Dec 16

Szczesny set to start against Stoke City

Goalkeeping hotshot Wojciech Szczesny looks likely to start against Stoke City on Saturday, giving the Pole another chance to stake his claim for their Arsenal number one jersey.

20-year-old Szczesny, who was a surprise starter at Old Trafford, admitted he was relishing his time in the spotlight and looked forward to taking his upcoming chances in goal.

“I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I felt some kind of pressure before the game but I didn’t feel nervous at all. Overall I enjoyed it, apart from the result.

“I’m the reserve keeper and I have to take every chance I get. This was a massive chance for me, to make my debut at Old Trafford and I thought it went pretty well. Unfortunately it didn’t help us to get any points. But this is my big chance and I intend to take it.”


11 Responses to “Szczesny set to start against Stoke City”

  1. Ari says:

    Great i hope he will prove his worth to Arsene and be our number 1 !

  2. nick ayres says:

    Needs to improve his kicking!

  3. The Rookie says:

    Two good young keepers in this game. Szczesny was very impressive Monday. Stoke is a challenging proposition. Begovic is an excellent young keeper in his own right.

  4. GunnerSg says:

    in the video..can you guys see there is a mark on squillaci face?i just realise it.

  5. Warm Joe says:

    with our back four there is no good goalkeeper on this planet
    (Clichy, yikes!)

  6. jason says:

    This is Barcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  7. Gunningooner says:

    we should implement the “WM” formation:



    This way, the defenders will stick to defending and attackers stick to attacking.

    The long ball tactic can also be implemented for Chamakh to head down to Fabregas or Rosicky

  8. french gooner says:

    whats happening to this site?it used to be very interesting and updated often!!! its gone all quiet ……

  9. Nelson says:

    Squilacci played as defense in all defeats this season, this ain’t no coincidence he played against Sunderland (1-1), W.B.A. (2-3), Chelshit (0-2), Shaktar (1-2), Newcastle (0-1), Tottenham (2-3), Braga (0-2), Manu (0-1) and Wigan (2-2).
    When Djourou played against Wigan, Newcastle, Tottenham and Chelsea ARSENAL WON.
    Please send this message to somebody in the team… SQUILACCI NO MORE
    When he is playing it’s 10 vs 12

  10. Nelson says:

    Letting go Nordtveit is STUPID
    Letting go Nordtveit is STUPID
    Letting go Nordtveit is STUPID
    Letting go Nordtveit is STUPID


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