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VIDEO: Wojciech Szczesny's impressive Arsenal performance

Written by Chris Wheatley


He’s on the verge of signing a new long-term contract extension with Arsenal, while many Gooners are already suggesting that the youngster has already established himself as the club’s future no.1 goalkeeper.

Wojciech Szczesny is a name that you’re likely to hear quite a lot in the near future. The young Pole’s Carling Cup performance against Newcastle last night drew many admirers after the 20-year-old displayed an accomplished shift in goal for the Gunners.

Szczesny is in the final year of his contract and previously warned that he will consider his future unless he is given a chance and based on last nights performance, Arsene Wenger certainly won’t want to let him go.

Check out the compilation of Szczesny in action last night:

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seriously after one game! Even including the most simplest of passes…I know we are desperate for a keeper, we got fabianski who seem to perform by now…highlights of major saves ok still a bit too much…but every single pass and collect, its a bit early to count all the stars by now


WOW he is very commanding in his box i like to see that in a keeper. seems to know what his doing. what about Vito? is he not ass good as this guy?


Look how confident he was in the box? his body language is alot better that all our keepers, i really hope he signs a new deal


The guy is nuts. He certainly has the nutty streak we all loved in Lehmann. Lets just hope unlike Mad Jens he doesnt go after his own team mates


i think if we get a win against shakhtar that would put is guarenteed top so i would play chesny for the 2 remaining champions league matches for experience and also in the carling cup games that would give him a bit of experience and if we get a really crap team in the fa cup then play him aswell then he will be happy

The Saint
He looks the real deal; in fact he reminds me of a young Peter Schmeichel. If we don’t keep him, he will be a world class keeper for another team. We already missed out on Joe Hart, how long do we keep coddling Almunia and Flappy-handski before we decide to make Chesny number 1 and Mannone number 2? Or do we again like the last time give Van Der Sar to Man United and watch them pip us to the title? Honestly, if you were Chesny would you see any reason to sit and wait behind Almunia and Fabianski? Lehmann… Read more »

Fabianski is top drawer and much better than Mannone and Almunia.


@sebjob: nah mate these match performance vids r good. i know there usually for outfield players but to show every touch lets you analyse a whole performance instantly. those ‘great save’ compilations are misleading and can make anyone look like gordon banks. but i’m sure his every match will be covered now and this is just the first. rosicky and wilshere are the 1’s to watch though

this guy is the real deal. kick out almunia because his time is up. his time was up a long time ago. i have never liked him since CL final where he let in two soft goals. keep the improving flap as number 1 for now and pray to whatever you believe in that he does not regress back to what he used to be. give the boy a new contract and promote him to number 2. i have only seen him play one game but it is enough to judge him. he came out early and missed the ball… Read more »
offside isutsa
wow.this is the type of player we are dreaming of.he has all the qualities of a world class goolie.wenger should give him many games after he signs a new contract for him to grow more physically and mentally. ok many errors have been committed by fabianski but i like one quality he has.he is strong mentally than all the criticism he received from arsenal fans,he has managed to cop with them and now he is proving them wrong. almunia is the unlucky guy now as even wojciech is strong mentally than him.he missed the ball during the demolition of… Read more »

im sorry but this guy is the real deal! im not talking just from this video but when i manage to see him play he really seems to be a big talent! the main thing i like about him is his positional play, he seems to have every angle covered and it would take a superb strike to beat him. i think this guy can take the premierleague by storm if he is loaned out and can even make a bigger impact than hart did last year. hopefully he signs his new contract and gets given playing time!


lol did anyone else see his MASSIVE clearing punch out of the box???


i think he should be the first choise for arsenal’


lol what a punch that was imagine that punch hitting someone in the jaw ouuuch

gooner asia

keep him Wenger!