Mar 31

Leave your David Rocastle memories/tributes

David Rocastle made a name for himself at Arsenal and took a central role in the Championship winning sides of 1989 and 1991.

He gained international recognition for England gaining 14 caps. After 218 league games for Arsenal, he was surprisingly transferred to Leeds in July 1992 for £2million.

Injuries affected his spell in Yorkshire and he made just 25 league appearances for Leeds. He was exchanged for David White of Manchester City but quickly returned (after 21 matches) to England with a transfer to Chelsea. Injuries limited his opportunities at Stamford Bridge and at the end of the 1996/97 season, he had made only 29 games for the Blues.

Nicknamed ‘Rocky’ by team-mates and supporters, Rocastle is considered an Arsenal legend and one of the best players to have worn the famous red and white.

The videos below certainly show why he was held in such high regard, not only as a player, but as a person.


17 Responses to “Leave your David Rocastle memories/tributes”

  1. Daryl Booth says:

    Long time gone, never forgotten.

    RIP Rocky!

  2. Abudi The Gooner says:

    RIP Rocky ..

    was too young to watch him play, but the videos of his performances and tributes every year just about showed me what a Legend he was.. Great Player

  3. andy says:

    a true arsenal great who could walk straight into the current arsenal side! never to be forgot by not just every arsenal fan but all true football fans across the globe! R.I.P ROCKY!

  4. MARK REED says:

    never to be forgotten ROCKY.Hope we can win the TITLE for you. x

  5. MARK REED says:

    never to be forgotten ROCKY… hope we can win the TITLE for you! RIP GOONER!X

  6. jason says:

    One of my all time favourite Arsenal players,
    RIP Rocky, for you shall never be forgotten x

  7. Augie Norway says:

    A true Gunner hero. Brilliance and intelligence in your play. A great human. You will always be remembered. RIP

  8. Adam says:

    Respect and affection. Two things in very short supply these days where football is concerned.

  9. Nordin says:

    A true Arsenal legend and a true Gooner…..

    Lets win it for Rocky guys!!

  10. Andy says:

    There is not the right words available to do the man justice a great example to every kid that wants to play the game. He conducted himself in a way that you could only ever look up and aspire to be like him. Thankyou ROCKY

  11. tomNW5 says:

    As good as we’ve ever had. Pure class. Pure Arsenal.

    The videos leave me sad and proud.


  12. GunnerPete says:

    I remember his first and last games for AFC and he was the most exciting English player of his generation. Had he been a Scouser or a Manc he would have had many more caps and been raved about in the press. BUT thankfully he was a 100% Gunner and will never be forgotten by may generation. Sadly many of the fans who pay to watch our present squad pass 24 times before a shot etc will never know what fast and direct football is like…Rocky was the best of them all for that style of play. I will never understand the reasons for his sudden departure to Leeds?? Only George G can answer that!

  13. Phelan says:

    Never got to see him play, but I’ve seen plenty of footage and Rocky was certainly a talented player, with Arsenal in his blood. A player who should always be remembered! R.I.P David Rocastle!

  14. Alex says:

    Met Rocky at an exhibition at Earls Court in the early 80’s – a true gentleman!

  15. mustafa pekri says:

    great player, but an even better person away from football, met him at a testimonial for graham rix, he chatted with us all night and took photos with us. they are up on my wall. thanks for the memories david`rocky` rocastle, a legend.

  16. ole says:

    Great player, great man and terrible that his career and life got cut short because of this tragic disease. He was a central figure in the team when I started following arsenal in 1987. In 1989 season he was ever present in our league campain. My favorite player along with Paul Merson, and he was a true gooner.
    RIP “Rocky”, I will be remeber and respect you as long as I live.

  17. Ash says:

    I fell in love with Arsenal because of ‘Rocky’ Rocastle. He was and still is my favourite player of all time. He had an aura about him. Fans expected magic when the ball was at his feet. True gunners legend. Cried when I heard he passed and writing this brings a tear to my eye because so much of my childhood was spent idolising him and he brought me so much joy. RIP David Rocastle.


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