Apr 17

Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool – Late penalty drama denies Gunners

Dirk Kuyt equalised with a penalty kick in the 12th minute of injury time to give Liverpool a dramatic 1-1 draw at Arsenal and frustrate the Gunners’ chances of winning the Premier League title.

Arsenal frontman Robin van Persie had put the home side in front with another penalty just four minutes earlier, but Emmanuel Eboue pushed Lucas Leiva over in the area and Kuyt smashed in the resulting penalty with the last kick of the match.

The North Londoners are now six points behind United with six games remaining, with Chelsea two points further back in third.

Eboue – Djourou – Koscielny – Clichy
Fabregas – Diaby – Wilshere
Walcott – van Persie – Nasri

Subs : Lehmann, Squillaci, Gibbs, Song, Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh.

Arsene Wenger’s men went close when Theo Walcott forced a save from Pepe Reina and the visitors had to scramble clear when Van Persie hooked the rebound into the danger area.

Laurent Koscielny also struck the crossbar from Van Persie’s corner, with Walcott claiming a penalty when he followed it up with a shot that struck Lucas.

Before the break, Van Persie also had a goal chalked off for offside when met Cesc Fabregas’ long pass with a neat volley.

Liverpool soaked up the Arsenal pressure and attacked themselves after the half-time interval, with Luis Suarez curling one effort wide and testing Wojciech Szczesny twice with others.

But they were dealt a blow when Jamie Carragher was carried off on a stretcher and needing oxygen after running into a team-mate, while Andy Carroll was taken off after picking up an ankle injury.

The injury meant the stoppage-time was 12 minutes, allowing Van Persie to score when Fabregas was trippped by Martin Skrtel, but Kuyt had the final word.


59 Responses to “Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool – Late penalty drama denies Gunners”

  1. dEX says:

    What was eboue thinking? This team does not deserve to win anything playing like that.

  2. damstar says:

    delete my comment all u want u bottlers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. damstar says:

    and go ahead and block me after this ok losers lol

  4. dEX says:

    I wont blame the ref. Arsenal started panicking when we scored the penalty. Arsenal is the only team that could have done what i witnessed today. It is not a surprise at all and i am sure every arsenal fan agrees.

  5. Gunner4life says:

    Mate the season was over before kick off. Eboue and Diaby in the same team. It’s like we played with 9players on the field. Eboue no crosses, all over the place, silly fouls and ultimetely a penalty. DIABY, useless, sloww to pass, too many touches, silly dribling and fouls. Not one winning tackle. The guy never broke a Liverpool attack. And Wilsher was substituted then he was even worst. No wonder Wenger Subbed him off. Both not good enough for Arsenal. Sold their asses. The league was lost because you have too many useless and naive players. You want the list… here it goes. ALMUNIA, EBOUE, DENILSON, CLICHY, DIABY, BENDTNER, ROSICKY, SQUILLACHI. How many points these CLOWNS cost us this season and how many frustrating moments these fucking IDIOTS have caused us. Rubbish for Wenger for keeping Idiots like that for so long.

  6. chrispy says:

    Absolute bunch of no commitment choking wankers.
    Nasri….dont want to sign a another contract, then just fuck off. Fabregas …. want to go back to your catalan bumb chums, then just fuck off. Eboue…. you may be a great joker to have around the dressing room but you a joke of a football player… you can fuck off too
    I’m flabbergasted, gutted and absolutely incredulous that this team yet again throws away a result.
    Thanks for ruining my week yet again. Groundhog day again and again and again. If a team can’t learn from it’s mistakes then the Manager is responsible and i’m afraid to say that Arsene doesn’t seem to know anymore and i’m distraught having to say that!

  7. Alwaysnextyear says:

    Time to get some men in Wenger or walk with your kids while someone else does.
    Liverpool were average today and the result was a fair one. Players need to grow some balls

  8. damstar says:

    Catch the Devils if u can!!!! hahahahh…Up Man.United!!

  9. goonerjake says:

    Diving cheating scum bag. Ok Eb away is not totally faultless when in the box keep your hands to yourself

  10. AussieGooner says:

    I felt the F.A.’s referee did something very suspicious when Newcastle were awarded two penalties against Arsenal. I wondered was the fix on by the F.A. to stop Arsenal winning the league. Then I had some time to think and realised that all human beings can make mistakes and that the referee appointed by the F.A. had just made two terrible decisions and it was just unlucky that Arsenal were the recipiants on that occasion. However, after watching what happened at the end of Arsenal v Liverpool game I am not so sure. Something is happening with the referees and it really stinks. I truely beleieve now that the F.A.’s referees are being paid dirty money by someone at the F.A. to ensure Manchester United and only Manchester United win the league. It may be next year or the year after, but the truth will come out. I remember match fixing being unearthed in Italian Football years ago. No one could believe it at first. One rat spoke out. Then another. Then all the horrible truth came out. It has been clear for years that you cannot question the F.A. They have no one to answer too. It is the same with FIFA. No one can hold these men ruling the game or their referees to account. Yes these grubby old men at FIFA and the F.A. are making lots of money now. But jail is jail. Let the truth be told.

  11. Prof says:

    Typical Eboue. Always doing before thinking. THIS arsenal team IS a joke!!! GET RID OF THE DEADWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. John says:

    No fucking way was that a penalty to Liverpool.

  13. Escrapini says:

    You gooners better hope that mustached weirdo becomes the majority shareholder. He has gotten tired of Wenger and wants to give them the boot in favor of a manager who hasn’t lost his ability to win trophies.

  14. jo says:


  15. Prof says:

    Just looking at the arsenal team. Does it look like a title winning team? Chelsea and Man u have leaders all over the place. Players who are calm and know how to hold onto a lead. Too many poor players are costing us too many points each season. I can not understand how arsenal do this time after time. It is like they do it intentionally to NOT win the league. I’m serious…

  16. GunnerMKD says:

    @jo: dont replyto him , eventually he will go away, none appreciates his oppinion

  17. frankie says:

    dEX is about right on. This team is stale. Is it psychological, or tactical, or the end of their development? No goals from open play in the last several home games is just not good enough. The crowd have had it. I wonder what Kroenke made of it? (And not the corporate hospitality.) I’ll take an automatic champion’s league spot at this point. AW has some deep thinking to do.

    As for Eboue, who I have a lot of time for, he is what you normally get for 500,000 quid – a player that’s hot and cold, not quite got the right mentality in crucial moments. But why the fuck was it such a scramble? WS has the ball in his hands after our penalty. Can’t we keep the f’n ball at the point?

    The real problem turned out to be that Eboue pushed Lucas for that yellow card. That must have been why the ref added time on after the Suarez free kick. (I don’t think there is any rule about not blowing for full time b/c of some idea of a sequence of play.) So Eboue bottled it twice. He can hardly be tired he’s not played much this season. Gamesmanship by Lucas going down easily twice in a row, the second time he looked to be tripping before the contact. Shameless cunt. Looked like a ManU player in an FA Cup semifinal.

    Two more chances of being embarrassed by the two clubs we most dislike. At least Fergie might bring his second string…oh, wait, he already did us this favor and it didn’t work out. At the same time however, perhaps without the pressure maybe we’ll start knocking them in. I’m off to enjoy what’s left of the sunshine.

  18. goonerjake says:

    dumbster im mean damstar if you really are a man scum fan why dont you visit their forums? i would never go on a forum that is not arsenal whats wrong with you???????????????????????????????????????????????????? closet arsenal fan me thinks like the rest of the world

  19. hec says:

    Keep Chesney, Koscielny, Djourou, Wilshere , tell the rest to find new employers, bring in Ryo and a few kids and buy some winners that know how to FIGHT, this pitty patty football is shit.

  20. damstar says:

    @Jo…but the Devils own the league now forsure…and even the Champions League mayb….U guys jus blew ur season away jus like dat..smh I really pity the arsenal fans..

  21. Fabio says:

    Liverpool fan here. When Marriner gave us the penalty I had a dubious feeling of happiness, cause the only winner today was Ferguson. If Arsenal had won by that softest of penaltys after we lost 3 players today and played heroically I would not have complaints. We would feel hard done, pride intact and Arsenl could still give Manure a run for the title. But… You guys still play Eboue, inexplicably. There’s something definitely wrong with Wenger. And his gesture toward Dalglish was inexcusable. I’m still hoping you guys can beat Manure and Tottenham and lift the title. Good luck.

  22. damstar says:

    @Gunnermkd and goonerjake, u can say watever! U guys shuld be sorry for urself ….I am sayin it againa “CATCH US IF U CAN U BOTTLERS!!!

  23. Prof says:

    professional footballers… and they cannot hold onto a lead for two minutes. DISGRACEFUL! i am sure the players see the end of season is near now and assume they cannot win the title so are therefore already thinking about their holidays. They are content with a top four spot. EXPECT THE UPCOMING GAMES TO BE OF SUCH QUALITY

  24. jason says:

    They say keep the faith. But sometimes they have to show us a reason to keep the faith. What I saw just now was plain lazy, no drive whatsoever.

  25. hec says:

    totally agree with you, its a quality comment.
    Wenger on his bleating got what he deserved when Kenny told him to f*** off, absolute no problem with Liverpool ,grow up wenger , Wenger now knows his system does not work and thats what makes him frustrated , his system might work if he had the quality of Messi , but sadly we dont we have Fabregas/Nasri/Walcott etc. we do not have a player anywhere near Messi quality.

  26. arsenal fan says:

    wenger out we have to protest man!!!please we need to unite we are a club to win things u can say it was harsh the eboue incident but they liverpool didnt deserve to lose well played liverpool in wenger we rust

  27. jason says:

    Fabio. Spot on. I still believe that if Gerrard would have taken the peno, he’ll miss it on purpose.

    Oh well, it’s karma. We screwed Liverpool’s 2009 season, Kuyt just screwed us.

  28. keith says:

    There is a saying “IF YOU DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS DO YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS GET” I would have thought Wenger would have learnt after 0.0 against Sunderland and Blackburn if you play the same tactics it does not win you games. If you need to win a game to keep your season alive you must play two upfront RVP is not an even proper striker he drifts in to midfield Wenger has lost his tacticle knowledge it really is time for him to go too many mistakes both on the pitch and in the transfer market

  29. Prof says:

    I AGREE WITH HEC. if we had players of barca’s quality the system may work butwe dont. wenger is getting a group of misfits and forcimg them to play like barcelona. With the players we currently have wenger is doing a great job as they should not be 2nd but we need someone with the balls to sell 1/3 of the team and bring in players who score goals for fun (a hernandez type) and a leader who would rather die than concede a goal. (a carragher/kompany type)

  30. Bob says:


    what the hell was that demonstration of ‘im happy to come second’ total mental weakness?

  31. sleepinggiant says:

    Mae no mistake, this was not was not down to Eboue, wretched excuse for a player that he is. It was down to the infectious diease that is Wenger. 1 minute to go, the ball goes into the box every person on this team, all these useless fuckwits that Wenger tells us have ‘mental strength’ or are ‘improving’, panic like school girls and, instead of just putting it away, They fumble around and give away the free kick which led to the penalty. but it is not a one off – if it was, we could take it. It is the same as the four goal humiliation by Newcastle, or the disgrace of the league cup final. Or the throw away to Spurs. The manager is a dithering, bungling shambling wreck of a once fine manager, and he is not able to stop his nerveous anxiety spreading to the players. There was a time that if you lost a game, or drew one, youd could do it with dignity. Not with this debacle that Wenger has not only created, but seems to be proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he is not put out of his misery now, these players will be so badly contaminated by him that no matter who comes in will not be able to cure them.

    Personally I think its too late already. All things taken into consideration, this is the most shameful Arsenal team I have ever seen.


  32. Mac Gooner says:

    @AussieGooner:Ordinarily I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories BUT look at the number of games Manure should have been down to 10 men this season (Neville, Vidic) plus the fact Rooney received no disciplinary for his elbowing incident..makes you wonder BUT agree with Gunner4life’s list of players who should be shown the exit door.

  33. Kevin says:

    Before I start Damstar please piss off. I won’t blame the usual suspects e.g Denilson because I agree the sooner they leave the better but Walcott didn’t play well at all they brought on Jack Robinson a seventeen year old and not once did Theo Walcott test him properly and beat like he should do with his pace.

  34. keith says:

    Lets have a count up who has lost faith in Wenger

    Me 1

  35. ole says:

    The manner of this defeat sums up the mental strenght and spirit of this team, and if wenger mention this again, I will kill him myself.

    The biggest problem though is wengers tactical skills, why replace walcott with bendt when you play him wide? Ffs that just ain`t good enough. The players are good players but wenger makes them look bad by using them in the wrong way, he is cluless;) I`m sure if we had Messi, wenger would have put him in goal and made him the worst player in the PL.

    Playing Cesc as Bergkamp just ain`t good enough, he ain`t a forward, the problem is that Cesc is not a midfielder either. I have said this for years now, Cesc is brilliant, but he just don`t fit in.

    Nasri has already left like Flamini, we need to back to our normal style, two strong def midfielders and let the wingers and striker be the creative players.

  36. Adm says:

    I felt ashamed to see another lack of killer instinct by Arsenal players, and my shame has increase when i saw lost-plot Wenger goes crazy against innocent Daglish.

  37. henry14 says:

    forget the two penalties before that we were awful yet again and look so predictable and sp easy to deffend against…there needs to be big changes this summer if not im not even goona bother going to the emirates and wasting 80 quid of my moeny when there are players who just arent bothered about the club and can happily pick up there wages… it is beyond me how people like eboue pick up thousands a week and can make such basic errors like he did.and he wasnt the only one as players were happy to pass the ball around 50 yards from there goal, no players busting a gut to get in the box… we need winners deparatly to many foreigners who have no heart and no bottle

  38. ole says:

    @keith: Me 2

  39. Kevin says:

    What makes me mad is the fact if you read what you believe in the papers that Nasri might leave due to his wage is very disappointing considering the fact he has had only had a great half of a season and he was poor again today. I absolutely detest Ashley Cole for what he did to us and always will but surely he earned the right to ask for a payrise as he won the league with us twice won the fa cup three times when Nasri hasn’t done nearly as much for us.

  40. Tony says:

    When a manager on £6m a year who keeps picking Comedy Eboue what do you expect?.We are a team of bottlers.Walcott the darling of the English press was up against a 17 year old playing his 2nd game and the 17 year old had him in his pocket.The title was lost a long time ago

  41. nicky says:

    I’m afraid that the present squad is just not good enough to win a title and there simply must be serious buying and selling during the close season. As to the game, I felt both penalties were rather dubious.
    Unlike some, I thought Diaby had a good game but Fabregas is not the player he once was. He is either disinterested, tired or unfit.
    In short, the Yank must press for changes in the Summer, in tactics, strategy and playing staff. If Wenger refuses to change, he must go.

  42. ole says:

    We should buy wenger this T-shirt and replace George`s face with wenger`s, it would fit him nicely;) http://www.80stees.com/products/Jerk-Store-Seinfeld-T-shirt.asp

  43. Tony says:

    @Kevin: Kevin Nasri hasnt played well since christmas.To think some gooners thought he was the player of the year .Get real

  44. Kevin says:

    When we played at Highbury all we needed was four touches and it was a goal and I’m not just talking about from counter attacks which also know we are no way near as good as we were but maybe this is because of how small Highbury was. We were so fluent, now it seems like we are trying to break the Guinness world record of consecutive passes before we try to score.

  45. Pial says:


  46. john says:

    The team donot have winning mentality!arsene should buy some experince players otherwise it’s difficult to win the title! the other thing is that, the following players should resign from this club:fabrigas,diaby,eboue,rosicky,denilson,arshavin and almunia!

  47. bayo says:

    Yeah wenger should change and where is the fund……..It is well documented that he has just 35 million pounds in the player transfer account and this covers the cost of a new player plus his contract.
    This transfer fund must be from the sales of kolo toure and Adebayor so this shows he has been living on sales of players from his squad and all this bullshit about having alot to spend are just lies.

    35million pounds cannot make u to afford a 20 million pounds player on 4 million pounds on a 4 years contract so Open your eyes ARSENAL IS OVER ACHEIVING

  48. Joeseph Kucera says:

    I think: why not sell !realy! useless players, most of them, like: denilson, eboe, sqilaci, bendtner, maybe rosicky, maybe chamakh. thats 5-6 players, i think overall together we should sell them for about 60 mil. pounds, add another 60 mil. from that kroenke(he has got way more money than abramovic), thats aproximately something about 120 fucking mil. pounds!!! than buy realy quality top players for some reasonable prizes not torres for 50 mil., omg we got best scouts so let them do their jobs! and than buy 1-2 solid defenders 15 – 20 mil. each, best would be some englanders, buy some top quality ready midfielder who can give our game some drive, he would propably cost about 40 mil., anyway we got cesc, we got jack, we got nasri and arshavin, they can play midfield to and theire good. and than, we should buy some extra class killer to the atack, van persie is killa too, but we can´t depend only on him, he easily get injured and than what? bendtner? chamakh? theire both off the form. maybe theo walcott one time will be able to play quik atacker on top, but who knows, anyway…

    What do you think, will we sign some petition for wenger to do theese things? :)

    fan from czech

  49. fpn says:

    can we stop it with the conspiracy bullshit. lets call a spade a spade, this team is not good enough to win the league. ffs man

  50. loyal fan says:

    We was poor most of the game but calling for resignations of players and wenger is stupidity… Fair enough some players need to leave but if you get rid of most of the squad, doesnt that deplete our squad to a bare minimum? Also, how can you say wenger out when he has not done changed anything yet… if he doesnt decide to spend much in july then you can want him out… And as for Eboue, I wouldnt be suprised if people booed him again because MOST ARSENAL FANS ARE F***ING MORONS !!!

  51. TTGunner says:

    I for one m sick of all these pathetic excuses… oh nd btw manure will hammer us like they always do

  52. goonerjake says:

    ooo to ooo to be, ooo to be a gooner. That is all.

  53. wen_detta says:

    just support your club faithfully.Arsene has been superb in developing the team but sometimes young player just flat and jaded…this team will win in the next 2 years..if God wills

  54. WillyG says:

    WENGER should go!! He has lost it. Even if the management were to buy new players, even superstars, the senile Prof can still not use them. He would still prefer his 4-5-1, so no room for more than 1 strikers. He will play forwards as wingers. This guy is so tactically inept.
    Get the Special One in!!!

  55. GoonerDareMKD says:

    I have something to Say! First of all I don’t blame eboue because If man.utd scored a late penalty like us after the goal they will not even letting liverpool to come close to their goal, they will ruthlessly press liverpool to their own half till the game is finished like they were beating us at home with 1-0 and do that to us on extra time we don’t even sniff their goal in extra time especially if the score is 1-0 so don’t blame eboue blame every player were is cesc the captain to tell the players what to do after we scored and how to protect and bring the game to the finish if you all saw after the goal wenger scraemd to players to get back to concentrate like he knew what may happen but the players don’t give a dam they thought they win the game so they are to fault not wenger and so to say man.utd played 10 on more afull games and won them with 1-0 and games like that will bring them the 19 title and we did the opposite we gave 4-0 lead at newcastle we lose big points at home with Blackburn Sunderland and Liverpool in the last minute, not to mention 2-0 lead against totenham losing against wba and newcastle but that was in the past last 5 games we lost 6 points at home with this draws so do the math if we won against burn and sunderalnd and Liverpool we would be level on points with utd. And about Wenger his stubbornness lad to this because if he wanted us to be like Barca he would do exactly what baraca do, 5-6 years ago barca was same as us, they have the beautiful game but they didn’t won trophy’s,and they knew what had to be done they had great players but they were 2-3 players away to be best team in the world so they go and bought etto after that they were shitty in difence like us so they go and bought pique and alves they struggled with ibra they accept the mistake and they go and bought villa this is the mistake from wenger everything else in our team is like barca we have the middfiled players in cesc nasri and wilshere we have dm in song we have rvp arshavin and walcott but wenger you don’t replace henry with bendtner or chamach you replace him with player like villa yes RVP is outstanding but he can’t do everything on his own and most of the time he is injured , and wenger you don’t replace campbell toure even gallas with squlacci, so i’m saying this every yearwe are 2-3 players away to be champions but wenger will never go and buy quality two players that we need and don’t blame the team they done everything they could with theirs skills they posses and wenger if you copy barca copy them also with thir signings buy a quality center half buy a goal scorer like villa and then you can win the title but every arsenal fan knows that wenger will not spend money on 2 quality players in the summer, he will replace sqqulaci with another squalcii from france, he will replace bedtner with vela and that will go on as long as wenger continue with this philosophy, and with this philosophy of wenger i’ll be happy every year my arsenal to be at the top 4 and play champions league and had a false belief that we can win something that’s the reality for every arsenal fan !

  56. damstar says:

    @GoonerDareMKD, You are absolutely spot on mate. Ur manager must re-think his philosophy in order to bring smile back on the face of the Arsenal fans..Although am still a Man.U fan, but everybody including me wants Arsenal to win trophies again and that will bring some more competition to the league and make the Prem more interesting again. It shouldnt jus be only Man.U nd Chelsea winning mostly everytime cos its get boring after a while. But Wenger’s philosophy av always let Arsenal down all the time when u challenging for titles. He jus need to change from being stingy and buy some great quality experienced strong players and mix them wit the young ones and stop using players out of position..How can u be playing bendtner as a winger? somebody give me a break…I think Wenger is really losing it and he must wake up now and act fast for the benefit of the club and the fans…

  57. GoonerDareMKD says:

    As for you damstar, I know man that you are still an Arsenal fan you saying that you switched to utd but I know that you are saying that because I know how it feels, it’s painful to be arsenal fan these days and everything you posting about how you are utd fan and it’s great to be utd fan it’s a lie you love arsenal like everybody here let’s have a belief that tings will change for the new season.

  58. damstar says:

    @GoonerDareMKD, Well I jus want Wenger to open his eyes now and do wat is right for the betterment of the club and the fans and am sure he is still the man capable of bringing an end to the trophy drought at the Emirate no matter how he gets criticised. But he jus have to listen to the cries of the fans and do the necessary fixing of the team this summer and everything wil be back to normal again at the Ashburton Groove wen it comes to mounting a real challenge for trophies am sure about dat. And as for which club I love, is too close to call now lol, but everything depends on wat Wenger will do after the season is over..I av been an Arsenal fan for 12 years so is not easy at all and is painful been an arsenal fan nowaday jus like u said but we time will tell…Cheers

  59. damstar says:

    @GoonerDareMKD, Well I jus want Wenger to open his eyes now and do wat is right for the betterment of the club and the fans and am sure he is still the man capable of bringing an end to the trophy drought at the Emirate no matter how he gets criticised. But he jus have to listen to the cries of the fans and do the necessary fixing of the team this summer and everything wil be back to normal again at the Ashburton Groove wen it comes to mounting a real challenge for trophies am sure about dat. And as for which club I love, is too close to call now lol, but everything depends on wat Wenger will do after the season is over..I av been an Arsenal fan for 12 years so is not easy at all and is painful been an arsenal fan nowaday jus like u said but time will tell…Cheers


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