Dec 09

“In 10 years, nobody will remember Arsenal”, claims Evra

Manchester United left back Patrice Evra has launched another scathing attack on Arsenal ahead of Monday’s crucial Premier League clash between the two heavyweights at Old Trafford.

The French international, who has previously dubbed Arsene Wenger’s team as “babies” and “shameful“, suggested that “nobody will remember them in 10 years time” due to the recent lack of silverware in the Emirates Stadium trophy cabinet. 

Speaking to French TV station Canal +, Evra said:

“In my opinion, Arsenal is just an Academy. I watch their games, they’re a pleasure to watch, but will they win a title? That’s what people remember. In 10 years, nobody will remember of them.

“Arsenal is a great Club, they didn’t win a trophy for 5 years, it’s a crisis in my opinion. People always think about the ‘Arsenal way of playing’, but at the end, there’s nothing.

“We can lose 13-0 against them, but at the end what happen? Nothing. No trophy, no nothing.”

Evra, 29, also claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson’s side only look out for Chelsea’s results in the Premier League, going on to say that Arsenal don’t pose a main threat to the Red Devils.

“We only watch out for Chelsea’s results, not Arsenal, even though Arsenal is a great team, which can win against Chelsea, against us, against anybody.

“When we play Arsenal, we enjoy it. It’s a team who play football, they won’t go at Old Trafford to play in their own box.

“The difference is that we play good football but we’ve got physical power as well. Sometimes they don’t manage to kill the games, and we are more clinical.”

These comments just come hours after Evra’s fellow United team-mate Nani revealed that Arsenal are now more of a “bigger threat” compared to Chelsea.

What do you think of Evra’s comments? Are they typical United mind-games? Or do they have some subtance to them?

Leave your views in the comments section below.

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137 Responses to ““In 10 years, nobody will remember Arsenal”, claims Evra”

  1. arsenal4ever says:

    in 10 years nobody will remember on evra, hahahhahaha!!! what a kunt he is. hope he breaks his legs and can never play again!!!

  2. Melo says:

    Evra is fucked up and thats why he is not playing for the french national team,he should let his fptball do the talking.

  3. Patricias a wanker says:

    What a cunt this bastard is being. Arsenal can win them 13 nil yet still no trophy. Songinho, go break his fucking legs

  4. GuNeRs says:

    Lol just shows how much class united players have. What a dick

  5. Fearless One says:

    It is my prayer that he will eat his words someday soon..

  6. Big Gadge says:

    The bloke is a complete and utter tit.

  7. steve says:

    relax,…best left back in the world!!!hahahahaha..this guy evra is s**t..i think arsenal have a better squad than man united.arsenal should actually cover their defensive problems,whereas when it comes to attacking,they easily break up defenses..all that coming from a liverpool fan

  8. Arsha says:

    I really hope Someone pins this up in the Arsenal dressing room. Nothing else needed.

    Besides his premise is wrong. Everyone remember the Dutch total football national team that won nothing

  9. damstar says:

    thats my boy talking the truth right there. Evra is right. The truth is hard to take sometimes. He is telling you guys and your academy arsenal fc to man-up and know how to win trophies. Not just only sexy football all the time. Man up, have some grit to be able to win trophies so in the next ten years people can see your past achievements. All your chicken players must grow up fast now and win trophies fact! Red devils for ever!!

  10. James says:

    lollermelon, i love the picture of arsene you put up!

  11. Lasentence says:

    I am affraid I tend to agree with this c***. when was the last time arsenal won or was a threat to the big 4? Arsenal is indeed an academy now.. Look fabregas, he’s has Been trained since he was 16 and now that he is getting very good… He is (or likely to be) off to barca… Look at flamini, viera, cole, hleb, etc… We can keep our players at the moment and that’s a big issue for us. The youngster policy only work if they are still around to deliver when they come to maturity. Arsenal can win against everybody bur can also lose against everybody (need some examples?). Someone said that the difference between arsenal and the big team is that when man u or Chelsea play well, you know they will win. When arsenal play well… Nobody knows for sure! Anyway, c’mon gunners!

  12. supersam8 says:

    yeah, we should “man up” and fucking spend ourselves into oblivion. our squad has fucking mad quality, song, koscielny, and denilson can only get bigger. they are still young, when you’re 23 your fully grown? and those 3 are our weakest links.. maybe squillaci, i guess i’d say i’m not convinced. but the attackers. everybody that leads the line and comes in from midfield make me believe

    damstar, i don’t normally say this before a game. but man united will be eating shit fucking pie come monday night

  13. Hans says:

    People still remember the kind of football Netherland played in the seventies.

    And even if Netherland did win the European Cup for Nation in 88, they are more famous for the fantastic football the played in the seventies.

    And football the played is what we today call the Arsenal way ?

  14. ugoooner says:

    dude u ve got balls and no brains, have you tried to wonder who will remember you in 2yrs? better work on yr game and leave the talking to ppl who talk sense bse u r ashaming my skin colour

  15. supersam8 says:

    and to answer patrice the retard evra. people will be talking about the invincibles as long as football is around

  16. GunnerRashidinho says:


  17. pastaface says:

    The way Man U are going with their debt there will be no Man U in 10 years!

  18. dvsg says:

    damstar you are a dam twat. Your idiot of a player is giving us all the motivation our guys need to come to your shithole of a ground and spank you senseless. This is the worst manure team and squad i have seen in ages so think before you shoot your big mouth off you glory hunting a*hole. I bet your not even from manchester. Probably on the south side of the m25 would be my guess given that you managed to spell achievements. Well done now piss off till monday when we will see if you are big enough to admit you were wrong and out of order.

  19. seng7 says:

    @James: you hit the nail right on the head. That’s exactly what AW thinks of Evra’s comments. @Arsha: Yep i hope thats exactly what Eboue does

  20. E4superfly says:

    What rubbish in ten years time man united will be the next leeds and arsenal will be on there 8th year of winning the league.

    Arsenal is growing day by day. Youth academy? how many great players started at academy’s most players only peak between 25 and 28 ask yourself how old all arsenal players are right now in ten years time JET will be kicking arse like no ones business (nasri is only 23 and cesc 23 as well).

    one of these days Evra may not even get a salary and he’ll be forced to move then we’ll see who is winning trophies.

    Trophies are not all won on the field had chelsea not been bought over they still would be useless.

  21. nanicoming4u says:

    Hahahaha…..typical arsenal fans , always moaning and pissing off like your fucking manager, u stupid cunts Evra is absolutely right in every words he said, he is realistic but u all a bunch of scumbags

  22. Riste says:

    “We can lose 13-0 against them, but at the end what happen?”
    It looks to me that someone is making early excuses for the upcoming defeat :)

  23. dan says:

    he’s spot on and you have to blame wengker for arsene we rust.

  24. evra is a whore says:

    i hope eva gets raped by a jungle mokey on the way to his car, then pissed on my a siberian husky, and finally shat on by a passing squirel. Oh yh, then dies

  25. an arse worth having says:

    This hi-lights the one reason we haven’t won anything lately. Back in the day that sort of comment would get rammed back down Evra’s throat by any one of a number of players. Need a dirty streak to win the title. We used to have it, and Chelsea have it now when needed. (See Essien on Diaby this season) The players have to man up.

  26. Matt says:

    Hey before you guys jump in with all the defensive attitudes and abuse, just think about what he is saying!!! Our Invincibles side will be remembered forever, because not only were they entertaining they were effective and WINNERS. This current crop are nowhere near that standard and if we fail to win the EPL this year it is quite likely that in 10 years time they won’t be remembered….. only WINNERS are remembered, history proves it.

  27. simmer10 says:

    His comments will be posted in the Arsenal dressing room.What a tit!

  28. S Peters says:

    Evra is a cock! End off

  29. young says:

    Who is this Evla geezer?

  30. Kosta says:

    Matt…Manure have a special on Evra shirts…go buy one and sod off to Old Trafford.

    Evra needs to shut up and look in the mirror. He is responsible for France fucking up in the World Cup this year. He has a terrible attitude. This guy always opens his mouth before a game against Arsenal just to mindfuck us. Arsenal will alway be known because we have a brilliant history and the Invincibles. Man United has more of a chance to go bust than we do coz of their fucked up debt.

    Geez Evra is not even worth it. He’ll eat shit soon enough.

  31. Miguel_Arsenal says:

    Go Arsenal… Walcott show Evra what is a good player….

  32. simms21 says:

    Don’t worry guys at least we know he watches the games and doesn’t look for the results. Good on you Patrice.

  33. Amerigooner says:

    He’s obsessed with Arsenal. He can’t stand the fact that they’ve beaten us to a few titles in the last few years, won the CL, and yet still more people in the world recognize us for our beautiful football. Only Barca in world football can eclipse us in terms of our style. He HATES that, the jealous kunt.

  34. bimo13 says:

    but only less than one year nobody wants to remember MU anymore! 😀

  35. tom h says:

    Evra is always one to open his mouth and chat shit. Hes a fading leftback talking up manure because he knows this season were going to give them a game. Proberley frightened of the prospect of nasri running at him. Im sure man united will be remebered in 10years, for being such a big club destroyed by debt , i love it

  36. Rick Jones says:

    Oh Patricia Patricia! Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Slap her come Monday.

  37. Rusher says:

    Evra’s comments have truth in them. You have to win to continue garnering interest. Otherwise, you are just an academy. Players of name would not wish to play for you even if you pay well. If Arsenal win a major trophy, some one sure will remember them in 10 years. Otherwise, it is just pretty and nothing more. We all know that pretty fades in time but trophies are like diamonds–they are forever!!

  38. james says:

    can’t really blame him for coming out with this kind of a statement, in a word he’s right… if we fail to win a trophy, or any meaningful silverware, then in 10 years no one is gona remember the season, were we came 3rd or when we got knocked out in the semi’s of whatever cup competition, history is written by the victor (or something along those lines) and as they say, your nothing if your not first…
    Anyway, im looking forward to the match big time, reminds you of the good old days, when us and the mancs was the biggest game of the season, and to be honest i have no idea how it’s gona go, as we arent playing well, and neither are they, granted they thumped blackburn, and for periods of games we have looked super, but we both have weaknesses that the other can exploit and it should be a cracker!!!! ill take a 1-0 but i could see a score draw, or hopefully us to win 3-2 wit a rvp penalty in the 98 minute of injury time…

  39. Jan says:

    While I hate his guts, Evra is right. We’re nothing if we don’t win trophies. That’s a cold hard fact.

  40. frankie says:

    @Arsha: That Dutch team won the European cup, and loads of their players won trophies with their clubs. But I think I see your point.

    Re: Evra? Not bothered. This current crop know they need a trophy or two. Go fuckin’ get one!

  41. Menace says:

    Evra is an uneducated idiot with boots. His parents left him beside the gutter in which he found a ball and now he thinks he is Bobby Kennedy. Arsenal have always played better football under Wenger than Man United. Evra has been fortunate to play for a club that has speial dispensation from the Laws of Football. It is similar to the FIFA allocation of World Cups.
    The use of financial clout has never been an Arsenal ploy. The Arsenal success has been technical excellence within a working structure. That did exist at Man United but seems to have drifted with the dollar. The wind up merchants at Old Trafford have started having a go and will certainly be given a hiding this time in spite of making the fixture an 8pm Monday night game.

  42. GoonerForLife says:

    I’m actually liking all the hate arsenal are getting recently. If we’re so crap why bother with us…the fact is we are still a treat to the others and will always be.

  43. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    The fact that Evra is 29 and in 10 years will be both finished and forgotten while Arsenal will still be around and the same strong club it is now makes his comments laughable.

    Actually if he didnt shoot his mouth off in the press – he would be barely noticeable during the time that he has been playing.

  44. MIO says:

    Patrice who? Evra always speaks before reasoning. In the next 10 years, people will still remember the French National team at the 2010 World Cup and his shambolic captaincy.

  45. vijay says:

    Now here’s something that’ll do wonders for the Arsenal dressing room.

    This guy really understands nothing.

  46. kola says:

    Evra must be an asshole,really,in 10 years,Man U will be wallowing in the third tier of english league and hell be in some town,fucked up,demented and broke

  47. Rimauiwan says:

    He is just jelous because Sagna is far more good looking than him and wondering how to make stylish classical hair like Sagna

  48. yunos(Malaysia) says:

    I will remember the French Squad that Mighty Evra plays in the last World Cup forever.


  49. kevin says:

    you are a disgrace to french You will be remembered as the worst captain to ever captain that team you this kaunts your entire generation will never be as good as the most useless player in arsenal

  50. two says:

    Evra had made some points. Arsenal need to be more clinical, kill the game off, and deny any chances for the opponents to score. The problem is that I still see some mentality weakness among gunners. I wish they could grow stronger, mentally!

  51. Anthony V says:

    I didn’t think I could hate Patrice Evra anymore than I already did. Consider me proven wrong on that account.

  52. Anthony V says:

    I didn’t think I could hate Patrice Evra anymore than I already did. Consider me proven wrong on that account. This isn’t just competitive banter, but an attack. Truly a classless player, but then again that was proven at the World Cup.

  53. santhovski says:

    If Arsenal win, people will say that’s a beautyfull game, But if MU win people says they’re lucky to win. That makes evra jealous.

  54. Guuuuum says:

    this guy truly deserves a kung fu kick de jong style.

  55. D'Gunner says:

    He is an asshole!

  56. Chris says:

    Evra is an idiot,hope sbody lets the playerz kw exactly w@ he said,ova 2 u mr. Jack wilsher,deal wit hm!

  57. nanicoming4u says:

    And don’t try any kinda mind games by claiming cesc is playing coz we all know wenger is a great liar….am almost certain that he will be in the starting lineup so pls stop complaining all the time and start to grow up , whatever the result i dont care coz i almost sure u are not gonna win the title with your inconsistent bunch of infants lol

  58. H ibrahim says:

    GOD will punish evra with that stupid comment he made,in next 1 years people will not hear your name again.

  59. Femi says:

    Evra is an illiterate, Arsenal Balance Sheet is in BLUE while Man IOU is in RED. Very soon Man IOU will go into Administration and then he will run to Wenger 4 help like Gallas and Silv.

  60. Femi Jacobs says:

    I thought Evra will be concern about the debacle of france and his shameful and rude act cum suspension? Player who does not have home decorum should be ashame and shurt the dirty mouth up.

    The only time he was given the opportunity to captain he failed and still dont have shame. He shows he is a pig.

  61. Deedoug says:

    Evra is a fucking faggot, i pray he eats his words, FOOL.

  62. abel says:

    okey guess our team heard the comments as well,

    they will punish him trust me

  63. ash20 says:

    *arsenal need be more clinical…
    but for saying tat 10 years no body will remember arsenl is bull shit!!!

  64. Gooner says:

    Hahaha all I can say is have fun on monday with nasri on ur side

  65. jonah says:

    i personally agree with Evra`s comments,how?wenger doesnt want to solve the problems at the club now, honestly where are we heading.In defence we are very weak and on the wings no players to insert pressure,much is in midfield.Then wenger should avoid saying that he wont buy in january,you should strengthen the defence,not by saying the present players wont feel ok if you bring in,what have they done good so far?we need trouphies we are tired wenger,this is peoples club not personal kiosk.what if we get injuries you will say its bad luck,we want the back four to be in pairs and more experienced.kindly dont play Eboue back left on monday let clinchy play 90mins coz i can sense saw unplaned rotations in champions has caused us to be in no. 2.Am a real gooner.Thanks.

  66. Solomon says:

    Well that is Evra’s opinion. All that need to happen is for us to win and the same report must interview him after May when the trophy is at the Emirates. I think there are many people like Evra out there but we just have to prove them wrong. At least he has conceded defeat even before we play them by saying that we can beat them 13-0.

  67. evra sucks says:

    ok Evra, don’t talk too much and try to stop Nasri!!!! oops, if you can!!!!


    its not that duaff evras fault.its the fault of the refrees like howard webb,Mike Dean, martin atkison and some others who always BIAS while refering for arsenal.EVRA IS A COMPLETE TAOUT,ILETERATE.

  69. Lanz says:

    The guy is so very obssesed with Arsenal! Can anybody dig out stuff about him please? I’m begining to suspect that AW probably refused to go for hkm sometime jn tbe past, maybe because of price or woteva. Has Liverpool been been forgotten or Tottenham or Valencia or PSG or Galatasaray?

  70. Gunningooner says:

    I agree with gooner!!! once nasri is done with him, walcott is gonna come on and run him to death.

    But its fine guys, it will just make our victory on monday better!

  71. chidozie says:

    yes, it is hard to swallow but he has a point that our players should look at and respond to prove him wrong, but with the way we play this time? Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that our boys will wakeup and turn things around then force evra to focus on man u and stop snooping. Gunner 4 life

  72. petros says:

    evra watch out for WALCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! keep him tight :) heheehe

  73. gooner says:

    hope that evra loses his leg ina an injury so that no 1 ll remember him 4ever!!!!!

  74. Maxwell says:

    Evra’s a fool who opens his mouth before thinking…

  75. Aman says:

    What retarded comments, he always has something or the other to say before the arsenal game, he got kicked around well b fabregas and co 2 seasons back for making such comments, and he is at it again, how can anyone for the matter of fact respect him when he doesnt respect other clubs atleast the top clubs, on one hand we have nani saying he sees arsenal as the biggest threat and now u have a trup here talking thrash again, well i guess no team talk is required by wenger on this one, evra has already done that for the arsenal.

  76. offside isutsa says:

    ok. Evra is a champion!!!!! he should remember his contribution to France during the world cup in south Africa.they will be remembered for winning it!!! he should know that nobody will remain consistent for ever.arsenal will surprise them on mon.go fuck your ass evunure.bastard.

  77. offside isutsa says:

    yes captain.we will remeber evra for 10 years in south africa.ev***

  78. Boody says:

    I think Evra is just trying to protect himself against humiliation. hes a coward thinking his comment will make arsenal players scared of him. Its just a mind game and he knows it.

  79. Gunaz rule says:

    Evra is a fool and nothing less. he is opting to leave ManUre for Madrid.“Arsenal is a great Club, they didn’t win a trophy for 5 years, it’s a crisis in my opinion…” this also happened SAF and he only goat a chance when he won the Beer Cup. so Evra shut you Mouth and find your way back to the french team.Nasri, Diaby, Clichy, Sagna rule thew orld…

  80. Sulaiman Gunner says:

    that is his opinion. we don’t need the distraction, becaurse that is what they do. let the pitch be the judge.

  81. Bob says:

    I just like the way he says stuff. U feel the pain, perhaps one day a change can come in. Sound bad, don’t I?

  82. ohuche augustine says:

    evra is a big FOOL THAT TALKS TOO MUCH.

  83. Joshua says:

    Dat bastard as alwys bin blabing n mouth running aginst arsenal,i rily hate him n wsh him 30yrs injury,wat is is business abt us,smbdy pls talk 2dt ugly punk,he stink n digust me on tv,

  84. the truth says:

    Now u c the essence of being Educated, football’s nt evrything, smetimes u nd to learn some Morals in schl, moreso he cmes from an humble bckgrnd of illegal immigrants frm dakar senegal, so he’s nt really french, dts why he’s gt no regards 4 d french team and d coach, and also arsene wenger (one of d greatst coach to cme out frm france). May God Help Him b4 its too Late

  85. nnadis says:

    when a player is begining to lose his form, then he will allow his tongue to be the footballer.

  86. Fred says:

    I don’t think we play too much good football, honestly. First of all we only win the 60% of our games, and I don’t count drawing or losing “good football” and it’s not the definition of “pleasure to watch” not being able to score at home against a newly promoted team. Second, even when we win, like against Braga, we too often see a dull game, which Wenger and co. admit as “we were not sharp”, half of our wins are like that.

    It’s been a myth, unfortunately, we have played no more pretty football than any other team in the league in recent years. Unless, you call toothless passing around in the middle third pretty football, you are probably the ones who think touching each others’ hands in the bed equals sex. Sorry to disappoint – nope.

  87. BennyGooner says:

    I agree boys … Nasri will twist and turn Evra into the ground like a f*cking corkscrew and then walcott will DESTROY him for the last 15/20 mins. Bring it on. COME ON THE GUNNERS ITS ABOUT TIME WE BATTERED THESE MANCS !!

  88. ay, Nigeria says:

    Evra is a fool, who is a player to label a whole big club like Arsenal just an academy, i dont expect much from a brainless idiot who led france to a disastrous outing in the world cup in south africa. Arsenal might not have won in 5 years but what of JUVENTUS, MILLAN, Man City(with big money), are they also academy? Arsenal will eventually win the carling this year and then it will an end to all the shout of trophyless. Madrid spent a lot and could not win anything last year, Man utd, Chelsea among others have been winning where arsenal has not simply because we are not spending, this year we bought four players and we are already leading the league, in the carling semis and last 16 of champs, i dont know evras educational background but i think he is an illiterate, where is your world cup medal? talking has if you have won everything in football, People will forget arsenal in 10 years? arsenal has been in existence before your generation was born, you can ask your father, even Nani has more brain than you.

  89. Mohammed says:

    Sually he Evra will eat his word

  90. jaykay de ganna says:


  91. BP says:

    I hope our Manager pins this up on our dressing room wall on Monday night. BTW where will Evra be in 10 years time? Causing trouble elsewhere like he does at World Cups and with Groundmen at Stamford Bridge.

  92. Jon says:

    No-one remembers who Patrice Evra is now. It’s why he feels the need to flap his lips so much whenever we play the Mancs.

  93. fab says:


  94. Truegooner says:

    Evra is a margot and we’ll shut him up sooner rather than later watch these space!!

  95. Truegooner says:

    he’s just trying to play mind games so that he gets sympathy from the ref when he being kicked all over the picth

  96. Football is round and it is not the first/last time for Arsenal to meet with Manchester United.Arsenal have ever won several trophies and beside that they have one of the most unbeaten record in the English premier league in 2004.

  97. Arsenal is a big team with a strong squad able to win matches both home and away.
    Manchester United were beaten 4-0 by west ham United knocking them out of the calling cup; and west ham are at the bottom of the English premier league.
    What of Arsenal top of the premier league table?

  98. Cyril says:

    The mistake some adult make is not knowing when a child grows up to a young man. Some years ago, it was easier to mark and take the ball away from Nasri. But not this season, even Evra can not take the ball from Nasri. That means he has matured more than other seasons back. same applies to the rest of the team. Evra is making a big mistake. I’m sure he will realize his mistake on Monday night.

  99. Evra=Attention says:

    Faggot, low life prick who thinks his top shit well yeh he is TOP SHIT!! Haha ten yrs time alex fergusons face will be as wrinkled as my balls, n as 4 u, evra u just a fuk tart tryn to get attention coz we play da game da it way it shuld be playd n we r using young quality who one day will turn around n say dat evra sed dat arsenal won’t be rememberd in ten yrs time well now it is 2020 n evra is watchn so go get fukd coz no 1 remembers u u stupid Slut!!!!!! Eat cock …. Arsenal Pride 4 Life!!


  101. Truth Be Told says:

    you can realy blame evra, dts d way he ws brught up, he’s nt really well educatd, so dnt blame 4 nt hving morals or knwing hw to talk, moreover is nt realy french, he ws born in dakar senegal, dts y he’s gt no regards for the french National Team, coach,Arsene wenger, or arsenal.

  102. evra is a b**** says:

    evra is an idiot and he shud jus go dig his gave

  103. Truth Be Told says:

    you can realy blame evra, dts d way he ws brught up, he’s nt really well read or educatd, so dnt blame him 4 nt hving morals or knwing hw to talk, moreover is nt realy french, he ws born in dakar senegal, dts y he’s gt no regards for the french National Team, coach,Arsene wenger, or arsenal.

  104. Nonso diobu says:

    Evra u d nxt ten yrs france wil remember u as their worst ever world cup captain in south africa

  105. Theo T Cramerr says:

    Evra Evra evra … the evra chronicle …. not a surprise ! United-mind .there is no possible answer to this personal attack from evra to arsenal squad , a real gooner should know that this guy is jealous of our style and capacity.With these wonderful remarks you should understand that Mr.evra is afraid of The Gunners for the title ..isnt it ???

    I’m Tristan from french guiana South america a Gooner forever

  106. Sanmite says:

    Everybody knows dat evra is a stupid tin including even Platini said so. In 10yrs Man U wil b like sunderland, blackburn.

  107. Joshua says:

    Dat son of a bastard has alwys bin blabing n mouth running 2us,wat it own business abt arsenal,d idoit senegeles shud beta sty focus n watch hw nasir wud disgrace n drible him,i wsh him bad luck in d derby bcos of his licking mouth

  108. Steven says:

    Mourinho said worse things about Wenger and Arsenal and then met Barca who taught him that he and his team of overpaid, overrated stars are no better!At least we lost 4-1 at the Nou Camp but his was a drubbing!So much for the special one!After Evra called us babies, he and his men were babyish when they lost to Barca too!Of the 20 teams in EPL, he’s taken a swipe at Arsenal every time… while the likes of Liverpool, relegation-threatened teams are never mentioned…yet we are top of the table! We are doing something right and that is eating away at him…Lol!Sorry Evra, you’ll be well again one day!

  109. Farouq Phill says:

    No wonder you captained France and they were such a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Andrew says:

    Evra, in 10 yrs time Arsenal will be the dominant force because we’ve been bringing through all these youngsters together – you will be retired and Man U will be winning nothing because they’re in debt!

  111. GM says:

    Tho I know he’s a complete dumb ass and deserves a punch in his big mouth… i think there is a little bit of truth to the physical comment.
    WE’RE NOT PHYSICAL ENOUGH. We need a Tony Adams-type mad man in the back.

  112. deny says:

    I know that he is thick but now he just proove that

  113. FOR319NER says:

    Yeah, this comes from a person who causes major rifts inside his own national team. Doubt he is the first person people will take note of.

  114. collins says:

    evra is a fool born by a prostitute mother and a criminal father

  115. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Sadly, Evra is the sort of nasty little creep that would start a row in a phone box on his own. Look at how the French team did and he was a major part of that. He is a knob and do not bother to be wound up by him. Thanks though “Pat” for doing AW’s team talk for him – your team gonna get beat on monday!

  116. MARK REED says:

    what he means is no one will remember evra! what a total twat he is

  117. Well…. there’s a bit of disagreement in the camp at Old Trafford, as Nani has just come out saying we are United’s main threat.

  118. MistaKen says:

    I am confident we will start winning trophies and we will be remembered as a great team way beyond 10 years. We have the funds to complete the team in the January window with a quality CB and CM, but I fear we will again not buy thereby making this season tougher that it otherwise would be to win silverware. This is what kills me

  119. Afc kings says:

    This is the same jumped up skinny legged little cunt that led the French squad revolt in south Africa. What he says is worth as much as a shit in a cardboard box! Rant over!

  120. Evra the cock says:

    Evra, what a complete tosser and a waste of space. In ten years time he’ll be long forgotten, even by Man Utd fans. Twat should shut the fcuk up.

  121. Monkey says:

    im no psychiatrist but could the real reason behind us all hating on Evra be that maybe, just maybe – he might have a point!! yes he’s a total c**t, i fu**ing hate him and wish we had a Vieira to smash the f**k out of him on monday night!
    but . . . how many of you remember Chelski before they won stuff?? What would scousers have to talk about frm the last decade without Istanbul?? and would we be that proud of the Invincible season if we’d ended up 2nd????

  122. sam says:

    Evra clearly doesn’t know his history because arsenal have been famous since the 30s and 40s and have gone more than 5 years without trophies but still they remain one of the top teams in world football and i guess he doesnt know because he doesnt read our results, that we r top of the league and we are going to go six points clear.

  123. Abey says:

    Evra’s remarks about Arsenal is unacceptable but there is an iota of truth in his words. Physical presence is missing & ability to kill match is a problem. The match against Tottenham is a good example! We need to improve our squad. Gunners 4 life!

  124. jaga says:

    you evra shit..put your finger in your ass you will exactly know how smelly you are. keep it shut and play your game on monday you will see the kids will out run you and then you will realize what an old smelly dog you are.

  125. Devils-4-Life says:

    Now, I have found this extrememly funny to read the comments on this board. Oh has it made my day. There are a lot of you who say Evra has not been educated and you have spelt most of your post wrong or the sentence structure is all wrong. Lol.
    What does Evra or Man Utd have to be jealous of Arsenal about? We have the bigger Stadium, better manager, better history, and a better team. You are only above us because Blackpool have not got the finance to buy underground heating for their pitch.
    You can not really comment on our loss to West Ham as we played a reserve game. We played a reserve team and we have not lost a home yet to teams like the MIGHTY Newcastle.. lol.
    Also how do any of you know what Evra did in the WC in the changing rooms. Any of you traveled with the squad, maybe played during the WC. I can not wait for this match and can not for the life of me think how Arsenal are going to handle our attack. I can not wait to see Vidic taking out a few of your players.
    Also what would you lot prefer to play.
    1) Nice attractive Football but win no trophies for.. erm.. 5 years
    2) Win Trophies every year.

    To all of you Evra will be remembered as a Man Utd Legend. How many of your players has more than 3 premiership medals?? Or a Champions League medal?

    Can’t wait for Monday. Arsenal are due a good old bashing

  126. The BearMan says:

    This BEAR is not taking EVRA seriously, for in fact he wants to join his mates at ARSENAL, sadly he is to OLDE. The truth, he is rather jealous of Henry and Nasri and the impact they have made in English football.

    Evra became rather uncool, because where ever he goes, even having returned to France, everyone keep asking him about ARSENAL. Not about “man who”?

    The sad fact is he is already forgotten! Only known in a tiny part of Manchester.

  127. daynor says:

    In two years nobody will remember evra

  128. gbenga says:

    if morals were loans, evra wud b bankrupt! d imbecile did same 2 his national team at d world cup so we shouldn’t consider a retard like FARCETRICE HELLVRA a bother. ha ha ha.

  129. ukim Bassey says:

    if it were united that had not won a trophy in five yrs,i bet they would have long been forgotten. i have no beef what so ever with Evra’s opinion (be it a mind game or not), but one thing’s for sure; in ten yrs there will be a former united player PATRICE EVRA, who will then be dieing of self loath and hate because he was not part of a fantastic side called ARSENAL that played beautiful football such that without silverwares, they were still more popular than his former side. In ten yrs from now,eVRa,your children will all be ARSENAL fans. And i pray it gives you a stroke.

  130. Anto says:

    Evra is just stating the facts. Arsenal play nice football, but have not won a trophy for a long time and don’t look like doing it in the near future, especially when cesc goes to barca. So yeah, who is going to rememeber a team that don’t won anything…

  131. Phill says:

    Yeah, united a clinical hey. Definitely proven That this year evra. Fair few draws from winning positions last I remember. If that’s clinical than you accept failure..

  132. chuck says:

    the best way to have him keep his mouth shut is to just kick ass tonite thats all

  133. the truth says:

    the truth that evra said a few points which are right but he meant just to put presure on our players. No one does n’t agree arsenal got the best style of football in the epl. reply to you devils- 4- life, we are on top, we are a big threat to you, you are trying to break our record 49 games without a lose{ you just 15 without a lose} long way to go, we got the best maneger in the world{ fifa voting}, look what your maneger and other players say about us you’d know who is evra. He got the right to say whatever he wants to say however he just does n’t know how to talk. Facts because of evra and few other players france lost every thing in south africa because of evra man lost to bayermunk last year in the champions league. evra’s to be warry about his chance to play for man u next year fabio da silva & his twin will take it of him. Then we’ll laught @ his commints

  134. Champion says:

    700 millions in debt, no reliable backups and a dying manager, utd is in more dire straits than Arsenal. Looks to me their players are in over their head and requires some comfort to feel secure.

  135. Kristjan says:

    Well, Im a United fan and the guy just gets on my nerv easily most aggorant United player. Long gone are the days of Denis Irwin.


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