Mar 22

Bendtner’s Father: “I’m far from satisfied with Nicklas’ situation at Arsenal”

Nicklas Bendtner’s father and representative has spoken to the Danish media about his son’s lack of playing time at Arsenal, admitting that he’s “far from satisfied” with the 23-year-old’s current situation.

Bendtner, who faces Norway this Saturday, has in the past voiced concerns about his situation at the Emirates Stadium and has made just three starts in the Premier League this term.

“I am very, very far from being satisfied with Nicklas’ situation at Arsenal, I will not say more right now, because this should not go through the press. If more needs to be done, then I will make direct contact with the club and Wenger himself”, said Thomas Bendtner.

The Copenhagen-born frontman has not been a fans favourite since returning back from a loan spell at Birmingham in 2007, although his height up front has proved to be a useful weapon when needed.

Reports across Italy suggest that Juventus and Lazio are two Italian clubs interesting Bendtner whilst German outfit Borussia Dortmund and Hamburg have been sniffing around.


53 Responses to “Bendtner’s Father: “I’m far from satisfied with Nicklas’ situation at Arsenal””

  1. Jack says:

    Close the door on your way out.

  2. Jaymz says:

    Bendtner is garbage and should be sold alongisde denilson, rosicky and arshavin to raise £30 million to a decent CB and GK

    Heres to all these players leaving !

  3. Gunnergetreal says:

    Hes doesn’t play because he is complete rubbish. Hopfully Daddy will find him a new club in the summer along with Denilson, rosicky Diaby and the other waste of spaces that are at this club.

    Good old fashioned clear out is needed to stop the rot – Wenger can go aswel if hes not up to it.

  4. Razorman says:

    Arsene has to remember; He bought Arshavin for his qualities as a second striker! Where did he thrust the Russian magician? On the wing, why waste money on buying such a talent for a particular purpose and waste it on playing out of position???????? Moreover, Arshavin, when allowed space to drift inside behind main striker, he scores! 82% of the time!! Behind RVP or Theo Walcott, the little Russian will be dynamite. Currently he is played out of position, is sulky for it and Arsenal will realise he’s a much better player when he joins another team that could utilise his talents better. For me, RVP is not an out and out striker, I have seen him do wonderful things from the wings. Theo cannot play on the wing because he rarely is comfortable with space and time to think. As a central finisher, he is astute and quick! He has scored 90% when playing central. Wenger restricts him to the wing at Arsenal’s detriment. Arsene has to be mean and play players in the right positions and the results will show. Our manager has to learn to think outside the box! Anything less , the biggest loser will be Arsene because he’s not getting any younger!

  5. Donn Maestro says:

    Heavens finally opened up.Take him away from us ASAPEST.He has more ego than skill in his pants.anything is better than B52,anyday…

  6. chrispy says:

    I’m far from satisfied with his pile of sh!te offspring being incapable of doing his job when called upon.
    ‘World Class’…..what complete bollox!

  7. MARK GOONER says:

    see ya mate
    any chance u could take almunia fabianski denilson squilaci diaby rosicky and eboue with you

  8. Mickeyk says:

    Plaese leave arsenal as soon as possible you are a crap player.get OUT and take arsene with you

  9. Swissboi says:

    Just let me know when U get him a club, I will personally volunteer myself to drag him to the airport…Like father like son

  10. paulie says:

    Lets not keep you daddy Bendtner, tell Nick we said goodbye.

  11. steve says:

    jog on bendy boy your complete rubbish and an arrogant unct aswell.please just go

  12. BEZZA says:

    oh wow. this isnt leyton under10’s we dont care what daddy sais! Daddy tho? pretty sure niklas is product of an Arsene fling. NO OTHER reason for him to be at our club.

  13. Kevin says:

    Oh dear just because you are Bendtner’s father and representative doesn’t give you the right to demand your son play. Either piss off or keep your mouth shut the pair of you.

  14. Alan says:

    No wonder he’s an arrogant pr**k. Tell me Thomas, did you tell him that you were very very far from being satisfied with his touch of a rapist against Barcelona amongst others

  15. Done again says:

    jamyz mate Arshavin is quality plaese dont put him in the same breath as Deni although he should up his workrate.

  16. Gooner Fan says:

    Yep that makes 2 of us then cos I am ‘far from happy with Big Nic’s situation at Arsenal too. If the Bentner’s don’t realise that he is 3rd choice striker then they should be sold to the highest bidder. If Carrol is £35m then we should be able to get around £25m for Bendtner.

    Maybe we can get Almunia and Nic to share a cab when they get shown the door

  17. RC NAL 4 EVER says:

    Despite all that i read here i believe bendtner provides quality although he for me will never be consistent nor will he ever be a regular starter.I think it would be a mistake to offload him as he provides us with a different option with his height.Also if you forget about his poor games this season of which there hasnt been many seeing the manager doesnt have complete faith in him,he has showed some tidy finishing scoring few but real nice goals.Bottom line, if hes sold it wont be the end of the world but looking at our squad i believe countless others to be worse and this chamakh guy concerns me,starting to think he aint the business along with denilson,diaby,eboue,squillaci,rosicky,almunia,fabianski,clichy.Although the fact also is out of the players i just mentioned 5 of them do have good games just not as many as they should.The 3 that rarely or never play well is denilson,almunia and squillaci.I wonder how many gooners have their names on their shirts.

  18. Johno says:

    I am not a bendtner fan, but i do hate the cost bashing he gets from our so called “true supporters”. Does no one realise that he pretty much single handedly saved us from embarrassment from going under spurs in the league last season? His late goals vs wolves and hull proves this, he kept us in the league race till about end of march! He even scored against barca!you caNt call this guy crap. I am a firm believer that if you ridicule someone,’you have to have the talent to back you up. Don’t call him shit cos you can’t do better

  19. Chingfordgooner says:

    Mark gooner….your spot on with your list!!!

  20. Adam says:

    Crunch time came, as it does for all egotists, at Barcelona when presented with the perfect opportunity to score the decisive goal by a great ball from Jack. Everything Bendtner has been bragging about came in that single moment. And what happened? He messed it up and looked like the player he really is. No first touch, no skill on the ball and no future at Arsenal.

  21. jay says:


    i like what you’re saying mate. ever since fabregas and walcott went down, we’ve struggled to score without ever shaking the team, or where people play. how often must denilson and diaby play together to see it doesnt work. arshavin is never allowed to play behind the striker, we played vela on the wing, nasri, walcott on the wings. why cant we play gibbo on the wing once in a while, he’s left footed and he used to play there. it was time to experiment with things, and not keep the same lineup that was failing to score and win. once fabregas comes back, and dead weight almunia if not keeping things will get better.

  22. Iluvafc says:

    Bendtner ain’t never be world beater, but I’m more worried bt Chamkh. Reluctant to shoot, tries to win penalties by flopping, tries to play 1-2s that out of his depth. His high work rate is often undone by silly choices with the ball. Hope both of them improve quick if we’re gonna push for the title, cos RVP will always be one tweak away from his customary physio session.
    However anyone who’s seen enuff footie in their time will agree that Almunia, Denilson, Diaby & Squilaci must never don our colors next season, otherwise there must be a conspiracy somewhere.

  23. dan says:

    Bye Bye now

  24. Ray says:

    If Bendtner is as good as Suarez and yet we are not playing him, then his father has every right to voice out. However, he is far from Suarez’s quality, no speed, no finishing, no good judgement, hardly create chances and cannot scare the hell out of the opponent GK.

    Together with Denilson, Diably, Rosicky, Almunia and Squilacci, they can leave any time and the door is always open for them.

    For Clichy, I wonder if Real still wants to do the business to swap him with Benzema or not or if they want to swap with Sergio Ramos, I am more than willing to swap Clichy with either Benzema/Sergio Ramos + cash.

  25. gman says:

    @Razorman: This is the stupidest comment I’ve seen.. !! Arshavin plays best on the left drifting in he’s just been lazy and with the lack of ambition shown by the club maybe lost his heart.. Walcott doesn’t have the movement to play in the middle which vanp def has.. For me the prob is simple our fringe players aren’t good enuf and have to go like almunia eboue squid denilson diaby rosicky Bendtner only first team player I’d add is arshavin cos like said before he has lost his heart.. Brought in has to be neuer(or another world class keeper) van Der Weil(can play right back and center back) sakho(can play left or center) rodwell(can play def mid or center back) and 2 goals print wingers either 2 of Douglas costa, hazard, neymar or Sanchez.. After that wenger can keep investing in 16y/o’s only thing I ask is when he realises the youngster isn’t good enuf sell and find another to develope

  26. kassim says:

    hey might, if you play walcott through the center who are you going to play on the right? Rosicky? i dont think so, we need to use his speed and we need a clinical finisher with the formation we are using, and robin van persie is the perfect choice.. and you say arshavin has to play behind the striker i agree but with the formation we are using it is impossible…and we need his tricks down the wing…and fabregas/nasri like to play in that role so i think we are perfectly balanced. but i would not be sad if i saw bendtner, denilson, rosicky leave, i would want to keep diaby because we need his physical presence and he is a good player still trying to develop his game… i would also like to have scezney as our goal keeper and we have to sell squallaci and buy another defender or bring in bartley or miquel from the reserve… we do not need to buy players that we do not need…

  27. Gordon says:

    Taxi for the Bendtners! In fact, I think there’s a whole line of fans willing to drive the pair to the airport. Adios you mugs!

  28. Song is King says:

    He’s not good enough this season maybe because his chance was restricted by RVP. But don’t forget people, he was the 1 who saved us last season and keep us in the top 4. Without him, I don’t think we can make it last season.

  29. Denzo says:

    He is a decent player just need to work on his first touch and finishing.I think he deserve a chance and as for Wenger he must leave Arsenal bcoz he is aliar.I remember b4 the world cup he said we must trust him with the transfers and just have look at the garbage he bought,Koscielny and Squillachi

  30. vancouver gooner says:

    @MARK GOONER: mark gooner you are spot on… Your forgot Vela and Koscielny…

  31. wisdom says:

    Please take him and also help us carry these scrap along rosicky, denilson, diaby, squilaci, and almunia

  32. pastaface says:

    Why does everyone on Arshavin’s case, he has been one of the most effective players this season for us. Yeh he can seem a bit lazy like but he has been trying more this season, much more than Cesc!

  33. Jon says:

    He’s more arrogant than his son, if that’s possible – must be a family trait

  34. Razorman says:

    @Kassim & gman : points noted but I still feel the manager just about managed to frustrate Arshavin into being a sulky player. Our policy of training youger players to play new positions is understandable, but teaching an old dog new tricks is a bit confusing. When he came , he used to shoot more until he realised he was going to be mostly out of focus with the goal and sort of stopped!We could have destroyed the mancsand barca!

  35. Aaron says:

    Why the heck would Dortmund want Bendtner??? They have Barrios who is same build and 10x better. Bayern? Gomez!!! Need I say more…let him rot in Italy where they play terrible football and have crappy fan support and just suck in general.

  36. Razorman says:

    @kassim , by his own admission, RVP is not a typical centreforward, just a sign of our lack of a fox-in-the-box player to play him there. I remember when Titi and Bergy were still there what a useful wideman RVP was! Only when those options were gone we started playing him in the centre. I remember him destroying Blackburn a few times and Watford, Charlton to mention a few victims. For the future I quite like the killer instinct in Benik Afobe, hope he develops right!

  37. WhyMe says:

    @Razorman: How do you know why AW bought AA?

  38. beanz says:

    why is he still here anyways?

  39. Gman says:

    Yes we do need a good clear out at the end of the season

  40. Gman says:

    The general consensus seems to be that Bendtner is rubbish and should be sold alongside Almunia, Fabianski, Squillica, Denilson, Rosicky and Diaby to raise some cash to buy 2 decent centre backs, a reliable keeper and an out and out established striker. I think we should think the unthinkable and the Board should ‘let Wenger go’ at the end of the season when we’ve gone another season without a trophy and get some one like Guus Hiddink in to take us to the next level. It’s now clear that Arsene has been stubborn with his parsimonious approach to buying established players and it’s now evident that he’s truly lost the plot.

  41. filip says:


    amen brotha, bendtner is underrated and currently playing out of position. he should be part of a two man attack. People complaining about his touch should calm down, he has other quallitys like striking power and end product wich arsenal lack

  42. Razorman says:

    @WhyMe:AW bought AA to have a ready made, mature player with sufficient attacking capabilities to help upcoming younger players produce winning performances, if his press conferences that cold winter were anything to go by!

    Arshavin started brightly, playing behind main striker and was shooting at first sight of goal! Exactly , the qualities the AW bought him for. I remember one informed commentator saying he hoped Arsene does not teach him Arsenal way , not to shoot!

    Rewind back to 4-4 at Liverpool for example, the guy was untouchable, in a league of his own, albeit without much tracking back , hence scoreline.

    Is it rocket science to think that a pure goalpoacher like that needs to be played behid main striker? Limit his defensive duties and he will rip teams apart. Remember last year when he blasted us into the lead at OT? Remember he had defensive duties to take care of? Did he carry them out correctly ? No.
    Did he carry his attacking duties ok? Absolutely!

    A few months ago, AW said supporters should understand that AA is a player whose duty is to have a go at opposition and ‘provoke’ an attack, using his guile and shooting power. It beggars believe the professor still plays the same guy out on the wing where half the job is to defend!!!!!!!!!

    If you are in doubt as to AA’s right position and record in it, please go to Youtube and look at videos when he was at Zenit and when played for Russia, tell us what you see.


  43. kassim says:


    yes i agree with you, but when he is on form we do want van persie as a centerforward, and again the formation we use means that we can only have one, and i would rather have speed on the outside, with Walcott, Arshavin, and maybe miyaichi next season, than van persie. i like him playing as a center forward… how do you know. as you said wenger likes to play players in different positions. maybe van persie was playing in a wrong position when TH14, and bergkamp were still at Arsenal.. i think we are going to be a good team if we keep our players and are more fortunate with injuries

  44. Razorman says:

    @kassim: do agree RVP is most sure footed frontman at the moment although I feel Theo can prove to be an equal if not better if given the chance.You also need to note im not saying RVP shud be replaced by AA, but AA should play behind him instead, to some devastating effect to our opponents!

    What i wud deem a masterclass is RVP on the left, Nasri right and AA behind main striker. unfortunately Chamakh is not as sure footed as we all wish he shud be but is excellent in the air.

    We also need really mean defenders in the nasty vidic mould (i like Kos) and give freedom do pure attackers like AA, RVP, Theo. Pace, power, skill and accuracy !!!!

  45. goonergerry says:

    This sort of comment is baffling- does his old man think that his performances i.e. poor first touch and sluggish movement has nothing to do with why he does not play more? Arsenal are a team that relies on touch and movement. Bendtner has shown he can be dangerous given a bit of space-which he doesn’t get that often in the EPL-but he has to reach another level to become a first choice in a top side. Juve are a big name but are they a top side-and how often would he start?I cant see how Italian football would suit Bendtner.
    I would not consider letting Bendtner go for another season-lets see how he can improve after a proper pre season-because fitness and sharpness may be a factor that can be improved on. Just remember what a rest and pre season did for Nasri last year.

  46. oleandr7 says:

    Your commentary is the wisest I’ve ever seen! I am absolutely agree with you. If AW could have heard and accepted your advice… everyone indeed will be happy.

  47. Hamad alruwaih says:

    Bendtner + chamakh + arshavin + denlson+abu diaby +djoure all this players should be leave arsenal.. Arsenal need strong players not bad players go away

  48. GloryGloryManUnited says:

    Arsenal is so bad, they might as well give up while they still can. Glory Glory Man United!!!

  49. Erik says:

    Most comments on here are just sickening and embarassing, so this is what supporting your club is?

    I am not questioning your point, just the way the vast majority of you express it, don’t you realise these players can afford the internet and are able to read? try to be constructive ffs.

    Right now I dont think Bendtner is good enough either but he still young and can still improve, it is too early to just let him go because of a few bad games recently after being out for ages.

    His daddy being pissed off means absolutely nothing, he wont start more games because he tells Wenger to, he will get games when RvP gets injured and you can only really judge him if he gets at least 3-4 games in a row under his belt.

    Almost every player needs a run of competitive games to show their abilities, the only players we have that seem on top form when they come back from injuries are Fabregas and RvP.

    I think Bendtner needs 1-2 more seasons to try show his ability, with RvP as our main striker then there is a chance he will get a run of games sooner rather than later as RvP spends more time in bed than someone in a coma… not his fault obviously.

    If Bendtner gets a run of 4 games or something and doesn’t score and costs us points for missing easy chances then I’d say he should go… but if he comes on once every few weeks and doesnt score then I am not too bothered.

  50. titansguners12thman says:

    Why can’t we be critical of OUR team. We see this team has many and vast shortcoming, we as Arsenal supporters can biatch and moan about it.
    Bendtner has been here for 4 going on 5 years, and has show nothing. NOthing. He doesn’t start and play well when he most needs to. With all the injuries the Arsenal have had the last few years, he HAS had his chance, yet he fluffs his lines. The Barca chance and non- shot was the last straw. Go to Juve and play maybe they will given him a fresh start. I doubt it though. He is about as quality as Senderos.

  51. GunnerMKD says:

    @titansguners12thman: you cant say that he`s shown nothing! remember last year, at hull his goals gave us 3 points, then wolves at home, goal in 92 minute, he gave us a lot of points last year. ok, this year he is not playing good,but he still scored a vital goal against ipswich. perhaps arsene should keep him for games like that, against the little teams, he seems to be very good against them.

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