Oct 24

VIDEO: Alex Song’s brilliant finish against City


12 Responses to “VIDEO: Alex Song’s brilliant finish against City”

  1. lozcore99 says:

    SO GOOD!

  2. Gooner Bear says:

    Thats right we the best!!!
    Denilsons best game ever! My pick for player of the game

  3. Adil says:

    Really lovely play from Arsenal, i believe that Arsenal will be able to win the permier league this year

  4. gooner92 says:

    brilliant im so happy i knew we could do it. what a week!
    just think in it wont be long till we have van persie and vermalaen back think how strong that will make us!!!!!!
    title challenge is on now!

  5. GunnerX says:

    Although I’m still not sure about Song playing so far forward, what a well taken strike from the lad. Brilliant result though, and just what was needed to end off a fantastic week for the Club.

  6. Miranda says:

    City need to spend some money.

  7. zara says:

    Let’s see how little comments arsenal get as they have one, it seems when they lose that’s when people comment.

    But well done lads. Not sure what City were doing with all that fouling.

  8. csy says:

    i thought fabianski look quite assured in goal.. and he’s one of the main reasons that we were able to keep a clean sheet. nasri is also looking more and more like a top class player!

  9. Lil Sean says:

    Gunners are the real deal we are worth ten times more than the millions they have compared to our talent, wass up gooners, we kicked ass, now manure are next

  10. sean pat says:

    sorry lil sean but newcastle are next

  11. Lil Sean says:

    Yeh you are right newcastle then westham. I was on big gooner. with all due respect lol

  12. Arsenalisto says:

    SongiƱao lol


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