Oct 22

Happy Birthday Arsène Wenger!

Everyone at Gooner Talk would like to wish Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger a Happy 61st Birthday today!


23 Responses to “Happy Birthday Arsène Wenger!”

  1. Abi says:

    Let this year brings throphy to all of the arsenal fan I think that will be his wish Well I hope it is
    happy birdy arsen
    wenger we trust!!

  2. dennym says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Wenger…..

    In Arsene We trust !…….

  3. gunnerbill says:

    The greatest manager in the world!

  4. Zachary - Lodwar(Kenya) says:

    Happy birthday onyour 61st anniversary Professor. I hope and wish you the best in the Gunners now and inthe future. I & other Kenyans are looking forward for at least one trophy to add on your birthday season. You are great.

  5. Lutfur Rahman says:

    happy birthday Wenger well done and hope u carry on with Arsenal and bring the trophies we keep faith on u and have faith on u

  6. Barry Nesbø says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Wenger
    Norway Gooner

  7. Lawrence says:

    Happy B.day Mr. Wenger

  8. H ibrahim says:

    Baba long life and prosperity,this birthday will colour ur moment with simple joy of life.don’t forget this season is ours.

  9. Mark says:

    Happy b’day to the best coach in the world!

  10. Arsenal says:

    Happy Birthday to the Person who Revolutionsed Football

  11. nana kwaku says:

    May this year be your best ever. happy birthday Arsene!

  12. 9ija gooner says:

    Happy birthday to the best manager in the world pls sir we need trophies you are one in a million in you we trust

  13. Ghena says:

    I hope on his special week of ur b-day you will be rewarded by the players and fans with a win and the money bags. We saLute The greatest Manager in All of FootbaLL. HapPPy Bday Sir. Wenger. Hope u will manage us untill U are a CenTury Young.;)

  14. Raji Nurudeen Adekunle says:

    H’bday Prof. D no 1 manager in d world.

  15. Brendan says:

    Arsene, you’re a legend. Have a great day.

    Best wishes,


  16. alan says:

    Happy birthday great man!

  17. abu says:

    happy birthday.. I wish this is the year we surrounded by trophies… IN ARSENE WE TRUST. GO TO EAST GO TO WEST ARSENE IS THE BEST… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY ARSENE WENGER..

  18. Highbury4L says:

    I’m gonna be honest, the only reason I still support Arsenal is because we have a style, a type of play and club that we can call our own. You have more pride in something that no one else has and I’m proud to be a gooner.

    I hope we get some silverware because eventually, if this team sticks together just a bit longer and gels even more, it is going to rock england. Were nearly there we just have to get out of the injury problem and we will do it. A win at The City Of Manchester Stadium will proove we have moved forward but a draw will do also. We jsut can’t take another defeat.

    I know Man City have beaten Chelsea who we lost to, but then again, they also lost to Blackburn so it proves that statistics don’t show anything. Come on Wenger!!! I like his attitude this season, he’s cutting on excuses and is blaming no one but himself and its having a reflection on the team. COME ON!!!! I’M PUMPED FOR SUNDAY

  19. sona says:

    Happy birthday Coachito….you are the best manager in the world

  20. GBENGA GUZZY PLC says:

    Mr wenger ur bday started well.Firstly, U wond d last game b4 ur birthday,which was fantastic. Second, u should win d first game after ur bday. dat wil b a very memorable & classical amongs birthdays ever. Deeeen, u wil b wish a happy birthday.

  21. tohbeeh says:

    happy birthday arsene….pls bring us trophies this year…

  22. Paa kwasi (Ghana) says:

    Happy birthday Wenger, seriously am scared abt the City game i feel they would out muscle us . Comon Wenger pls work sme magic

  23. Asiwaju says:

    2day match we b dedicat tu u sir hapi brthday 2 u sir wengar


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