Feb 27

Defensive errors cost Arsenal again – Birmingham 2-1 Arsenal

Obafemi Martins’ 89th-minute winner following a defensive mix-up from Wojciech Szczesny and Laurent Koscielny gave Birmingham a 2-1 victory over Arsenal in the League Cup final on Sunday for its first trophy since 1963.

The Nigerian came off the bench with seven minutes of normal time remaining, and in the 89th minute capitalised on a calamitous mix-up in the Arsenal penalty area to tap in the goal which lands the Blues only their second ever major trophy.

Nikola Zigic had headed the Blues in front near the half-hour mark to send fans of the underdogs into raptures, only for Robin van Persie to equalise with a stunning volley 10 minutes later.

Sagna – Djourou – Koscielny – Clichy
Wilshere – Song – Rosicky
Nasri – van Persie – Arshavin

Alex McLeish’s side spent much of the second half repelling attack after attack from the Gunners – with goalkeeper Ben Foster making a string of vital saves – before Martins was in the right place at the right time to pounce as Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczesny conspired to let the ball loose inside the box.

The Blues held on to win their second League Cup to add to their victory in the competition in 1963, and go some way to overcoming the heartache of their penalty shootout defeat at the hands of Liverpool in the final in Cardiff a decade ago.

For Arsenal, their six-year wait for a major trophy continues, and their attention must now turn to Wednesday’s FA Cup fifth round replay against Leyton Orient on Wednesday and then a Champions League trip to Barcelona the following week.

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72 Responses to “Defensive errors cost Arsenal again – Birmingham 2-1 Arsenal”

  1. W? says:


  2. robert says:

    still boys, still lack leadership, still no spine

  3. cesc says:

    Screw it. This was their best chance to win something. Another year without a trophy. All because Wenger doesn’t believe in playing defense.

  4. ole says:

    We have to sack wenger today, he seems to be bad at turning bad spells around, if we don`t i belive we will draw at best against sunderland, loose big to barca and utd, than the season is over. Don`t blame the players, they only play because wenger choose them. He must go today. I have repect for wenger but he has lost hid edge. I say this in tears, but sadly it is the truth.

  5. Angry fan says:

    Wenger out. Enough is enough. Not going to say anything else.

  6. Goonerbosh says:

    WTF are arsenal for real? Joke team. No backbone. No spine.

  7. Dave says:


    That is exactly why you are you and Wenger is Wenger. It was a mistake, a costly one, but a mistake. It’s not as though we were outplayed or bullied. We played a fair game, unfortunate at the end but being a true fan, I’m behind this team 100%. Obviously, you are a mere bandwagon fan who only follows the team when they are on a good run (last 2 months). So go ahead, and bash on the team and the manager and be off to support a different team.

  8. robert says:

    what good is there if we choke on the big occasions?

  9. Not happy!!! says:

    Wonder what excuse wenger will use this time

  10. OldGoon says:

    my kid’s was in tears. absolutely devastated. Arsenal shouldn’t be about this. However we keep our chins up and support the team. Gooner till I fucking die.

  11. willbur says:

    Wenger is a class clown, another parade for our accountants at the end of the year. How long must we suffer this fool. Man Utd and Chelsea are leaving us a long way behind now. Get him out

  12. Rob says:

    Dave what are you on about. Got bullied at the back by zigic all game. No one in defence or midfield to sort them out. When not at our best our play is so predictable and easy to defend against. Nothing good come out of the game. Season will fall apart and no mental strength.

  13. robert says:

    could you see a Tony Adams doing something like that?

  14. ole says:

    @Dave: And thats why you are you and not me nor wenger, but Dave can it get any worse, of course yhey were not outplayed, this was birmingham, jesus christ man, I support the ream but i question wenger and you bitch like a little girl. No one is bashing the team, i don`t blame the players, can`t you read?

  15. Danish Gooner says:

    They are mentally weak.

  16. nannnna says:

    Woooow show the real fans wen we lose to a lil mistake of a goal and ppl call for wengers head.lololol u guys dont support arsenal!!! Arsenal for life!!! The problem today was playin shitty rosicky in the middle wen nasri would of been better…..and itz time we played gibbs…forget clichy…we have prolly the best right back in the world..and the we got clichy. It should of been arshavin van persie and bendtner upfront!!! And song nasri and wilshere in the middle!!! But itz a sad day for arsenal fans….we coukdnt even beat Birmingham to just pick up a trophy=[

  17. J man says:

    Lets all keep the faith. I am truly gutted, upset, dissapointed and let down but im sure the players are too. Lets wait till the end of the season to see if we win anything at all and if we dont the we’ll have to assess this squad to see if its good enough and see what Wengers got to say about it all.


  18. Ewan says:

    No leader in the team. All children.

  19. Danish Gooner says:

    Turds need to be dropped in the summer: Rosicky,couldnt pass to the right player over 2 yards horrible inept and doing his best impersonation of a headless chicken.Chamakh,worst by Wenger,clearly not suited for the Pl,knackered in october,WHAT !!!! Eboue,filling in when turd one is injured.Denilson,worst brazilian player ever,probably all pele at copacabana but this is not the copa but the Pl.Wenger,wengerball has been found out especially when played with a snails pace.Song,giant disappointment and to slow for the PL a snail seems faster.Needed,determination,steel,drive and balls.

  20. dan says:

    only our players let us down. dont blame wenger


    and no interview from whinger after the match , great sportsman and loser that he is .

    until he recongnises defeat you wont win anything lol

    bad weekend for the french

  22. willbur says:

    best rightbaack in the world—-for real?

  23. andy g says:

    Think we need to pick are selfs up as we gave it away today by lack of communication….. jack wiltshire was the player for me that stood out,…. we don’t sack wenger…. the players are paid to do a job and they didn’t do it…. no passion or heart, the team needs a leader preferably a defender and spends some bloody money….

  24. Shelf Esteem says:

    @Not happy!!!: As usual, he won’t have seen anything untoward

  25. M12AHP says:


  26. Nickerless Bender says:

    ROSICKY. I would not piss on him if he was on fire. Absolute disgrace! I knew we wouldn’t win this poxy game!! Nose bleeds are an understatement! Lets see our season now full apart. Feck me, BIRMINGHAM!?

    Now lets talk about the positives. Jack!! Thats all?

  27. willbur says:

    Totally inept, I cant believe that we are all missing the point that we are not underachieving, we are just not good enough. No trophies again, the spuds must be roaring with laughter. Even they have a better squad than us now, whats so good about- Gibbs, koscielny, djourou, squilacci, rosicky, bendtner, chamakh, JET. We need genuine class

  28. Alan says:

    Disappointing, but just one of those days. Birmingham defended well, and one bad error cost us. We do need a true leader to drive the team, and I do not believe we have had a great one sice Adams retired.
    Someone mentioned Chelski and Manure leaving us behind? Really? Chelsea are way off the pace in the EPL, out of everything except the Champions League, and need to build repaidly due to the grandpa syndrome settling in. Manure will hopefully drop points this week, and are still to come to the Emirates. The EPL is still very much up for grabs, and we need to get behind our team. Sure, Maure have so much luck (their recent injury to anderson is a prime example, if someone is to get injured, it is that donkey, dammit).
    Given we are in a strong position in the three comps still, we have played the entire season without our number one defender (not to mention a leader), as well as a good part without Van Persie, I am pretty damn impressed at how the team is going this season, and feeling confident of the silverware drought ending. Let’s stop calling for Wenger’s head and bitching about missing out due to one poor game, and get behind the entire team. It does piss me off when people are so adament that Wenger is at fault, he has done an amazing job at developing the whole club, and the next few season will atest to that I believe.

  29. yozza66 says:

    Dave are you living in cloud cuckoo land….it isnt about running the team or AW down as we all want Arsenal to be successful but it’s about facts…I just heard AW on TV moaning about injuries and tiredness…Every supporter knows that injuries are part and parcel of the modern game and knew we had to buy in January to allow for this and fight on all fronts…everyone except AW that is…that is a fact and as long as the likes of you keep saying how fab we are doing but never win anything nothing will ever change!so why don’t you go support someone else as you live in the same world as the delusional AW!

  30. Nickerless Bender says:

    I JUST WANT A TROPHY!! I live and work in a predominate Scum area, and I am gonna get the abuse tomorrow. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  31. ole says:

    @nannnna: And who picked Rosicky? You bash half of the team and call yourself a true fan, read yor own post you f..l!! You are most truley the biggest LOL here!!

  32. nannnna says:

    Wat you dont thing sagna is one of the best if not the best right back in the world?

  33. jeff says:

    Thankfully the brazilian stayed on the bench, now just get rid of pappa smurf and give us a MIDFIELD, and we might just win somthing… four years ago I got called a lightweight fan for saying this…..UM the things that make you say …

  34. henry14 says:

    This just shows our squad is poor to many players arent good enough… No pride for the shirt only wilshere who is 19 and he was the only one with fight the rest are like robots who are just programmed to play pretty football and wen it gets tough they hide…yes we hate people like shawcross, barton, fletcher but this is the sort of player we need…absolutly gutted ruined my week but im sure few arsenal players happy to pick up the paycheck and carry as they are…shite !!!

  35. keith says:

    Again Wenger has lost a tacticle battle it is quite clear to see that we will never ever win anything under Wenger.For me no great shock that we lost this as soon as i saw Rosicky playing.please write this down now so and i can say i was right.
    By this time in two weeks we will be out of FA Cup,Premiership and champions league

  36. IVERSEN says:

    all this idiots come and talk when we loose for a mistake, who r u? sack wenger do that do that, what r u all about, fucking wankers all of you. this is an Arsenal fc site, not a fucking pussy site

  37. gain says:

    Zigic should go and play basketball and not football…completely gutted!

  38. North London Gooner says:

    Another tough day to be a gooner, absolutely devastated but now is not the time to be calling for heads or pointing fingers. Like many Arsenal fans i have questioned Wenger in the past and cried out for him to sign in January but he didn’t. There is nothing we can do about it so for now have your grievances but support the boys and hopefully we will see some memorable days this season and win something

  39. willbur says:

    @nannnna: I dont really mate no, Dani alves, Ivanovic, Maicon, Miguel, sergio ramos……all proper players.Ours isn’t even in the same league

  40. ole says:

    @gain: Yet he is twice the player of bendtner and chamack combined!

  41. nannnna says:

    Loooooool yes he made a mistake on pickin rosicky…..but you cant tell me goals like that dont happen? Im behind my team and you cant tell me we arnt good enough to beat Birmingham city….come on now!!! Callin people fools wen the reason we lost wasnt that we weren’t good enough…but a mistake that could happen to any team!!! And ive always said clichy isn’t good enough for this team….sooo shut ur dirty mouth glory huntin prick!!!!

  42. golfwang says:

    Wenger shouldn’t be held accountable for the cock up, I blame that on Koscielny a million ties more than Szczesny. He should have cleared it fuck what the goalie said. Our starting eleven had a decent game its just when we made our subtitutions did the game get away from us. I understand Bendtner coming on for RVP as the dutchman slowed down significantly. What pisses me off is bringing on Chamakh for Arshavin! That fucking mammoth Moroccan has no creativity whatsofuckingever. He comes on and everyone in the final third looks nervous to shoot, except Nasri. Wenger just needed to stay the course and keep Arshavin on the field.

  43. Marcus says:

    Just a tinpot Cup really…the real stuff now starts in earnest

  44. goonergerry says:

    Have never been confident that we can beat anyone without Fabregas. The defence was outmuscled all game- against some pretty average forwards who are just big and strong. Gooners need to stop deluding themselves-this team is way not good enough to win anything.

  45. WC says:

    Arsene deserves every “has not won a trophy in 6 years” that he gets. He needed a goal and took off his two best players on the day. The team deserved the loss, they weren’t much better than Birmingham and the defense picked a terrible day to be mediocre.

  46. ole says:

    @nannnna: Bitter are we? Soory lad lets not get carried away, hope we both still love the same team……. Lets not drive eachother to Spuds;)

  47. Tshepo says:

    I was suprised when i saw Rosicky in the starting line up, im not gonna focus on the last minute mistake we conceded, we had chances to bury Birmingham. Our substitution looks too weak,chamakh?? I mean really now, Birmingham players were tired,almost like they were in a round 12 of boxing match,inexperienced and lack of maturity played a role, Koscielny could have acted much better,clear the ball and argue later,very gutted,we never finish off our opponents……..

  48. Nickerless Bender says:

    Please don’t think I am knocking the might reds! But, is it me but only a handful of players turn up when no 4 isn’t playing? There is no drive at all. I find it pathetic, that no 19 has to push this team. How we gonna be when el capitan goes next year.

    I am not asking for AW’s head, but the historical mentality is to bury our heads in the sand! WE NEED DRIVE, AND ROSICKY IS NOT GONNA’ DO THAT! I would rather of given it to the Alex Macleish

    If I was one of the players collecting the runners up medal I would of thrown it into the crowd to apologise for the poor baskets that ended up with the lottery winners tickets.

  49. karlos says:

    bad day but hardly anyone gives jack wilshere credit for being the best player in the arsenal team today, feel sorry for him.

  50. willbur says:

    We were rubbish, we will never be the best, not even in london, long as weve got wenger rest assured we will never win anything. Chelski and Man Utd know how to win things. Im sorry but im so angry

  51. Exo says:


  52. yozza66 says:

    Nannnna…don’t know if you watched the game but we actually lost today so obviously we were NOT good enough to beat blues today and golfwang…no AW can’t be held responsible for the mistake at the end but he can be held responsible for us having frailties in both goalkeeping department and centre half department as HE bought the players!Also its no use moaning about injuries if our squad is NOT deep enough to cope!You keep believing….do you HONESTLY believe virtually every football pundit in England is wrong?even Arsenal legends?

  53. Tshepo says:

    We are all gutted and so disappointed to lose this game but lets think with our minds. Very stupid, certainly thoughtless and you such a sincere ignorant fool to be calling the manager’s head. Winning the premiership will be the biggest achievement and will write off this painful memories we have today, lets rally behind the manager and players, we have a very good chance.

  54. justagunner says:

    am a 58year old man dat cried 2day thx u Mr Winger u hv done it again thxs

  55. Chris m says:

    Hurt! Pained! Shocked! & Gutted! I have to laugh just to keep myself from cracking up. I mean how can a team so good fuckup so bad & so often!!

  56. Alan says:

    Never beat the best in London? what happened a week and a half ago? What happened the last time we played Chelski? Let’s not get overly crazy here.
    And, I agree wilshere played well over all, but he also made mistakes, and gave the ball away in some very bad situations (in the lead up to the first goal? I cannot recall as I’m trying to banish that shit from my memory).

    I do agree that Rosicky seems past his use by date. Not sure what the thoughts were there, perhaps trying to get the experience? why not take him off and leave Arshavin on? That would have been better perhaps.

  57. Alan says:

    And No, I am very happy with the keeper we have. He has all the makings of a world beater. As for Kos, I think the goals was his fault alone, but he has played some blinders lately (remember Barca?). Surely we are not going to cricify two guys for the mistake today.

  58. The_Wenger_Boyz says:

    I’m as pissed off as the next person but it boiled down to a costly error thats all(we’ve had our fair share in the past! Arsenal are the ONLY top 5 club to beat Birmingham at St Andrews this season! Which goes to show they aint no pushovers. Ben Foster was outstanding and our team had been jiggled around alot in the last 2 weeks. Yes we should of won, but it was a bad day at the office. Everyone knows Wenger should of bought a defender, but he didn’t that mistake could’ve happened to them and then what would the complainers complain about? The team needs everyone to get behind them more than ever now to get them back winning. They need a huge vocal lift against Sunderland at the Emirates……….lets give it to em!!!!!!!!!!

  59. yozza66 says:

    Tshepo…we had a VERY good chance today but came up short…it now looks like RvP is out for a while as well so who do YOU think is going to step up to the plate?did you watch the Stoke game in the week?without RvP we are toothless and too reliant on the likes of Nasri to produce who can’t do it every week….look at the impact the likes of Hernandez make for Utd n tell me you honestly expect Chamakh or Bendtner to do the same…the bottom line is our 1st 11 is a match for any team but our squad is totally inept in so many important positions!

  60. truegunner says:

    uhmmm painful, words cannot describe, because i will talk about my feeling does not make me a bad supporter or anything so all u DAT will say am a part time fan have been a fan for 28years so.3 problems to day 1. Rosicky 2. Rosicky 3. Rosicky he is just DAT bad wow terrible he alone cost us the Newcastle game and he did it 2day again i just wondered y Mr Winger played him the whole game i guess i will never understand one of our only chances of scoring was looking like it was gonna come from a Ash or Nas then what does Mr Winger do takes Ash off wow am sick ma whole body hurts but well das y they say soccer is not mathematics u have 2 show up and play.in all my 28years of been a fan since 4years ago dat Mr Winger has all dis babies am serious anytime they say Arsenal is the Favorite 2 win a game i get so so scared look @ the game against barca no1 gave us a chance look @ wht we did.Anyways life goes on i still believe we will win something but all my believe will be stronger if Arsenal plays their next game and show up so all u gunner out there trust me u not alone with the pain,am looking @ ma son c how he is crying wow PAINFUL

  61. jhnhgs75 says:

    shit happens, get over it…

    it’s only a game, and should stay that way…

  62. robert says:

    this is an embrassment to arsenal fc.

  63. Fred Jay says:

    Rosicky,Bendtner, Chamack won’t win Arsenal trophies no doubt. Neither will Diaby. 2 games today out injured for weeks. One now wonders the indept of this team.Sometimes Koshielny is just like a crack head in defence, this guy has been erratic in Arsenal defense this season remember Chelsea at the beginning of the season, remember Newcastle a couple of weeks ago tackling a striker repeatedly from behind until a penalty was given against his team.Now the beat goes on. Same old story

  64. Richard says:

    I’m bread & born gooner and I’m sick and tired have watching Arsene Wenger slow decline the club I love. He has disgrace Arsenal football for the expense of money & profit. Players like Arshavin, Rosicky, Bendtner, Squillaci, Diaby, and Denilson all need to leave the club so why does Arsene hold on to these useless players. The squad needs a shake up in the summer. I’m an Alex song fan but we need 1 or 2 more defensive midfielder with more experience. Fear play to Szczesny he has played better then Fabianski and Almunia in the few games he has played but he isn’t quite ready yet so, a top class goalkeeper is needed. We also need two-centre backs with strength and height, which can defend for example (Chris samba, Gary Cahill, Mamadou Sakho, Ezequiel Garay). Also 2 WINGER who is not strikers who can defend as well as attack to help the full backs out. Sale Cesc and rebuild Arsenal football club, we already have Nasri, Wilshere, and Ramsey who can play there.

  65. offiong says:

    i think arsenal players never had the drive or hunger for the cup. the played without their heart

  66. kamran says:

    stop the .S…. it was a grt run… we played well.. their goal.played out of his skin…. mom… fair play to them… & their fans… enjoy…. must forget this & galvanized for the important games coming up…. up the GUNS of ARSENAL!!!

  67. northern gooner says:

    as a northern gooner im sure u dont realise how much this afternoon hurt. i really thought this wud be it. six years of hurt over !it might be better to have mates around ya to console ya, but up here there all mancs and scousers. i love arsenal so much, and always will do . but god,i am so fuckin mad with them right now ! is it just me or is everyone else feelin like this ? god bless everyone whos feelin as bad as me. lets keep the faith !

  68. northern gooner says:

    sorry,for swearin b4, but i am really really gutted. i can,t even buy a paper tomrrow cos i can,t bear wot i,ll read . dred wot to think wat will happen if we lose to orient !!!

  69. Uk says:

    @northerngunner, sorry. I used to feel like u, but last year(after 12years of putting arsenal number1) i quit, i don’t feel too good but i’m getting better, i still celebrate arsenal victories (like the one against barca) but ultimately i expect the team to fall short(like i felt while we were 4-0 up against newcastle) &most times arsenal don’t disappoint. Occasionally they do (like against man city away &of course barca)
    So feel bad, but don’t do anything stupid,life goes on. Cheers

  70. Ray says:

    First class attacking power with 3rd class defense capability.

    Can we offload Rosicky? The moment I saw his name on the line-up, there is only 1 word in my mind which is “OH-NO”. He wasted chance, don’t know what he is doing, delivering bad pass etc. He is a liability.

    Then Bendtner, unless we only want to keep him on the bench, else, he just does not have the skill to dribble past the opponent, slow and not sharp.

    Then Djourou, we know that he is not good enough and we just wonder when such shaky performance will come, well the answer was the match that caused us another wait. You don’t see Vidic so shaky.

    Koscielny, well, not sure if one day he could become a top defender but not today.

    Szce is ok but still very young. Oh no, please don’t bring back Almunia.

  71. ziggy the gooner says:

    Am totally disgusted by one gentlemen by the name of TOMMY SMYTH with a (Y) of ESPN soccer net. I love to hate him right now, he predicted our win against Barca 2-1 and indeed we won 2-1. And he predicted us loosing 2-1 to birmingham and yes indeed we lost by the same score as he predicted! I hope he doesn’t do it again in our future games cause he jinx us!

  72. Jazbo says:

    To much crap be written by supporters who should know better, one head job suggest crack heads in the team, another one say’s everything is the manger and with him we are in slow decline “WTF”…get real people, we batterd Birmingham, battered them!!!! but unfortunately as usual the oppostion keeper plays a blinder against us, we all knew that one error of judgement on either side would hand the cup to the oppostion, shit happens that’s life, get over it, support your team and look forward to the next game.
    The big talking point for me is not our throwing away the Carling cup (because with the greatest respect to city Birmingham that’s what we did) It was Wyane Roony’s elbow to face of that player, if it was an Arsenal player he would got a red card and locked up in the tower of London, but what does the ref do….thats right, NOTHING, over to the FA, let’s see what happens next!!


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