Feb 21

Arsenal agree to sign young Barcelona midfielder

Arsenal have agreed to sign 16-year-old Barcelona ‘Cadete A’ midfielder Jon Miquel Toral for €350.000, according to Spanish radio station RAC.

Toral, who has an English mother, is highly-rated within the Barca ranks and his departure is expected to anger the Blaugrana hierarchy who have previously accused Premier League clubs of ‘stealing’ their best prospects.

RAC also report that the Gunners had made an ‘approach’ for another midfielder Sergi Samper, who has been compared to Cesc Fabregas in terms of playing style, but Samper refused the move.

Spanish Under-16 international Toral will join up with his team-mates in the summer.


27 Responses to “Arsenal agree to sign young Barcelona midfielder”

  1. geoff says:


  2. Luke says:

    Another player signed from our ‘feeder club’. :p

  3. Seun Nafiu says:

    Great news. Nurture him to stardom, then scatterlans come looking 4 missing item?

  4. dan says:

    i though arsenal weren’t signing barca players anymore,as they always want to go back.

  5. Arsenalgunner27 says:

    Hmmm, no point in taking barcelona youth, they all just get to the point where they are gonna become really good and then barcelona claim ‘we want him back, he belongs here’ even tho they have the best squad in the world and dont need anymore players…besides, the club have to agree for him to leave and the player has to want to join the lcub as well.

    What annoys me more than anything in the whole fabregas saga is how they always make him seem like arsenal tore him away from barce and make us look like the bad guys. Hate them, i really hate them. They dont even need fabby, they’ll shove him on the bench for most of the games which is total disrespect to his talents. I can see it happening. I always said that bringing him in wont let him take part in the midfield as they dont want the xavi and iniesta partnership being ruined. In a way fabregas wont really meet his full potential there i dont think as they have so many good players on the pitch that they all only need to make small contributions in attack, where as at arsenal, fabregas is the stem of the attack and sets up the chances for pure finishers such as vela who just need to wait for the ball, at barcelona he wont need to make such dominating performances as he wont need to….such a waste of individual talent in my eyes.

  6. Tom says:

    Is this wise? Are we going to bring him through only for him to start asking for a return to the DNA club also known as Barshitlona

  7. sebjob says:

    Catalan Radio station we got experience is not very reliable, timing is also questionable

    well, actually they have signed many from us…silvinho, van bronckhorst, overmars, henry, petit, hleb etc. …most of them after the top of their career while silvinho and van bronckhorst to make room for emerging talents (VB money plus Cesc)… otherwise I can only see one player coming from there, which is Cesc. Only one otherwise is Ignasi Miquel who was a reject from their academy and came through another club…So can hardly be said to be a rule that players want to come back there…but true in the sense that Arsenal players have been tapped up and in the end Wenger sold when the time was right and got the best end of the bargain

  8. sebjob says:

    …in fact they have tried to tap up many of ours to no success…most recently Afobe and Aneke who rejected them

  9. retroGunner says:

    he’s got an english mother maybe he’l want to stay in england and play for england aswel

  10. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    I am extremely please if this is true as this kid has a deal of talent and seems to play like a natural attacking midfielder. To those who say we ¨steal¨ players from this or that team, all I can say is too bad! We don’t kidnap them or force them to sign, they CHOOSE to come for the following reasons:

    1) They know they’ll get first team Football IF they produce and develop as AW wants,
    2) They were ignored and/or benched at their former club so saw the light,
    3) They know the Arsenal Academy will train them up better than any other place in Football other than Barca’a Academy,
    4) They know that the EPL is the MOST COMPETITIVE league in the world and the most attractive fan-wise and atmosphere-wise.
    5) Many of these kids don’t speak English but want to learn…they won’t learn in Brazil, spain or France but they do learn at the Arsenal.
    6) They also know that if they can’t make the squad, they’ll still be treated with respect and have a great experience to add to their Footballing resume.

    That’s the truth Arsenal-haters so go back to taking your Valium and other anti-depressants while real football supporters and players get on with winning!

  11. Treize says:

    “Is this wise? Are we going to bring him through only for him to start asking for a return to the DNA club also known as Barshitlona”

    PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT, buddy, with a name like “ARSEnal”, I wouldn’t be talking if I were you.

  12. Kxevin says:

    Look, call it what is is: cradle robbing. And that’s fine. Players, even youth players, should be able to go a club where they have a chance to play. We have gobs of talented mids, at least a decade’s worth. It worked for Fabregas, who wasn’t going to play for us. Same with this kid. He’s talented, but not as talented as Samper (which is why Sergi stayed), Rafa or Thiago Alcantara, or even Jonathan Dos Santos. I think it’s only scandal-mongering press that are saying we’re “furious.” The players who we want to keep, we keep. Look at Samper, Thiago, Krkic, etc.

  13. useroz says:

    lets do a dna test before signing him just to see how much barca crap he’s got in his blood!!

  14. Pires7 says:

    We did sign Merida from Barcelona who according to FIFA will be one if the stars of the future. Afobe had a trial there that’s true. Not sure if this is to incentivise Barcelona to try and whoop our ass just before the game in the nou camp. False propaganda me thinks

  15. Jim says:

    The last DNA test proove that Messi don’t have Barcashit DNA. his DNA is 100% Newell

  16. K says:

    He’s got an English mother and with the proper provocation, could even play for England one day. I see no reason why his situation would be anything like Cesc’s.

    Anyway, Barcelona coming after Cesc is nothing new – they have always coveted our best players (the whole DNA thing is just another tactic to that end). Think Overmars, Petit, Hleb and Henry – am I missing anybody?

  17. Mike Daly says:

    Let’s sell him back for 80 muillion Hehehe

  18. Mark says:

    looks good…oooh that little chip goal was nice!…thanks barca

  19. IK says:

    Do barcelona believe all d good players must belong 2 them when they actually need to register only few

  20. Smewere says:

    Barca only sell players which dey ave hope on anymore,dat was exactly wat happnd to fab,dey threw him away arsenal pickd him up n made him a gr8t player..nw dey v sold anoder which dey believe culd nt b anyfin…am soo sori 4 barca,wonder y dey cal em d best in d world.

  21. Benj says:

    Typical classy Arsenal posting here.

    I just wanted to stop by and say I wish him all the best at North London, he looks like a very promising young player who will quickly adapt to the pace and physicality of the English game.

    I don’t think he will come back to Barca, as he has his mothers English ties over there and Barca didn’t make too much effort to keep him because he will be one of far too many in the midfield once its time for him to break through, especially if this damned Fabregas saga does end up happening and we get him (which I dont think will happen for another year or so).

    But yeah, best of luck, congrats on the pickup and see you at the Camp Nou, I’m sure it will be a very different affair.

    Oh and please stop going onto Barcelona blogs and trolling about how classless Xavi is and how Messi is overrated and how West Brom would win La Liga, it gets stale quickly, and does not show the class that your club is known for.

  22. Gooner by soul says:

    I agree with you guys that we should nit sign bcoz barca will do them what they are doing to cesc…but just look at this way….we get them for 350k n sell them for 70m……barca sucks n we make them realise mroe n more that who is the BIG DADDY……they are feeder n payer club let them bring them to 16 we will give them back for 50……..

  23. GunnerMKD says:

    yup, he is bought for 350.000, we develop him, make him one of the best players in the worldand sell him to barca or real for 30 milions. thats not very bad, is it? also, can anybody say something more about miquel, i kinda didnt see the whole leyton orient game and didnt see any of his skills? if he is good, we should be using him instead of squill 😀

  24. Moruf says:

    It’s good to have replacement as my coach sign a younger midfielder it is ok buy Arsenal need a very good defensive for bench because of injuries and also striker as well Moruf Kenny by name from Nigeria as for me best ARSENAL FANS AND SUPPORTER IN LAGOS

  25. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:

    What position does he play? A cesc style 10 or a fox in the box 9?
    Miquel looked good on Sunday, really composed and seemed to be talking on the pitch more than squillaci, carried the ball out of defence well too, but has to learn to just take the man down instead of letting him go past that easily

  26. browny says:

    Barca are claiming we are stealing players and are morally outraged, but in the case of Cesc he chose to join us. Would he have joined us if he could see his smooth progression and development into the first team at Barca. No. He joined us because he could not see himself progressing at Barca during the critical stage of his development.

    Yes Barca provided him with a sound technical education but it is Arsenal that turned him into the world class player who is now widely regarded as one of the 3-4 best in his position in world football. If he had stayed at Barca he may have gone missing and just become a decent player eventually moving to a mid table team in Spain. I am sure if you look over the last 7 years there are plenty of players who hung on too long there and didn’t make it who might have had they left at 15 or 16 for another club (what about Bojan).

    Barca only became annoyed about Cesc because he became such a good player with us and it is then that they start to talk about how he belongs with them and has their DNA. They wouldn’t be so morally outraged if he hadn’t got to the level he had. When did you last hear them bleat on about how we stole Fran Merida from them and they therefore want their rightful property back. Hypocrisy is obviously a big thing in Catalonia.

  27. Merlin96 says:

    On one side, he can be like Cesc, playing in the senior team next year.
    On the other side, perhaps another Frans Merida?

    But there is a middle gorund that being half-English, I dearly hope that he will make the same impact as Jack Wilshere and became a regular when he is 18 year old during 2012/13 season.

    If everyhtingn work out well, then during 2012/13 season, just look at the following gifted youngsters – still in their 20-22 year old range – in our senior squad:

    Midfield – Wilshere, Ramsey, Galindo, Harper, Aneke, Lansbury, JET, Frimpong, Coquelin, Botelho as well?

    Striker – Benik, Wellington, Ryo Mayaichi, Sunuu, Freeman

    The problem is that for every WIlshere, there are many of Ryan Smith, Aliadiere, Pennant, Jeffers, Lupoli, Anthony Stoke, Merida, Barazite, et al.

    I beleive Cesc and Wilshere are unique to make such a dramtic breakthrough into senior squad at 18 year old. perhaps, harper is such a briliant youngster as well.

    But generally, a fairer gauge of how many of those youngsters can break into the senior squad are when they are in the 20-22 year old range.


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