Vela set for January loan move to Championship side

Written by Chris Wheatley


Several high-flying Championship sides have been put on red alert after Mexico starlet Carlos Vela was earmarked for a January loan move away from Arsenal.

Vela, 21, who is expected to start Wednesday’s Carling Cup quarter final against Wigan, has been unable to command a regular place at the Emirates since making his debut in the summer of 2008.

Swansea City chief Brendan Rodgers revealed earlier this week that he had begun fruitful discussions with Arsene Wenger over bringing Vela to Liberty Stadium in the New Year.

This news comes as Vela’s brother, Alejandro, told a Mexican news outlet that a move is even more likely after the return of fellow strikers Nicklas Bendtner and Robin van Persie from injury.

“The truth is that there are several senior European teams in different leagues who are interested and he already possesses a EU passport so don’t be surprised if he leaves Arsenal,” Vela’s older brother claimed.

“But, everything has been kept quiet because this is how things are done in European football but for sure is that Carlos is seeking other options because he wants to play.”

Do you think a loan move to the Championship would be good for Vela? Or should he stay and fight for his place at Arsenal? Leave your views on the frontman in the comments section below.

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I think it’s the best choice for the manager to send Vela to Championship side and watch if Vela can cope with it and benefit from playing week in, week out..

I hope we will get a better Vela back from the loan..


a loan move to the championship could be the making of vela, confidence and the ability to know how to deal with physical defenders are some of the things he could gain

plus a good and i mean good run of regular games will help him to learn the importance and know what it feels to fight for a team


Well Fulham were reportedly interested not long ago. I would prefer he stayed in the Premiership, but wherever he goes he must be a regular.


Sell cocky Bendtner. Let Vela play!


great news. he can only flourish at loan!!


He needs a PL-Side. He just needs to adjust properly to PL-standards, gain a little bit self-confidence and then he will be a great asset for us!

Angry fan

Get rid. Move JET and afobe into the 1st team. Waste of time is the little Mexican.


If he has to go for a loan, why not a Premiere League side. If European teams are interested in him, surely English sides must be interested too. Actually I love his play so I’d like to see him above Bendtner in the pecking order, since we now have Chamakh for the kind of options Bendner provides.


Send him 2 spain where he can speak the language and villereal would be a good choice or how about bolton coyle is a good manager look what he did for wilshere toughen him up a bit as his style is the closest we have seen to henry. Can’t stick the ball in a empty net but give him a juggle or dribble he finds his rythem and scores the best goals.

Peter King Oloo

JET & Afobe to the first team? Am having a laugh
Dude, ur bollocks!


i personally dont think a mvoe to spain will benefit him that much besides put him back in a confort zone, i feel he needs to adapt to the english game….once he does that we will see the flashes of quality on a week i week out basis

Song is King

What about Bolton again? He needs to adapt to the Premier League because currently he isn’t. He’s too weak for the physical challenge and a loan to Premiership side would help him a lot I think.


i agree with bolton as well, though he would have to make the impact from the bench


I think he should move to a club which has a similar style of play as us.How about Blackpool for instance or even Aston Villa,they are depleted in terms of personnel !


tricky one. maybe use him as part/exchange bait for, say, cahill ?

Marty Price

I agree with those seeking a PL side. I also think that Bendtner is rubbish. He was ludicrous in the Braga match, and I feel Vela is already beetter then he on the ball and without it. Sell Bendtner, loan out Vela and pray that Van Persie can sgtay healathy long enough to do ANYTHING. Vela’s upside is greater then either of the other two.

Aussie Jack

Look after yourself Carlos, Eduardo seems to be doing very well after leaving and so will you, just try to stay in Premier League football. Myself I think you are of greater value to Arsenal than either Bendtner or Van Parsie.

He’s already been on loan to Spain several times. If he wants to make it consistently into our first team, he has to stay in England, up his work ethic, and learn the language better. I think a stint at a Championship or lower Premiership side would do him a world of good. And if not, he can be permanently be sold to Spain, where perhaps he’s better suited. Still, he’s shown enough skill and such that you have to hope he can make it at the Arsenal. He can do a lot of the same things Reyes could do… Read more »
true gooner

i really hope vela doesnt gt sold … he iz a fantastic playa n deserves more chances in da premier league ratha dan jus da cup gmes … he cn mke alot of differences in gmes n he can prove da difference in gmes!!!

Padraic Connell

Dam! great call by indian gooner. Blackpool would be the ideal club for him!

don B

dats good news atleast playin week in and out will not only toughen him but sharpen his game


Most Arsenal fans have known this all along:all Vela needs is a loan(season long) to a championship or EPL side that play with some physical robustness and a bit of style like Blackpool, Burnley or even Bolton.Once he adds aggression, decisiveness and tenacity to his skills, he’ll be very okay.I prefer him taking over or playing instead of Arshavin in the LWF position.I am shocked he hasnt pushed for this all this while.The impending arrival of Wellington means time is running out for him. DO IT WENGER!


I think he should go to a premier league struggler instead. Clubs like Wolves, Wigan or to the high flying QPR or Cardiff in the championship