Transfer Rumour Review: Gervinho, Foster, Samba, Parker

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Welcome to RedDetective’s latest edition of his Gooner Talk Transfer Rumour Review column.

The weekly feature promises to look at a handful of players linked with Arsenal in the past seven days, giving you the chance to have your say on which star you would like to see in a Gunners shirt.

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Gervinho (23, Forward, Lille):

Don’t be fooled by the name he isn’t Brazilian, he’s from the Ivory Coast. His real name is Gervais Yao Kouassi and he has exceptional ability. In fact Gervinho’s dribbling skill and step-over’s earned him the nickname. Like the current crop of Ivory Coast forward’s he has pace, skill and a wiry strong frame. A key asset that will ultimately earn him a move to a big club is his versatility. He also is in the same position that Ashley Young and Samir Nasri are, he has just a year left on his contract so this would be an affordable transfer.

From a tactical perspective, I regard Gervinho as a combination of Arshavin’s skill and Walcott’s power, although probably lacking the top class potency of both. Rumours say the Ivory Coast international will only sign for a team playing Champions League football, which would rule Spurs out of the running and push Arsenal straight into it. I see this one probably happening, if a certain diminutive Russian moves on since Gervinho is capable of playing on the wing.

Ben Foster (28, Goalkeeper, Birmingham):

Ben Foster is not coming to Arsenal. He could not hack England set up and did not excel at Manchester United either. Why on earth would a 28 year old decide to withdraw from England? To prolong a club career, he says. I think the truth is he knows he is probably third choice at best, lacks the talent to displace Hart and is intimidated by big personalities with bigger salaries (I do not do fence-sitting when I can help it).

Szczesny in comparison may well make just as many maybe more errors between now and his maturity in two or so years, but has a personality that dusts himself off. I consider Foster too much of a nice guy, easily bruised and hurt by criticism. He is looked after at Birmingham and should stay and become a club legend there. Foster, in conclusion, is a likeable professional and in my view a better player than Fabianski but were I him, I would not think coming to Arsenal with no guarantee of being first choice a great career move. Not going to happen.

Christopher Samba (27, Defender, Blackburn):

I used to have a controversial opinion that I would be too afraid to have voiced on Twitter for fear of being shot down in flames. I suspected at one time that Wenger detested the football being played by teams such as Stoke and Birmingham to the extent that he, in the privacy of his own home, would refuse to watch their football. I thought for this reason he had no appreciation for the value of the players and would not ever consider signing a player like Samba. I changed my mind when I heard Arsenal tried to buy Phil Jones, the more talented of the two centre backs at Blackburn. I consider Samba to be a player who plays the kind of football that Arsenal are incapable of playing. A rugged, efficient and physical game far removed from all things Wenger. Now it appears the rumours are Arsenal are considering a bid. I find this hard to believe. Why allow him to sign a new deal at Rovers, which will only serve to increase his value? Wenger could have moved to buy him in January as well.

I like Samba, and I think certain proponents of this type of signing have a good argument. He is big, maybe even if he were an amateur Rugby player, and would relish leading a backline at Arsenal seriously lacking in the bicep department. However, I do not see this transfer happening on two grounds. One; Blackburn have a lot of money and he now has a long contract. No reason to sell. Two; I have concerns about his distribution. He is not a natural passer from the back in the vein of Rio Ferdinand, Johann Djourou or Koscielny. The problem when you have one talented passer at centre back and another who is less capable is that attacker’s on the opposite team target the stronger player in possession to force him to give the ball to the weaker one. Leaving the weaker passer in possession with a high line forces that same player to hit a long ball, and in most cases in Arsenal’s case, this results in loss of the ball. One can easily see this formula taking place at Arsenal were this signing made. During the late 1990’s Chelsea had a slim, skilled passer of the ball called Frank Lebouef. Flawless in possession, he was harried on the ball he passed to his muscular partner at centre-back – Michael Duberry. Duberry would then receive the ball and hit it forward with little accuracy resulting in loss of possession. Therefore, for reasons mentioned I view the Samba signing as an unlikely one, and probably a player worth avoiding.

Scott Parker (30, Midfielder, West Ham):

I like him, and he might just be the poll winner if you asked every Arsenal fan who they would want of all the players currently being linked with the club. He is not a marquee, high value, shirt seller of a signing but undoubtedly would bring a forcefulness of character. Having played alongside John Terry and Alan Shearer, I have no doubt that Parker has learned and studied the leader he wanted to become. Parker is an immense character, a genuine man that stood up when the players in the team he is still contracted to – a decent squad – forgot they were professionals and lost their confidence.

Alongside Jack Wilshere he can play in front of Arsenal’s back four and replace Alex Song as first choice. Song gives away stupid fouls, and whilst he might have improved tremendously, he strikes me as a pedestrian paced and lazy character. Give Parker a contract and chance to do his UEFA coaching badges when he wants to. The player that Parker most reminds me of is not a midfielder but Carlos Puyol. At the minimum you are signing someone who lives properly, refuses to give up and demands total effort.

Unfortunately, recent information from Daily Mirror journalist John Cross would indicate Wenger has doubts about him and he is destined for Tottenham. In all likelihood Wenger does not want to add to his squad a player on the wrong side of 30 years old who would want a 3 year deal. This deal is unlikely to happen based on the rumours doing the rounds right now.

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I feel like you were a little harsh on Song, He, alongside Wilshire have been massive this season.

high b

arsenal try spend money

Mr Arsenal

I’d take all of the above ^


If Wilshere were to go to the U21s, signing Scott Parker might look a master-stroke. He’d start in Wilshere’s spot as the youngster would be quite tired from the strain of a long season and a short rest due to the pointless U21 tournament. Wilshere, Song, and Parker would be rotating, with Parker able to play both roles, in my opinion.


its amazing how many clueless gooners have no football inteligence song is slow in body and mind and offers the back four little protection. personally i think he is rubbish. Parker and samba exatly the type we need!


I think that we have to buy Stekelenburg 5, Samba 12, Sakho 15, Parker 5, Hazard 20 and Benzema 25.
Sell: Almunia, Squilachi, Denilson, Rosicky and Bendtner! Also Sell Clichy for 15 and Cesc for 45!


Its amazing how many clueless fans have no idea that Alex Song is one of the most valuable players Arsenal have ,an automatic starter in any EPL team.
Where Scottie Parker is a journeyman pro who has never been able to hack it at Champions league leval where ever he has been, there is a reason he has played so few times for England over his career, thats because in top sides against good opponants he is not good enough, Scottie is a good guy and pro but at thirty and injured, he would be a dreadfull aquisition for Arsenal.


Parker looked good when he was surrounded by low quality West Ham players just like Van Der Fart looks good surrounded by the crap of the Spuds, would Parker slow down when he knows he’s not fighting a relegation battle to keep his 70k a week wages (Oh yes believe me he would). We need bigger players than this crock of shit listed above or were gonna be overtaken by Man Citeh and the scousers


I don’t care whether Samba can’t distribute the ball. Can he head the ball out from set pieces? Yes. That alone makes him better than all our defenders bar Vermaelen. We conceded 21 goals from set pieces and 17 from open play. With tall commanding CBs, we cut the set piece goals in half. Ps. Koscielny sucks at passing too. Song and Parker shouldn’t be swapping, they should play alongside each other and Jack should be played in his natural position i.e playmaker. Barcelona will come for Cesc this summer and we should take the money and run.


@nicoman personally you think he’s rubbish? Good thing you’re not a coach.

If some of you guys cannot see that song is slow and cumbersome mentally and physically and is one of the reasons our central defenders get no protection ….well i cant help you. Not first choice for cameroon in fact behind an average player obviously his coach doesnt rate him. Against Barca he was chasing shadows our main liability …infact im not sure he got one tackle in…he couldnt handle the speed. In fact most top teams make amug of him.. come to think of it i remember him getting roasted many times by L.Orient. Wake up you muppets where… Read more »

Nicoman you obviously don’t know what your talking about. Song is the backbone of the team, he keeps the structure in the midfield and keeps it running. He is always retaining possesion and spraying out passes from the back.


Suprising how u o called arsenal fans don’t appreciate the work of Song. For your information arsenal has lost 65% of it’s games without Song and take not wen he has a poor game,the whole team has a poor game. If u feel his slow give him to Fergie or Mourinho and wait ta see him the best midfielder in Europe. Fire your manager and think of buying players otherwise your still crying for the following years.




totally agree , Song is far to slow his recovery is terrible , that is why
he gives away to many free kicks. He cost us the Liverpool match, when he had several attempts to clear the ball in the last few seconds of the game.


I think you’re a bit harsh on samba. His distribution really isn’t that bad. Remember sol campbell wasn’t the best on the ball, particularly when he first signed, but wenger saw the benefit in bringing him to the club, and sol was just as important as any signing we ever made.


i think we need 4 good players like samba,parker,gervinho and falcao.samba would help 2 give arsenal the force we have been lacking at the back.parker would add xperience we hve been lacking at the midfield.wit gervinho and falcao help arsenal to break the opponent defence and notch in as many goal as possible which wise wenger gives the opponent the credit of good defending.teams are good in defending arsenal not manutd.mr wenger u cant acquire everyting from our youth policy wake up.

Aussie Jack

Realisticly I can see Scott Parker and Gary Cahill joining us at this point in time. As for others I`m not going to speculate. What we would like and what we will get are very different matters, I`m still more interested in who will leave then we`ll have some idea what to expect.


harsh to song bt we real need both parker,song,samba and gervinho plus walcot

Ozigo Ojuk

wenger maintain song and add parker, in striking line maintain van and chamak add one who is phiscally strong and good dribbler one central defender


i d prefer nzogbia or adam or joe barton, to parker
joe will not leave bir
adam may go to liv
nzogbia can join – he is french

oyatoye saheed

whao arsene wenger must ready to buy player that are top quality, not the unserious one and who know what we needs at arsenal we need trophy and nothing more

I would love to see Samba at arsenal. Think: Two beasts at centre back at with vermaelen and samba, then with our two attacking wing backs. It would be brilliant. Also, one is bound to get injured, in which case we’ve got djourou as a backup. As someone previously mentioned, Samba can get the ball away from set pieces, and I’m sure that a guy getting paid £60,000+ a week can learn to pass the ball. And who knows, maybe we will score more goals from set pieces ourselves. It would be a brilliant signing, and would scare other teams… Read more »

non 🙂


i think you are very wrong abt samba.. i for one am verry excited about the prospect of him joining us i think he is a great player (finally a great CB and a danger from set pieces…. ALWAYS wins the ball in the air..).. we dont need foster.. gervinho seems like an awesome player, and could do some great things.. ( or you could just let walcott PLAY AS A FORWARD).. parker will definitely do great in arsenal and he will look to move else where.. lets see !


Any news on this Ricky Alvarez lad from Velez Sarsfield? According to the unreliable source Goal.com we’ve agreed to sign him? Could be a Denilson replacement?

Frank Playboi
wenger should sign strong and experienced players that can make an impact in the game and win trophies rather than going foi 14-16yr old boys who would take 4-5yrs to develop and blend into the game. Wenger should buy samba and pair him up with vermaelen and then sign a left back to replace clichy. Harzard and benzema should also be signed, then a 4-3-3 formation with RVP playing from the left wing, with benzema up front and harzard from the right should be adopted. Also gervinho and alvarez should be signed and buffon although a bit old will be… Read more »
mojo gooner

ricky alvarez, the new Kaka!!!
there is a nice video on youtube showing him playing against riverplate

@nicoman you are clueless full stop. I agree with Key Stonal, XX and Isaac. First of all song has grown into the best defensive midfielder in the prem. While previously people have questioned why we don’t have a “John Obi Mikel” like chelsea or a “mascherano” like liverpool, chelsea are now envying the quality that song possesses. If you actually watch arsenal week in week out you would notice the number of times he retrieves the ball, makes great tackles and either passes to our crwative players, and puts a through ball in himself. In terms of the transfers. We… Read more »
Angry Fan

We have gone backwards this year…. Forth place and losing a final to a team that has been relegated. Wenger out.


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way too harsh on song he might be our most important player!!