Jun 21

Vela facing Arsenal stay after club receive no ‘suitable’ offers

Carlos Vela is likely to stay an Arsenal player next season, despite a whole host of interest from teams throughout Europe and South America.

Mexican starlet Vela, who had spell on loan at West Brom last season, is one of several fringe players who have had offers welcomed for them.

However, the Gunners are adamant that any deal involving Vela would be a permanent move, while the 22-year-old’s agent Eduardo Hernandez admitted in late May that he is likely to return for London Colney for pre-season training shortly.

“The instructions I received is that Carlos must report back to Arsenal immediately after holidays. Carlos is an Arsenal player and at the moment there is no transfer movement”, Hernandez said.

The upcoming signing of Ivorian frontman Gervinho means that Vela will need to push harder to stake a claim for a place in the Arsenal squad next season.

Similarly, Nicklas Bendtner’s future is close to being sorted out after reports in Germany suggested that representatives from Borussia Dortmund flew over to London on Monday in hope of securing a move for the wantaway Danish striker.

More movement is expected when the transfer window ‘formally’ opens on 1st July.


22 Responses to “Vela facing Arsenal stay after club receive no ‘suitable’ offers”

  1. athlon says:

    I rate Vela very highly, higher than Bendtner. I hope that he will raise his pace and performance, he’s a quality striker. With Gerivnho (really, where is he?!, Walcott could move to the CF position, and if AW doesn’t change on the formation he won’t need to sign a new striker.
    If he could capture Benzema, I’m sure that I could have mean the end of Vela’s future at Arsenal, but I do hope and he will prove his quality during the summer and the new season.

  2. athlon says:

    With Carlos, the biggest problem is the national matches..

  3. family enclosure man says:

    Always felt rather sorry for Vela, because I just don’t thhink he’s been given a chance at AFC. I’ve often wondered if he’d have been just a useful as Arshavin on the left side of attack if he’d played as many games there as the Russian has over the past couple of years…

  4. damstar says:

    @Goonerchris, any news on Samba or any new transfer targets?

  5. Patrick says:

    He had chances. He didn’t prove himself with the chances he had. His weakness is his body fragility for a striking position in the EPL.

    I believe a loan at Bolton could have been beneficial for him than WBA but alas his Mr 20% wanted more money from Bolton so the deal fell through.

    Simply put, he can’t make it. Arsene valued these players more than their real value. They were no where near Arsenal standards. Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia have all cheapen Arsenal by being played here. They are all on 50k per week contracts far beyond their capabilities. So no wonder, they are finding it difficult for clubs to buy them.

    While Spurs pay less for Top players Modric (40k), VDV (45k)(Gallas had to cut his wages to go to Spurs) we pay very high for cheap and useless players. May be that’s why we don’t have enough funds to buy quality players.

  6. eyen says:

    our(arsenal) problem was that we need good and quality defenders such as samba,cahil. And also our midfield is no more solid like before. Please lets see changes before the season start, please wenger

  7. bc says:

    Swap Cesc for Villa, sell Nasri for Benzema.

    Play Benzema and Villa up front with RVP playing just behind what a dream!!

    or RVP right, Benzema in the middle and Villa on the left.

    Back up would be a front 3 of Walcott Chamakh Gervinho

    Vela – Loan him out or sell him, if you cannot get in WBA first x1 YOU SIMPLY AINT GOOD ENOUGH.

  8. greg says:

    @bc stop saying BS m8 from the first word to the last

  9. Obamaverick says:

    Until Wenger returns to playing the winning 4-4-2 format,players like VELA and other promising foorwards will continue to have problems.It of course also means that Cesc has to leave.Since we ventured into 4-3-3 in favor of a position for cesc,we’ve never been the same.A 4-4-3 woulda seen the full utilisation of forwards like Vela,Chamakh, bendtner etc. I guess its fantastic sense (note the sarcasm) keeping one player that cramps our winning formation.

  10. william says:

    i think vella should be given chances and as many opportunity as wenger have so that he can show his ability on the team vella is not useful as we think its like geovan,am try to ask my self a lot of qquestion why in mexico squad vella do perfect than in arsenal what about formation what about motivation fro the fans please lets give this youngster enough time he will improve much rather than selling him its better to sent him in a loan deal but not to sell him like eduado

  11. Welshgooner says:

    Obamaverick……. Nice idea of using a 4-4-3 formation. Would also solve the problem as whether we should buy an experienced keeper or not.
    Lets sign Samba and Cahill and play with a back five in a 5-4-3. If we could get the FA to allow us a goalie too we’d be unbeatable!

  12. okutuokemo says:

    I think welshgooner is delusional, do you think we’r playing with 12 players in the pitch?? 4-4-3 and 5-4-3!! Unless we will be playing without a goalkeeper or the ref decides to assist us?!
    I think Vela would have broken into the 1st team if he would have gone to Bolton, his agent ill-adviced to choose West Brom instead because Bolton had put a condition that if he went there on loan it’s arsenal who would have been paying his salary for the duration!! At West Brom he played on the wing, I think he’s much comfortable playing as a CF,, of which Bolton had vacant!! Take Vela to Bolton on loan next season(whole) in part agreement for Cahills purchase and watch Owen Coyle work his magic on him!!

  13. Davi says:

    “He had chances. He didn’t prove himself with the chances he had. His weakness is his body fragility for a striking position in the EPL.”
    What, like his 10 league appearances last season, almost entirely from the bench? If walcott was allowed to play like crap for 3 years, then surely vela deserves more than he’s had. Till this season vela had actually shown a lot more consistency and quality to his game than theo had. Add to that the disappointing form of arshavin as mentioned – I’m quite certain vela couldn’t have played as poorly for so long.
    If you’d actually bother to pay attention btw, vela’s not weak at all. That’s a common meme that’s been floating around based on the fact he often get’s bundled off the ball by much bigger players – which anyone would! You can see him tussling with tevez 1-on-1 (someone only slightly bigger than him) and getting the better of him for example. It’s not weakness that is his problem, he has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long, and perhaps he isn’t good enough at finding space yet at times (although he’s much improved this year), and having that poor starting position means defenders get closer to him. As another example, most defenders will outmuscle van persie 1-on-1, and you see it quite regualarly – doesn’t mean rvp is too weak to be effective. Certainly vela is stronger than walcott and lennon and plenty of others who do well in this league.
    That said I agree if you’re saying that he’s not suited (due to his stature) to playing the lone frontman in the formation we currently employ. I’d quite like to see us revert back to the 4-4-2 formation, not just for carlos, but I think that would suit the majority of our side, taking the pressure off our fullbacks, and it might help get the best out of some of the others who seem to have suffered since we decided to make this big change. I’d really like to see theo starting games up front (not at the same time) with van persie or chamakh (although imo bendtner does a better job in this role). Vela can also play where theo does, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen him have a bad game in that position – he just never get’s the chance to play there! Fabregas might have to leave before this formation change can happen.

    “I believe a loan at Bolton could have been beneficial for him than WBA but alas his Mr 20% wanted more money from Bolton so the deal fell through.”
    I agree Bolton would probably have been a better move, but I find it hard to believe it was just about money. That would be ridiculously short-sighted of someone with aspirations to become a top level player. I always thought that the idea of a loan was that the club who signed you paid a portion of your wages, and your parent club paid the rest? Maybe I’m wrong, but still it’s unfair to blame vela based on hearsay. Even if you’re right, it probably had more to do with the agent than the player.
    In any case, maybe vela would have had more chances at WBA had Di Matteo, the manager who actually wanted him, stayed on as manager.

  14. Jermaine says:

    Vela is not good enough for Arsenal. He was loaned out to WBA and sat the bench. Wenger has put too many players on a pedistal and as a result we can’t move them on. Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela, Rosicky (is past it), and Squillaci are bad. It will be hard to find a team to move them to. They will have to take a pay cut and step down more than likely. Bendtner might get the best deal because he can be given another chance as a target striker for somebody. Playing him on the right side is, how can I say it, unbelievable!! All those players I named must/should/I pray go. There are a few more I could name (maybe Eboue, injury proned Diaby) but that would be too much movement for one window it think. I have alredy made up my mind that if either Almunia or Denilson are on the team sheet next year I will NOT watch the game that’s for sure!!!!!!! I can’t take it anymore !!!!!

  15. GunnerMacedonia says:

    i remember 2 years ago, against bolton at home i think, vela was used as left midfielder in a 4-4-2 formation. played good, not really his position but was trying. then i remember him being played upfront at portsmouth the same season, atshavin captain, scored a great goal in 3-0 win. conclusion: vela should be used as a forward, not on the wing, although he can play there good too.
    we can not allow him to go, it would be for the same reasons bentner wants to leave. if you ask me, keep the oth of them for another season, play them at their positions, see what happens and then decide. these two definitely arent bad as denilson, rosicky, squillaci and almunia, so why let them go? etoo or benzema would be great signings, but it will really make more playing sitting on the bench and moody players. also, everyone seems to forget that OUR PROBLEM ISNT ATTACK, IT IS DEFENCE. so we should ask for cahill, samba and a quality dm, striker isnt a priority

  16. Patrick says:


    You can research on this one. His Mr 20% has put his career a year backward. Arsene after monitoring Chicharito for long time rather allowed him to go to MANYU. He’s the better of the two. Too soft and relaxed to be successful in the EPL.

  17. Davi says:

    The expectations put onto vela have been unfair since gaining the hype due to his brilliant performances in the carling cup, in which he played up front in a 4-4-2.
    Since then he has made some appearances for the 1st team, mostly from the bench, playing in this new formation in a position he is clearly less comfortable with, and he’s done ok. He’s actually improved his game a lot in that position since he started playing there. For some reason, however, people expected him to be coming on and setting the world alight with his 10 minutes on the pitch, again, playing in an uncomfortable position. Why is it that so much more was expected of a young player like that?
    Sometimes players need a few games to get used to their teammates and to build some confidence. Who would have known flamini could have had a season like he did in 2007/08? He just looked like an average squad player until wenger actually gave him a chance. Vela on the other hand, has shown flashes of brilliance in his time on the pitch, and always puts in a shift and shows he has the technical ability to succeed.

    Hernandez has had a great first season for Utd, but let’s not forget he has been able to play in a position he is comfortable with for the whole time. I doubt he would have done so well playing as a left winger the whole time. Even less so if he’d been restricted to 10 minute cameo appearances as vela has been, largely. Maybe the difference is more to do with the managers than the players in this case. Why is it that theo was able to continue getting games for 3 years when it was clear he couldn’t complete 90 minutes playing at the required level, let alone 2 games in a row! And yet vela can’t even get couple of starts in the side!? Theo has adapted better to the new formation than carlos, there’s no doubt about that, but it took him 3 years to do it! I have no doubt in my mind vela would have done it much quicker.

  18. tostos says:

    Let’s forget those who blew their chances. We need great players. Sign samba, cahill and a left back. Let clichy, nico,denilson go. In all honesty Cesc’s mind is no more with us so let him go for villa and cash. Let nasri stay. AW shld also allow them play in their comfortable positions. Vela shld stay and up his game.Theo shld also grow up.

  19. chris says:

    We don’t know if Vela is any cop or not because Wenger only ever brings him on as a sub and then on the left wing. This is because Wenger’s (no plan B) system has been sacrosanct. He and Walcott are of course central goal sniffers. Neither Bendtner nor Arshavin are suited to being stuck out on the wing. 2011/12 will be Wenger’s last season. Why ? Because ludicrously he doesn’t do tactics.If we need to chase the game he sends on lots of strikers and tells them top play somewhere. If we need to close the game he sends on defenders to play wherever. He will not allow a serious defensive coach (eg. Adams or Keown) the power to make changes. He keeps poor old Yes Man Pat Rice. Wenger only won anything for the Arsenal because he inherited the old back 4/5 !!!

  20. IvoryGoonz says:

    @okutuokemo: think you didn’t understand his humour considering obamaverick’s 4-4-3 suggestion. That was a joke on that basis.

  21. Wolfgang Senior says:

    Vela has been used sparingly used. He is often played out of position. That’s the trouble with getting kids with potential.
    Don’t be surprised if Wenger doesn’t sign any one. If the gunners keep winning and challenging then it would be acceptable. The problem is there is no guarantee by stciking to the present squad who have already shown their limitations.If Wenger continues with his uncle scrooge policy,the gunners will be unable to compete and he would hasten his own demise. This would in all probability be his final season in charge if the gunners fail to win a cl place or trophy. No ifs and buts.

  22. Joakim Löf says:

    The difference with Walcott is that Theo has been played into a very good position in the 4-3-3 in which he is quite effective. He is better than Nasri or Arsjavin there, being so much quicker than the Frenchman and much better at covering back than the Russian. Vela just hasn’t got the games in the team to learn that position well, but I would be surprised if he gets the chance often now that Gervinho is on his way. I reckon he’ll be sold in August on the cheap.


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