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'Bendtner would benefit from leaving Arsenal', says Gunners legend

Written by Chris Wheatley


Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner would ‘benefit from leaving Arsenal’ due to the amount of players ahead of him in his position, according to former Gunners forward Alan Smith.

The 23-year-old joined the Arsenal youth academy from Copenhagen in the summer of 2004. Bendtner then made his first team debut in November 2005, but has failed to secure regular first team football ever since.

“He [Bendtner] is in a difficult situation. If Robin van Persie avoids injuries, he has difficulty getting into the team. There is also Chamakh. So I can imagine that he will change clubs [in the summer]. He’s been in and out of the Arsenal line-up, so maybe it would benefit Nicklas if he found a new club,” Smith told Ekstra Bladet.

“It’s probably best for his career. He is certainly good enough for the Premier League. Maybe not a top four club, but the just below. I don’t think he’ll be short of any offers.”

The Daily Mail reports that if Bendtner does leave in the summer, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is considering making a move for striker Kevin Gameiro, who has fifteen goals in 22 games for Lorient this season. It would be the second time that Wenger has done business with the French club in recent times, having taken Laurent Koscielny last year.

Bendtner will be included in Sunday’s squad against Birmingham for the Carling Cup final at Wembley.

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Jesus Smudger, it’s bad enough having the twatalans unsettling our players we don’t need it from our own on the cusp of the biggest run in for years.
What are you thinking man? For sure anyone with eyes can see Bendtner isn’t anywhere close to being the player he thinks he is and I for one hope he will be sold on come the summer, but now ain’t the time for this!

arsene wenger

smudger usually says what we dont wanna hear just so he sounds credible as a journo, he was banned from the training ground previously for exactly this


Smith very rarely says anything positive about the club . He always errs on the other side to avoid being accused of bias. Frequently he goes too far.

Hi gooners it was the shaktar game i remeber alan smith commentating he didnt have a great game and hes been getting stick from smith ever since. recently though having watched him play hes getting better, his touch is alot better now, hes creating goals ala squillaci, ie cross for van persie. Scoring goals and great goals like the ones against newcastle, ipswich. I just think its taken him a long time to recover from his injuries and hes only started to come good. I think theres alot more to come from him hes a good squad player to have.… Read more »

niki is a great player, im getting a bit fed up with people picking on our squad, last month it was andrey,whos it gonna be next? theo,leave them alone, they all have their great days and not so great days, when nikis 100% robin could be 40% and vice-versa, they are a team that support each other which makes themall great.


pottor is spot on, since he moved to sky he’s always been very careful of his words, he’s still a top lad but he tries to hard to be impartial at times. Lee Dixon is way worse tho.

Winterburn just says what he feels and doesn’t care if he’s bigging up the club he loves, every other ex player of other clubs do it. Only ours dont. Just ask Ian Wright.


this is a polite way of sayin he isnt good enough for our club.. hes terrible guys. why the support? 6ft4 neva wins a header. poor 1st touch. poor intelligence.. ??????


^^BEZZA, you don’t get to watch many arsenal games do you?


Pray he doesn’t leave, quality striker and has been involved all five goals scored against Barcalona


Aren’t there more important things to write about than this right now Smudger? Only a Cup Final, Champions League and FA Cup games and the best title run in for years. But why not just speculate on what may or may not happen in the summer?

The BearMan
The likes of Alan Smith, Wrighty, Seaman and George Graham have been a disappointment this season. They have attempted to try their hands at blogging, but ended up revealing a “BITCHINESS” about their characters. How dare we still consider these rogues as Arsenal Legends – I prefer the term “FORGOTTEN heroes”. Men who have so much time on their hands, for a few coins will happily were a skirt. Is the game of golf becoming rather dull these days? Imagine Arsenal is on the verge of a major run on all fronts and Alan Smith decides to open his mouth,… Read more »
This is precisely NOT the time for Bendtner to make a move away from Arsenal! Sure he could go and become a big-time star at any number of “lesser” clubs–and maybe, in his eagerness to play, he would find that satisfying in the short-term. But, Nikki needs to realize that he and this Arsenal squad are on the verge of making a major breakthrough: a breakthrough that could lead to more titles and accolades and greater recognition than he could ever achieve at a “lesser” club. What every pundit who wonders about whether Bendtner can get enough playing time behind… Read more »
Johnny Hoy

He’s going to Coventry City.


atho’ now is not the right time to talk about walking out on team, it never really is… these things will always happen at the ‘wrong’ times and it’s a (big) part of man management at the club. human nature..

Arsene knows
I have said for years that arsene is about to create his third and best squad, best because he did it on a budget while building a new ground, best cos he broke up the invicibles maybe the best football team of all time, best cos he did it with the financially doped which is almost every prem club, plus the obscene chavs, shitty, man spew, best cos of so many youngstyers and so many home grown shez, jd, jw, kg, nb, gc, as, cf, tw so many…. and a sprinkle of clever buys tv, aa, mc, sn…. best cos… Read more »