Jan 20

Denmark boss: ‘Wenger isn’t getting the best out of Bendtner’

Nicklas Bendtner’s national team manager “cannot understand” why Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists on playing the Danish striker on the right wing.

Bendtner was a key figure for Arsene Wenger’s men last season as the team struggled to cope with a long-term injury to Robin van Persie.

However, the 23-year-old has struggled to break into the Gunners starting eleven this season after the emergence of fellow striker Marouane Chamakh. When handed a start in the team during this campaign, Wenger has opted to play Bendtner on the right wing – much to Denmark coach Martin Olsen’s dismay.

“I can not believe that Arsene Wenger plays Nicklas out on the right wing. He has played there a few times before and it did not fit his playing style,” Olsen claims.

“Nicklas is a central striker who need to be pulled out slightly to the left, from which he can then move into the pitch and use his good trickery. Nicklas struggles on the right wing because he has to continually cut inside. This is not his strength.”

Bendtner has made seven appearances in the Premier League this season, scoring two goals. He’s also expected to start against England on 9 February when Denmark face Fabio Capello’s men.


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  1. Kofi says:

    van Persie used to play on the wings as well till he turn a better striker. Play with both leg B52. That is the way foward

  2. Dragooner says:

    I think Bendy’s best position is on the bench or maybe warming the bed for his royal girlie!

  3. Marty Price says:

    As stated he is not as good as Chamakh or Van Persie on the ball, nor as fast. His pass yesterday to setup Van Persie’s header was probably one of his best. He is still yong, but if he wants to be as good as he thinks he is, he needs to play smarter.

  4. Fred says:

    Kofi, Bendtner is a totally different player, why not also say Messi used to play on the wings as well?

  5. Red Ed says:

    Still young? Henry was 23 in his first season at Arsenal and banging in 26 goals a season. He converted from the wing. There’s no excuse for Bendtner. He is simply crap.

  6. puppyguts says:

    hes is our third choice striker simple as that, hes lucky he even gets a look in

  7. Fanagooner says:

    So far, bendtner has been better on the wings than in CF position!
    If he is meant to play CF, then he should convince the coach withhis play!
    So far, he is only lagging behind his opponents for this position!
    I doubt, wenger will insist to have him in the wings, if he shows that he is what he says he is…

  8. GoonerPhil says:

    So what does Olsen think? Bendtner deserves to start before RVP or Chamakh? He is having a laugh. It may not be his ideal position, but any young football player at a top club who says “i can only play in one position” is in trouble. You play where you’re told and be pleased to be on the pitch!

  9. IvoryGoonz says:

    Mr Olsen, Mr Bendtner.
    1) this is a team game. You can’t expect Arsenal to accommodate their playing style just for “I’m the best striker in the world”.
    2) intelligence is best measured as your faculty of adaptation. A good guitarist can play even on the worst guitar, he will still perform great.
    3) if you’re on the right wing, how about cutting inside to be facing the goal in the right position to shoot?
    4) Mr Olsen: how do you expect AW to respect your judgement while you played Bendtner while he was injured and eventually gave him back to Arsenal more jaded than ever? If he had not been picked for the WC like Walcott, NB would have had enough time to get back to fitness and prove he had a place in starting eleven.
    So unless your real reason for talking this crap is to get Bendtner to move away from Arsenal – which I’d gladly welcome – I’d suggest you to just keep this private because it only deepens the gap between NB, the fans and AW.
    A bon entendeur, salut.

  10. Kofi says:

    @Fred Henry also played on the wings to be able to develop. For a potent striker playing in arsenal you need to develop in every way. Passing, crossing, scoring and defending
    Total football

  11. dilly says:

    I agree, Chamakh is not an box ST, he does not make runs in th box – Nic does.

  12. Mohamed Zubairu says:

    If the Denmark manager had RVP or Chamakh in his team, he would not play Bendtner ahead of them. It is just due to the magnanimity of Wenger and the many games we have on our hands that afforded him a space in the wings. He ans his coach should be grateful that he even gets a chance. His one dimensional play just goes to show that he is not of much use. When he had his chance to play for an extended period last season, he did not score as many goals as a striker that a top club can rely on. If Vela goes on loan and comes back better than he is right now, Bendtner will have to become fourth choice.

  13. pastaface says:

    Whether he is playing on the right or not, that does not excuse his poor passing and glaring misses we have associated with B52. I use to defend him big time, but he just has not developed!

  14. stephen says:

    Barn door bendtner will fire blanks who ever is his coach

  15. Showtime! says:

    Look,even nasri complaind bout playin on da wing,earlier ds season bt he kept on workin had at it n luk we he iz nw..js work had nicklas ts 4 yo own gud.if u wnt 2 play games in a squad full of players in yo position,u gota adapt 2 anatha..

  16. dewale razak says:

    @wenger,bendtner should be sold as he is nt strong enough 4 arsenal

  17. The Captain says:

    Chelsea v Arsenal youth cup now

  18. MikE says:

    walcott is our first choice winger.

    nic b is our first choice whinger.

    nic is lucky to get into the starting xi and whilst a fairly decent player he isn’t first choice in any position at the moment.

    the danish manager is, er, um, the manager of denmark. ‘nuf said!

  19. arshav says:

    To be honest right wing is not the position you want to see a 6ft4 bloke with little pace and limited skills but saying that he did his fair share of defensive work.

  20. pete says:

    Thats because theres no best in him, Hes useless.

  21. leon says:

    Mr Olsen should know that Bendner is the worst striker at Arsenal and should rather concentrate his efforts by telling him to work harder than trying to convince him that wenger is not getting the best out of him.

  22. Johnny Hoy says:

    He didn’t do his defensive duties though, he half did them and then gave up. He’s the most annoying Arsenal player I’ve ever seen, Besides that it – the tall one we sold to City, and the one whose just been loaned out by Spurs to Brum.

    I’d be happy if we gave Bendtner away to be honest. Or – gave some a few grand to take him.

  23. dizzy says:

    he is a total waste of space, not as good he he thinks he is and he gets paid to wear the shirt i have to pay to wear

  24. Foolishgooner says:

    In NB52’s defense he played ok yesterday. He has shown good mental strengh lately. He started the season injured which allowed chamakh to get a head of him. He will get his chances the Boss beleives on these kids. It is along season prove it that you belong. Score take some of those chances you get and you will play. End of it. Look at Woj 20 years old! Might be number 1 this season or next. Look at Jack denilson Rambo Alex they showed that they belong end of it

  25. danielallan says:

    why would you say bendtner has no pace? He won Danish junior records for the 60m and 100m, he’s not slow, know stuff before you comment

  26. Stroller says:

    Clearly Mr Olsen never watches any Arsenal games, because if he did he would notice the fluidity and flexibility in the way all of the forwards and midfielders change positions regularly. Did he see Walcott score from the striker’s position against West Ham ? Does he know the areas of the pitch where Song pops up ? Even Bendtner moves around and is not stuck out on the right for 90 minutes. What marks him out right now is that his first touch and passing is below the standard of the rest (his cross for RVP against Leeds being a welcome exception). Also for a supposed top striker his conversion rate is pretty poor. There’s always hope I suppose …

  27. timao says:

    “Nicklas is a central striker who need to be pulled out slightly to left, from which he can then move into the pitch and use his good striploin.”

    his what!!!? any idea what this is supposed to mean?

  28. mdne says:

    who is Olsen? Tell him not to coach

  29. Gooner Fan says:

    I agree totally with what IvoryGoonz said at 6.41pm! Olsen is just trying to raise his personal profile because no one listens to him unless he’s talking about the Gunners.

    Olsen almost ruined Bendtner’s career by playing him when really injured and maybe he also gave Bendtner bad advice earlier this season when Bendtner spoke out of turn, demanding that Arsene play him.

  30. IvoryGoonz says:

    Strip loin is a cookable small muscle from the beef… Nice comparison yeah…

  31. simms21 says:

    That’s why Wenger is the master. Bendtner is young so he needs to work on his SERIOUS weaknesses. Like his woeful first touch and his lack of urgency, he needs to learn in a position where he’ll have to work harder and start doing those things consistently.

  32. Waleed says:

    Wow the Bendtner bashing is ridiculous. Bendtner did extremely well last season. He scored and assisted 2 goals against Barca, too, if I remember correctly. He is not better than RvP but he’s not far away from Chamakh and he’s still very young. And right now he’s been recovering from a long lay off. He hasn’t had the chance to play much, and when he has it’s been out of position.
    Bendtner is a huge talent and I’m sure he can be a good replacement for RvP. People need to stop talking like players don’t improve. We don’t need to sell him we need to keep developing him into a world class striker.

  33. Mark says:

    bendtners game v leeds says otherwise. played a solid game on the wing, he even may have enjoyed it.

  34. makenzi says:

    Wenger trains his players to be all rounders which is good for them. I will give an example of Samuel Etoo, he can play on both wings and can also play as a central striker

  35. makenzi says:

    Song has been transformed from just a makelele type o midfielder to an all round midfielder who can attack and defend. Same applies to Wilshere, wilshere was an attacking midfielder but now is more of an all round

  36. rotundone says:

    lol @ ‘strip loin.’

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