Nov 26

Wenger begins legal action against British newspaper

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has begun legal proceedings in relation to today’s front page in British tabloid newspaper The Sun.

Times journalist Ben Smith revealed the news on Twitter earlier this evening after The Sun continued to link Wenger to French rapper Sonia Tatar with a headline of: “Wenger’s Mistress: I’m Pregnant.”

When quizzed about the matter again a fortnight ago after Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Newcastle United, Wenger revealed that he has always refused to talk about personal matters and will be doing so again in this instance.

“I arrived 14 years ago and you know what happened and I promised myself I would never comment any more, because for 14 years I have been insulted everywhere in England, and never with any truth,” he said.

“I promised myself I would never speak about my private life any more.”


45 Responses to “Wenger begins legal action against British newspaper”

  1. Simon says:

    Way to go Arsene. He shouldnt have tp put up with this.

  2. Don says:


  3. Penancio gunner says:

    Wenger has to be respected but i want him out, he is turning our beloved club into a laughing stock, we have a great team, the best in the league, yes dont laugh, we have the quality but there is something seriously wrong, for a start the club needs more stability, not money wise you know what i mean and i think pat rice is being paid for nothing, hes a big fat lump sitting on our bench along with wenger who has lost the plot!! Give me my club back!! Brady has to come in and be assisted by tony adams ffs, bring keown and parlour in and a new goalkeeping coach!!

  4. ff says:

    don and penancio gunner you are compete hypocrites, if we win on saturday you will be saying he is the best manager ever. you aint arsenal fans, ure a complete disgrace. Give him a chance to achieve something special. Wenger is the one for us!

  5. nicky says:

    Provided he hasn’t broken the law, it’s about time papers like the Sun were taken to the cleaners in the courts. I wish AW well in this instance.

  6. Johnny says:

    Re. ff. Well said mate, these new supporters sicken me. For fuck sake, beat wigan and we are one tie away from Wembley, beat a really poor Belgrade side and we are into the last 16 of the champions league. If that aint good enough for you, we win tomorrow and we are fuckin top of the league(for a few hours anyway). The modern day Gooner has to be the most spoilt fan out there. There are only 2 teams in this country who would swap positions with us, stop whinging and get behind the boys, after the week we`ve had they need us onside more than ever.

  7. vince says:

    penacncio you twat, how does sacking the best manager in the history of the club “bring stability”? seriously…you are a retard.

  8. GoonerDave says:

    Nobody in our blogosphere has a clue whether Pat Rice does anything or not, so to say hes doing nothing seems bitter – if we were winning all around us, we would all be calling him an unsung hero. We are all annoyed at the way things are running at the moment, but our season hasnt exactly imploded, at least for now. Theres no point in calling Pat Rice names because youre annoyed. Why not think of something constructive to say?
    As for AWs legal action, I say anyone who stands up to the lie-telling redtops deserves respect.
    As for the current state of affairs at AFC, Im going to support Arsene and the team. 2 points off the top, and not playing even close to our best – support is very much needed, I think.
    As long as AW is in charge, Ill support him.
    Not much point in accusing him of not doing his job if we dont do ours.
    Heres to a victory tomorrow.

  9. Mystic says:

    If his mistress is carrying his baby he should resign and get over to France to take on his responsibilities – if the sun is printing rubbish then Arsene must take them to the cleaners. Little wonder the team are performing so badly they seem to be running around managerless. Wenger get a grip and sort yourself and the team out.

  10. ben says:

    get rid of wenger? complete utter madness how many other clubs can claim to have kept a top 3 position for years without spending vast amounts? and its all cuz of ARSENE WENGER !

  11. supersam8 says:

    quality, if our club is a laughing stock, it’s only because we do things differently.

    we do things better.

  12. soh says:

    Well said Johnny…I agree with every word

    This week has been AWFUL for us, just think how they feel…our team needs us to be behind them during the bad times as well as the good times

    Knee jerk re-actions are not whats needed,

    Lets hope for a good result tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to the Wigan home game…I wish JET or some of the younger ones could get a they are REALLY promising talents..but I think he may go with a stronger team again

  13. Angry Fan says:

    Ive been saying it for a while now…. and i will continue to say it. We need change. Massively, starting with that idiot wenger who has lost the plot.
    Im sick of being almost good enough, the spuds are almost good enough…. the difference is, they have players who are willing to put the work in and players who care. we have a bunch of overpaid losers who couldnt care less.
    I will assure you if we lose this weekend, you can almost give up on the title, that will leave us in the biggest battle ever to finish 4th.

  14. prof headlice says:

    Very remniscent of the final Graham days. A stale manager refusing to address the glaring weaknesses (with George it was midfield, with Wenger its goalkeeping amongst others) despite no longer winning trophies (George hadn’t won a trophy for 2 years either)and now negative publicity in the popular press (bung scandal and Merson’s addictions). Even the best managers have shelf lives. GG won 6 trophies in 8 years while Arsene has delivered 7 in 14.No major Euro club holds on to their manager for that long with very good reason. Get rid.

  15. Charles Mclaren says:

    Spolit kids, exactly. These fans start supporting Arsenal because they’re champions then abuse them more than rival fans when they are anything but the most successful team in the country. Am I wrong in saying that is the definition of a glory hunter. Bu**er off and support Chelsea but don’t come back when we’re back to being the best in the world. At least it’s entertaining, if you’d supported during the 80s you’d know what I mean but I’m sure you’ve seen England play recently so have some idea. At least back then the fans were genuine supporters.

  16. jack says:

    to the last guy, charles, how about you go and support chelsea, you complete tool… how dare you assume that because someone is unhappy with how things are at the arsenal under wenger at the moment, that they aren’t as loyal to the club, or the club does not need their support, who the f*ck are you?
    because you have lost faith in your manager to move the club forward and achieve measurable success again, does not mean you love the club any less, and although some of what has been said on the internet in the last few weeks goes too far, i for one believe, wengers time has come, he no longers seems to have the players, or at the very least is unable to instill the mentality that he continues to tell us about… i don’t think that he can be successful in terms of winning trophies at arsenal anymore, simply because his transfer policy and faith in under-performing and over rated players, (and they are more than enough of both at arsenal) is starting to hurt arsenal…
    I mean realistically, out of our first 11, when fully fit, we have fab, verm, arsh (when he can be arsed to turn it on) and van persie who are world class and good enough to get into most of our rivals teams where domestically or abroad… nasri does deserve a honourable mention because he is in super form at the moment, and if he can keep it up then he’ll be on that list also…
    honestly tho some of the rest, it feels like an embarassment to have some of the players we have at our club still in the first team squad, and I wont go in to who because i dont see the need, its been said and explained before better than I could… however with this comes the managers unwaivering faith that this team can deliver, when everything points to the contrary… I would love to be wrong as wenger will be someone ill admire and respect for all that he’s done for arsenal, but i just cant see how he’s able to progress without changing everything about how he is currently managing our club…

    and no i dont think a win over villa tomorrow makes it all better, far from it

  17. stephen says:

    I will never wast my money on the sun news paper it so full of ante arsenal crap I say stop buying the sun now.

  18. Leon says:

    Firstly i would like to say everyone is entitled to their opinion and for ff and johnny to claim that anyone who dare have an opinion that goes against the grain of thought is any less of an Arsenal fan is childish at best and utterly brainless in my opinion. The fact of the matter is that it has taken a total collapse of chelsea and a poor start of man utd has made our less than impressive start look less bad than it really ought to – the truth of the matter is that eight defeats in twenty five is pretty poor for anyone with ambitions to win anything and i dont see any improvement from last season – nothing changes with wenger – the same calamitous goal keeper and the same defensive frailties – its just the same shit from someone who has run out of ideas and inspiration.

  19. Naz says:

    I appreciate all that Arsene has done, but I do think he needs a new philosophy, one that includes teaching the art of defence. If he does not do that, I think we will continue to under achieve which will eventually lead to his demise.

  20. Stuart says:

    Stephen, I buy the Beano now days as it has bigger words.

  21. Sam says:

    Jack well said. Everyone has a view and just because you don’t agree with what some say does not mean it is wrong. Webber should not be beyond reproach and clearly he is in the boards eyes. No learning from mistakes and no real progression. In any other job questions would be asked so why not his? I hope he proves me wrong and we win it all but nothing points toward that.

  22. Angry fan says:

    @ jack. That is the most sensible thing someone has said on here for a while (barring me). I have supported this club since the early 80’s so I know what that feels like and i don’t want us to go back. We need change. Big change. Before it is too late

  23. Arsenal1Again says:

    Is it a coincidence that the sport editor for the Sun is a Spurs fan?

  24. harrison says:

    anyone who calls wenger a dick or is slagging him off on here you are not a real fan do you not know that clubs go through trophyless spells do you not know that wenger is the most successful manager the club has had and do you not know that if he leaves the half our players will leave including cesc van the man and many more

  25. bill says:

    wenger maybe our most succesful manager ever, but with every trophyless year thats wearing thin, a couple more years without a trophy and george graham will have the title of greatest arsenal manager back, now im not into name calling, but wengers downfall is his stubbornness, and his loyalty to player like’van the man’he needs to cut loose players like this and find ones that can actually help the team, and just because players will jump ship, thats no reason to keep arsene if we dont start winning things soon,so fuck them, if arsene goes let the losers who have cost him his job fuck off as well

  26. Raghuveer says:


    Completely agree.. Wenger is God… and I wont believe anythng dat is against him…

    Respect him.. for his tactics, intelligence adnd skill made u luv his club!


    I always tremble in silence, especially when I read the frustrating comments from fellow guuners. Arsenal currently does need a new manager but few players and not more than 3 to change things. But the most important one is the to psych the players up and stand my them, especially in times like this that things are going wayward.

  28. ed says:

    @harrison,get the f outta here,wenger groupie! Since we have had cesc and van persie,what hav we won?! The former is over rated,the latter,complete waste of funds!

  29. goonerNigeria says:

    It’s so annoying to see fans of my club being so divided. Geoff on le grove wrote about George Graham being better than Arsene; well, I wasn’t a fan of arsenal then and I doubt I would have been. Wenger remains the best for the job. Most of us on this side of Africa became fans cos of how we play. Let’s hope we beat Aston Villa.

  30. Vin diesel says:

    Arsene should really change his tactics and avoid looking for chelski and man u performance to keep surviving.its complete crap!!lets not say that the team is young.thats crap no2.with likes of fab,van,verm,nasri,these are top class players and u cant tell me that they loose concentration thats why we lose. Newcastle,wba,tottenham are teams we are not to lose to if we want to end the dry doesnt matter if you finish top four since 2005.we want silverware.period. Aluminium is doing nothing. We need a goalkeeper. Arsene should rise to the occasion and save the fans from frequent heart attacks.

  31. All Hypocrites says:

    Its unbelievable that when the shoes on the other foot all you muppets say is “The f**king Sun should keep out of Arsene’s private life”…”What the hell has it got to do with them” blah blah blah…..

    But i bet all you mugs were the first to come out of the cracks ranting on about Rooneys private expeditions though ay!!! “Hes disgusting”…..”How could he do that”…..”He should be ashamed of himself” ra ra ra but not its Arsene its all “Media should stay out his business”!

    And please dont give it all that bullshit that the difference is Rooneys was a hooker, it dont matter a blind bit of difference, fact is they both cheated & should know better that secrets cant be kept for long when ur famous, simple as that.

  32. Menace says:

    @Penancio gunner: You must be a spud. Please walk away from Arsenal because you do not deserve to be a gooner.

  33. ole says:

    I must confess that after the spuds game I was questioning wenger, but he can stay to the end of the season and then see. Great first half 2-0, but we need at least 3 goals to be sure. And great to see the teame play there best game of the season, without Cesc, whom i hope leave. Also the defence seems to have a slightly lower line than normal, that is a good sign.

  34. ole says:

    Sack wenger today!! its 2-3 now and it will get worse!

  35. ole says:

    Jesus christ! This is just to hard on my hart, I can`t watch afc anymore, what a roller coster afc are these days!! But we are top of the league for maybe 2,5 hours;)

  36. gunner17 says:

    bit of a minger isn’t she?

    i mean, wenger should be having affairs with carla bruni or someone.

  37. Jules says:

    I think it’s disgraceful that people are moody about Wenger being questioned. As I write this, Man U have just gone 5-0 up! Sort it out Arsene! And more importantly, sort it out all you ridiculous Wenger sycophants!!!

  38. Kalix says:

    @Penancio gunner: Laughing stock seems a bit harsh. At the moment we are top of the league.

  39. Penancio gunner says:

    You really are a bunch of cunts, i am annoyed precisely because we lost to the spuds after pissing on them and i feel wenger could have done more, i am not going to pay to see a team which cant defend ok? You can all fuck off and i think we deserve more for the money we pay, our manager is on 6 million a year!! Remember that before you call me a spuds fan ok cuntos!!

  40. Charlie says:

    We went top of the league today, albeit for 2 hours. So the defense is having problems because Gallas and Toure started causing conflicts in the squad and had to leave. Sometimes players just turn out to be d**s. We’ve had to paper over the cracks in defense but the new players will hopefully get better and Verms’ injury couldn’t have come at a worse time. Sack the best manager the club has ever had and replace with who exactly ?

  41. Dominic says:

    Are you wise in the head?
    Bring in Brady and Tony Adams? They don’t have a good track record of managing teams. If you believe they would resolve our problems then perhaps you would like to come and see the fairies at the bottom of my garden.

  42. Angry fan says:

    All I want to say today is that chamachk, wilshire and nasri were excellent. Although We did still struggle to beat those muppets from the midlands.

  43. john says:

    Our defence was good as well i thought in the whole. Koscielny dealt with carew height and power very well and equally well againat the pace and trickey of young, delfouenso

    Villa scored 2 goals 2 lucky goals really.

    Carew was offside and interfering.

    And dunne headed the ball for the sake of it he didnt mean it to go to clark.

  44. Z A R says:

    “I arrived 14 years ago and you know what happened and I promised myself I would never comment any more”

    What did he mean by “and you know what happened” ?

  45. abel says:





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