Blackpool v Arsenal preview: Save full inquest for Summer

Written by Red Detective


Arsenal are on their annual poor run of results which seems to show it’s ugly head at this time of year with upsetting regularity. The full inquest, however, will be done at the end of the season rather than now. I hinted in my last article at just a few of the problems I felt were in our way. For the remaining games, let’s just win and not make it easy for Manchester United. We have already given them a cushion which will be exceptionally hard to recover. 

Against defenders who like to try to play football but lack the ability to do it very well under intense pressure a prudent tactic is a high line to close their space and to be pressuring their rearguard in possession. Since they want Charlie Adam on the ball, they pass on the ground from the back. An additional striker could assist Van Persie with closing them down at the top of the park. I would advocate playing Chamakh alongside him. Bendtner, I’m told is being sold this summer, so I’d focus on developing the Morrocan more for this league.

I fully expect Arsenal to score against Blackpool because our team have had a good break from their last game so I anticipate fresh legs to test the home team. If I operate my prediction from the standpoint that Arsenal will score, the game will be won if Arsenal can shut down their star player – Charlie Adam and keep Campbell’s chances to a minimum. 

Adam is a sparky, skilful Scotsman with a wand for a left foot and one hell of an engine. He seems to relish being the best at Blackpool, who will surely sell him to a Premier League heavyweight this summer. He deserves it. His free kicks are the best in the league, perhaps. 

Blackpool’s recent poor form is down to the fact that teams have grown wise to the fact that if you shut down Adam, you have a better chance. 

Regards DJ Campbell, he’s a handy and nippy forward but nothing special. If Arsenal are league contenders a guy like him should reside in Koscielny’s pocket. Returning to my earlier tactic about a high line to pressure their defence, that leaves us open to long balls over the top to Campbell. Squillaci will not catch him but Koscielny should.

My prediction: Blackpool 1-3 Arsenal.

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4 years 9 months ago

It will be tough. We will lose probably. Well, I don’t care. As lomg as this clown is in charge,we won’t win a trophy, so it’s irrelevant.

We have a manager who say that 4th place is a trophy and tends to think that it’s hard to find better players than Denilson and Almunika, Diaby.

My prediction? Another Almunia cock-up and Denilson nightmare. 2:0 to Blackpool.

4 years 9 months ago


4 years 9 months ago

Sack wenger now, then ,maybe we actually can win the 4th place!! This team is a joke. Blackpool- arsenal 2-1. It s sad that we all seem to have given up hope on this team, but that is how it is. I would say 70% percent would love wenger and the board to leave, together with Squill, clichy, denilson, diaby, rosicky, bentdner, chamack, vela,cesc, and the list just goes on and on and on and on.

4 years 9 months ago

Blackpool will want it more than our pampered little souls.1-1 or 2-1 Blackpool.Wenger and Hill wood OUT

4 years 9 months ago

Blackpool will win huh? It’s 3-1 to Arsenal right now. I find it laughable how Arsenal fans accuse their players as losers but they themselves are the same.

4 years 9 months ago

I bet if we lost this game there would be atleast +30 comments. Come on Arsenal lets fight til the end.