Nov 17

Your View: Arsenal players on Twitter

Social networking site Twitter has become exceedingly popular with Arsenal’s footballers in the past few weeks. Skipper Cesc Fabregas was the first notable player to sign up, before fellow midfielder Jack Wilshere and others followed just days later.

Almost 10 first team players are ‘tweeting’ currently, with some Gooners suggesting that Arsenal should follow Manchester United’s stance on Twitter by banning their players from it.

Do you think Twitter is a disruptive influence within the club? Or is it a great way to keep fans up to date and refute newspaper stories?

Leave your own views on the matter in the comments section below.

You can also check out our comprehensive list of the Arsenal stars tweeting on the World Wide Web underneath:

Arsenal Players on Twitter

Cesc Fabregas


Jack Wilshere

Johan Djourou

Wojciech Szczesny

Sanchez Watt (On loan at Leeds)

Henri Lansbury

Benik Afobe (On loan at Huddersfield)

Craig Eastmond

Wellington Silva 

Sebastien Squillaci


13 Responses to “Your View: Arsenal players on Twitter”

  1. Tan says:

    I think it’s a good thing. It helps connect the fans to the players.

    Man utd didn’t ban it. Why is rio using Twitter

  2. Wantri says:

    Hmmm.. I really support them for joining twitter. As Tan said, its a good thing. So, gooners can communicate with ’em (although its difficult to get their replies xP) and know what they are doing in many occasions. gunners and gooners are going to be closer w/ this social media. I hope another Arsenal players can join into twitter too, even Arsène Wenger!! It would be great! =))

  3. Sadiq says:

    Hi , you have forgot Diaby he got twitter too.

  4. Gooner Chris says:

    @Sadiq: That’s a fake Twitter profile unfortunately, mate.

  5. Stuart says:

    Arshavin is on twitter too. twitter:@Arshavin_soccer

  6. Tony says:

    perry groves was just saying earlier in the year how our players now are out of touch with our fans. i think this is a good thing

  7. Swagger says:

    Why should man utd ban it? That’s rubbish!

  8. Gooner Fan says:

    I think its fine as long as they don’t start posting inappropriate pictures of themselves or vulgar with the many WAG wannabes. They need to recognise that they need to be careful as I am sure many newpaper hacks will try and get a story off it somehow. The players still represent Arsenal and shouldn’t really say who is playing and who isn’t even if it relates to themselves as it helps opposition teams and betting syndicates. They certainly shouldn’t be tweeting during a match if they are on the bench. But overall I think its important that the players have that freedom and it gives the fans all around the world have an opportunity to get to know the players personality off the pitch.

    Man United sound like they are ruling with an iron fist, I bet it didn’t go down well with the grown men in the team with wives and kids. Rio’s defiance sounds like he’s a bit tired of, or scared of the hairdryer treatment.

  9. Vas says:

    Schezza is the funniest to follow, you really do get to learn more about the players that play for your club.

  10. gunnersant says:

    By Urmee Khan, Digital and Media Correspondent 1:02PM GMT 20 Jan 2010… Rio still uses it and wayne rooney does as well.. i think u should actually check before posting rubbish.

  11. Taufik says:

    I just realized that Seb. Squillaci is also a startup co-founder 😀

  12. MyTeamsTweets says:

    Arsenal players are by far and away the biggest users of Twitter – which is cool and gives the fans a good insight into what the fans are saying about the club.


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