Apr 24

Bolton 2-1 Arsenal – Title hopes vanish after late Wanderers goal

Arsenal’s hopes of winning the Premier League look as good as gone after they lost 2-1 at Bolton on Easter Sunday.

Bolton were the better side in the first half and took the lead when Daniel Sturridge found the back of the net after Gary Cahill’s header was blocked.

The Gunners levelled in the second half when just seconds after Kevin Davies missed the chance to put Bolton 2-0 up when a wrongly awarded penalty was saved, Robin van Persie fired home from the edge of the box after he was set up by Cesc Fabregas.

But just seconds from the end, Arsenal’s title hopes disappeared when Bolton scored a dramatic late winner, with substitute Tamir Cohen heading home from a corner.


33 Responses to “Bolton 2-1 Arsenal – Title hopes vanish after late Wanderers goal”

  1. Kevin says:

    I feel as though Arsene Wenger should leave not just for the sake of Arsenal but for his legacy at Arsenal too. The first nine years were great 96-05 but if he stays till 2014 then most people will recognise nine years of being so close yet so far.

  2. Escrapini says:


  3. Stoney says:

    Hilarious. They think it’s all over, it is now. Another season with nothing to show for it. Pathetic bunch of losers you goonies. Your lizard faced manager constantly jumping up and down waving his arms around is so funny. I’d be so so embarrassed if I were a goonie, thanks to the grace of god I’m not. Not as funny as seeing your little goonie faces at the final whistle as you lose again. Can’t wipe the smile off my face. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. Marty Price says:

    Two headers under defended. The first with Clichy losing the plot, the second just beat. No imagination on the many corners, but simply plying it in thinking they wee going to get above Cahill(massive match) and Knight? For a squad that is supposed to be creative they have simply lost it, with over elaborate buildups to nothing. So where do they start?
    Does Wenger go, I do not think so, but the front office needs a strong character in there like Dein, who can pull the trigger on deals. Wenger cannot, I mean Vermaelen out all year a good buy, Arshavin for what 10+ a good buy, but defenders cheap…no I think they lose it with their strategy…this should be an interesting summer

  5. arsenal fan says:

    agree with you kevin better if he leaves or buys some serious quality !anywa i WANT HIM OUT THERE STILL PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT HE CAN WIN US ANYTHING NOY EVERY MAN IS MOURINHO FUCK OF WENGER!

  6. trollz says:

    i wish i can dig up the archives where i said in the comments tat we wont win anything this season.

    i feel awesome. Wenger out.

  7. Escrapini says:

    I think Wenger should be the one to personally give the trophy to the Mancs or the Chavs.

  8. Who Cares says:

    Who cares anymore ? Just pay your money and shut up thats what Arsenal want – Wenger is finished – truly and completely fiished – go now and goodbye.

  9. WHO GIVES A SHIT says:


  10. damstar says:

    Smh..wat a pity Arsenal. I wont say much….All I will say is “Glory Glory, Man United”…

  11. Who Cares says:

    Choke Choke Choke – two english players and the rest foreign mercenary trash – no wonder we dont win anything with players who only care about money and not the club. Wenger has FAILED and should go as soon as possible.

  12. Chris says:

    Wenger should just go. Refuses to change his truly demented ways so has to go. Don’t care if half his mercenary foreign bottlers go with him.

  13. jonesmalo says:

    Not good enough. Sad but true. I do not advocate Wenger’s sacking, but how long does he plan to continue with this squad? They have delivered for him, and the tortured man on the sideline today is not content with second place – despite his earlier statements.

  14. mats says:

    wenger has just totally lost his marbles, he looks like his going to explode on the touchline at eevrygame. His totally lost his compusure, his tactics, the team has lost the plot, the team has lost confidence in him. Everyone at the club has lost the plot. Bloody hell Chelsea were miles behind us, and now they are 2nd and 3 points ahead of us. Wenger can go as fra as im concerened.

  15. f4phantomphreak says:

    what a load of total crapola…. I have been a Arse fan since, well I cant recall its been that long and I have never seen a bunch of turds, total nut filled turds. I agree with the above people, AW has to move on, but I’m afraid of who might replace him?

  16. nicky says:

    We have the forthcoming close season to sort out the failures that have haunted us throughout the season. We simply cannot defend set pieces and, in turn, we fail to benefit from OUR set pieces. In today’s game, we had our goalie plus 2 defenders on the goal line, yet Bolton still scored their first goal with ease.
    All through the game we failed to capitalise on a host of crosses, corners and free kicks… as we have done all season.
    Their winning goal was simplicity itself. A corner is taken a Bolton player rushes in and, totally unopposed, heads into the net.
    If new signings are not on the cards, then intensive training to deal with our shortcomings must be a priority before next season.

  17. Angry Fan says:

    wenger out.

  18. me. says:

    Half the people on here aren’t even arsenal fans. Will you politely Fuck off.

  19. Tshepo says:

    You got to feel sorry for the fans, the trauma, frustration they (we) have gone through week in week out for the last 3 months. Fans begged to the manager to buy atleast a quality, experienced goalkeeper,defender + a midfield. All fell on deaf ears to the STUBBORN Wenger. The funny thing about his comments is that he talks about a “winning mentality” the players have. Is he really smoking something before being interviewed? 2day was a same script again, creating lots of chances,wasteful and being punished. Personally i think our captain needs to leave, even his posture says it all, he keeps looking down, absolutely toothless 2day. Arsenal needs a fighter, leader with winning mentality, too early 4 Wilshere but definitely our future captain. I think by stats our fans have been visiting hospitals more than our opponents, frustrating to watch this team. Still a loyal fan though. Gunner 4 life.

  20. Mad says:

    Wenger has a case to answer the fans on why he didn’t want to buy new player, particularly in January and why he still stand firm against several flops who took every single penny of fans every week with strings of poor performance and not even pay our faith when get a chance. Please… Please… Move out from this beloved club.

  21. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Lol, wow. What a difference a season makes. “Judge me in May.” Ok, but it’s looking real bad. It’s not even finishing fourth or third that annoys, it’s the way it happens, season in and season out it’s the same thing now.

    You can’t expect fans to pay big money for the same experience every season and be happy about it, if it’s not winning something every season.

  22. Rock says:

    No real desire going forward, sideway stuff again, super poor defending.

    So many people rated Djourou this year. He is far too laid back, too quiet, has the concentration levels of a fish and has absolutely no positional sense either.

    Alex Song – craig burley talks a lot of tosh but sorry he is spot on today, seriosly what is his game? Every time going forward instead of holding his position responsibly. Would much rather have Reo Coker on free than Song the Joke. Wish we had yaya Toure, OH how i wish. He’d actually help the defence rather than exposing them time after time.

    So I guess we need an attacking player who isnt afraid of shooting (don’t shoot, dont score) a defensive midfielder, and atleast one centre half. Will we get the right players? Doubt it, but again i’ll be reading the papers day in day out in the summer like a fool hoping we do buy, because it’s so frustrating as all we’re lacking is a little bit of toughness and experience.


  23. Kevin says:

    What hurts me is seeing clueless players like Denilson who you know if you went on to the pitch you could play better then him. I’m not even English but Lansbury would give and play far better then him as would Frimpong and Coquelin. Also is it me but does Clichy look clueless he doesn’t actually attack or go in the opposition’s box he just charges up the field and does nothing and when he does cross it it either under or overhit.

  24. jhnhgs75 says:

    So the jihad is over, kids! C’mon vent your frustration at AW… after all it is his job to make you feel like something you are certainly not in your real life….

  25. Tom says:

    Groundhog Day back to last season and 2008.Wenger has learned nothing.The project is dead.A clearout of the deadwood is required.But Gadaffi wont listen to anyone.Carry on Gadaffi

  26. IIILIL says:








  27. Marty Price says:

    Wow I was sour grapes like everyone with my first post but never said get rid of Wenger. If you get rid of him, who do you replace him with. They are still a good side. There were trophyless years back in the 70’s, this stuff comes and goes. I just advocated for new blood to help with strategy. I mean why not put Theo in a central role with Van Persie in the hole behind him, who knows they always come out the same, so are easy to scout out. If not there is are coaches in Holland, Frankd and Marco who would love to come to the Gunners. They need a good General Manager, they need to bring Dein back…In so far as nationality of the players, that is rubbish.All you have to do is look at the lower leagues, and then what piece of over priced player are you going to bu…Carroll is really worth 30 million? Torres 50, no way. sAF got the steal of the year in Chicharito. They all want to win no matter what country they come from. You mean to say English players are hungrier then some of them from the third world. Those guys all bust their asses off. I just think some of them have not matured, developed the way that Wenger hoped for.

  28. GunnerMKD says:

    and just wtf is ansri doing for the corners? if he stands there, he should be totally focused and clear the ball if needed.
    imo we are too predictable, we dont surprise teams anymore. yeah, play rvp upfront, 2 defenders mark him, he has to come back. that leaves the box empty, so any crosses from the wingers or fullbacks are useless. clichy-i dont know what happens to him this year, he totally lost it. i would give gibbs a chance till the end, since it`s all over. sagna-easyly the best fullback we have, shame we dont have proper back up for him. i remember last year eboue playing a lot of games, as fullback or winger, but he played and that is why he was consistent. this year, wenger only plays him as fullback when sagna is injured, or left back if gibbs or clichy are injured.
    central defenders-vermaelen, djourou and kos are class. the 4th one i wouldnt even mention, total crap. need phil jones and gary cahill, by whatever price.
    dm-ffs we have only song there. diaby and denilson are reeaaaally inconsistent, + they cant tackle. i am only left wondering what it would`ve been like if we got yaya toure and frimpong, imo we would have conceded half the goals than now.
    cmf-fabregas, wilshere, ramsey are all good. i would add another one, with more experience.
    wingers-nasri, walcott, rvp. keep them, develop oxlade chamberlain next year.
    forwards-NO RVP! chamakh and a classic striker needed, a fox in the box. in rvp, as i said, we dont have that type of player.
    it might be pretty expensive, but after all wenger said the lack of experience and maturity cost us the tittle, so changes must be made. you can really see we are not far away from having the perfect team, all wenger needs to do is see his mistakes, which he makes as every humen being.
    next year it is our tittle!

  29. sun1 says:


    Stoney – your mom obviously did not teach you manners – peeping into other’s home when you own backyard is full of shit …. obviously nothing more can be expected from a second grade spud !! – STAY AWAY & STAY OUT !!

  30. gooner 4 lyf says:

    where r da true gonners at?? wenger out? r u mad!! who will replace him .. who will keep da club playin dis type of football , find dese plyas such as vermealen, henry and viera out of da blue n turn dem into world class playas, arsene wneger iz da best thing 2 happen 2 arsenal , baring in mind da current squad iz hamperred by constant injuries 2 key playas… yh i kno sum plyas r nt good enof but playsa lyk vela shud nt b sold , he iz adaptin 2 da knew formation , hez 1 for da future,i garuntee next season he will gt into double figures if given a chance… if wenger goes arsenal will b finished end of , no1 can match wat he haz dun for da club , creatin teams from scratch and plyin a brand of football dat most teams dream 2 ply!!!!

  31. mojo says:

    we need to get podolski he is available this summer along with cahill and baines and felipe melo who is in the form of his life!!!!

  32. Tiago says:


    I agree with you, these are awesome players. The only problem is felipe melo’s behaviour, even though I think we could use a bit of this kind of players at times…

  33. fgdfg says:

    When Cesc goes you will hear the following mark my words.

    1 – “We have Nasri who can replace him”.

    2 – “Jack Wilshere will replace Cesc”

    3 – “Aaron Ramsey can step into his shoes”.

    Now none of the three above are as good as Cesc. Cesc is light years ahead of them. Even when Cesc is not interested he still rips up defences like paper. Case in point v Spuds at home.

    Cesc is a winner not a leader. Put him in a good side and he wins you trophies. The only other side he has played in bar Arsenal is Spain. What has he done for Spain.

    Erm only notching in the final penalty against the Italians in the euro’s against the wall Buffon.

    Erm going on to win the Euro’s.

    Playing a pivotal role in the Iniesta goal in the final when it looked like being 0-0. When Del Bosque says “Cesc was the difference you know he’s special”.

    Or the small matter of winning the World Cup.

    He has won everything at International level because he is surrounded by top class.

    He has won sweet fuck all at club level because he is surrounded by shit class.

    When he goes to Barca he will pick up at least two winners medals in his first season. Fact!


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