Lehmann argued with Ljungberg, and Ramsey can shut down Morrison

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Arsenal face a trip to West Bromwich Albion this Saturday in the Premier League. A disappointing previous three weeks has just ended with the news that Jens Lehmann set for a deal until the end of the season. 

I wonder if Wenger will appoint Lehmann with his old job of collecting player fines, such as for mobile phones ringing and lateness. I was told he had a few heated confrontations making people pay up, once with Freddie Ljungberg. I think having a player around young players who are learning, (probably old enough to be a father figure to many of them) is a great thing. Other than this he brings his ferocious winning attitude and hunger to challenge others to compete at their highest level. In summary I believe that Lehmann will inherit a fatherly mentor figure and be encouraged to push youngsters to be at their best more consistently. 

Another player coming back into the fold, along with Lehmann, is the ever popular Welshman Aaron Ramsey. A keen, talented, junior cross country runner that has lost a year of his career; Ramsey could forge Arsenal’s version of Xavi-Iniesta with Jack Wilshere. He looks stronger but not quite match-fit. I suspect he will put great pressure on some of his under-performing midfield colleagues to raise their game. 

I hope Ramsey and Wilshere play in front of Diaby. The dodgy Denilson, although competitive at stages against Manchester United, appears to lack the engine for games that hit you quickly on counter attack. James Morrison will need to be shut down rapidly on the edge of the box from shooting.

The Albion game will be an opportunity for Arsenal to go into the international break with a win under their belts if we can see of Albion. I’ve no doubt the players must be looking forward to a few days away from London Colney after our recent poor form. This is in fact a well timed break as the likes of Fabregas and Walcott should return in time for Blackburn at home on April 2nd.

As the league is Arsenal’s sole focus from now to the end of the season I would expect, perhaps after a nervous start, for us to see a strong win. 

The key player for Albion is Arsenal academy product Jerome Thomas a tricky skillful left winger. If I were manager of Albion, I’d play him on the right wing since a rested Clichy in a counter-attacking Arsenal could do very well against the slower Chris Brunt. Thomas would be able to pin back Clichy, though he’ll instead try to do the same against Sagna. 

Albion’s early season form has diminished and they do not like the side that shocked Arsenal at home, incredibly going 3-0 up. Furthermore, Arsenal have usually been strong under Wenger when he’s had a week with players before a game and they should be too good.

Prediction: West Brom 0-2 Arsenal. 

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I hope Denilson never plays again. he is terrible



First of all, great job. I like your blog, keep it up!

Secondly, 0:2? Really, with Squilacci in our defence and Almunia in goal. Also Fabregas and Song won’t play, so we will see Denilson and Diaby.

2:1 to Albion I will say.
Do you honestly think we are going to win the League? With cr*p defensive play and mentally fragile players?

Best wishes.

P.S. And just don’t say to f**k off and support the chavs, cos I love this Club. I’m not a Wenger worshipper anymore, though.

red and white bear

i hope wenger starts ramsey saturday with jack and song in midfield with cesc out that is a very combative trio,,,,,hugh game this 1 hope the players are well up for it ,,,,i think the will be,,1-3 id say ,,,,,lets win this title!!!!!!!!!!


Denilson and Diaby should never play for us again.They are just passengers.They just have to been sold in the summer

We wont win on saturday not with Squillaci playing.He makes Kos look shit.All our 5 league defeats have come when Kos/Squillaci played
The title race ended when Djourou was carried off at OT

Emmanuel Eboue

If we don’t win this, the season is over and I mean that. This is it, the players need to get that into their heads. This is the trophy they need to win and they need to hit top form for these next ten games.

Nice article. Good points. I think given the injuries that even if ramsey and wilshere were to start together, one of denilson or diaby would have to play as well, and I’d go with diaby. I did think denilson had a good game against Utd and didn’t deserve to be subbed, but that was the first time I’ve seen him sprint for I don’t know how long. Diaby was doing great at the start of the season but hasn’t been as good since he came back into the side. He is a superior DM to denilson though imo. Not that… Read more »

diaby isnt good enough, sorry to say it but its true


Why are some people saying Denilson did well against the mancs. He was mainly responsible for both the goals we conceded. First when he pussied out of challenge then when he failed to close down. He isn’t a defensive midfielder and has absolutely no pace or work rate. I hope Frimpong comes on leaps and bounds next season and we get shot of both Denilson and Diaby

I still think Diaby can come good although he constantly slows the counter and gets caught in possession too often, he has skill and size something this team is missing. Denilson and Rosicky should be shipped out this Summer. Denilson is too slow and jogs after the play when he should be busting a gut trying to make up for some horrible play. Th main thing I cannot grasp is why were we sold that we have to build the stadium to compete and then clearly overlook the liability of another DM and a big talented CB. I am just… Read more »

Chris Brunt is actually a very competitive player who would give sagna a run for his money, although he lacks pace he is quite clever in his movement.

But all in all we should hopefully turn the corner and get back some confidence.


time for some high scoring games 🙂


I hope Ramsey is able to force his way ahead of Diaby and Denilson. They’ve both been at the club a while now and are now at the age when they should be showing signs of ‘great things to come’, but I’m not seeing it. I’m sure when Wenger brought both players he hoped they would develop in to great players, but in truth, neither has really lived up to their potential. Nothing against them…but its time to give make way and give someone else a chance.

Ilevbare kenneth

We shld nt b deceivi ourselves on arsenal winning d league.Wenger has failed.i think he is a bad luck 2 d team.Diaby shld b sold in order to buy boot 4 jack W.up gunners


diaby,denilson and b 52 should leave at d end of d season,we appreciate their performances so far.

king gooneri

if we don’t start like a train on fire & compete on sat we’re in for a long afternoon-squid & kozzer are going to need a lot of protection-will they get it from “deckchair denilson”& “dough brain diaby”?doubt it-heart says 0-1-head says 1-1….


frimpong, along with wilshere, would have been the talent of the season if he was fit. denilson should be sold, diaby kept for half a season and get rid of squillaci


Considering his age, experience and performances, Lehmann could be a role model for the young Gunners. Aaron Ramsey looks like a good option up front. I agree on Arsenal’s need to get the 3 points and on your prediction as well. I also expect the Gunners to get another away win.


We wont win any game with Abou Diaby in the midfield,Wenger has to know that,he likes the man but playing nothing,also we dont have strikers apart from Van Persie,Wenger to bring back Vela and buys some strikers who can match RVP,Chamack & Bentner to be sold.Miquel to be played this Saturday!WENGER YOU ALSO BE SERIOUS!


Said it for many years now Denilson NOT good enough and never will be.
Sell Denilson, Rosicky(unfortunate as he was a top player), Diaby, Eboue, Squallaci and Bentner. Bring in Centre half (saying that for years) def mid player, winger and attacker.
Will Wenger ever LISTEN.

Dave bennet

strating line up for the game should be
Sagna Miquel Koscielny Clcihy
Wilshere Song (If not fit then Ramsey)
Bendtner Nasri Arshavin
Van Persie

Bench – Leymann, Gibbs, squillaci, Aneke, Rosicky, Diaby, Chamakh.

Aneke deserves a call up i don’t care what anyone says, he has been a consisant proformer for the reserves and deservesa reward.