Oct 26

Szczesny handed start in goal at St James’ Park

Highly-rated goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is set to start only his second match for Arsenal after Arsene Wenger confirmed that the 20-year-old would start for the Gunners against Newcastle United in the fourth round of the Carling Cup tomorrow.

Szczesny impressed on loan at Brentford last season and was quoted as saying he wanted to be farmed out again this term if he wasn’t given more first team football.

However, Gunners boss Wenger has granted his wish by handing him a place in the starting XI at St James’ Park tomorrow evening.

“It will be similar to Spurs,” said Wenger. “We have players coming back like Walcott, Bendtner and Vela. Koscielny is fit to start. They will play.

“From the Man City game, we have no-one out [with injury]. One or two will be rested. Vela is back.”

“In the squad, we will have Eastmond, Lansbury and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas,” Wenger revealed. “Wojciech will be in goal.”

You can check out Arsene Wenger’s full pre-match interview here.

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11 Responses to “Szczesny handed start in goal at St James’ Park”

  1. dan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO,keep fabianski in goal,he’s just starting to get his head together,he needs more games,why play sneezey,he’s off in jan.

  2. Bala says:

    Shut up Dan! Are you the agent for Chesney?

  3. MARK GOONER says:

    Cant wait to see how Szczesny does….Please mate live up to the hype.

  4. Gooner gooner gooner says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play, he deserves a chance after all the mistakes the other lot have made.

    Little find that I thought I would share with my fellow gooners. Wicked website that shows you whenever Arsenal are on TV http://www.locatetv.com/person/arsenal/351006 even highlights, previews. Well handy, bookmarked.

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Hopefully we will go a few goals up and then get to see some young guns have a run out.

  5. dirtbox says:

    This shezney guy better live up to all the hype! He rates himself so highly so lets see if he can actually live up to it

  6. The BearMan says:

    This young man is most clever, and is a strategist. Szczesny has his eyes firmly fixed on the No 1 spot.

    Now all keepers beware, should Szczesny’s game plan be firmly executed, Arsenal may not need to spend monies on a keeper this summer. When he gets that No 1 position, I feel everyone might have to consider the bench as their retirement position.

    I will take my hat of to you, should you achieve that. Now which keeper wore the No 1 jersey longest for Arsenal?

  7. Amani Mgonja says:

    I love wenger!!!! I like szczesny, I LOOOOVVVEEE ARSENAL!

  8. mofaz says:

    Well now’s the time to prove your worth .. better be prepare to make spectacular saves from A Carol..or else!

  9. Angry fan says:

    Bloody hell. Why has wenger not played him before? He needs to play every week. I will be gutted if he leaves at the end of the season.

  10. hughie says:

    hope some big boys with aging keepers dont make a move for him! he is class

  11. mofaz says:

    Well he did make a superb save from Smith and A Carol ..well Arsene your keeper problem solved Fabiaski No 1 .. Szczesny No. 2 .. Manone No. 3 ..Almunia ..back to Spain..cant wait for the next CC game hope we get Man Utd away..


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