May 23

Almunia, Denilson & Rosicky ‘free to leave’ Arsenal

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has told Gunners trio Manuel Almunia, Denilson and Tomas Rosicky that they are all free to leave the club this summer, with the Frenchman on the verge of making crucial playing staff changes ahead of next season.

Following discussions with new owner Stan Kroenke and chief executive Ivan Gazidis, Wenger is making preparations for the summer transfer window – aiming to add experience to help his underacheiving youngsters fulfil their potential with silverware.

Those surplus to requirements will be given the opportunity to leave, with the trio of Almunia, Denilson and Rosicky all expected to be the targets of various European clubs.

“There will be some movement of players who have played less, who need to play and as well of course we will try to strengthen our squad again but we want to keep the basis and style of play we have”, Wenger told reporters on Friday.

Almunia, 33, is now behind Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski in the goalkeeping pecking order after a series of mistakes and injuries during the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile, Brazilian midfielder Denilson revealed last week that he wants to leave the Emirates Stadium, having failed to secure a regular place, or a trophy, since his 2006 arrival.

Tomas Rosicky’s inconsistent form has also forced him out the exit door, with a host of midfielders including Henri Lansbury and Jay-Emmanuel Thomas returning in pre-season hoping to break into the squad.

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33 Responses to “Almunia, Denilson & Rosicky ‘free to leave’ Arsenal”

  1. athlon29 says:

    I hope Lansbury will succeed. I’m unsure about JET

  2. VanDaManPersie says:


    ^ All need to go. They are bang average and not good enough. Selling those duds will generate a minimum of £30m

  3. Monaventure says:

    The aforementioned players are the list of players to leave Arsenal. For God’s sake,what is squillachi doing in the arsenal defence?

  4. a minimum of £30m??? you’d be lucky to get 20 mate

  5. Silverose says:

    I agree with all but one(vela).The guy is good all he needs is playing time.

  6. Mitch says:

    It’s a shame about Rosicky. I still believe he’s a top quality midfielder who’s great with the ball, got loads of experience at both international and champions league level. He was just starting to find his feet at Arsenal but after the 18months he spent out he’s just never looked like the same player and never been able to get a run of games in the team. But due to his age and having better players in front of him and young players coming up fast behind him means that probably, sadly, it’s time for him to move on.

  7. Joss Bennett says:


    I agree with this. Lansbury could well make it, but JET doesn’t have the attitude for the PL. Far too inconsistent and most Arsenal fans only like him because he’s got a bit of skill…

    Think Bendtner still has a part to play – bear in mind if we sell both Vela and Bendtner, we have 2 strikers. Even if we sign another one, we still only have 3 and Afobe looking to break into the team in the next 2/3 years. Sell Vela/Bendtner, Eastmond, Traore, ALmunia, Denilson and SS.

  8. kharadonha says:

    if this is true then why Diaby will still play for Arsenal next season? the guy is useless sorry to say this but Arsene to me seems like he wants french players to take Arsenal money every year even if they don’t bring any silverware to the team. I mean all the french players who are surplas to requirements are not on this list.

    I must warn you lovely Gooners who don’t sleep well at night trying to figure out what went wrong, that we are about to see another season useless and paining season next season not to mention frustrations we’ll get from Diaby, clichy an Squilaci.

    I already started doing something that will keep me busy next season so that I don’t watch Arsenal play, why? I’m scared to die of heart-attack

  9. Thierry Henry says:

    I love Rosicky! injuries has hinderd him but i still feel he has a part to play in the Fa Cup or Carling Cup Run!

    Bentdner, Vela, Denilson, Squllaci & Almunia just need to go!

    And you cant have Eboue leaving? Thats just being stupid!

  10. Kevin says:

    Thierry Henry I agree with everything you just said Rosicky shouldn’t start all the games but he could still come of the bench. I know he has only scored one goal which isn’t good enough but he isn’t hopeless like someone like Denilson.

  11. Gooner Chris says:

    @Thierry Henry: Rosicky’s contract runs out next summer, so unless we receive a respectable offer for him he won’t leave.

  12. Stevesai says:

    Almunia replaced by mannone
    Squillaci replaced from outside
    Eboue replaced by the young guy from charlton
    Gibbs loaned out and replaced by traore
    Denilson replaced from outside
    Rosicky replaced by the south american
    Bendtner replaced from outside

    Arshavin, Clichy,Fabregas and Nasri remain to be seen

    If we could get
    Cahill as CB
    Vertonghon as LB and DM cover
    Benzema and we are covered

  13. old skool gooner says:

    not eboue…i love his power runs and he must be the only out of all them who realy realy loves the arsenal

  14. adi says:

    wenger says he wont make 50 mil signings…we never expected that newayz. we just want 1-2 good 15 million signings, like say vertonghen(push vermaelen to lb), samba, and if fabregas goes, with the additional get hazard/goetze. AND if we’re really lucky, get a striker(gervinho) or push walcott to cf. That is 4 players, total up to 15+12+20+10=57 mil. 50 mil from fabregas’s sale, and remaining recovered from bendtner and denilson. I know its not as easy as saying buy this guy or that guy, but all the guys i mentioned are well within our reach. Gokhan inler to add some steel, if multiple players are leaving and funds are available

  15. GunnerMacedonia says:

    almunia, denilson, squilachi, rosicky, diaby all need to go. ffs diaby is 24 and he havent done anything spectacular yet.
    cahill, parker, nzogbia, mcgeady, upson, carlton cole, , vertongen, tiote-these are the players that realisticaly may be our targets. if we get any of these i will be happy. but i will be expecting that none leaves and none comes so that i can be surprised when sth actually happens! 😉
    p.s. can anyone tell me how is armand traore playing for juve? and how you rate him? after yesterday, gibbs should be used as a winger, not a lb

  16. Silverose says:

    Players i like to see leave => almunia,squilacci,denilson,JET,clichy,fabregas and ebue

  17. ADEWALE says:


  18. olat says:

    Pls Denilson shud not announce his going let him go.Squilaci,Lazy Diaby,Wastage Arshavin, Stylish Rosicky from anoda planet,Eboue is still beta,Almunia.

  19. Darlington says:

    What d current team needs is xperience.. Osaze is 29. An xterblishd Nigeria int’l and a galadiator with skills, pace and vision. He wont cost much. There is Samba and Park. All xprience and epl proven stars. Infact we can straighten right within d epl without splashing £15 and £20 millions.

  20. Edwinsky says:

    I’m extremely sad to see Rosicky go… he never got a chance. Few players can pass the ball like him. He has vision that few footballers have. His injury did him a lot of injustice.
    As for Denilson, “there goes the only ‘resemblance’ of a DM that could sit in for Song. Frimpong is not yet tested. All other people who’ve played at that position have been terribly worse than Denilson – Diaby can’t, it is not Nasri or Wilshere’s natural position, Fabregas and Ramsey can’t cover the defense.
    I hope we find good competition for Song – he misbehaves sometimes, leaves our defense vulnerable.
    I reiterate – I AM SO SAD TO SEE ROSICKY GO !

  21. rlex says:

    wenger should toughen up. Underperformers should leave. Bring in osaze with vela and together with v.p we can crush any defence. Get samba and melo and we have our selves a good defence to back up song and djorou. Complete the alvarez arrangement. We can do all this with less than 50 mil. Wenger what dyou think?

  22. Onashile Adeseye sayo says:

    Sincerely speaking let cesc fabregas go it all for betterment of team.Denilson alwaz shot of ideals,Rosicky consistently clumsy,Nicolas doesnt worth to be a player and off load the all d back force excluding cliche,sagna,vamaleen and kosieny.finally ashravin games up.

  23. raaarrrrsenal says:

    i don’t think there’s anyone who isn’t sad to see Rosicky go, but the time is right. He’s clearly been effected by his injury. He is a complete shadow of the player he was.
    I can see one CB and one CM coming in, though I wouldn’t mind if we just promoted Lansbury from within. He looks like a proper player; good vision and attitude and not scared to plow forward. Let’s get rid of the sideways passers.

    I think Diaby has once again just showed enough glimpses of what he could be this season to save himself. Although if he doesn’t improve next season I think he’ll probably go then.
    Looks like Miyaichi is coming in for preseason, so we can have a good look at him then. I think Nasri will stay and Clichy too.

    With Miyaichi coming in I think maybe Nasri will play more on the right next season and Walcott will get more time down the middle. If Bendtner does leave then I think we’ll see a replacement but otherwise I doubt there’ll be any new strikers.

    Remember, Arsene has already said he’s not going to sign any wide players this summer so I would expect Nasri and Arshavin both to stay.

  24. seedoffbaba says:

    I think its high time arsenal should let fabrigas go, and if we can still get afellay in exchange is still okay….. though i dont want Nasri and Clichy to go yet. but if they insist to go then no problem, cos if they are force to stay they might not be fully mind dedicated to the team so arsenal needs to be careful about that…… Realistically i want (Aluminia, Bendtner, Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby, Traore, Vela, Squilaci) to be out of arsenal squad… where i will like to welcome players like (samba, Cahil, Parker, Tiote, Frimgpon, miyaichi, Landsbury, Benzema/Gavinho/Falcao/Rodalega, Baines, Hasard) to mention but view…. with these players arsenal can achieve better next season……

  25. Nelson says:

    PLEASE SEND OFF SQUILASTER DISASTER… I’ve said it before and will repeat till he goes: ALMOST ALL LOSES SQUILACCI ALMOST ALL TIES SQUILACCI was on pitch. If Arsenal troubled in defense this season HE WAS ONE OF THE KEYS FOR IT. IS THE WORST PLAYER siding mr. SILVESTRE. (And coincidence both used #18)

    ARSENAL NEEDS 3 new defense players minimum… not from the young… EXPERIENCE AND QUALITY PLAYERS. NEW GOALKEEPER say STEKELENBURG!!!!!! And send Fabianski to QATAR TOO!!!!!! You want to bring old players??? BRING HLEB!!!! you can BRING TEVEZ!!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT BENZEMA it will be another FRENCH DISASTER!!!! Bring HAZARD!!! I SUGGEST THEO JANSSEN kind of PLAYER!!!! We need STRENGTH, RONDON sound nice to me too… Stop BRINGING FRAGILE strikers!!!! CMON!!!!! IT’S TIME!!!!

  26. AJ Tuch says:

    I think this is a great thing!!!! Denilson, Rosicky, and Almunia have all be TERRIBLE this season! I believe we can get 5-10m for Denilson, 5-10m for Rosicky, and 1-3m for Almunia. and sell Bendtner too!

    BUY some of these players:

    Samba, Mertesacker, Cahill, Hangeland, Vieira-type-player, Hulk, Podolski, Benzema, Klose, Falcao, Drogba.

  27. lanre says:

    Vela will be a great mistake if they sell him the guy has future they can still loan him for more2yrs to learn what it takes to be a sharp striker ,never sell him now he still has a long way to go

  28. dapo says:

    nobody is talking about that slow and wasteful DIABY…. very annoying player…he is one of da players i wouldn’t want to see as from August!

  29. spok says:




  30. Up the gooners says:

    i get soooo upset when because arsenal are losing people start to mention average players to be signed like thats any better. If i hear the following names mentioned again i will have a fit. Samba = no pace poor touch Cahill= i do not want englands no 6-7 center back mentioned for my club. Leighton Baines= i love leighton but its one good season he had a decent last yr and the yr b4 was horrific and was dropped. If you want to eclipse ur rivals u need quality that can fight at old trafford the nou camp san siro. There is nothing to suggest these average players at shit cubs could help our cause. Mexes went milan for FREE Subotic M Bia players who will become world class not shitty mid table players who couldnt even make the grade at aston

  31. Up the gooners says:

    Villa. People want Wenger to act like Redknapp and buy buy buy. If we buy low technical players and the team loses its footballing style we are an average team guys face it. Campaign for quality world renowned players the only prem player i would campaign for is Parker the rest can go to spurs

  32. Arsenal Till I Die says:

    Anyone who WANTS Eboue at Arsenal needs their head sorted out.

  33. gooner 4 eva says:

    we should let fabregas go to barca according to 1 newspaper they are offering a choice of 2 players (exept villa valdez messi and xavi) in a swap. i personally would be happy to see fabregas go in return for two of:
    busquets, dani-alves, pedro, iniesta afelley or even kieta


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