Chelsea can force a boost Arsenal's title bid

Written by Red Detective


There has been an almost unanimous reaction, at least among Arsenal fans, that the winners of Chelsea drawing Manchester United in the Champions League quarter finals could very well be Arsenal.

I would anticipate Manchester United wanted Schalke or perhaps Tottenham. Shakhtar are a dangerous and interesting team which would have involved much travelling. Guardiola made a comment earlier this week he did not want them but they are precisely whom Barcelona have drawn.

So what of Chelsea? They a strong side that are finding the form they looked incapable of locating earlier in the season. Having signed David Luiz they have found a streetwise cultured  defender able to pass like Franck Leboeuf and make dirty kicks like Materazzi. 

In Torres Chelsea signed a world class striker who has hurt United badly in the past. One goal could lead to an avalanche of goals for him and he could easily be scaring the hell out of players like Vidic again coming the whistle blowing. 

The recent 2-1 win they had over United showed they have the power and bottle to, at the very least, drag United through an arduous 180 minutes of tough tackles and hard running.

Games against such quality opposition will not afford United the opportunity of resting players so they should play their best side. The only time they can use weaker players should be in the Premier League. 

How does this impact on Arsenal? Whilst our team are resting and hopefully relaxing United players will be playing European matches at Premier League pace. In short, I can see United struggle to balance the team with their workload and will inevitably drop valuable points.

Arsenal needed a boost. Hopefully we’ll be analysing one in the form of a result against Albion. However, this is an unexpected boost that could bear fruit for Arsenal and their title push.

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My Name Is Earl

yea man utd could drop points but so will arsenal, we’re no way near consistent enough to win all our remaining games. they don’t fight when they’re down, they just feel sorry for themselves..


Jesus Christ Arsenal can’t defend for SHIT!!!!!!!


How the fuck does Denilson get paid!!!????????


I don’t think I’m joking when I say Denilson is the worst Arsenal midfielder I’ve seen in and I’m including our reserves and u18.

Angry Fan

Joke defending. Joke team. Biggest joke wenger. I just have to laugh now. Ive been saying it for a while now. Wenger out.


When Arsenal are not at full and i do mean FULL strength. They have to go back to 4-4-2 as the creativity is not there to supply one striker and two wide men. They always have the lions share of possession. (Barcelona aside) Putting another in midfield would surely help protect the weakest back 4 in prem league history.

if you ask me, i`ll say manchester to win. extra time at the second leg would be wonderful. united will play then in the semifinal, fa cup etc etc, a lot of matches. it will tire the players and arsenal looks like having advantage in the league. but whats the point in having a fully fit squillaci and denilson, when they can not play shit? arsene, give miquel a chance, if he`s good, nice, everyone`s happy, if he`s not, then i guess you have another excuse why we wont win the league. BUT DO NOT PUT SQUILLACI IN A GAME… Read more »