Feb 27

Wenger says van Persie’s injury “doesn’t look good”

Robin van Persie is a doubt for Arsenal’s Champions League second leg clash with Barcelona after sustaining a knee injury in the Carling Cup final defeat against Birmingham.

The Dutchman’s problem, according to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, “doesn’t look good” and means he will certainly sit out Wednesday’s FA Cup replay against Leyton Orient.

An update on van Persie’s injury is expected in the coming days.


110 Responses to “Wenger says van Persie’s injury “doesn’t look good””

  1. The Left Hand Of HENRY says:


  2. nannnna says:

    Ok lets just forget about that game.lolololol

  3. Arse&Nose© says:

    thats it then, we will now tumble out of every competition and end with a whimper

  4. emk says:

    That picture paints a f.cking thousands words, what a waste, what a pity!!!!
    Hopefully Robin’s injury isn’t as bad as it looks right now. Jesus, it’s exhausting to be an arsenal fan but I wouldn’t have it any other way…

  5. Rubbish As Usal says:

    Van Persie injured ? Really ? The man is a fucking joke and as for today i hope Wenger rots in hell for this – this is what happens when you buy players in the bargain bins you win fuck all – that plank in goal today cost us the only realistic chance of silverware – i hope it destroys him and we never see his face again – arrogant foreign trash – bunch of money grabbing foreign mercenary filth

  6. rafal says:

    no way. to much happened at this game against “the blues”…

  7. rafal says:

    fuc.k! without him we’re out of CL and out of everythin else.. Who will replace him? Bendtner? hahahahahahah

  8. Who Cares says:

    Who cares ? We will lose it anyway – our season ended when that polish cretin handed it to Martens – i hate wenger for this – whats the point in feeling upset because it will be just business as usual with young players and the likes of koscelny and squillaci screwing it up – there is nothing to look forward to just disappointment – i hope wenger rots in hell for this.

  9. Mario says:

    What rubbish, even Wenger didn’t know himself an hour ago you just want hits for your site.

  10. MomoG says:

    @Rubbish As Usal: @Rubbish as usual: Two words, Grow up…

  11. Arse&Nose© says:

    republik of mancunia have 100’s of comments from mancs celebrating our loss and slating us…how sad.

    It feels like the whole world is against us, it is strange being miserable whilst seeing the whole world happy

  12. Alan says:

    Rosicky, Song and Sagna really let us down today. Not that Rosicky letting us down was a surprise. Wenger should never have moved Nasri out of the centre to accomodate him.

  13. goonergerry says:

    Forget Barca-it will be a slaughter. This team cannot play without Fabregas-and our defence is a joke-not for the first time this season they fold under pressure.
    This team does not have a winning mentality-perhaps the weakest team in the EPL from that perspective. Lets stop moaning about refs and face the fact that the team will win nothing under Wenger.

  14. wtf says:

    keep wenger, NO. He plays fucking rosicky and refuses to buy someone better than koscielny who i’ve always thought is not good enough, and won’t be till he gets bulkier and learns about positioning and communication i.e. what you need to be a defender. No way would utd have lost that. We need a defence, not a keeper, that’s his first mistake, Koscielny has made mistakes before.
    He put chamakh on for arshavin who would’ve played where rosicky did a lot better than rosicky did. That is absolutely disgraceful, it’s the fault of you fans who think it was just our right to win it, to those at the stadium, where was the noise, where was the passion. Players need that to motivate themselves sometimes, seeing that the fans care, they may have felt they had to do the same.

  15. clive says:

    the shit the same old story wenger will leave arsenal in the next year or so ad wil win shit if he does not invest in at least 5 qlty players and get rid of the likes of rosicky dennielson clichy

  16. Anthony Smithson says:

    Nobody is to be blamed except Wenger.For the last six years the gunners have been playing with a handicap. Since Lehman,he has refused to invest in a top class goalie.He has kept faith with one gk after another only to be rewarded with one disaster after another.
    I think Arsenal are in a way like the Dutch national team of the seventies. They played the best football in 1974 and 78. What happened. They werebeaten in both finals. I’m afraid Arsenal are heading this way.
    If you look at the top teams in the epl and cl,99.9 % have a top class goalie. Arsenal are the only team with a rookie .Yeah Arsenal may have the best youth talent in the whole world,but unless that translates into trophies it’s of no use.
    All is not lost. First get rid of Orient and beat the red face. We can talk about Barcelona when we come to the bridge.

  17. Tired Arsenal Fan says:

    I am tired these foreign collection. Song and Rosicky never have the gut to be Arenal players. Wenger buys only French players. They cost us much. We dont win with all these foreign players. No determination and spirit.

  18. emk says:

    come on, don’t give up so easily! It will be a really hard time without Fabregas, van Persie, Walcott and that’s just the curse because with a fully fit team we can beat anyone only we are never fully fit… F.ck f.ck f.ck excuse me…

  19. Exo says:

    Weger said prematch that “he didnt want to get in a new keeper because if we did it would mean we had to lose a keeper and that might damage the keepers chances of making a career in football”…SO FUCKING WHAT….we dont win another trophy for god knows how long in case we hurt the feelings of some inbred polak prick that couldnt catch a cold….UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE

  20. Tired Arsenal Fan says:

    The manager needs to reflect on games. These bunch of foreign collection could not stand boys let alone men when it comes to spirit. They bottle it year after year. It is time that the fans say enough is enough for Frenchization of Arsenal.

  21. aogfc says:

    it’s not AW that is a disgrace.. it is you whining lot… if you are ready to give up on the boys then fine.. fuck off to Spurs.. we have 3 more competitions to go for, and I, for one, am not giving up on them when they need support the most…

  22. mohammad says:

    god bye champion god bye

  23. tim says:

    @Rubbish As Usal:
    birmingham don’t spend in the “bargain bins” then? get a grip. some thing’s aren’t perfect but talk about reactionist bs….

  24. matt says:

    @Rubbish As Usal: are you an arsenal fan, feckwit?

  25. Tshepo says:

    Its funny how last week when we beat Barcelona all the plastic, negative fans posting praising comments about the manager and players, now they call for his head off, childish and utter foolishness, I still believe in this team…..

  26. Johnogun says:

    If I were fabegras I would leave this bunch of losers

  27. nicky says:

    All you guys who fill the comments with obscenities about Arsene Wenger should grow up. All that’s happened is that we have lost a football match by a freak goal due to a defensive error. We still have much to play for this season and 99.9% of clubs in the EPL envy our present position.
    We now have the FAC replay against Orient, a home game against Sunderland and then the second leg at Barcelona. The lads must be feeling pretty low at the moment and deserve our support, NOT our manic criticism.

  28. Rob says:

    Mates, I’m absolutely gutted too but we need to get behind the team now. Forester made some good saves and these things happen. If we boo and slate the team we are no better then the BBC Plaudicks who rejoice in the fact we lose. As the for Man U team and fans, luck will desert them soon and the fact they love that we lost shows they are scared of us.

  29. NothingNew says:

    lets just try and forget this happened and move on or seriously we will end up with nothing. We never turned up on the day lets leave it at that. Koscielny helped us get to the final with his header and I prefer to think of that rather than his gaffe.

    Wenger’s got a big job on his hands, he’s got to get everyone motivated again and that’ll be our biggest test. I feel the only way we can recover from this is if we knock man utd and barcelona out of the respective cups we’re in (providing we get through orient). We can still have an unbelievable season.

    Outstanding Jack Wilshere today, Rosicky should never play, whenever he plays our results are never good enough, he’s not good enough, his passing is shit and he isnt strong enough. Speaking of not good enough, neither is alex song. The guy gets forward far too often which means jack, a much better player technically has to drop back to cover, always a huge hole in our midfield. Anyway like I said I don’t want to dwell. No time to, massive games coming up next two weeks and we’ve gotto keep believing. Let’s judge in may, not now.

  30. Marty Price says:

    Stop all the damn whinning,The Gunners are in trouble everytime they have to start Rosicky. He consistently misfires in front of goal, the defenders got bullied at the back, but the keeper has to come hard for the ball. The goal was his fault, will he ever live it down? Hard to believe the only club in the top four every year has been admirable, but to think that the defense is settled is another matter. Everytime they are scored on they lose their shape, and have a hard time regroupoing. One of those boys back there has to lead. It will be hard aganst Man U and Barca without VPersie, but the have to get Chamakh back on form. He is better in te box then Nick, who can play on the wing. Pitiful, they played well, but Brum played just as well and never gave up. Conratualtions to them and hopefully this will not leave a huge hangover.This team could be on the verge of either something good, or disintegration.

  31. ole says:

    @Tshepo: I agree but it seems to be Cesc more than wenger who controls the team, and that is a problem. It seems the players listen to cesc and not wenger, this is just a hunge but it seems to be like this. Hope persie is back quickley because bendtner and chamack just ain`t good enough, maybe we can recal Vela although he might not be good enough either. Its a dark day for arsenal. But bring on Leyton orient;)

  32. Danish Gooner says:

    But noone can argue the fact that we lose games when we should easily win them i refer to Wba at home,Toon at home,ipswich away an utter surrender against toon and Spuds a terrible late equaliser against Sunderland and Wigan a horrible disjointed performance at anfield a rubbish performance at Shaakhtar and Braga etc.It isnt exactly like there isnt room for improvement.

  33. Ron` says:

    @Rubbish As Usal: EDF Rally over?

  34. Solomon says:

    Irrespective of the result tonight, we still have a great team. However, when the transfer window open, we should be able to bring in a steel defensive midfielder who will sit permanently in front of the back four. We will also need another striker as we currently struggling the moment RVP is not playing. An experience defender will also be a good one. We need someone who can tell the boys to calm down when things seems out of order.We will still win a trophy this season notwithstanding what the negative so called fans are thinking.

  35. NothingNew says:

    “we have to be proud of our attitude, pick ourselves up and face the other challenges we have. We have massive challenges in front of us, … See Morewe will not throw 38 games away because of one game.”

    “Both of them (Koscielny & Szczesny) are destroyed. We have to lift them up & help them. That’s what a team is about.” – Arsene Wenger

    That is the kind of attitude we need, it’s the only way. GET BEHIND THE MANAGER AND THE TEAM. REGARDLESS. Massive part of the season coming up. Arsene, please work your magic. Get the players up for it again.

  36. brigham says:

    @Rubbish As Usual.

    Grow up you plank, you are a totally clueless numbnuts who knows nothing about football.

  37. peterx says:

    yes we loss but we see how good this team is next month loseing hurts but all good teams lose and come back stonger. we see how togther the team is i still think we can deliver. we turn up think that we won. you only get what you put in iam sure that we will win something big this season. we do need a forward with speed to keep up with walcot.i like to see the boarded to take less money and pay the stadium off first.because it belongs to the supporters of arsenal fc. and i hated loseing as a player this make you want to win more.lets see

  38. GUNNER CIAN says:


  39. FAIRMAN says:


  40. jane green says:

    rosicky has to go! awful.

  41. Crackfox says:

    Unbelievable; a young keeper makes one mistake and the (plastic) fans have turned on him already. Get behind him (and the team) and he will come good.
    And for those spendaholics, where is this fabled ‘superstar’ goalkeeper (and centre back for that matter) that would be both good enough and available?
    We played poory today, without spark and pace. Birmingham had a game plan and stuck to it, and even though it was a ‘horrible’ goal even I (as one of the most biased Arsenal fans around) will admit Birmingham just about shaded the game.
    Time for everyone (fans and players alike) to react positively to this setback; we are very fortunate to have what we have compared to so many other clubs, lets really appreciate it now and put this behind us.

  42. majoz says:

    What a bunch of whining children. Boo hoo Koscielny & Szczesny aren’t good enough, Wenger out, waa waa.

    Koscielny & Szczesny were good enough against Barca – where were all you moaners then? They made a mistake, fair enough at the worst possible time, but Szczesny will be a top keeper & anyone who knows anything about football knows that.

  43. Solomon says:

    it is amazing reading the comments of some of the people that have commented on this article. If you are not a sportsman, why do you call yourself an Arsenal fan? If we are winning on every occassion then there is no need to compete. Football is all about winning and loosing and a good sportsman should be able to deal with defeat and not calling for peoples head.
    We are all angry that we did not win but what good will it do the team if we start comdeming everyone in the team now?

  44. supersam8 says:

    none of the fans posting understand what it’s like to play in a final. none of you. so why act like it?

    the look on chezzer’s face, wilshire’s face. it says it all. and you lot have the nerve to go on about your lack of success. just terrible supporters, there were things wrong with our game and the manager, of course. but more than 50% of the internet warriors are ready to call it quits. why the fuck do you watch arsenal then?

    szczesny is a great goalkeeper, but he’s made mistakes before this game. everyone when off on a tangent because it was “flappy” or almunia. but chezzer didn’t get any criticism.

    now that he makes one really big mistake, it’s all over. he’ll never be our number 1.

    with the exception of a few, and you know who you are. absolutely miserable support. miserable.

  45. Arsenalforever says:

    I’m sad yes very sad. I will get over it this is how football is but for all of u people saying Wenger should burn in he’ll n all the other stupid things I read. U guys r very stupid when we beat Barca best team in the world best manager now we lose then u hear a different story it’s sad really. To all the TRUE Arsenal fans keep your head up. We will beat Barca we will go all the way the champions league finals, we will be the league tittle holders this season. We also going for the FA Cup. Remember to always keep it Gunnerish.

  46. Oskar says:

    Not that it matters but I thought the goal was all on Koscielny. Either he kicks it out of the park or he doesn’t touch it there.

  47. Solomon says:

    Well as a defender, he suppose to consider safety first, even if he had a call from the goal kepper. He can always explain that to the goal kepper afetr making a clearance but unfortunately he choose to leave it for the goal kepper and we got punished.That is where experience comes in.

  48. FAIRMAN says:


  49. One Sad Arsenal Fan says:

    Another crap result. We could have won the match if Arsene did one thing, TAKE OFF THAT SHIT CUNT ROSICKY & PUT ARSHAVIN IN HIS POSISITION.

    Instead he took of Van Persie for bendtner (Cry) then arshavin for chamakh (Cry & piss my pants) with rosicky still on the pitch losing the ball all the time and spraying useless pass after pass and getting into rubbish positions.

    When I saw he was still on the pitch I knew it was unlikely we would get another goal.

    Anyway four solutions to our problems

    1 Rosicky out in the summer In Filipe Melo
    2 Scq…… erm that shit french defender 30 year old guy Out in the summer In Samba
    3 Almunia out In Cahill
    4 Denilson Out In Hamsik
    5 Bendtner Out In Agbonlahor
    6 Get Ashley young or bent

    With those additions we can beat that piece of shit birghcjfvhgmbgjkv next time.

  50. Ian says:

    Swindon Town (mix up between Ure and Wilson), Luton Town (mix up on his own by Gus Ceasar) and now Szczesny and Koscielny will go into the annals of repeated league cup final cock ups.

    Blue and Totts fans rejoice and Gooners and Villa fans mourn (particularly Villa fans)

    Fair play to the Blues – they had a game plan, stuck to it and waited to get lucky which predictably happened right on cue.

    Wenger looks more and more like a loser. Heaven knows where it all goes from here – my doctor has advised me not to watch the Barca game as may cause irreversible psychological damage.

  51. Nostradamus says:

    Its unfortunate that we concede a goal like that but Kos & Szczesny shud nt be scapegoat. A holistic view that explains our loss would be
    A) Wenger’s team formation & substitutions were wrong.
    B) Only Wilshere & Arshavin played with real purpose like they want to win the game, the others just pass for the sake of passing, eye sore really.
    C) Birmingham got their tactics & substitutions spot on.
    D) No real leader on the field to wake the boys up when everyone seemed content on 2nd gear.
    E) No clinical striker. Bendtner & Chamakh are more “Heskey” type forwards & RVP is always one tweak away from an injury.
    F) Too one dimensional in our attack. Wenger seriously need to relook this “99 passes to nowhere” approach that the players are adopting.

  52. Jahan says:

    I’m bitterly disappointed. But no way I’m letting my team down. The players themselves know about their performance. They need our help. Please support them. The team is strong. This is a bright team. This is OUR ARSENAL.
    we re THE GUNNERS. we cheer them. we cry with them. They are our joy. They are our pain. They are our life. They are our death. This team will overcome. Let’s spread the POSITIVE energy.

  53. Puyol says:

    You pansies celebrated winning at halftime after the 1st leg against Barca and you can’t even win the Mickey Mouse Cup. Here’s to another year without hardware, same old Arsenal! Ha!

  54. SgtGunnerWil says:

    Serves Arsene right! Any manager in his right mind would not be talking to the press about how he z seeking special permission for his captain to lift the trophy instead of putting the spotlight onto the other team. We all know how dangerous it is to play against an underdog especially one with good athletic ability and strong mentality. Birmingham is a very competitive team and any opposition manager should have been able to point that out to the media instead of going on about his captain wanting to be there to lift the trophy. Next time (if there is ever one this year) u shud nt count yo chickens b4 they hatch, and pliz a bird in hand… Now lets see how you are going to explain to your captain y u couldn’t call to let him know he was out of the game!
    BTW y ever wud u leave Rosicky(I love him, and respect him) on wit the arm band, well knowing we ve nt won a single game with him captain? And AW always disrupts the flow of the game wit his substitutions; changing personnel every other minute and their positions too?

  55. Yusaf says:

    some idiots that call themselves ‘Arsenal Fans. Fucking grow up, if you think wenger got it all wrong, why dont you apply for his job and lets see how far you will get….not very after witnessing all of your immatureness. szczesny made one mistake which was unlucky, just because it’s an Arsenal goalie, he’s getting all sorts of abuse, he’s only fucking 20 for Gods sake; it’s bloody natural, hasn’t David Seaman ever made mistakes before, costly ones aswell? the manager did his bit before the game and it’s all up to the players after that.

    seriously, those Arsenal fans that want to see Wenger leave are totally and utterly out of their brainless heads!! which manager would be able to replace the beautiful philosophy that the recently awarded ‘Manager of the Decade’ has magnificently conjured with his own hands?

    Grow the fuck up!! i am disappointed myself for not winning the carling cup, yes but there are more opportunities for us to gain confidence for the future. More will come… we’ll just need some of the luck Manure get week in week out; and also we need to stay injury free. those who are hurdling abuse at arsenal, go support the shit down the road at Shite Fart Lane, you dont deserve to be supporting of such immense and a great manager we are lucky to be having for this long and still are. Honestly…

  56. Friartuck says:

    Let’s take a more balanced look at this.RVP great player
    constantly injured,and that WILL not change.Same as Theo,
    and unfortunately Fabregas.Without particularly RVP and Fabregas,
    neither Chamahk or Bendtner(despite his belief)are good enough to
    score winning goals in pressure games.Truth is,and no one
    wants to accept,until the last 10 mins,of the barca game,
    Aresenal were out of it.That result was the freak,not this one,
    people are looking at it all wrong,Rosicky?please
    Diaby..stop it…ONLY Fab and Wilshire,would get into
    The MU or Barca team,but it’s the fear infront of goal ,
    sideways passing, weak midfielder with no body strength,
    and most disturbingly for gunners like me who watched
    Michael Thomas score against Liverpool to clinch the title
    no winning mentality,no killer instinct,Birmingham deserved it
    that kills me to say it.WE CAN NOT WIN TROPHIES
    LIKE THIS … Stop denying it.I’m saying it calmly
    and thought it before the result.WEngers needs to go !!

  57. ralz says:

    guys we have been consistent all season let not this one off performance ruin our season i believe we have improved massively from last (in terms of mental strength)season u lose together and win together I never even dream t of losing but u have to swallow the bitter pill and thats football come on gooners

  58. Pedler says:

    It’s hard being an arsenal fan sometimes. It’s a allot like visiting a strip club; All the titillation, excitement and promise – but in the end you know “she’s” going home with a 6′8 bouncer named Zigic… Bad times

  59. Gunner Dan says:

    I can only assume the ‘Rubbish as Usal’ who cannot spell either didn’t watch the game? Had he watched it he may realsie that when a defender goes to smash a ball out and then leaves it about 6 inches in front of you it makes it a bit tricky! If anything Koschielny is mostly at fault for not putting his foot through it. As for ‘i hope it destroys him and we never see his face again’ the same can only be said of you! You are ignorant about football and seem to want to destroy a great p[roposect for one mistake that was largely not even his! Sad!

  60. Gunner Dan says:

    I can only assume that ‘Rubbish as Usal’ who cannot spell either didn’t watch the game? Had he watched it he may realsie that when a defender goes to smash a ball out and then leaves it about 6 inches in front of you it makes it a bit tricky! If anything Koschielny is mostly at fault for not putting his foot through it. As for ‘i hope it destroys him and we never see his face again’ the same can only be said of you! You are ignorant about football and seem to want to destroy a great proposect for one mistake that was largely not even his fault! Sad!

  61. jyde says:

    football is all about winning,draw or lose. So blame nobody for loosin d cup to d oppenent. Dey deserve it and dey eventually won it. Guys let kip d faith of winning mentality.

  62. Coys says:

    Did the Arse manage to sort out whether Van Percie or Fabregas were gonna lift the cup!

  63. The BearMan says:

    Lost for words! Absolutely Unbelievable!

  64. big ernie says:

    I thought before the match that we would not win …. Birmingham walked into Wembley suited and booted …. our team strolled in, in tracksuits and trainers. COME ON lets have some respect for the occasion. As for the performance, Birmingham played well, we didn’t, they won we lost …. the simple fact of the matter is that they wanted more than us … I have to ask why ? where is the leadership, we are told that there is a great spirit within the team, but there is no killer instinct, no heart and unfortunately there was no one on the pitch to instil this in the players. As for the team, the only question I have is why Rosicky ? He’s genuinely not good enough I’m afraid and would have put Bentner on the right. But lets look at the game, we didn’t get out of second gear and it’s so apparent that we need a leader out there. On the other hand, look who got MOTM it was Ben Foster, their keeper. It’s difficult to admit it, but the best team on the day wanted it more and won …. Well done Birmingham !

  65. french gooner says:

    im very angry of course i am!!! but im not going to moan like the awful people on here(im glad to say the minority) can you imagine how our young players feel?yes we lost …im gutted but im still proud of been a gooner!!! we can all say …lets get rid of wenger…our players are shit… but seriously would you rather be a spurs fan?… i thought not.we lost ,were gutted … lets win the premiership!!!! but even more importantly lets support our team come rain or shine.i know guys were gutted… were upset…motified even… but were the gooners for god sake….

  66. luke says:

    i think what hurt most of all is the fact that there was only 4 players on the field that seemed interested last night (or atleased compared to birmingham) that being clichy (who was our best, he never stopped chasing back and gave us something going forward), asharvin, van persie and nasri. rosicky played well until he reached birminghams box then his finishing skils seemed to kick in……. again.
    i think song (as good as he has been this season and he has been amazing) was probably the worst player on the field and looked completely out of place in a final which was why our defence wasvery shaky.
    the winning goal should nt be blamed on either koz or schez. why? because koz was our best defender and we would have been 3-0 down without him. one mistake doesnt take his match rating from a 7 to a 2. schez shouldnt be blamed as koz should have claimed the ball and thmped it up the field anyway.
    i guess atleased english football has something to crow about right now. they will call it one of the biggest upsets of all time but when it come down to it arsenal lost the league cup birmingham did not win it.its a disgrace a team who plays such negative and boring football will get silverware and if arsenal play like thatagain they will win nothing.

  67. Michael says:

    F*ck Barca game! If we beat Man Utd in the FA Cup we will win at Wembley this time. We should fight for Premier League and FA Cup, “just” that. Not matured enough for all.

  68. We always gonna be an “almost” team, second best, I sense that had we played against lleyton we wud have lost maybe on penalties. Rosicky, please, we never win whenever he starts or as a captain, Bendtner, always chewing a gum as though it helps him concentrate. Imagine Man United, or Chelsea losing in a final to Birmingham, I don’t see that happening. I don’t see any team in the Premier League leading by 4 goals then conceding 4 goals in 20minutes. it shows the kind of players we have. I am sick of these players who don’t give all. Arsenal Is a very big club, but having players like Rosicky, Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner makes me sick.

    When ever I see this like up already I know we are in for it, how many replays we have had against teams we would normally hammer for 6-0 when ever these players are playing. I don’t blame Arsene but these players who don’t step up.

  69. gradew says:

    Why Rosicky? this is good question. Why Rosicky? Why?

  70. JSP says:

    Rosicky and Arshavin in the starting 11. We were already playing 9 against 11!!! Hope these two idiots leave in the summer.

  71. KAYDIDI says:

    Please could anyone kindly tell me how many matches we won this season with Rosicky playing, either as a sub or from start it doesn’t matter. I’m just seriously curious.

  72. Harry says:

    Why can’t rosicky just get injured again? Cunt.
    Never want to see him in the line-up again. We have loads of players who have no heart: denilson, rosicky, diaby, bendtner.
    Replace them FFS.
    The defence was awful yesterday, why did they panick? Djourou and kos are normally quite solid, they were excellent against barcelocunts, kos was motm.

  73. Michael says:

    Wenger is so weak in finals. We’ve lost Uefa cup final, FA cup final, 2 Carling cup finals and a Champions League final.

  74. aaa says:

    i hate to say this but i am starting to think it is time for a change in wenger of he spends some money i love wot he has done with arsenal, i went yday and fort we looked scaered and with people like rossnify in the team we will never go forward i do think theat arsh had a good game wos 1 on our best players ialso have to say song is looking well tired he needs arest

  75. Will Norrington says:

    fucking right son!

  76. sikiru says:

    why hardluk kill my player.i feel so bad that we lost the cup.but wear there is there is hope.pls support this team and dont blame arsen for anything i know that god time is the best.always gooners.gunners till i die

  77. sikiru says:

    why hardluk kill my player.i feel so bad that we lost the cup.but wear there ways there is hope.pls support this team and dont blame arsen for anything i know that god time is the best.always gooners.gunners till i die

  78. lubanga wa kenya says:

    football means working hard to put the ball btwn the crossbar n the uprihgt n preventing the opponent from doing the same not kicking th piece of shit without a common goal.cud smbdy pass ths info 2 ass-n-hole manager AW……we deserve the loss.

  79. goonertoglory says:

    If we won, those critics will say “Nah, it’s just the mickey mouse cup”. So we’ve loose, means we still have FA, Premier League and Champions League to fight for. What’s the big deals? Think about it. We are getting closer.

  80. JSP says:

    Tired!!! The Liverpool team of the 70s and 80s used to play near on 70 games a season with a total of 15 men some seasons and you never once heard them moan about being tired. I don’t hold with that at all. All you are asking is for 180 minutes effort a week. If these over paid pussies can’t do that should they be on the over inflated wages they claim each week??

    We look tired because we are defeatist chokers. Success breeds success and I feel with Wenger’s tightness in the transfer market we are fast becoming also rans. I admire Wenger and don’t want him to go, but in the same instance if he isn’t prepared to take a gamble on signing experience then he needs to make way for someone who does. Jose Mourinho would not be a bad move for us now. He is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

  81. Treon says:

    Its not about us loosing, its the manner in which we loose or throw points away that really hurts. I mean had we been completely outplayed by the opposition, i dont think Arsenal supporters would be this mad. Its the manner in which we screw it up in the last second. Every year its the same thing. I mean imagine if we hadnt let those punks from across come back into the game and win it when we were 2-0 up at half time. Or letting in a silly own goal v wigan minutes from time when we were poised to win. Or helping Newcastle to a 4 goal comeback when we were 4-0 up at half time. Or screwing up in the last few games v Braga and Donestk when we were cruising to a first place finish. and thats the reason we have to play Barca today. And if you look at all those games, it was all silly, stupid, rookie mistakes that is acceptable once in a while i guess but not over and over and over and over again. Last night was the same shit. Whether its wenger or the team i dont know. Whatever it is it better get fixed and fixed soon.

  82. JSP says:

    Jyde learn english you freak!!

  83. gooner says:

    what a load of shit stop ass raping wenger u cunts everyone has their own opinions but wenger needs to stop being stubborn trying it his way all the time we get to finals and semi finals and bottle it ffs nobody knew what would happen in the last minute but throughout the game it was nerves everytime there keeper faggot-foster hit long balls to the 8ft serbian clown and it took 6 players just to get the ball off him wtf there are serious issues need sorting out in the summer playing staff and backroom staff,we need 3 or 4 players in and about 9 out including youngsters that are pointlessly sent out on loan season after season most of them are not getting experience etc except for ramsey and lansbury and the wrk permit kids apart from that we need to spend a bit of money if u get rid of squillacci,bendnter,rosicky,denilson,arshavin,almunia,gavin hoyte,traore,sanchez watt,randall and eastmond that frees up a lot of money on wages and any fees we get contributes to investing in new players, and to replace the shit bring miyachi and wellington in to the squad along with lansbury and jet and bartley and we will be better off imo

  84. Dav says:

    >> Jose Mourinho would not be a bad move for us now.<<

    feck me what is wrong with some "Gooners"
    He is the opposite of everything Arsenal stand for. Idiots like you will only ever appreciate Wenger when he has gone

  85. nor says:

    We have to terminate Arsene Wenger’s service. As long as he hold Arsenal in his hand, we won’t win any trophy. It is because he is FRENCH, not ENGLISHMAN. Only ENGLISHMAN can win trophies. Birmingham last game is on 15 February, they have plenty of days to be prepared. We have to deal with Stoke City first on 23 February before we deal with them. Luckily we won the mathch. Both team have made our team terible (Eduardo & Ramsey). The England FA has succeed in killing football. If this is the case, ENGLAND FA has to make new rule that is won’t allow other than ENGLISHMAN to handle their club. No wonder Englang can’t go far in the World Cup. Have a thought.

  86. leonard says:

    Have been an Arsenal fan my entire life but yesterday’s game was a surprise. I am 90% sure Arsenal will be trophy-less this season.

  87. Surrey Gunner says:

    I don’t know what to say I don’t feel like being clever, thoughtful or reasoned.

    Please read on the sky website “Gardner – We scared Gunners”!!!!!!!

    Arsenal knew what was coming with Birmingham, we played them enough and we know their tactics. We don’t seem to have a plan for sides like Birmingham. Their goalkeeper was good, but really wasn’t put under a lot of pressure. A goal from a route one – free kick/goalkeeper takes/knock on is a simple tactic, which we should have an answer. How comes at 5’8 Jack seems to be fearless with a bit in his tackling.

    All the Arsenal players need to be leadership and act like Roy Keane, screaming and communicating. Come on one of you, stop looking over your shoulder.

    Players need to communicate/take responsibility, “Yours/Leave”

    The Birmingham supporters where really up for this and out sung the Arsenal supporters at time.

    Media with their usual stuff about Arsenal.

    I don’t want other supporters sympathy, I just want us to win. I don’t want to be told what a great side we are.

    On a wet day its a bad day to be an Arsenal supporter, lets hope things change.

  88. gonnerfan says:

    this is my first time in this blog and i think its amazing

  89. gonnerfan says:

    @Michael: no hes not

  90. gonnerfan says:

    @Makaveligooner: i agree with u rosicky=shit eboue=shit and so does bentdner and denilson

  91. jaffy4sure says:

    A big dissappointment but our manager has to look back into history to the time arsenal won silverwares and look at the make up of the players.We had taller defenders for god sake.Throughout the match zigic was a constant treat it was only a matter of time.Tall attackers have always been a problem to arsenal defence.b’ham got us bcos our manager refuse to get tall defenders.It may happen again.Luv Arsenal though.

  92. person says:

    typical english response. always overreacting after victory or defeat.

    i don’t care one drop about the league cup and all these idiots who pressured Wenger into using his best players in a 3rd rate competition have managed to hurt Arsenal’s chances in the competition that counts the most (champs league) because of RvP’s injury.

  93. french gooner says:

    incredible here we go again.wenger is crap the players should get killed.same old same old….you call yourselves arsenal supporters? i bet you if we beat barcelona the same people will be saying how amazing our manager/players are.grow up and support your team.the clue is in the word:support?

  94. samcyn says:

    it was realy painful n it stil pains cus d memory is stil there. ARSENAL FOR LIFE. Just hope d players wuld get over d psycho effect b4 d barca march. GUNNING 4 LIFE

  95. JSP says:


  96. JSP says:


  97. bluemoon says:

    @nor: I agree with you’too.This team made the fan just like the clown in EPL.

  98. Highbury4L says:

    ah well, looks like the premier league or F.A. Cup for us then

  99. Highbury4L says:

    @Puyol: silverware, not hardware…pillock. Weren’t saying anything when Mourinho ran onto the pitch last season and celebrated did ya, shut up and go back in your hole

  100. fan says:

    RVP out at least 3 weeks

  101. Bergamp's Flick against Toon says:

    christ on a bicycle, all the moaning c**ts come out demanding for wenger’s head and spunking millions on players. Not saying that the defeat doesn’t hurt, but can’t you moaners grow up and get behind our team? Already predicting a spanking by cuntelona is nothing short of a disgrace. C**ts to a man and woman and dog.

  102. GunnerMKD says:

    waiting for the bitches who before the chelsea-united game wanted wenger out to come supporting our team. i cant believe how fake you guys are.
    i justwant our team to win the next pl game, and keep going game after game. i dont carea about man u, if we win, we are point behind them. a point difference is not easy to defend to the remaining of the season. they have hard games, we not so much, but we have to win it game after game, and let the best team win. UP THE ARSENAL!

  103. french gooner says:

    GUNNERMKD,youre a true gooner.todays result has made me feel much better after the last match.lets win tomorrow ,as reading proved today by beating everton in football anything can happen to any team.of course i want arsenal to win every match, but if when they lose i support them even more because thats what support means!!!!im more upset when we lose players to injuries hence gutted by the sad news today of losing van persie and walcot.maybe bentner will step in and take advantage.come on arsenal

  104. amos01 says:

    gunnerMKD thats real talk the mate some arsenal supporters need to book the ideas its either we back are team all the way or we moan about what could or had happened

  105. ole says:

    @GunnerMKD: Listen mate we all support arsenal, but some of us question wenger not the team. I think we can win the league, and I would love it if we do. But I question our strikers apart from v persie who is made of buisquits, I hope I`m wrong but can`t see Chamack nor nebdtner doing it against Barca, utd, Spuds not to mention Sunderland, also Scechenzney is a great talent, and I hope and pray to all lighty gods that he will keep going, but because of our recent past I WILL NOT get my hopes up. We (the once who question wenger) belive he could have done things differentley and gone for better strikers etc, for me the defence is ok! But listen mate, we all hope for the same things, but the rest of us are optimists with good information;) But belive me I pray sing and dream of an arsenal title as much as anyone else, lets hope for a good game against Orient then we look for Sunderland. Go gunners!!!!!!!

  106. GunnerMKD says:

    @ole: yes, i agree, i would also like to see some top strikers in our team next to rvp(who is a real class and if he goes one season injury free, will score 25+, but he is and will not happen to have one whole season),yes, i would like to see a quality, experienced dm next to song and ofcourse a proper cb, but it`s wenger who makes the decisions, so i can understand your anger. it was his choice to start the season with a squad like this, if he fails, he will take responsibility.
    and as i`ve said many times before, if you want some things to change, you have to be active. i suppose you are from london, and you visit all the games arsenal play, so why not put your anger on paper, on biiig paper and show it. if i were you i would do that until i get the attention i want.
    i at the moment support arsene because you can really see the faith he has in these players, but i will never call for his head, because what he is doing is unique and HONESTLY, i cant see who his replacement would be.
    so, support and support, and if you dont like it, express it, simple. 😀
    go ARSENAL!

  107. GunnerMKD says:

    and for the barca game, i expect bentner up front, but i dont think it will affect the game much as we will defend the 2-1 result, especially if fab doesnt get fit till then

  108. ole says:

    @GunnerMKD: I agree with you,its not many who can replace wenger, I think we will get some with arsenal DNA;) like bergkamp eventually, but its hard to find an obviouse replacement. But mate I said the same in 1994-1995 season when Graham was in charge for the 12. game in row without scoring, then I think David Hillier scored an offside goal against city;) Also back than I thought arsenal had a great team, talk about naivity;) And look what happened when Grahm left, Rioch started it and wenger completed it and we never looked back. But I`m older now and wiser than before, but I admire your guts mate, and we should all join together now and be positive, we can`t change anything at the moment, than we will see how far we can go. P.s: But if the team perform poorley over the next four games the season is over and people will question wenger, and rightly so, and that is a good thing.

  109. pastaface says:

    I don’t understand you people, last year people were cursing Wenger for not bringing in Chamakh last Jan, he comes in this year has a blinding start to the season and dries up. Now it’s Wengers fault!!! Our current forwards need to sort it out and score!!!

    The game on Sunday was not Wengers fault, we should’ve been at least 2-1 up, but saying that our goalkeeper was lucky to be on the pitch!

    I’m not optimistic about our Barca chances without RVP and Walcott, the Catalans really fear them, now they are out they don’t fear us as much!


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