Feb 25

Ex-Arsenal man Aliadière training at London Colney

Former Arsenal frontman Jérémie Aliadière has been granted permission to use the club’s training facilities as the free agent continues his search for a new club.

Aliadière, 27, was linked with moves to Newcastle and Blackpool following his release by Middlesbrough last summer, but neither transfer managed to materialise.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was approached by Aliadière’s agent Thomas Brookes last week in a bid to train at the Gunners’ Colney-based centre. Wenger, who has previously let David Beckham and Thierry Henry train with the club for the same reason, told Brookes that Aliadière would be welcome to train with his former side.

Injury-prone Aliadiere made 29 appearances for Arsenal during his time in North London, scoring one Premier League goal.


19 Responses to “Ex-Arsenal man Aliadière training at London Colney”

  1. WELSHGOONER says:

    Such a bloody great club, forever loyal to ex players. Even when they didnt make the grade.

  2. Gooner Fan says:

    And Pires was also allowed to train at Colney. I was under the impression that Aliadiere had been training was Arsenal for quite a few months actually. Problem is he wants premiership wages when he is in reality now a championship level player.

  3. simmer10 says:

    WOW he is and was a very weak player!

  4. the gun says:

    he was weak but against arsenal he always proved he had some talent. we dropped many points against Middlesborough because of him. i feel kinda sorry for him, which him a better career

  5. henry says:

    SOL CAMPBELL aswell

    should we sign aliadiere until the end of the season to bolster title race and rest players like van persie for less important games

  6. Joe says:

    henry… every game is important from now on !
    should play the strongest team every week if we realistically want to win something !

  7. gunner17 says:

    remember the shift he put in in that 6-3 win at anfield?

  8. french gooner says:

    hey guys im not an it wizard so i wont be able to direct you to sundays article about courvoisier the arsenal psychologist,please take time to read it.it will make you respect wenger even more .good luck arsenal

  9. french gooner says:

    sorry i forgot to mention its in the daily telegraph.worth a read fellow gooners

  10. yibeltal belachew says:

    That is why I love Wenger and arsenal for such a hospitable acceptance to outsiders and perhaps its ex-players to visit their training grounds for any time of their preference.
    In fact, this might be the reason why ex-arsenal players love their club after they joined other clubs abroad.

  11. bradguns says:

    @gunner17: was awesome game – he did well

  12. trollz says:

    Clichy sucks

  13. GunnerMKD says:

    damn, one silly mistake and it cost us the game. before you all start blaming kos, throw stuff at him etc etc, remember he`s one of the best performers and he is allowed as every living person to make mistake, it just came in the wrong time. good game for us, good game for birmingham, and imo rosicky should not play anymore for this club. let`s pull ourself together and keep going, not get down as it will ruin our fight for the other trophies. let`s back the team and get good results in the next games. I LOVE YOU ARSENAL, UP THE GUNNERS!

  14. W? says:

    Very F… Up Arsenal not good enouhgt 2 win the smalles cup in ENGLAND>> the Carling Cup.. SAD :(

  15. Angry fan says:

    What a joke. This is the final straw for me. Wenger out. We are a laughing stock. U pay 6million for a defender and u get kos. U pay 20 million and u get Cahill. Simple. I’m so angry. Just shows u (again) we ain’t half as good as we think we are. Those spoilt brats at arsenal dont know how lucky they are. F##k wengers wet dream it ain’t worked. Wenger out

  16. jason says:

    i wouldn’t blame kos or chesny.

    1.blame wenger for taking arsh off instead of rosicky
    2.blame rosicky for having no desire whatsoever.
    3.blame rosicky for being an abosolute shyt.

  17. ANGRYTBONE says:


  18. GunnerMKD says:

    yes, jason, thanks for reminding me: rosicky really should have gone out, not arshavin. arshavin was maybe our best player on the pitch today. what also surprising me is that we had so many chanes from the right hand side, sagna did great work, but none was in the penalty area. bentner should have been there, but he kept goin outside. got to giva credit to foster, the guy saved them so many times.
    i wonder what would`ve happened if ramsey played today in cesc`s position …


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