Mar 31

Arsenal set for pre-season friendly in Malaysia

Arsenal are on the verge of tying up a big-money deal which will see the club play a one-off pre-season friendly in Malaysia this summer.

Manager Arsene Wenger has traditionally opted for low-key warm-up tours but fresh reports emanating out of Asia suggest Arsenal will face the Malaysian national team in July.

Wenger told reporters at the start of March that Japan looked a likely destination for annual pre-season tour, but the recent tsunami devastation put those plans to bed.

Speaking at the Arsenal AGM, the coach said: “I am under pressure from the club to do it [pre-season tour]. But I want to start the season well. If it’s just to make money then no. If for other reasons, then maybe yes.

“We are examining it, but not in a year when the Euros or World Cup years. International players, under FIFA rules, must have four weeks’ holiday.”

Premier League rivals Chelsea and Liverpool are also expected to play friendlies in Malaysia as part of an ‘EPL Festival’, with the former already holding an Asia tour last pre-season.

Arsenal are yet to confirm or release a date for the friendly, although July 14 has been pencilled in by the organisers.


29 Responses to “Arsenal set for pre-season friendly in Malaysia”

  1. gunnersdave says:

    this is good, reaching our worldwide fanbase..

  2. asna says:

    this is very great mate!cant wait for them to show up!cheers!:D

  3. welcome here Arsenal!! :)

  4. Phil says:

    Anyone know if there is goin to be the usual emirates cup tournament this summer and if it’s going to be the last weekend of July again??

  5. Alfie Beckitt says:

    This is good news for our global expansion, particularly in view of the Arsenal v Leicester friendly confirmed for July 16th in Thailand.

  6. Rosiknote says:

    If this is true then WUHOOOOOOO FCK YEAHHHH!!!!!! Oh man beeen waiting for this moment for more than 10 years now..

    We love yoy Arsenal, we do! Arsenal we love youuuu

  7. ramsey says:

    And it’s Arsenal,
    Arsenal FC,
    We’re by far the greatest team,
    The world has ever seen….

  8. Rash says:

    I can’t wait, come to Malaysia!!

  9. Rosiknote says:

    This seems too good to be true.. Really hope this isnt some lousy april fools joke.

  10. kyo_9 says:

    July 14.. the day I might go back to Malaysia then..

  11. alongmokhlis says:

    Great news for Arsenal die hard fan like me…Cannot wait for the moment..

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  13. The_Wenger_Boyz says:

    Arsenal greats/winners of the past must be hanging their heads watching yet another piss poor performance!

  14. jason says:

    I’m from MALAYSIA!!!

  15. mofaz says:

    At current form me think Malaysian National team can beat Arsenal easily especially when playing long ball tactics and couple with a bad pitch .. Arsene’s excuse, tired player due to long flight and bad pitch ..

  16. MZ says:

    Happy that they are going somewhere other than Austria.
    Hope they help out with a charity match in Japan!

  17. gunemall says:

    from the sources arsenal will play on 13th July against malaysian national team just awaiting official annoucement from the organizer. it’ll be good for AFC in terms of marketing too as it would help size up the fanbase in asia esp in malaysia. look what mancs n pool did in the last 10 years. dont have to go far just look at the sales of there jerseys. i cant wait.

  18. redline says:

    OMG please let this happen.I’m sooo looking fwd to see my favourite gunnerz LIVE in action.Man scum and chelsea have come to our football crazy nation before,now it’s THE GUNNERS time hell yeah..

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  20. pa'an says:

    finally i can see arsenal play in malaysia…
    cant wait for them to come here!

  21. JBL says:

    Can’t wait, i waited for almost 12 years, the last time i saw arsenal play at malaysia was at year 1999, that time, nicholas anelka, patrick vieira, marc overmars and co still play for arsenal.

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  23. Gooners says:

    and.. i’ll be there…

  24. sonofthestage says:

    You want to start the season well? We always start well end up loosing it towards the end. If you think this pre-seasons are based purely on money, why not Mr. Wenger? We need the money and we fans want the players to be exposed in different enviroments. I’m a huge Arsenal fan for 13 years and I have been disappointed with our preparation for pre-season for years. Other teams have collected a huge fan base when they reside in other countries for pre-season friendlies, and infact have done well in their seasons ex: Man United, Chelsea. Make a change for once Mr. Wenger, don’t disappoint the fans. Ohh we love Arsenal!

  25. ramli says:


  26. SirTokesAlot says:

    WHERE CAN I GET TICKETS….considering I don’t reside in MY. Some intel would be much much appreciated. Can someone please put in a suggestion or two. Thanks.

  27. Ash says:

    today is the training session of this team..


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