Dec 02

talkSPORT Presenter: “Arshavin shouldn’t be welcomed back into England”

Controversial talkSPORT host Adrian Durham stated that Arsenal midfielder Andrey Arshavin “shouldn’t be welcome back into England” after taking part in Russia’s successful bid to host the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Arshavin, who will be 37 by the time Russia hold the event, was present at FIFA’s HQ in Zurich along with several other Russian dignitaries for the well-awaited announcement.

Despite Arshavin looking extremely dignified after the announcement, Durham used the 29-year-old as a scapegoat for England’s bid failure and encouraged his listeners to “boo” Arshavin when he returns to club duty for Arsenal.

“Arshavin shouldn’t be welcomed back into England after what he did to us,” Durham said on his daily ‘Drive Time’ show.

The oil-rich nation of Qatar were the other selected country to host the 2022 World Cup, making it the smallest nation and first Middle Eastern country to participate in the tournament.


126 Responses to “talkSPORT Presenter: “Arshavin shouldn’t be welcomed back into England””

  1. Tim says:

    adrian durham your a moron. we should boycott you from the media and you should be locked away in an institution. simple concepts seem to go well over you heard and you bring your education levels into question every time you open your mouth. please never speak again. The world cup promotes equality and is one of the most anti-racist stands in the world today. You and everyone you represent is a racist and as such, dont deserve the world cup in the first instance. Your comment after losing the world cup bid displays exactly WHY we did not win it in the first place. It is in fact YOU that is ruining it for us all hard working football loving non-racist brits and YOU should be boycotted from the country you goose.

  2. Merry says:

    IS THAT NOT RASCISM OR ZENAPHOBIA??? Its not ARshaven’s fault!! Although i may jus boo BILYALEDINOV! only coz he’s lettin the bluses down! iF I MADE REMARKS LIKE THAT ABOUT MY RUSSIAN COLLEAGES ID BE GETTIN THE BOOT!!!!!

  3. TopGun says:

    Durham is a complete twat! I’ve thought so for years. He’s anti-Arsenal and just spouts pure bullshit. The guy deserves a complete kicking and an Arsenal flag pole planted in his forehead so he knows who did it. Join my “Adrian Durham is a Twat” group on Facebook to show your support for the hatred of this idiot.

  4. Johnny M says:

    Well done for responding to Durham and advertising Talk Sport to everybody. Some people are employed because they are controversial. Outright 100% hatred doesn’t surround Durham, but I’d say half the people I know hate him, and that’s why he’s in the job. So please don’t even post stuff like this?

  5. pixser says:

    haha…just like perugia did to ahn jung hwan when s. korea beat italy in 2002 WC, wtf man…it’s not the english players who make BPL just like now…i bet where BPL will be if all players are english…lol..

  6. Alan says:

    They tried the same corruption route the Russians used, even the Prime Minister tried to suck up to the bribe takers to keep them kind.

    Now that it is lost, it is sour grapes (just like the world cup, or any other football competition England participate in).

    Go on fooling yourself to thinking this is still a great empire, when in reality it has become a small European 3rd world country, only benefiting from being a US servant!

  7. LHW says:


    well its being played in Russia which is definitely a Racist country,to all the litle internet warriors trying their little insults on , please go away, this is an Arsenal site and the article is about an Arsenal player who supported his country who can blame him. the article says clearly the idiot on talkshite is a racist and an idiot

  8. AndyPandy says:

    Talkshite have done it again. What a load of complete crap. If Arshavin should be banned, then how about the guy who paid for the votes Abramovich. Andre was supporting his country and I’m sure any English player playing in a country bidding for the world cup would do the same. Come on Andre knock a couple in tomorow for us.

  9. chris gardner says:

    nice one brother

  10. Kofi says:

    You see how they always look for opportunity to get at arsenal. Why no on else but arsenal player. Arsenal fun shd see through some of these stuff and stand by their players and we would win everything. Shame on you Dur”Wht ever” and please give us a break. England had a good presentation but Press like you gave the bid to Russia by your arrogant and bias practices. FA Refs and Press. Read this

  11. lal says:

    Durham you are a beckham loving burk

  12. lal says:

    Dear durham what about your tattooed emblazed super hero beckham he does not live in england and I will wager he has no intention of living here again but media morons like you durham, will always have brown noses when it comes to david beckham because you just want to play to the public.Leave arshavin alone he did the right thing, they should boo you instead

  13. truefan says:

    here here about time, its an absolute load of garbage what the great british public is fed regarding beckham

  14. Abu Yousuf says:

    see how they always try to get @ arsenal, even with the small things. its not his fault that england didnt get the bid, i dont know why many people always go against arsenal, they produce the best football and anyone who’s in the right mind would say it and so would the neutrals. talkshit are at it again, durham your a twat. He’s five foot fooooooour, we got arshaaaavin, fu** adebayoooooooor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Morten says:

    This statement i published truely show how little pride that some people have. Get over it, russia got the WC. Even if i have hoped it had gone to England.
    But this wasn`t Arshavin`s desission, but Fifa made it.
    People should rather Boo BBC for making the tv programs on Fifa, and taking them off the air..

  16. will d says:

    That man is a complete idiot. Some of the tosh that is spouted from their website is truly impressive. when oligarchs meet oligarchs they kind of get on – hence Russia wins! Hardly Arshavin’s fault.

  17. colonel M says:

    ive alwys said that Adrian is a Lunatic,i cant stand that heap of shit/excuse of a man.hear him vomiting his shit and he thinks he talks sense-a disgrace to English people

  18. bob says:

    quite right about beckham totally overated twat

  19. bob says:

    Can you imagine if an english man ran a russian football club as abramovitch does at chelsea, and then at a world cup vote england got the world cup, the english owner of the russin club goes ballistic as abrovitch was seen to do. I would imagine he would not last in russia very long!!!!!!

  20. chika says:

    adrian durham is nothing but a cock-sucking dip shit. such an arrogant piss of shit. it’s cos of people like him that is why england where refused the bid. he can go burn in hell for all i care.

  21. stretch007 says:

    and oh while we are on the issue, why don’t we just ban Chelsea FC i mean its a Russian club with a coupla English players rite mate? sod off get a life

  22. bob says:

    good idea stretch ban fucking chelsea

  23. hh says:

    I think the point bob is trying to make stretch you plank!!! is anyone from anywhere can live in england and take the piss which you cant do in other countries

  24. aikmbulelo says:

    What else to be said? The simpleton should by now bury his head in shame. Let’s just move on and leave him with his nincompoopry.

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  26. Martinos says:

    He’s a fellow Posh fan (unfortunately) with a BIG ego. Nobody cares about your hatred for Arsenal. Get over it.


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