Thoughts on transfer policy and treading water

Written by Red Detective


Arsene Wenger announced today that Thomas Vermaelen was out for the rest of the season. Just in case you’ve forgotten, Vermaelen is a gritty, unsmiling, physical player with a thunderbolt left foot and fantastic leap to win headers against players far taller. Beyond this, he is the Belgian captain and former captain when at Ajax so brings leadership qualities.

He caught Wenger’s eye during a preseason match between Arsenal and Ajax. He clashed with Van Persie, to which our manager admired his temperament. 

In January, Wemger said Vermaelen would hopefully return in 6 weeks and therefore was able to bat away pressure to sign a new defender. Today, announcing he was out for the season he added; “I never expected him to be back before the end of the season”.

Has there been a miscommunication? It would appear not. Wenger has unfortunately, contradicted what he has said. Surely, if he knew Vermaelen would not return then Arsenal would have opened the chequebook and swooped on a Central defender. I wanted Gary Cahill at the time, now I feel Arsenal need a more aggressive leader such as Roger Johnson.

However, I can understand the desire not to add a Centre back to Arsenal’s wage bill for 3years or so at that point when the need for them may have only been a month before 4 centre backs may all have been fit, coupled with the emerging talents of Miquel and Bartley coming through.

However, this does not answer why we didn’t sign a defender on loan. Surely there must have been someone available to plug the gap.

The decision not to has been made and I don’t seek to use it to throw mud BUT it always feels like Arsenal are hoping for the best.

We WERE going after the quadruple, an unprecedented achievement had it been completed. Surely it was a proportionate gamble to make at least a loan signing.

The ethos at Arsenal regarding such gambles needs to undergo a seismic shift before we can realistically foresee having a squad to win a quadruple. ‘Treading Water’ or hoping on fitness of players to survive is not ambitious enough an attitude to deserve the rich rewards of wholesale success.

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vermaelen been biggggg miss for us. would be a shame if it costs us the title


This is exactly why Wenger should go


Arsene Wenger is deluded. EOD.


if you seriously thought we were going for the quadruple you’re delusional.

Arsenal will probably not win the title. That won’t be down to AW, who has built the only brilliant squad in world football (nearly 20 youngsters out on loan) that has cost virtually nothing in fees. No- if we get pipped- again- after pushing hard for ALL honours this season – it will be down to ref decisions deliberately stopping us. Next season again- Arsenal will be there. The team to beat in every competion. When was the last time Arsenal were involved in Europe year after year after year? When was the last time Arsenal were virtually the best… Read more »
Steve of Chiang Mai

Wenger’s words refer to the test yesterday and not to some secret opinion he supposedly held in January. When the press twist words to create a headline for malicious purposes it’s bad enough but when Arsenal blog sites, supposedly run by fans start doing it, maybe it’s time to surrender the Red and White colour scheme and the canon logo….. No?

arsenal man

completely agree with Steve of Chiang Mai and donnyfan1


Arsene fanboys at it again. Bring on Denilson and Diaby and we will go for the quadruple again next year. Hail Lord Wenger.


Steve’s right, these witch hunts against AW are becoming endemic beyond reason. Precisely at the wrong moment. The boys are still chasing the title, remember that fact? These are the same guys who can entertain and beat any team on any given day or night.

Being concerned about the subject is OK, but twisting and spinning news so that they suite your particular opinion is appalling and rather distasteful journalisam.

Arsenal were never going win anything this season and that, sadly, has not changed. The squad is too naive, is error prown, lacks a winning mentality and to a degree is not good enough even without these flaws. The team lacks leadership and that starts with Wenger. It also falls short tactically, that again is down to Wenger. Will things change? Not until the club start look at the empty trophy cabinet rather than the full bank account. Wenger has done great when it comes to nurturing young talent but I now wonder if he lacks something tactically. Sometimes with… Read more »

hope ramsey starts instead of denilson against wes brom.


@Red Detective

The article was edited between our posts. The heading was something like How AW costs us the title….

Angry Fan

Ive been saying it for a while now. Wenger out. This is why i want him out. Lies, Lies and more lies. He knew he wasnt gonna play again in september. Its a joke. The sooner people get wengers hand out of there pants the quicker we can move forward. Without him. No other way.

ps. say by to cecs this year. 100%.

Arsene needs to go and he needs to take his donkeys Denilson, rosisky and diaby with him, these guys just sit on the bench near enough every week, when playing they do nothing for us. We cant be relying on all these young players all the time. Wenger is the best when it comes to developing young players no doubt but we need 1 quality + experienced keeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 well experienced striker. just 1 in all positions will make a huge difference. we will win titles and we will be the best in the world.… Read more »