Jan 25

Fabregas & van Persie start against Ipswich

Arsenal field a strong starting eleven for tonight’s Carling Cup semi-final second leg against Ipswich Town.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has taken no chances with his team this evening where Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie both start.

Nicklas Bendtner is also handed a start on the right wing, despite Denmark manager Martin Olsen complaining that Wenger ‘isn’t getting the best’ out of the Dane there.

Sagna – Djourou -Koscielny – Clichy
Fabregas – Denilson – Wilshere
Bendtner – van Persie – Arshavin

Subs: Shea, Gibbs, Eboue, Song, Nasri, Walcott, Chamakh. 


13 Responses to “Fabregas & van Persie start against Ipswich”

  1. arsenal fan says:

    i cant get my head round why bendtner plays on the right.
    and whatever happened to rosicky?

  2. JosephLittle says:

    I think Rosicky has a flue or something?

    I don’t understand Bendtner on the wing either. Hopefully it will be the same as Leeds when Sagna would bomb forward more, occupying the right wing while Bendtner would shift in a more central position where he can actually use his aerial power.

  3. Aerzenspider says:

    Where’s Nasri?

  4. dasds says:

    could be van persie on right and bend central

  5. athlon says:

    It’s hilarious what Wenger is doing. OK, RvP is a key member, but to play Bendtner as a winger? non-sense. I’m very sad about Chamakh, becasue his predecssor, Eduardo was exactly in the same situation – no chance to play and everybody is asking why he is out of form…
    Wenger had the conclusion about the RVP-Chamakh duo after only one (repeating: ONE)match and has decided not to field that anymore. He is reluctant. But if you see the CC-match against Wigan former this season, we could see that it is working if RVP plays deeper, but Vela missed even the 110% chances. I’m sure if Chamakh had played instead of Vela, it have been worked.
    OK, let’s see the postivies: I hope, Arshavin will find some confidence on the match, I’m looking forward if van Persie can continue his decent form. I’m a bit afraid of Denilson, and Ipswich could be tricky for the defence, they have nothing to lose.
    The Cup-team have had very different style, I hope, that the attitude will be the same as we saw against Leeds away.

  6. athlon says:

    *it would have worked, sory.

  7. Steve says:

    No need to rest anyone – Got a week off assuming he plays fridge players vs Huddersfield.

    Wenger always makes it hard for himself – play the first team then it’s a cakewalk – this teams means a close game!

    Denilson – fuck me, my Gran’s better

  8. mark says:

    whatever team we put out, if we cant beat a championship side over 2 legs weve got serious mentality issues!

  9. WhyMe says:

    Bendtner and RvP can switch in and out, and Bendtner is better out wide than Chamakh. As either gives us additional height on set plays and against a packed defense, Bendtner makes more sense. What we lose is width and pace down the right.

    AW is giving both AA and NB the chance to be heroes and get their mojo back. Meanwhile, RvP, Cesc and Jack will be too much for them over 90 minutes. Add AA to that group (and he’s hardly played with them so far this season) and there could be fireworks.

  10. jimmy says:

    really nervous about this game! but knowing cesc and vp are starting helps alot. was hoping walcott would start too but this team can do us proud. please gunners win this and take us to the final!

  11. AGGREY says:

    those guyz will help us while winning this game am Aggrey from Uganda

  12. WhyMe says:

    @WhyMe: Good call there mate, if I don’t say so myself. Bendtner scores the first, Arshavin assists on 2 & 3. But I have to admit (to myself) that AA doesn’t look like his mojo’s back.

  13. pastaface says:

    @Whyme – yes good call!


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