Apr 15

Djourou, Song, Szczesny all back as Vermaelen returns to full training

Arsene Wenger has been given a major boost ahead of Sunday’s game against Liverpool, with the news that Johan Djourou, Alex Song and Wojciech Szczesny are all fit for the crucial Premier League tie.

Both Djourou (shoulder) and Szczesny (finger) had fitness tests in Thursday’s training session, while Cameroonian midfielder Song was a doubt with a troublesome knee problem.

However, Gunners boss Wenger revealed at his pre-match press conference that all three will be available for Sunday’s match at Emirates Stadium.

Centre back Thomas Vermaelen also emerged unscathed from his first day back in training since January and Wenger is increasingly hopeful he can return before the end of the season saying that there is a ‘good chance’ he will be involved.

The Belgium international made a huge impact during his first season at Emirates Stadium and has been sorely missed during a campaign in which Arsenal have frequently looked frail at the back.

Bacary Sagna and Tomas Rosicky are both doubts for Sunday’s tie.


25 Responses to “Djourou, Song, Szczesny all back as Vermaelen returns to full training”

  1. wenger says:

    the dream starts again…..

  2. damstar says:

    Lol Hahahah… ar the Gunners still dreaming of winning the league this season? Smh, Arsenal jus make me laugh really..Catch the Red devils if u can!! Catch us if u can Gunners!!! We ar on a treble mission..#fact..Ur season is dead Arsenal…

  3. Mr K says:

    I love it..this damstar prick is just setting himself up so nicely so we can laugh at them when Barcelona wins the champions league, Man City wins the fa cup and Arsenal wins the league because ferdinand insisted on staying on the field to limp around 😛

    Sitting pretty? Enjoy the next month of HELL.

  4. damstar says:

    @Mr K, bring it on!! We kno how to win titles..You cant take the winning mentality away 4rm the Devils..We grind out results when it matters most..We av the champions spirit running in our big vein, we’ve done it b4 and we are going to do it again and dats is why we are the United! Long live Sir Alex!!

  5. Krems says:

    but what is a man u fan doing on an arsenal board anyway?

  6. Why i think sir alex is going to stay a time in manutd is beacause is is a coach that knows the in and out of man utd he know what to do when things are going wrong.

  7. coob23 says:

    everyone thinks saf is a massive twat anyways… hes an arrogant, greedy, c**ty little man. and if you really think you can beat barca, you’re as arrogant and dopey as him. great manager… no question… massive c**t… noquestion. plus our team only gets better, you still rely on giggs.

  8. damstar says:

    @Krem, bcos i used to be an Arsenal fan nd my heart was broken supporting ur club, they let me down all the time with their fail philosophy, I went thru alot of pain supporting Arsenal..I cried several time supporting Arsenal….But I changed my mind at the start of season to support Man.U cos I cant take the pain anymore. I want to be winning, dnt wanna be crying anymore, and i dnt want to be let down anymore and I kno I will get all of that by supporting the Red devils. And so far, am happy wit the decision I made and am really bracing myself for the challenge dat lies ahead for my Devils cos we are on course for another historic Treble under the reign of a great man in charge Sir Alex Ferguson..I jus love him cos he is doing a gr8 job to make us to be UNITED4EVER!!!

  9. damstar says:

    @damilolaoluwatosin, Yes u ar absolutely right!.I love Sir Alex and his philosophy. The Man is jus great with his football technical kno hows..

  10. Kevino in Kenya says:

    Those Man u fans with Arsenal DNA we really appreciate your opinions and hope that one day you’l come to learn the difference between a fan and a club supporter

  11. triviummm says:

    Glory hunter! u damstar

  12. Gbenga says:

    Yah… Sir AF is d best but a coach is good when wining games but when d wins stop everybody wl be calling 4 his head…A true fan shd be patient.up Gunners.

  13. GunnerMKD says:

    @damstar: bitch, what are you still doing here? thought i made it very clear for you that you are a complete waste of space, go write on man u sites!
    obviously you are a frustrated idiot who`s trying to make himself smart by saying man u are greater club bla bla, in the end i know it`s not true, i know you are a pathetic little man who blames arsenal for all the problems in your life.
    by the way you`re writting, i guess you are 12 or sth, so your immaturity does make sense. you`re boring and useless, go fu*k off!
    gooner chris, i want you to ban damstar so that he can not write on this site again.
    anyway, these are all good news(the returning of the players) and hopefuly we can win against liverpool, then game by gameto get closer to man u. BECAUSE IT`S NOT OVER TILL ITS OVER!

  14. ole says:

    @damstar: Finaly we know, you are in fact a baby-girl;)!!

  15. damstar says:

    @ GunnerMKD & Ole, To show to u guys dat am more mature than u, i wont use any abusive words towards u guys as u are doing to me now..I believe if u dont like my comments, u can always ignore them instead of u abusing me for expressing myself.. But no worries, dat doesnt bother me cos I now kno who is more mature…What am looking forward to now is My Red devils quest of winning a treble. I can come here to comment at anytime cos realistically, the Title is now btw Ur Club nd My club. So am here to defend my Devils cos u guys got no chance of beating us to the premier league title..

  16. eve says:

    damstar why when you stopped supporting arsenal did you support manure? is it because they were the top team in the country? then why wer’nt you a chelsea supporter last season? well you will have to pick some other team this season as bolton are gunner win fa cup, real madrid champ league and THE ARSENAL the pl.

  17. damstar says:

    @Eve, gr8 question…Well I chose to follow support Man.U cos they are the most consistent team in history of English football and the management is great. The future looks very promising and they spend within their own means unlike the kamikaze Chelsea or Man.City. And they ar on the verge of been the most-succesful in the game by winning their 19th prem titles under the tutelage of Sir Alex..And if it happens Sir Alex retires, we already av another great soccer tactician who will come in and continue the great work in the name of Jose Mourinho..I will never ever support any other team in England other than the Red devils till I die..hope dat answers ur question.

  18. Padraic Connell says:

    ah man, damstar, regardless of who wins the league YOU LOSE! Cos we all know your just a glory hopping pussy! I hate to use language like that but theres NOTHING worse than someone switching there support to united because times were hard. Pick a team and support it through thick and thin you twat. Even if (god forbid) worst came to worst and in ten years arsenal got relegated id STILL support the boyz… you know why..? of course you dont, this whole argument is lost on you, but ill tell you anyway… ITS BECAUSE THATS WHAT A SUPPORTER DOES!!! he supports the team, keeps trying to lift them up, even if there on their way down. Arsenal till I die, Im Arsenal till I die, I know I am, Im sure I am, Im Arsenal till i die! These words ring true. But your words when you say you “will never ever support any other team in England other than the Red devils till I die” are as hollow as the space in your sack where your balls should be because youv already jumped ship once. Your no fan, your a leach. And with that, good day leach!

  19. goonergal says:

    Damstar at least learn a little bit about your adopted team, you were never really an arsenal fan, no real arsenal fan would ever do what you do, glory hunter pathetic,
    Manchester United’s owners are £1.1bn in debt – £400m more than previously known – after borrowing extensively against their shopping mall business.

    BBC Panorama has found evidence that the Glazer family’s debt levels may threaten their hold on the club.

    Liverpool, tottingham, then we will win the league beating manure at our house Danny Fiszman watching over us, keep it goonerish!

  20. damstar says:

    @Padraic, well dat was ur own view and I respect dat. Everybody have their own different view and I believe we live in a society where u are free to express ur opinion no matter the circumstances. You kno wat is best for you, and I kno wat suit me. And to show some maturity, I dnt need to be using any bad language towards anyone here and if u think dat is the best way to go by it, then Goodluck man.

  21. maxwell says:

    @damstar: this is ahuge boost for our club,for the title any thing can happen 8 games can upset the table.

  22. damstar says:

    @Goonergal, I wil be realistic wit you, you cant get 6pts from ur next two games fact! the best u can do is 4pts. And erase the idea that u guys wil beat us at the Emirate. The worst that can happen is a draw mark my word. Arsenal just dnt have the grit like Man.U wen it matters most.
    @Maxwell, Well of course is a huge boost no doubt about dat but when a team lacks a genuine leader and the winning mentality, is always hard for them to be successful. Those two things are very important wen challenging for honors.

  23. ole says:

    @damstar: Go to bed baby-girl!

  24. Henrie.... says:

    Time will tell.

  25. tc says:

    @damstar:get the hell out of here man,and fellow gooners dont give him the attention he wants…let him post whatever he wants because he is a fake fan…i have no respect for you because you have changed loyalties,the true man utd fans would also be getting sick of him,thats why he is here…now i dont need to see you reply to this….someone please get the negativity off this blog,its because of people like damstar


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