May 31

‘There is a little disagreement over terms of Nasri’s new contract’, admits Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that discussions with Samir Nasri over a new contract extension have slowed down due to a ‘little’ disagreement over the financial terms offered to the 23-year-old.

Nasri has just one year remaining on his Gunners contract and while talks have stalled recently, the possibility of a move to Old Trafford has been reported in the French media since last week.

Speaking with France legend Bixente Lizarazu for radio station RTL, Wenger said despite problems over the terms of Nasri’s new contract, he is still confident of sorting out a new deal.

“We’ve got a little financial disagreement but I’ll try to make him [Nasri] sign a new contract. I’ll work on that this summer. What is certain is that we won’t be selling Nasri to Manchester United.”

Since joining from Marseille in 2008, Nasri had struggled to make his mark after suffering a spate of unfortunate injuries. However, this season he has established himself as one of the Premier League’s top stars being rewarded with a place in the PFA Team of the Year.

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51 Responses to “‘There is a little disagreement over terms of Nasri’s new contract’, admits Wenger”

  1. Marko says:

    He will sign we just have to show him the money. SHOW HIM THE MONEY! I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE. SHOW HIM THE MONEY

  2. 9icekbee says:

    Please Mr. Wenger don’t allow Nasir 2go no matter what,give him d money!!!

  3. Aussie Jack says:

    When I was a young bloke there was a saying “making the first million is the hardest”. Then greed sets in.
    Pay him what you think he`s worth Arsene, if he doesn`t like sell him (but not to United).

  4. willybilly says:

    im sure nasri will stay although in 2days crazy times we could get 30 million euros for him! so maybe sell him ealy and secure hazard and another winger? then with walcott, ryo, oxlade and arsh the wings will fly without samir. in a way i would like to see nasri fab and jack as our regular 3 in the middle, although rambo could be great next year, he is still a risk in such a pivotal season. out of interest , who should be 3rd choice CB next year Kozzer or JD? ( presuming we buy quality partner for TV)

  5. Charlie says:

    If he wants too much sell him and buy Eden Hazard who’s a better player and more suited to the left wing. This only becomes a major problem if someone else signs Eden Hazard.

  6. dan says:

    sell the greedy c**t

  7. Danish Gooner says:

    Work on it this summer,seems like a bad excuse for not signing anyone else.

  8. irish gooner says:

    @danish,,,,i see you are just full of negativity,,,piss off and write somthing positive for a change,,,,samir will sign in less than a week,,,

  9. Phil23 says:

    I think Arsene and Nasri could still come to an agreement, although this is a bad sign. If not, we must buy Hazard right now before Nasri leaves. This way I think a bidding war will pursue for Nasri. I expect Barcelona, Inter Milan, Ac Milan, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid? all bidding for him. English teams will bid too but Nasri will thrive away form England and we should never sell him to a rival. In a way this could be good for Arsenal as someone said above, with Chamberlain, Hazard, Miyaichi and Arshavin on the wings we could also afford to let Walcott have half his games in striker. This way we will be a much more lethal team on the counter. This would mean we do not spend big on a striker but rather we spend big in defence. I think that if Clichy is going to go then it is a great opportunity to buy Van der Wiel. He is two footed so will be starting on the left. After a few years Sagna and Eboue will be 31 and Van der Wiel will go to his rightful place on the right. This opens up the left for Gibbs and Botelho who will be great left backs by then if they are patient enough to wait (both could have loan spells to Prem teams at separate times in those 3 years) So far I have only said one signing that isn’t a direct replacement for departing players and Chamberlain would technically replace Bendtner who is valued similarly to Chamberlain and played wing for arsenal this year. So as direct signings into the squad I would like to see Jan Vertonghen come in no matter what he costs. The idea of Samba is growing on me. Every time i’ve watched him he has imposed himself all over the pitch. This is something that we obviously need in some games and he has other qualities too. It is important that the right players are used in the right games for instance, A Djourou Koscielny partnership was a big match for Barcelona as those two players are extremely fast and I believe they put up a better fight than Vidic and Ferdinand. Samba and Vertonghen would be a match for any long ball team as they are both extremely dominant in the air. That is not all though, Arsene must change other players against bigger/smaller teams. Vertonghen is going to fair much better against the long ball than Wilshere/Song. Most long ball teams have big defenders so Chamakh is going to be more of a handful for them than Van Persie while also being a much better defensive header of the ball as well.

  10. Mike malual says:

    Dear wenger, it’s seem better to me if we can keep Samir nasri then to go and look for another winger to come and get fit to arsenal before he how knowns how arsenal please give payment increase

  11. George says:

    GK: 1)Given 2)Szczesny 3)Fabianski
    DR: 1)Sagna 2)Azpilicueta
    DC: 1)Vermaelen 2)Samba 3)Djourou 4)Koscielny
    DL: 1)Baines 2)Gibbs
    MR: 1)Walcott 2)Alex Witsel
    MC: 1)Wilshere 2)Nasri 3)Daniele de Rossi 4)Ramsey 5)Song 6)Diaby
    ML: 1)Downing 2)Ricardo Alverez
    FC: 1)Van Persie 2)Chamakh

    Primary Formation: 4-5-1, switchable to 4-3-3 during periods of gung-ho only. If not we will concede goals like kids last season.

    Ins: 1)Given(5m) 2)Azpilicueta(6m?) 3)Samba(8m) 4)Baines(10m) 5)Witsel(9m) 6)De Rossi(12m) 7)Downing(15m) 8)Ricardo Alverez(14m)—– Total:79m

    Outs: 1)Almunia(2m) 2)Fabregas(40m) 3)Rosicky(3m) 4)Lehmann(free) 5)Denilson(6m) 6)Squillaci(2m) 7)Clichy(10m) 8)Arshavin(10m) 9)Eboue(5m) 10)Bendtner(10m) —– Total:88m

    Wow, we still got a profit, definitely the Wenger style!

    Unfortunately, this is all buy my fantasy.

  12. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    George my boy……….have you been smoking your breakfast again????
    Nice lineup but not likely…..AW won’t let Fabregas, Clichy, Arshavin, and Bendtner go if he can help it. Secondly 1)Given(5m) 2)Azpilicueta(6m+) 3)Samba(8m) 4)Baines(10m) 5)Witsel(9m) 6)De Rossi(12m) 7)Downing(15m) 8)Ricardo Alverez(14m) Total:79m + wages,agent’s fees and whatnot…….AW has never spent anything near half this so it just isn’t going to ever happen.
    He’ll possibly buy 2-3 new relative unknowns and bring up/in 2-3 youth prospects like Miyachi, Bartley and Frimpong so that is what we can expect next year. We will see the back of Denilson, Eboue, Almunia, Rosicky, Squillaci, and possibly Bendtner but that is it. He’ll keep Mad Jens on as a coach for Szcesny which is a very good idea and he’ll try and buy Oxlade-Chamberlain to add to the above youth….all tied up nicely at minimal cost!

  13. Dan mutua says:

    Pliz Wenger,make that dude sign tha contract.Sell Almunia,Squillaci,Denilson,Rosicky,Chamakh and Bendtner.BUY Given,Samba,Hazard,Chamberlaine/Witsel,Benzema and Falcao.

  14. Dan mutua says:

    Lets play like Barca 4-3-3. Szczesny-Sagna-Samba-Vermaelen-Clichy-Nasri-Wilshere-Fabregas-Hazard-Van Persie-Benzema

  15. Docbrody says:


    With a trailing striker/mid fielder. So maybe call it a 4 5 1

    Dump Arahavin and replace him with speed to mirror Theo.

    Find some big mean Germans to give our French defense some f’ing backbone and half a chance against corners.

    Find a new coach for the defensive staff.

  16. caligunna16 says:

    samir will stay…i dont see him going to another team. i really think he likes it london. George not bad but a bit unrealistic, i dont see him making that many changes this summer. BUT i like given in goal and sakho or samba for CB issue

  17. Pacome hountangni says:

    Pliz nas pliz dont go

  18. segun Adegbola says:

    Aw shd ensure as many as possible liabilities in d club are offloaded and shd stop d idea of buying players with mouth.let him spend d money.we want trophy

  19. segun says:

    mr wenger should please pay nasri up to make him stay! But if he insist he wants to leave, he should not be allow to join any english team.

  20. am real arsenal fan any player that want to go let him go then buy better replacement

  21. topemagnus says:

    george wakeup! Denilson, bendy, squilacci, fab, almunia, ashavin are the only guys that needs to go but clichy most stay. Get in hazard, falcao, alvarez, samba, oxylade, with another striker like witham then promote frimpong, work on players mentality and gunners will ship in trophies

  22. jacob says:

    After being the top choice of PFA award has been on 60,000 a week…I think this is stupid, because when rooney flirted Alex got the paycheck..
    Atleast Nasiri/ his agent is still in discussion. Agents are good at bending but not breaking..

    Do not let..
    Van Persi, Song, Sagna, Jack W, Nasiri, Vermelan, Klochiney, Glichy, Fabregas
    go.. you can do anything with the rest of the squad..

    I am not going to put a wishlist here.. but being a fan for over 23 years and my season ticket has been with me for last 15 years, I do love the club more than a specific player or coach.

    Lessons learnt from CL final is –
    We are a better team than ManU. Buying players should be considered as investing. But Wengers attitutde of longterm investment does not hold water..

    We need achieve midterm goals to achive long term visions, like the invincibles..


  23. harkyyn says:

    wow! Wow! I quite agree with the formation.but samba should not be more than 8m,Axel witsel 8m,alvarez 14m,falcao 15m,demba cisse 14m,valbuena 10m,baines 7m,given 5m,eden hazard 87m and farewell to fabrigas cuz his mind is out of arsenal 50m,clichy 10m,bendtner 10m,rosiskcy 7m,denilson 6m,almunia 1m,lehman keeper trainer,vela 5m,squillacci 2m

  24. Paulicap says:

    Wenger you should do anything you can to stop him. try and and offer him the offer he deserve to but if he refuses to acsept sale him and find a beter replacment because i dont think that douoning is the beter replacment for narsri.

  25. harkyyn says:

    wow! Wow! I quite agree with the formation.but samba should not be more than 8m,Axel witsel 8m,alvarez 14m,falcao 15m,demba cisse 14m,valbuena 10m,baines 7m,given 5m,eden hazard 87m and farewell to fabrigas cuz his mind is out of arsenal 50m,clichy 10m,bendtner 10m,rosiskcy 7m,denilson 6m,almunia 1m,lehman keeper trainer,vela 5m,squillacci 2m at end there is still profit

  26. garry says:

    if he doesnt want to wear the arsenal shirt let him go. same wit fabregas people tink we need dem but wat have we won wit dem. nothing. sell dem nd replace dem wit players hu will win us tropheys.

  27. Prince says:

    Plzzzzzz…WENGERkip nasri,fab & ashavin ok,remember you said you will not sell our big names. ADD TO Them falcao,hazard,bojan,melo,bains,cahil,neuer.THEN SELL FROM THEM almunia,squillasi,diaby,denilson,rosizky,bentner,vela.plzzzzzzzzzzz,mak this in and out transactions A MUST then the sky is our limit & victory is sure in JESUS name AMEN.

  28. woowoo says:

    If he is really rejecting 80k a week and holding out for 100k as roumers suggest, i say allow him and sell him.

    Lets be frank, hes had a solid 6months at the end of his THIRD year!!

    that doesnt warrant 100k.

    Offer him 80k with bonus if his goal/assist tally hits 25-30 and for any silverwear. if he rejects that good luck to him but we shouldnt be held to ransom, sell him for £16m.

  29. Armstrong says:

    The worst wil happen if nasri goes.pleas keep him & fab,but replace bentner with falcao 2 pair v’perse,vela with hazard on the wings,rosiky with bojan 4 ataching midfid & wings,melo to support song in defensiv midfied,squillaci with cahill for central defence, almunia with neuer,bains shud come in to support clichy.amezing as it looks wil give us all we need.

  30. Laurence says:

    Sell Fabregas, Dennilson, Bendtner, Clichy, Buy Eden Hazard, Keep Nasri. Sounds like a plan!

  31. C salad says:

    Fabregas is a star but let him gooo!!! We need players with team loving spirt like Gerand (loserpool).

  32. onywoki says:

    nasiri is good but if he does not want to stay just sale him! we want players who are committed to the cause. that goes for Fab too. some of these players have not been good enough otherwise we could have won something this season

  33. gunner2dgrave says:

    wenger will sure do watz best….

  34. The Arsenal Thread says:

    […] […]

  35. theprofessor says:


    Shay Given
    Bacary Sagna Thomas Vermaelen Christopher Samba Gael Clichy
    Samir Nasri Scott Parker Francesc Fabregas Ryo Miyaichi/Arshavin/Walcott/whoever the f*** he wants
    Robin van Persie


  36. Arsenal1Again says:

    If he holds the club to ransom, sell him and replace him – although that’s going to be difficult if he’s allowed to sign a pre-contract at another club on a free in January.

    You either pay him or lose him.

    The money you lose in January from not being able to sell him will be much higher than what you lose from paying him what he wants.

    Contracts need to be renewed 2 years before they end to prevent this happening.

  37. AL says:

    buy players not just one , buy players that are not learning their trade , but have learnt it and can do the job with only a little improvement, buy samba for defence becuase he will boss it and tell other players when they have made a mistake , buy Gervinho benzma if you can.
    Pay them money don’t try to get players on the cheap if you spend the money you will get it back via winning things and going further in the CL. simple

  38. pastaface says:

    They win nothing and want such a high payrise!! These players are amazing!!

  39. Selafyah says:

    Just gv him the bloody money he hs got experince with arsenal type of play..buying and grooming then you sell thats what you are good at.
    dont get ashamed when people say Arsenal is a school of academy..
    or just a training ground
    yeah dont be stinchy thats why we dont have any trophies
    commooon guys

  40. jp says:

    I dont think nasri and fab want to stay at arsenal, this is because they are tired of seeing f#&king kids being bought. Wenger must make big signings this year so players like nasri and fab can see that arsenal still have ambitions to win the title. Bringing in mfuckers like ryo, oxlade and alvares will not convince nasri and fab that arsenal wants to win stuff…Wenger must make the big name signings first then talk to nasri about his contract and you will see within a day nasri will extend his contract.

  41. Alfonso Mango says:

    Sell Fabregas and Nasri to City for top dollar and use that money to buy 20-30 children from acadamies across Europe.

  42. bob todd says:

    How can you blame the guy for wanting to play for any team that actually has a realistic chance of winning. With the significant rise of City and what appears to be an inspired bunch up there in CessPool, Arsenal really and truly could be fifth or worse next season…

  43. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Good stuff Bob, the season isn’t anywhere near starting and you’ve already written off AFC for the near future based on your exhaustive and profound experience where? Fantasy Football Manager and couch-potatoe sloth weekends don’t count. The only true thing you said is City’s apparent rise but that may be short-lived if Manure,Cheatski and the Pool come after them.
    If my memory serves me, the summer transfer window closes sometime in August and until that event occurs, nobody can say what AFC will do next season. My best guess is that we’ll see 2 new major signings, from France and/or Britain or Latin America. The British clubs are insane in their player evaluations so France and Latin America are the more likely suppliers…but only time will tell.

  44. bob todd says:

    Dom Mac – I wrote off AFC 5 years ago and my prediction has been spot on..

    While not Wenger, Fergie and the like, I am reasonably confident that my collective football experience is far superior when compared to yours. By the way 2 major signings will count for little as the same manager is in place and he has lost the plot. He is dated tactically and that fact is more than a litle obvious…

  45. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Bod Todd…..Another unwarranted assumption about your ¨superior¨ collective Football experience laddie, and you clearly aren’t anywhere near the likes of a professional Football manager nor, as far as I can ascertain, do you have professional experience either as a manager,player or official…based on what you write here, while not being the master tactician you pretend to be…
    You wrote off AFC 5 years ago and you’re proud of that? Why are you still on Arsenal blogs whining about Wenger and company? Lets face it, your an out and out Wenger-hater and a hard-core pessimist so nothing anyone will do at AFC will be to your liking since your awesome ability to predict what AFC will achieve is firmly entrenched in your psyche…. regardless of what transpires this summer.

  46. Edwin omondi says:

    Plz nasri and fabregas dn’t leave the club we still need ur support.

  47. bob todd says:

    Dom, Dom, Dom. Simmer my boy….Predicting that Arsenal would be winless is not my idea of awesome. Your words. In fact, it is quite the opposite as Stevie Wonder could have predicted that.

    Further,one need not be a master tactician to determine that Wenger falls quite short in that area. The fact that I said it doesn’t alter the fact that it is true…

    : )

  48. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna says:

    Bob,Bob,Bob….I’m cool but I think you meant trophyless rather than winless? As far as tactical nous goes, just because YOU said it doesn’t add any credibility to that claim….your opinion is one of many both similar and contrary ones…and I am sure that you can’t rationally prove yours is more accurate than those who, like me, beg to disagree. :)

  49. bob todd says:

    Concede on winless vs trophyless however in the end, is it any less painful? Well is it? : )

    Rational is relative and in my opinion Wenger falls short of the mark tactically. Just sayin..

  50. Domhuaille says:

    Pain is relative……..every Gooner worth his or her salt would say that this season was promising but a disappointment in the end as we were so near and yet so far as the song goes. Living with AFC is like living with a bipolar…one day you’re up, the next you’re down….so it isn’t just a question of less pain but of gain for the pain, to use the Yankee turn of phrase. I am certainly glad NOT to be a Spuds,Birmingham or Blackpool fan, the former for obvious reasons, the latter two because their fans are now looking at at least one season in the championship.
    Rationality is not relative, it is based on what data,facts,proofs can be shown to be true and accurate at the time. Wenger’s tactical skills were obvious when we played Barca home and away, against the top 4 clubs and certainly when we lost or tied games this season BUT tactical skill isn’t simply getting the lineup right and slotting in the right players at the right time. It is the lowest of three planning levels, involving 25 or so players. The highest tier of planning is the strategy, which is concerned with the overall means and plan for achieving a long-term outcome, in a club’s case, winning the EPL, silverware, promotion, a CL place, etc. An intermediate level, which converts the strategy (high level) into tactics (low level) is the operational level that deals with formations on the field of play and the placement/replacement of appropriate players before,during and after the game.
    I am sure we both share the pain of last season and the conviction that AFC is underachieving but I am perhaps a bit more optimistic about upcoming changes and improvements…we both want the same thing…Arsenal victorious!

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