Nov 17

Chamakh scores from ‘keeper’s attempted clearance (Video)

A piece of ingenuity from Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh gave his Morocco side a 1-1 draw away to Northern Ireland.

The 26-year-old scored in the 56th minute after goalkeeper Alan Blayney’s attempted clearance flew straight into the boot of the onrushing Chamakh and subsequently into the net.

Despite Chamakh’s goal the game finished 1-1 with Plymouth Argyle frontman Rory Patterson netting from the spot.


11 Responses to “Chamakh scores from ‘keeper’s attempted clearance (Video)”

  1. dan says:

    is that cesc 😉

  2. zara says:

    Spain just got mulled 4-0 by Portugal, the good news is Cesc seems fine

  3. Jay says:

    what stupid language is that?? whats the commentator smoking??
    Shouting gooooaaal after like the game is over??

  4. Stinko Dinko says:

    Jay, the stupid language is Moroccan arabic, like it or hate it

  5. zam says:

    respect other peoples languages jay! no language is stupid be it french chinese or swahili!

  6. Julio says:

    Great fox in the box always chasing the keeper, that’s lesson 1 in a strikers book.

  7. fizagooner says:

    nice goal from the way, that is arabic language..

  8. as1420 says:

    Samir Nasir’s Arsenal Goal vs FC Porto is shortlisted by FIFA as one of the 10 best goals of the year!

    Vote for Nasri’s goal for the inaugural Ballon D’or Goal of the Year Award.

  9. vinagunner says:

    jay, YOU are stupid.

  10. rasagooner says:

    the goalie is stupid

  11. mackem says:

    Oh yeah, because he of course meant to do that.

    No, it was pure luck. Yes he got the goal due to the fact he put in some effort to chase the ball down, but he got lucky that the keeper messed up the clearance and even luckier that the ball ended up in the back of the net.


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