’d imagine a 4-0 or 4-1 to Chelsea. But seriously, Wenger if you’re listening, Rest Fabregas. Everytime he’s slightly fit, we use him for when we need a win and then he gets clouted and he’s out for a few months.

    rest him and save him for the Manchester United game and the Manchester City games. We can’t risk another long term injury. Our defence is our biggest worry to be honest, not our attack, Nasri has been doing a lot for Arsenal while Fabby has been out and he makes a terrific replacement for the spaniard. Just accept that we can’t be too optimistic for this match and just keep our fitness risk players rested, we can’t lose them for the whole season other wise, its the same thing thats happened for the last 4 years

  24. segun says:

    when last did chelsea score in second half of any match???????.surely arsenal is gunning them down on sunday.the goals will come from arshavin and chamack,mark my word.

  25. Ken says:

    You guy seriously believe we can beat Chelsea with that kind of lineup? Even with our full XI available we would be struggling to get a point at their ground. If we played like we did against West Brom we would get raped really hard.

  26. @MK: i agree i was thinking of contacting these guys and asking if i could write a post or two up. just to make up the numbers.

  27. john jenson says:

    v chelsea


    Sagna Kos Squillaci Clichy

    Wilshire Song Denilson (cesc)

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

    thats the team that il start

  28. kwikfit says:

    We need cesc an diaby fit and ready for sunday. I think Jack the lad must also be used from the start. He keeps up the tempo of the midfield department.

  29. kwikfit says:

    Arsenal fans unite for sunday and lets go to stamford for a victory!

  30. arsenal fan says:
    yhe official site says arshavin has scored 5 goals mate


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